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on August 29, 2013
Great product for the money. I read so many positive reviews that I had to give it a try (especially with the good price vs. other similar products). I must admit that the time for delivery felt a bit long (I think it took about 7-8 calendar days to arrive). When I opened the box, I was a litte disappointed that it had a few superficial marks on the front rubbery plastic (it was not in the protective plastic bag wrap). It made me wonder if I was receiving a product from the return shelf. After buffing-out the superficial scratches, I was happy again since it looked like new! for the sound/performance. I am comparing this to a Jambox (the smaller one) that I just bought at Costco in San Diego for $150+tax. I thought that was a relatively good deal and have been quite happy with the Jambox. The look/feel of the CYREN vs. the Jambox is quite similar (the CYREN is slightly bigger, but only by approximately 1/2 an inch in width). Then I did a blind sound test with my family. The CYREN had very crisp and clear sound, but I (personally) was worried a bit about the bass not being deep enough when compared to Jambox (I conducted the sound test). Then we tried the same song on the Jambox and at first it sounded deeper/richer (I was focused on the bass), but the more we listened, we realized the Jambox sounded a bit muffled. After going back and forth with the units, the CYREN won the sound test due to overall sound quality. It offers a very nice crisp/clear sound and enough bass to not sound muffled.

Now, when the price difference is factored-in, it is clearly a no-brainer to get the CYREN. It is a great product with a very good price. The only reason I didn't give it a 5-star rating was due to the shoddy inner packaging and the fact that Photive should have hired a better author for the user manual (it seemed like it was written/translated in China). The wording that jumped-out at me was "To better protect the product, you'd better purchase a compatible charger from the same place where you purchased the speaker". I doubt other big-name brands would have that wording in their manual. Jambox (also made in China) took the extra step with all the details (it has great packaging and a solid user manual).

I would buy this for myself and for family well-before I would buy the Jambox. However, if this were to be given as a gift, to a friend or colleague, it may be a bit embarrasing. If Photive can tighten-up the packaging details a bit more (small improvements) and wordsmith the instruction manual, they could have a 5+ product. It still won't be a name-brand like Jambox, but heck, Samsung started as a second-tier brand name and look where they are!
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This speaker system has great volume and sound quality. It is easy to pair with your Bluetooth devices and it even comes with an auxiliary cable so you can use it with your non Bluetooth devices. It has a built in rechargeable battery that will operate for 10 hours when using the Bluetooth connection and up to 12 hours when using the auxiliary cable and the Bluetooth is turned off. It also has a built in microphone to allow you to do hands free calls using the speaker. You can even use Siri and voice commands!

What's in the box?
* A charging cable that is 33 inches long and it has a USB plug on one end and Micro USB plug on the other end.
* An auxiliary cable that has a 3.5 mm stereo plug on each end and the cable is 33 inches long.
* A carrying bag
* An instruction manual
* The speaker itself

The speaker comes in black, blue, orange, purple and red. The speaker weighs 11 ½ ounces. You should charge the speaker for 3 to 4 hours before you use it and you can use your computer's USB port or an AC USB wall charger that you own for use with your smart devices. The battery capacity is 1000 mAh and it can be recharged up to 500 times if you take proper care of the battery and speaker. On the back of the speaker you will find an on/off switch, the auxiliary input jack and the Micro USB charging port. When you plug in a charging source the LED on top will turn red and indicate that charging is taking place. When the battery is fully charged the charging process will stop.

On the top of the speaker are the control buttons:
* The phone control to answer, hang up, skip or place a call or to use Siri or voice commands.
* Previous song track
* Play/pause
* Next sound track
* Volume down
* Volume up

The speaker actually has two speakers in it that output the equivalent of 6 watts of sound power. The sound output is rich with excellent bass and high clarity of high tones. I show how to pair the speaker in my video and it was fast and easy. It took only a few seconds. Remember that the volume output of the speaker is controlled by the volume setting on the speaker and the volume output setting on your paired smart device. The sound quality is excellent, it has premium sound quality. The range of the Bluetooth is about 33 feet but when pairing your device for the first time try to be within 3 feet. No pin number or code is required to pair to the speaker.

The carrying case is an added benefit in that it helps to keep your speaker clean while you are carrying it. It is also lightweight enough that you can play your music and hear the songs through the bag. I show how to receive a phone call while listening to music and the process was simple and easy. The connection quality was good on my end of the conversation and for the person calling me. This speaker has a lot of features and it is a good quality product. I rated it at 5 stars.

