Customer Reviews: Pigtronix SPL Infinity Looper
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on February 11, 2014
Love this pedal it's friggin awesome!!! I got for my birthday and I've been looped out ever since!!! Seriously though the analog true bypass 24 bit/48khz makes a stunning and sparkling reproduction on your instrument. I didn't realize how bad my dual pedal digitech jam man was sucking tone until I got this pedal. So far I've run a twelve, six string acoustic, a fender strat, and my fender jazz bass through it with awesome results. Also today I worked on syncing it with my Alesis Sr-18 drum machine and I was off and loopland in about 20 minutes. It was very easy to get it going. The Infinity quantizes the loops when your synced via midi which can be a blessing or a curse depending on your recorded loop results. Out of the box the Infinity is limited to syncing only to 4/4 time but there may be firmware updates on that since I have yet to update mine...
There is no auto record function or count in feature like other loop pedals out there but that hasn't really bothered me because it's sharpened my sense of rhythm and that's a good. I supposed if you were having a time with a particular riff or chord progression you could sync a drum machine since the Infinity record light blinks for a count in for "the 1" I noticed if you hit it early around the 2.
One knock on the Infinity has been it's memory capabilities but at this time it's really the last thing I'm worried about. It has the capability for 9 presets with two loops in each bank. You can get larger GB smart cards I read but it doesn't allow you to increase your preset capabilities rather it expands the amount of time each preset can record... That's a little strange to me it would seem to make more sense the other way around. I don't really expect to have any issues with memory though since I'll be sending any stored loops to my DAW and using the presets as open banks to do on the fly loops for live shows. Also there's no XLR input but that's nothing an XLR-1/4 adapter or a mixer can't fix. I play solo acoustic shows and plan on getting TC Helicon Harmony pedal to remedy that.

Note: The footswitch is a must!!! After you lay down your base tracks for looping any overdubs have to be perfect or your stuck in the mud because there's no undo function without it. You have a little more room for error with midi syncing because the Infinity will quantize but solo live musicians have none... I plan on doing both midi and live solo applications but either way I would still say this is a must....

Pigtronix really got it right on this pedal!!! The reproduction is awesome, the syncing is easy, and the possibilities are well... ...Infinite!!!

Afterthought: The Official Demo's on YouTube are really worth checking out, They give an you idea of the tonal quality and the over all basic lay out of the pedal. Also there's some really cool ones with people using there Infinity pedals synced up with all kinds of cool midi gadgets from Korg univibe keyboards to drum machines, etc...
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on December 11, 2014
Lets be blunt. This is very expensive. If you want even a really basic function like undo/redo (far more useful to most people than a second loop) its a $500 purchase... ~$450 + $50 for the essential 2 button footswitch

Nevermind, i can add up but still talked myself into this.. and can say i am very very disappointed.

The good.
1. Syncs to a drum machine fine (the reason i bought it)
2. Sound quality is fine

The not-so-good
1. Build quality is atrocious. One knob sticks higher than others, the LEDs have no cover, the LEDS are misaligned, one button is higher than the others... This is hand made boutique gear at its worst. For a $449 unit i minimally expect something that looks like it was put together by something other than an Orangutan.
2. Operation is very poorly thought out and follows its own convoluted logic... most loopers you pick up and can simply use..this you need the manual, you need the extra footswitch, and even then you have to figure stuff out and then remember it despite the lack of supporting logic... IMO the manf. has attempted to be everything to everyone and lost the basics along the way. eg. having the undo/redo on an external switch makes zero sense... another 1" wider and 4 switches could have been on thi, or relegate loop 2 select to the extra footswitch.

In summary.. you are paying over the top money for a badly built, badly designed unit that luckily does the job..

Buy this ONLY if you have no choice.
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on January 8, 2013
When they announced this looper two or three Namms ago, I kept checking and checking and checking for when it would be released. Well it finally did and it is a fine device indeed. I've had two Roland loopers, including the loop station, a digitech looper, played with a friend's boomerang... all useful devices, but this device just makes sense the way it works and switches between loops and makes compound loops simply. I have not gotten the chance to play with the presets and I'm sure there will be updates to the firmware to make it even better than it already is. But this is a clear winner in the pedal world and will be as ubiquitous as a fuzz or wah or compression pedal in the future...when it might be a bit less expensive. Not that it isn't worth the coin if you need a looper that really works so intuitively that it does make doing musical things easier on the fly. This pedal is a definitive hit.
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on November 20, 2013
Finally! If you ever wanted a guitar looper that synchronized properly with electric drums, this is it. Plugged it into DR-880 drum machine, and was synching loops perfectly. Sound quality is excellent. Pigtronix offers multiple versions of firmware to further customize the behavior of the looper (optional). Awesome product. I could not be more happy with this device.
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on November 10, 2014
The tone from this is unbelievably transparent. I use this with my classical and acoustic guitars and it is phenomenally clean and unaltered from the original tone. I used to own a Jam Man 2 Stereo and the tone was horrible. For an electric guitar, it was alright, but it cut the woody tones of a classical and acoustic and also cut out a lot of the highs and lows so whenever you would start a loop with the Jam Man, you could tell that the guitar had stopped playing. Not the case with this little gem. I give it 5 stars for tone. Where this unit falls far shorter than the Jam Man Stereo is in functionality, usability and value. I loved the built in click track with the Jam Man because you could get a loop to be perfect, and you could send the click track out to it’s own separate channel (so just to your in-ears, for example). Not the case with this unit, however, there is a way to hook up a midi, but I just haven’t tinkered with that, and it would require me to get (and setup) another piece of gear. It’s also not the most user friendly unit to use. A read through the manual and a few hours of tinkering and you can figure it out. I don’t use this very often, and each time I do, I have to spend a few minutes reacquainting myself with the buttons and functions. Especially before I use it live. All and all, if tone is your main concern, this is the unit for you. If functionality is more important, I would use the Jam Man.
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on February 11, 2015
I can't tell you how much I love this looper. Let me try though.

