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on June 10, 2012
I bought this game in a local Big Box store (I'm not sure why it was out a day before the release date, but I didn't stop to ask questions) and have been trying to fight the urge to play it nonstop. I haven't completed it yet (I just reached the 30% benchmark towards the goal), so keep that in mind. So far, this exactly what I was hoping for in a Pikmin sequel!

Like the last game, Olimer / faithful Pikmin followers spend most of the game wandering around the island looking for objects. This time, instead of spaceship parts, they are looking for items of value to pay off the debt Olimer's company incurred while he was stranded. So far, I've seen everything from a battery to bottle caps to parts of an old school Nintendo controller. Like last time, he gets the Pikmin to carry said objects to his ship, where they are cashed in, kind of like a pawn shop. The game play is almost identical to the first game, so controlling the characters is intuitive for those of you who played Pikmin 1 for Wii. You still have a day to get through as much as you can, and risk losing anyone left behind.

Here are the biggest differences I've noticed so far:
1. Louie (his assistant) is with him, giving you two main dudes the Pikmin will follow. You have the option to keep them together, or control each separately. Initially, I thought this was pointless, as you can only control one at a time - whatever guy you don't control will stand wherever you leave him. However, this started becoming useful when I needed to separate Pikmin by skill/color. For example, I could have Louie stand behind with a purple group while I took all the red Pikmin ahead to clear areas with fire. Once that was done, I just had to switch back to Louie, who took the purple group to meet up with me. I remember losing a lot of time in Pikmin 1 when I was trying to multitask, as I had to keep going back and forth (drop group off at wall, direct another group to build a bridge, go back to pick up the first group when the wall was done, etc). So this has been handy.

2. There are new types of Pikmin, and some of the old ones have increased abilities. I won't give away what they do, in case some of you want to figure it out on your own. But's it been fun playing around with all the new types, and trying to figure out what kinds of tasks best suit their skills. (side note: when following you around, they now have a little musical battle chant they say every 10 seconds or so - kind of like "na na na boo boo!"-ish. For me, it got old quickly!)

3. There are new bad guys (still mostly bugs) and threats (now also poisonous gas and electricity!). A lot of the old guys are still there, which is nice since you can approach them with the confidence in knowing how to defeat them.

3. You are exploring new areas of the planet (at least so far, maybe later levels are recognizable from the first game). This has been great, since it takes a while to fully explore each area - especially since you can't get through certain obstacles until you get certain colored Pikmin.

4. Related to #3, there are now sub-levels in each area. So far, the ones I've explored have all been underground (think Mario going down a pipe and opening up a new land), but this also may be different later. There are lots of underground items to find, and a few other surprises (no spoilers!). The great part is that time doesn't continue when you're down there - you can take your time to explore everything without penalty. Your day will be at the same mark when you return above ground as when you left. Each underground level has a "Big boss" waiting for you at the end (also reminiscent of Mario) that you can avoid (if you're sneaky), but need to defeat to get the treasure.

One thing to note for this is that your game will be saved as soon as you go down one of these levels (there are several levels in each - you go down level after level until you reach the bottom). This means if you ever decide to "replay from last save," you can't assume it will be the start of the day. I realized this the first time a bad guy destroyed my fleet of Pikmin, and I tried to start the day over to avoid losing so many (something I frequently did in the first game). If anything, this feature gives this a higher replay value, as I know I'll play again to complete everything in fewer days, and/or by losing less Pikmin.

5. Olimer's notes went high-tech - there are now notes on every bad guy you encounter, plants, and all your treasures. Those of you that liked the little hints Olimer gave you at the end of each day of Pikmin 1 (i.e. which color Pikmin can do certain tasks, etc), will probably really like this. I haven't spent much time on it, but this seems like a good resources for younger players who may get stumped.

6. There is a two player and a challenge mode, but I haven't tried them yet.

All in all, I've really enjoyed this game so far. It's definitely a good value - I probably would have paid more than $20 if asked, but am grateful it was so cheap! If you loved the first game as much as I did, you're going to be happy with the sequel!
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on June 12, 2012
Every so often, there is a game that comes out that hits the sweet spot in gameplay, strategy, and charm where real life hours feel like minutes as you are lost in an innovative world that is destined to be explored. Pikmin 2 originally hit that sweet spot in 2004 and after 8 years still has found a way to bring the magic back through the Wii. As an original player of the Gamecube game, I'm happy to say that whether you're new to the series or a vet who played it all those years ago, this is a can't miss title that for $20 has more gameplay and innovation than many $60 titles out there today. Considering that this game was selling for $40-$80 on Ebay a month ago, this is an outstanding deal.

