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on May 28, 2013
Had it for about a week now, and love it so far. Will update if things go south, but I'm not expecting that it will.

Here are my observations so far:

1.) Great battery life. Charged my Samsung G3 from 20% twice AND ran a USB fan all night on 1 charge with plenty left.
2.) Left it unplugged for several days and didn't notice any "fast acting" self-discharge. Will it sit on a shelf for a month? Who knows.
3.) LOVE the micro USB cable. Almost everything I own is micro so I've got tons of those, plus I can charge the Photive via the cable, unplug it and then charge my phone with the same cable. I haven't accidentally plugged it into itself and don't plan to. Hopefully it wouldn't melt down.
4.) Charging temp is cool, powering temp is cool. Again, a good sign. Charge time for my phone was longer than wall-plug charging, but not terrible.
5.) The 4 battery life led's are bright. Have to cover them at night, but they are also VERY clear and indicate instantly how much power is left.
6.) Pack feels well built and solid. No rattle or shake, and seems very compact. I haven't chucked it at the wall (obviously) but based on experience would NOT expect it have issues if dropped occasionally.
7.) Shuts off when nothing is plugged in. Powers on when something is.

a.) the POWER button doesn't really do anything but show you battery status when nothing is plugged in. Holding it down and pushing when something IS plugged in doesn't shut off power. Maybe it should be labeled "status" instead?
b.) Bright LED's at night? Pretty standard brightness and honestly unless I didn't want ANY lights, this really isn't a valid complaint. A bit of white tape if it bugs you or steal a smiley sticker from a kid. :-)
c.) . . . I'm out. . . that's all I have

It's a great device for a great price. Hopefully it lasts for a long time and 3 years from now I'm wishing I had bought more than 1.

Update: I've now owned this little beauty for over 5 months, and it has traveled to Ecuador and back with me. Since it has set for a few months on my nightstand and I can confirm that it holds a charge and doesn't have any self drain that I can detect which is awesome for not KILLING THE BATTERY. Everyone probably already knows this, the fastest way to kill a battery is to let it sit at 0 volts (dead) for a while which is what over time eventually does when not being actively used.

This was a life saver on the plane. I watched 2 movies on the my phone while plugged in (keeping my phone at 100%), then charged my brothers tablet (back to 50%), then charged my sisters phone (back to 60%). Even then, there was still a bit left for me on the bus to the hotel.

Basically, I still love it.

Another update. lol.

Owned this for over a year now. It was sitting on my nightstand for another chunk of time, unused. Picked it up and still had charge, but I charged it up to full and went on a 10 hour road trip.

Since I listen to music with my phone (Samsung S3) and the cigarette lighter adapter causes hum, I used this guy to keep my phone up and running. About 5 hours in, my wife's phone was toast from playing games, so I swapped out the cable since mine was still at 100%. About that time, one of the kid's Nabi tables died, so we plugged it in too for a couple of hours. During the last hour, I unplugged everything else and put my other kiddos tabled and there was still juice!

Seriously, what more could you as ask for? 4 devices on a 10 hour trip kept up and running during consistent usage.
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on April 15, 2013
This is one of the best portable charger/battery that I have tried over the years. The 5V and full 1Amp of this unit charged a iPhone 5 from less than 20% to full in less than two hours and there is plenty more power left to fully charge other devices (1 mifi devices and a Galaxy) over the next couple of days.

It is lightweight and slim. Think of it as a longer version of the standard iPhone charge block (about the length of 2 AA batteries).
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on May 9, 2013
It just works. It has a micro-usb port in it that you plug into any micro-usb charger to charge it. then it also has a regular USB port that you use to plug your phone/ipod/kindle/psvita or anything that can charge using a regular USB port and it is just like it plugged into a regular wall charger.

The 1000mAh output means that it should take roughly the same amount of time to charge your device as it would take when it is plugged into the wall, and the 2600mA capacity should be enough capacity to be able to fully charge your device at least one time (just divide 2600 by your battery capacity and that is how many times you can fully recharge your battery from this battery without having to recharge this battery - for my droid3 battery is 1500mA capacity, so I can recharge it fully 2600/1500=1.73 times, my ipod4g battery capacity is 930mA so I can recharge it 2600/930=2.8 times).

It is small enough to keep in my jacket pocket, it probably weights similar to a small handful of coins. I only wish there was a way for me to be able to see how much juice was left in the battery so if I don't use it for a long time I know that it is still fully charged, but for this price I doubt that would be possible - I know the large more expensive ones have that feature but those look to big and heavy for me to keep in my jacket pocket.

