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on June 13, 1998
The "Pie Every Day" idea is great in concept, but the results of these recipes leave much to be desired. After I had tried two recipes and didn't like them, I passed the book on. That person tried a recipe, and didn't like it. I passed it on to yet another person, and they've tried two recipes and haven't liked them. For someone who has pies very rarely, these recipes may be a revelation, but for accomplished cooks and for pie-savvy diners, I cannot recommend the book. The best result we've achieved thus far falls into the "not very tasty" category, others are just plain awful. This is definitely one of those cookbooks that looks great on the shelf, reads great on the cover, but fails the test of the palate where it counts.
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on October 26, 1998
This book was worth it for the stories alone, but the recipies were an added plus. I would reccomend this to anyone new and unused to making a pie from scratch.
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on July 20, 2001
When I bought this book, I had very limited experience in baking pies. Based on the title, I was expecting some basic pie recipes (for example, blueberry pie or peach pie). What I found instead were a Flaming Peach Pie and a Blueberry-Whipped Cream Pie. There is a recipe for A Common Apple Pie, however it calls for sugar(no amount) and ground cinnamon (no amount). The author writes that it is intentionally imprecise because there are so many variables to consider, however I would have liked some kind of guideline for the inexperienced pie maker. I did find the chapter on pie crusts very informative, unfortunately, when I tried making the Butter and Lard Crust, it turned out a little too tough. Finally, I have not found this book very useful to me and the type of pie recipes I was expecting.
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on March 29, 2014
This is probably going to be one of my favorite cookbooks, especially at the top of my list for pie books. Great also for a beginner and full of excellent recipes. The only thing I missed was something about pie birds, those little things you stick in the middle of a pie that steam when a pie is done. That is a bit of lore I'm sorry I did not find in this book. Overall, an excellent book.
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on September 6, 2015
I received this book as a wedding gift in 1999. Since then I have made many of the pies, both savory and sweet. They have all been terrific.

The reason I keep reaching for this book is the writing however. Each recipe has a synopsis that tells a bit about the type of pie it is. Moreover, each chapter has several pages of introduction filled with anecdotes about pies, cooking, friends and family. I flat out love her writing.
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on November 3, 2007
I was going to write the author and tell her how much I liked the book. I am nearly 70 and I had failed in pie making. Currently I am on a quest to make pies. One pie book is not enough. I have three. All serve some purpose. What one fails to say, another does. What I like about the book. I love her stories. I am now using her crust exclusively, although I am going to substitute vodka for half the water. There are pictures for the pies that you can not imagine what they look like. And there are both sweet and savory recipes; and I am starting to enjoy the savory as well as the sweet.
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on September 16, 1997
I had given up on pie making. I saw this book and
thought maybe I'd give it one more try. Now at our house it's literally "Pie Every Day"! Thanks to Pat Willard's wonderful book, I can turn out a beautifull, delicious pie at will. No muss, no fuss. If you lack confidence in this area of the "domestic arts", this book is your ticket to pie heaven.
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on June 15, 1999
"Let them eat pie". Though that quote was taken some time ago, Pat Willard must be thinking the same thing. She is the author of Berkley Books' cookbook Pie Every Day - Recipes and Slices of Life. This book contains about 30 different varieties of crust, Including: Savory Tart Crust, Lemon Crust, Phyllo Dough, Dumpling Skins, Mashed Potato Crust, Biscuit Crust, Graham Cracker Crust, Granola Crust and Butter and Lard Crust to name a few. There is also a section deal with the style and types of tops and stylish edges to enhance the visual appeal of the pie. After reading through this cookbook, one might come up with another quote, "Pie, it's not just for dessert anymore". This book contains recipes for pies to be eaten at breakfast, just for gabbing in the afternoon, special ones for children, for lunch or dinner, and of course dessert.

I personally don't like the way the book is laid out, with recipes going over to the next page, and some starting down towards the bottom of a page and then continuing after the page is turned. There are no suggestions for variation on each recipe, but with over 100 ways to fill the different crusts, maybe the reader can come up with a few of their own. With the descriptions of different looks and styles of pie, one would have thought the book might contain some exquisite photographs to whet the appetite, but there is a total of zilch in the book to look at.

Some of the complete pie recipes include: Oyster Pie, Apple Crisp, Corn Pie, Sausage and Egg Pie, Popcorn - Ice Cream Pie, Red Pepper Caviar Tartlets, Spicy Shrimp Tart, Curried Chicken filling, Country Chicken Pie, Scottish Pies, Squirrel Potpie, Cranberry-Applesauce Pie, Mud Pie, and Tiramisu Pie.

Though the book has some interesting recipes, and is considered inexpensive,however it should be redone and remarketed to increase the desire of the book. END
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on November 28, 2003
As someone who works well with her hands only when an alphanumeric keyboard is involved, making pie dough has always been an exercise in frustration and heartbreak. And cookbooks are for reading only when the time between cooking steps is too short to head back to my computer.
This book overcomes both my challenges. It's a pleasure and a risk to read. The personal stories and anecdotes bring the author alive in your kitchen. Linger too long in a story though and you may forget to stir that lemon mixture before it hardens right there on your stove.
Pay attention, follow her clear directions and you will produce a very satisfactory pie. Obediently I focused on keeping everything cold, rolled correctly and my pie dough layed down in its pan beautifully. Pay attention to what she tells you about fats and flours - the difference in taste is remarkable.
This cookbook is for those who have tried and failed. You already know the basics, you just can't reproduce them in your kitchen. The author will renew your faith and hope that you too can produce a decent pie crust.
And a decent life too. Pie Everyday intertwines baking good food for any occasion with building a good life through any occasion. The author's stories vary like her pies - hearty, sweet, complex or couch-potato-simple. This is a book as much about life as it is about pie.
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on April 29, 2009
I purchased a copy of this book for my dad, because he is definitely someone who would be perfectly happy to eat pie every day. I started looking through it before wrapping it & ended up buying a copy for myself, having inherited my dad's love of pie. It has since become my absolute favourite cookbook, not only for cooking from but just for the sheer pleasure of reading the prose. It's the one by which I judge other cookbooks. The stories are wonderful - heartfelt & well-written. The recipes are very good as well. Her Shaker Lemon Pie has become a family favourite. Mmmmm.... edible sunshine!
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