PREMISE: Pikmin 2 is a real time strategy game with puzzle elements that can be picked up by all ages (some reading required). The purpose of the game is to control/direct these small creatures called Pikmin to explore lands, find treasure, and save the company. During your adventures you come across a variety of different Pikmin that have different strengths and weaknesses. Utilizing each Pikmin's strength and understanding their weakness is key in solving the puzzles and defeating the enemies in this innovative and charming world. There are monsters in the world that you use the Pikmin's strengths to conquer. In addition, there is a day/night cycle that adds an extra layer of challenge to manage your time.

Here is a snapshot of the Pros and Cons.

+ Immersive Gameplay: Pikmin 2 does a fantastic job explaining how to play within the tutorial level and will have you immersed in the world in no time. What keeps this game going is the sense of wonder around every turn. The personalities of the Pikmin 2 add another layer of charm that adds to the overall experience.

+ NEW Converted Wii Controls: The controls are intuitive and bring a fresh approach if you are a veteran of the original Pikmin 2. I was able to understand how to play with the new controls immediately and had little issue.

+ NEW Widescreen Support: I was concerned that I would have to play 4:3 but was happy to see they made the game widescreen.

+ Graphics: The graphics from the Gamecube version have done a nice job standing the test of time (for the most part). You're going to have your imperfections (jaggies, etc.), but the world is vibrant and lush with color which is very pleasing to the eye. Ultimately it depends on what your expectations are for a game when it comes to graphics as I know there are those out there that want an absolute perfect image.

+ Duration: Lots and lots of hours of gameplay in this game. You can either zip through this game or explore the whole world and try to find everything. I tend to fall in the latter category and love that I have the option to continue to explore and finish when I'm ready.

+ Creative puzzles and strategy.

+ The Price. $20. Absolutely worth it.

+ Challenge: Easy to pick up and play but enough strategy and challenge to keep you invested.


- Camera control glitch: I ran into on more than one occasion a camera control glitch. When I change the camera angle on the game there are times when the nunchuk won't let you move Olimar in a direction. It's almost as if the controller programming gets stuck. This is EASILY REMEDIED by unplugging and replugging in the nunchuk when it happens, but it is something to note about the controls and can be annoying when it happens. It seemed to only happen to me when I changed the camera perspective...not when I centered the camera behind my player.

- Slightly dated graphics: The graphics, though lush and vibrant, are dated to the former generation. If you're a newcomer, come in with realistic expectations that this game won't look like the HD games out there today.

- A tad too many dungeons: Technically they are underground caves. This adds a new element from the original Pikmin, but I felt there were one too many underground levels in this one. There is plenty to explore above ground and I do like the underground levels...but sometimes it was too much.

OVERALL: Whether you are a veteran Pikmin 2 player or new to the franchise, this is a perfect pickup for anyone who has a Wii. The sense of wonder and charm in the Pikmin 2 world will have you lost in their universe for hours. For $20, this is a perfect pickup for the Wii system that is about done making games. If you're interested in a Wii U and are even remotely curious about the announced Pikmin 3, the $20 entry fee is a perfect chance for you to try the gameplay and see if you like it before the new one comes out within the next few months/year. If you're looking for a game that you can play in front of the kids, is filled with charm but still gives you the depth of strategy, this is a perfect pickup.
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on September 25, 2012
Never played any game in the series, so I wasn't sure what to expect.But after playing the game for about an hour, I was hooked.

The story:
You are an alien working for a company that is in financial trouble. Your boss sends you out after fiding out that a small item you brought back to your home planet, is worth a lot of money. So off you go to look for more treasure.
You land and meet these interesting creatures called "Pikmin" whom will follow you and do whatever you ask them to do, from attacks, to gathering valuable objects. Your ship is equiped with an AI unit that helps you keep track of what you collect each day and aslo helps you navigate the terrain. Each night, you and your pikmin must return to your base, because night time means danger, and so you must act quickly or face the consequences. The story kept me playing without stopping, I was hooked. The story is unique and interesting in every aspect and it's fun to see things from the Pikmin's perspective.

The graphics:
Honestly speaking, not so good, but depends greatly on the type of display/TV you are playing on. On a full 1080 HD display, the game looks dated and pixelated. But on a standard TV with a 480 resolution, the game looks great, or at least better than the full HD. I didn't really mind, but it is something you should know, in case you are looking for "eye candy". The maps, atmosphere, creatures, etc. are all well done and full of colours, making the game charming and apealing to all audiences.