Overall, for this price it is a no-brainer for everyone to just keep one fully charged in their jacket or bag for those times that your device is dead and you need to use it but can't plug it in to the wall, or you don't want to be tethered to wall. I will never have to look for an outlet again in a restaurant, airport, starbucks, friends house, etc.
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on October 29, 2013
Unfortunately, if you read the reviews it seems that there are quite a few of these defective chargers being sold. I ignored the bad reviews and figured I would take my chances anyway. My bad luck, I got a defective one. Out of the box, I followed the directions and plugged it into my computer and charged the portable battery until the light stopped blinking. The next day I decided to test the charger. I plugged it into my Iphone 4S that was down to 15%. The red light went on and my phone showed it was charging. When I went to look at my phone 10 minutes later to see the progress, the light was out and no longer showed charging. The portable battery was a little warm, but nothing that seemed dangerous. I unplugged it and let it completely cool down. I tried plugging it in again and there is no light and it doesn't show it's charging. Nothing. I thought this would have been handy to carry in my purse, but unfortunately it's getting returned.

Update 10/30/13 - I'm cautiously adding another star onto my original review. I put in my request to return the item, but before I do, I decided to give it another try. I plugged the USB back into my computer and the light flashed, indicating that it was charging. When the light stopped flashing, indicating it was charged, I plugged the phone right in front of me and watched it. Starting at 73%, it managed to get up to 100% in 57 minutes. (Average about 2 minutes for each 1% charged.) Pretty much as fast as the wall charger. Since I have some time, I'm going to test it out a few more times before deciding if I want to return it or if my first experience was just some weird "fluke." Though I'm not completely sure if that "fluke" won't happen again.

Update 11/04/13 - Not changing my rating, but updating to say that either I do have a bad unit or this thing just isn't really that good. After the last time I used it (and it charged my device successfully from 73% - 100% for a total of 27%)I tried it again. This time I ran my battery down to 18% and plugged in the Photive battery charger. I had NOT recharged the device since using it several days earlier. It managed to charge my phone from 18% to 71% before it completely died. So, between the two uses it managed to charge my phone a total of 80%. So, I don't think this portable charger would completely charge my Iphone 4S if I ran it lower than 20%. From the reviews I expected a little better battery life than this. I do have the portable charger plugged into my computer now to charge it up so I can try it again. As of right now I think I'm going to return it and take a chance on the other portable charger on Amazon that has better reviews.
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on June 13, 2013
The charger is compact and stylish and can give my Android phone about 1.5 full charges. The blue light for charging blinks until it's full and then remains solid, while the red light is similar for discharging... very helpful. I also like that it can charge itself and charge another device simultaneously, by using both the input and output ports.

The PROBLEM is that this thing broke down quickly. After only about two months of light usage, it doesn't charge, discharge, or light up. Sorry, but that's way too short of a lifetime.

I'll update my review with more positive remarks if I'm able to return and replace it with a new unit.

UPDATE: I had difficulty getting in touch with Photive, but once they found my review on Amazon, they were very helpful and shipped me a brand new one immediately. Especially good service because I had just discarded the old one in the recycling bin at work. I'm happy with the replacement, and very good customer service once you're able to reach them!!
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on April 4, 2013
I'm very happy with this product. It took about 2.5 hrs to fully charge on my pc. After that, I used it to charge my iPhone 5 & it worked great.
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on September 3, 2013
I charged it until the LED light stopped flashing blue and became a solid blue. I then put it in my purse to carry with me. The first time I tried to use it, there was no charge left in it at all. This was about 3 days after I had charged it. It advertises that it holds its charge for approximately 2 weeks. NOT!! So then I charged it again, and used it immediately on my phone. It only charged my phone for about 20 minutes and then it showed a red LED light and stopped charging. My phone showed that the battery was now discharging. It was advertised as having about 2-1/2 charges for a phone per full charge of the power bank. NOT!! This not to be believed power bank is on its way back as a wasted purchase!!
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on February 20, 2014
This charges my Droid Bionic from empty to full and an iPhone 4c and a Kindle fire. Not all at once of course. It charges fast and works great! I would buy this again and recommend it to friends and family.
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on May 28, 2013
Awesome to use during long rides, usually use it during school to charge my phone in my backpack and help my friends from class to class. So sweet! Holds a long charge, can get about 4 full cycle charges for my iPhone 5.
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on May 12, 2013
I had a Disney trip coming up and I knew that I would be using my smartphone a lot in order to utilize the Disney Park apps they have for the rides. I heard about this battery backup/charger from a friend and decided to buy it for the trip so that I wouldn't lose use of my cell. Honestly, it worked perfectly. My phone lost it's battery relatively quickly and I just plugged it in and it charged it all the way (pretty quickly too). I never lost use of my phone. I was very happy with it.
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