What's great about it?

midi sync - I have it slaved to my Korg EMX1 and it syncs up perfectly. It's literally plug and play with a midi cable.
2 loops with a variety of settings - Sync them, run them independently, run them in tandem, in series, whatever. It does it all and does it well.
Easy to use - the instructions that are included give you a great walkthrough for a quick understanding of how to use this pedal. The better instructions on the Pigtronix website provide more details and are easy to understand.
Easy firmware update - Mine came with an old version of the firmware which wasn't great. The newest version, available for free on the pigtronix website, is a snap to update and works like a charm.
Sturdy build quality - I saw in another review, somebody complaining about build quality. Honestly, I don't see it. Mine is solid and well built.

Overall I do not regret purchasing this expensive pedal one bit. It does exactly what I wanted it to. Strongly recommend.
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on October 12, 2013
As with all of the Pigtronix gear, this looper is awesome! It's loaded with useful and thoughtful features that aid in keeping the creative fires stoked & tha funk flowin. It's so easy and intuitive that you should be jamming away as soon as you plug in and have an idea. Now that they've come out with the remote switch and updated the firmware, it's even stronger than it was when it was released. The fact it didn't take long to get that firmware update out, shows that they truly listen to their customers. Not only that but they REALLY stand by their products and go the extra mile like few other companies do. Mr. Koltai called himself when I had a problem and will make sure to get the issue resolved (spoken with experience!! I had issues with getting my remote switch to work right in reverse. turned out it was my TRS cord. which they hooked me up with a good one!).

Just get it already!
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on October 13, 2015
I hate to do this, but I agree that this looper is overrated.

1. It can be configured to do all kinds of different behaviors.
2. It can sync to a midi time signal.

1. The interface is terrible. Steve Jobs would have personally flown to Pigtronix's offices to slap someone if he had ever seen this. It's really quite tricky to use. You can get used to it and do cool stuff, but it's a really steep learning curve.
2. The requirement to use a separate stomp box for undo is ridiculous. Undo functionality isn't an option and requiring a separate box makes it so this box takes up too much room to realistically ever want on your pedalboard.
3. The through signal is not totally dry. There's a master output volume knob (and I really can't understand why). You have to fiddle with that to try to get unity gain and even still, I suspect it's coloring my signal.
4. As others have stated, the build quality is disappointing.
5. Bugs. I've had it crash on me a million times and get all kinds of more minor bugs.
6. This probably falls into the bug category, but I get unpredictable sound quality. Sometimes it's great, other times it's scratchy and terrible. Like I said, this probably results from software bugs rather than hardware issues.

For this price, I believe they could afford to build something much more high tech and with a much easier interface. The hardware for a touchscreen just doesn't cost much anymore. And adding delay would have cost nothing.

It's worth noting that I bought this to replace my TC Flashback X4, but it's my X4 that's stayed on my pedalboard. Even with both devices hooked up, I find myself reaching to the X4 looper most of the time. It's just easier and more reliable.

Also, my X4 runs on 9v and has delay built-in. So to replace it with the Pigtronix Infinity, I need to find space for the looper itself, the undo switch, and a separate delay pedal. I just don't have that much real estate to work with. And because it runs on 18v, I would go from needing 1 power jack to needing 3 (2 to supply 18v to the Infinity Looper and 1 to supply a separate delay pedal).

It was a super thoughtful gift, but sadly it hasn't really worked out.
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on November 26, 2015
It's ok...

I bought it to use with a Beat Buddy drum pedal I have. My Boss RC-50 does NOT play nice with Beat Buddy. Rumor has it the Boss RC-300 doesn't either. The only other apparent option, the Boomerang doesn't have enough memory so the Infinity was my only other choice.

I worked with it for half a day. Updated both the Beat Buddy and Infinity to latest firmware and followed the prompt suggestions from the good folks at Pigtronix but I was unable to solve the major problem; delayed start when recording as Midi Slave to Beat Buddy, which caused a couple of seconds of silence at the beginning of loop playback on loop 1.

That is a deal killer...allegedly it works for others and if I had the time and stamina to play with it more might luck into the solution...

The People at Pigtronix responded promptly to my inquiries. I have nothing but praise for their customer service...

BUT, the other issue (deal killer) for me was that with only 2 loop channels and the limitations to the undo feature (only last overdub) it proved inadequate for my purposes compared to the three discrete channels and multiple Undo in my RC-50. In my live show, I often record a rhythm guitar track on one channel, bass on another and then layer 2nd and lead guitars (and sometimes vocals) on the third on my RC-50. Then I can un-layer and/or turn on and off recorded overdubs on any track.

So, I'll live without the fake drummer -- been ok for the last 9 years so far...
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on May 9, 2014
This is an extremely versatile dual-track looper. The various modes of operation give you limitless possibilities. There are several different versions of the firmware available through the Pigtronix web site. I like using the version they built for Phil Keaggy because it has the "instant erase" feature (instead of that cheezy reverse feature). This pedal has a steeper learning curve than other more "entry level" pedals. So if you're easily frustrated by technology this might not be for you.
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