I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation and I promised to provide a fair and honest review.
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on April 16, 2015
You simply CANNOT BEAT this deal till April 27th of $20 for this quality!!!! I have tested the BOSE and it is incredible at $200, but this speaker for $20 which does sacrifice SOME bass (probably below 100hz don't hit very well) but the highs are really good, and the mids are awesome. Very rich sound for the price......WELL WORTH $100 and I got it for $20. I tried the handsfree phone con on it as well and the whole house can hear the conversation, this would be great for your parents, very loud and mic is very clear also. I rarely do reviews, but felt like I had to with this one! If you have 200 to 'blow' or want near perfect sound, go with the BOSE, if you can sacrifice 15% or less quality sound for 10% of the cost then this is for you! Added pic to show you a more realistic, from the home size comparison, I actually thought it would be slightly bigger, which worried me, but the quality changed that, and I am glad it is smaller than I thought now!
review image
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on December 21, 2013
When looking for a speaker for my wife she had four criteria.

1. It had to be loud enough to be heard while she is in the shower without distortion.
2. It had to be Bluetooth.
3. It had to sound good.
4. It had to be able to be used as a speaker phone.

Let me tell you this does it all. No it is not boom box loud but it is easily heard above the noise of the shower.
Bluetooth pairing is as easy as it gets. NO codes just hold a button in and accept on the device your pairing it to.
The sound is great IF a little processed. It has a Bose like sound (a little bassey and expanded highs with attenuated mid range). Most people like this. Distortion levels are very low. Music sounds great.
As a speaker phone it has a noise canceling microphone and people hear you fine. It was a little echo-y in the room we were in but in a car it worked well.

She is VERY happy with it ... and that makes me happy.
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on May 21, 2014
The sound quality on this is great. It connects to my iPhone 4S quickly and easily. The battery has lasted without a recharge for a good amount of time now, but I don't tend to use it for extended periods. It will not save the volume setting it was on when you last turned it off, and the default setting is pretty high which leads to some blaring music when you first start it up if you don't forget to turn it down. It also tends to lose connection to my iPhone after extended periods of use, but that could also be related to my phone.
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on April 14, 2014
This thing has great sound. It for sure resembles the Jambox, although it allows you to play/pause and go to next/previous track, something the Jambox doesn't allow you to. The Jambox has other features that makes it appealing like voice customization and other apps that could integrate with it, but this speaker is great for its price. It's definitively louder than the Jambox, although slightly bigger and heavier.
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on May 23, 2014
The Cyren Portable wireless Bluetooth speaker is an excellent option for people looking for a cheaper alternative to the jawbone JamBox. It has two six watt 40 mm drivers with a large speaker cavity for great sounding music. The speaker can fill any room with music and I have used it outside a couple times as well. The speakers dimensions are 6 X 2 X 1.6 inches. While it pairs well with any device I tried, there is definitely a one to two second delay.
Inside the box you will find: Speaker, A carrying pouch, an auxiliary input, a charging cable (does not have the part you plug into the wall).
Below is a breakdown of the Pro's and Cons.

Carrying pouch to keep speaker clean
Easy to pair without any codes or pins
Price: Given the Price, Performance is amazing.
Colors to choose from
Integrates well with the iPhone (shows a battery icon that depicts how much life the speaker has on the top corner of an iPhone) and one can use siri with it.

Faintest "white noise" in the background that can easily be missed.
The bass (while strong) is not as good as its more expensive counter parts.
One to two second delay with Bluetooth devices (common in cheaper speakers)
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on May 3, 2014
I had a UE mini boom or something like that and I loved it. But it got stolen, and I went the budget route since I'm broke and bought this one as a replacement as it was on sale for around 30 bucks. I believe the "original" price was around $120, and I feel compelled to write this quick review and tell you--do not buy this speaker for that amount. If it is around 30...well you get what you pay for, and it is okay for that.

The sound isn't awful, not great, but I would say it is vastly superior to the old ihome docking stations. It puts out pretty decent sound for its size, though after the UE mini boom, it doesn't compare (that thing was really great). The size of this speaker is nice and small and easy to transport to any place you might want to go. Just don't leave it sitting on your desk unattended!

But there are design issues that really weigh this down and ultimately made me regret this purchase. First, the edges are squared which doesn't seem like a big deal but they are sharp and hard. A small issue, but they can chip easily. And I guess if you tripped and fell and it was perfectly on the ground in front of you and your eyeball hit it, you might put out your eye. I don't know. I just don't like the sharp edges.

Worse though is the "voice" that alerts you to things while you're listening to your music or podcasts or whatever. Whenever you turn on the little speaker a robotic woman voice comes on, and regardless of the volume you set it at, she will say at full volume "connected." It gets really annoying. If you like listening to music with your little baby speaker as you fall asleep, well, you need to cover the top of this one because there is a blue light that flashes on top of it. It doesn't look like much until you lay down in bed and turn off the light. This little light is flashing like crazy, like a police light, and its way too bright. I could see the flashing while my eyes were closed. So I tried resting my iPod on top of it, and the power of this little flashing light was enough to work its way around it! Crazy. So I just run it upside down. Simple fix I guess. At this point I realize the battery is getting low, and in most cases that would be fine because I'll be asleep before it runs out and I would charge it in the morning. But you may be thinking, what made you realize the battery is low?

That robotic female voice tells you! She comes on, your music or podcast or whatever you are really into mutes, and in her LOUD voice she says "BATTERY LOW." I snap my eyes open, stirred from my peaceful rest from the sudden robo yelling in my room, my heart pounding from thinking I was in a robo home invasion, and then I laugh to myself. Silly speaker, I think, but oh well. I close my eyes, and thirty seconds later "BATTERY LOW!" I roll out of bed and turn on the light and before I can get to the speaker it does it again "BATTERY LOW!"

My advice is don't let the battery get low. The battery does last a long time.

My other advice--don't buy this one.
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on November 13, 2013
This product is not worth the price you pay. It's loud but the sound is lacking. It cuts off a lot and disconnects after a few hours which is not acceptable. I do not want to have to get off of bed to fix the speaker every 1-2 hours. Furthermore, I thought it was a defect so I asked for a replacement. I got the replacement and the same thing happened. Frustrated, I finally asked for a refund and asked them to send me a return label that will allow me to send both speakers back BUT NO REPLY. They have no problem replying to replacements but when you ask for a refund they take forever to respond. Not acceptable.

I am currently using the JBL micro and it is better in many ways:
1. Never disconnected on me (major problem with the photive bluetooth device which disconnected probably every 1 -2 hours)
2. Never sounds choppy (Another major problem. Photive always sounds chopping and I would have to change my position to fix the choppiness)
3. Lasts for a long time (7+ hours)
4. Pretty good base. I know I'm not supposed to expect good bass from bluetooth devices but JBL micro really packs a lot of base in such a small device. Photive is bigger but lacks bass.

I paid the same price for both devices and found the JBL micro to be so much better than Photive bluetooth device. I got a 10 dollar discount at JBL which is why it costs the same for me but if I had to pay the extra, I wouldn't mind since it is a huge upgrade from the photive bluetooth device.

Furthermore, I have tried the Digix miniBOOM which is pretty cheap (i think it was 25 bucks). The bass is definitely better than the photive device, small and also has a suction cup which works really well.

I felt duped into buying this device initially because of all the wonderful reviews but it really isn't comparable to the bluetooth devices I have used thus far. Furthermore, one of their top reviews was written by someone who got a free device from them and that leaves me skeptical.
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on November 20, 2013
I consider myself to be a bit of an audio-phile, I did a side by side comparison with a bose bluetooth portable speaker, of course the bose outperformed this unit considerably but price wise the difference is huge as well. The speaker has really no low end, mids are pretty clear as well as the highs. Vocals are usually quite clear and volume is satisfactory. I bought this as a cheap speaker for when I travel for my Nexus 10 while watching netflix. The bluetooth system in this unit is laggy at best, especially when streaming something like Netflix, usually 2-3 full seconds behind the video. If you plug it up directly, it has no problem, provides clear vocals and decent sound for the price. The battery is phenomenal and lasts for quite some time, on a full charge I got about 8 hours of use and left it off for a couple days and then resumed about 4-5 hours of use.

Overall there are far better speakers out there for a far greater price, if you want portability, a spare 3.5mm cable and want to be mobile and have decent volume and quality, this has been a better unit. If you want a full array of audio, including resounding bass and clarity, the price will increase as well. This is a happy medium.
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