The Controls:
Easy to use. You need the Wiimote and the nunchuck. The nunchuck is used to move your character and the wiimote is used to point and throw your Pikmin when attacking or gathering objects. Even with 50+ Pikmin following you, controlling them is easy. You press B while moving the wiimote and all the Pikmin will gather around you. You can zoom in with the D-pad. Each time Pikmin attack a creature or when they collect an item for you, they will take the dead creature and/or object back to your ship, so it can be translated into currency; during this sequence is where I found the only problem I had with the game, getting the Pikmin to come back to you, which they don't on their own.
Aside from that, the rest of the game is controlled without a problem.

There's background music playing through out, but it is played at a very low level, so it doesn't annoy me. The sound effects are good, but can't really be compared to anything out there, due to the game's unique style, story, etc.

In conclusion:
As I said before, I didn't know what to expect, but as a "new comer" to the series, I can say this, the game is great. Full of charm, colourfull characters, some "tasteful" animated violence and an overall good time. New comers as myself will be hooked almost inmediately. The graphics may not be top notch, but everything else about the game is great and soon enough graphics don't really matter, because this is a highly addictive and interesting game.
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on June 17, 2012
...or just to be enjoyed by itself, but get Pikmin 3 at some point, okay :D

There isn't much to be said that hasn't already been said in previous reviews. It is an amazing RTS, although slightly different from the traditional experience. You'll explore a lush, vibrant, and colorful world, even if the graphics are outdated by today's standards. The Wii controls work perfectly in Pikmin 2, replacing the control stick on the Gamecube controller with the Wii pointer on the Wii remote for throwing Pikmin.

Instead of giving you my thoughts on the game, I'll instead list the differences between Pikmin and Pikmin 2, showing you what has changed and what has stayed the same.


-The story: Olimar has crash landed on an alien planet (it's actually Earth, but the planet is foreign to Olimar). His ship broke upon impact, spreading the pieces across the entire planet. With his life support system damaged, he has 30 days to gather the 25 ship parts and escape the planet before he uses up all of the system's remaining oxygen and succumbs to the planet's poisonous atmosphere.

-The gameplay: You gather and use Pikmin to defeat enemies and carry ship parts back to your ship. You must do all of this before night falls, as nocturnal creatures come out at night and eat your Pikmin. It is important to think strategically and maximize the time you have.

-Red Pikmin: Stronger then the other Pikmin, they deal more damage to enemies. They are also resistant to fire.

-Yellow Pikmin: Lighter then the other Pikmin, they can be thrown high, reaching ledges other Pikmin could not. They can pick up and use bomb rocks (but are not resistant to the resulting explosion, so move them out of the way when the rocks are placed). They are also resistant to electricity.

-Blue Pikmin: With their gills, they can move around in water. Any other Pikmin would drown.

-The areas: You progress through 5 areas looking for the ship parts. They range from a forest to a cave and more.

-Challenge Mode: Saving once in the single player mode will unlock this mode. You will be replaying areas you have reached in single player. In this mode, you must fight enemies and gather pellets to grow the most number of Pikmin you possibly can.

Pikmin 2

-The story: After Olimar leaves the alien planet, and returns to his planet, Hocotate, his boss, the president of Hocotate Freight, informs Olimar that the company has accumulated a massive debt. After learning that there is valuable treasure on the planet Olimar came from, the President sends Olimar and Louie (Hocotate Freight's new employee) back to the alien planet to collect treasures that will pay off the companies loan.

-The gameplay: Similar to the original Pikmin, but with a few alterations. There is no time limit in this one, giving you the chance to explore the world at your own pace. Instead of collecting ship parts, you will be collecting treasures until you have enough valued at 10,000 pokos total. There is new underground areas to explore where no time passes. Something to do with electromagnetic fields and magnets, blahblahblah. Anyways, these areas contain a hoard of treasures, each in different sublevels. Beware though, as you'll face several strong enemies, along with a boss enemy on the final floor. If your stuck or don't think your be able to finish the underground area, you can hitch a ride back to the surface in the pod, but you will lose any treasures you found. There are other small changes such as new obstacles, enemies, and worlds to explore.

-Red, Yellow, and Blue Pikmin: They remain exactly the same, down to looks and functions.

-Purple Pikmin: A new species of Pikmin in Pikmin 2. They can be obtained by throwing any colored Pikmin into a violet candypop flower. They have 10x the power and bulk of any other Pikmin, allowing them to carry things that even require more then 100 Pikmin (the total amount of Pikmin you can have out at one time). One Purple Pikmin can carry something that requires 10 Pikmin, 10 Purple Pikmin can carry something that requires 100 Pikmin, 100 Purple Pikmin can carry something....well, you get the idea.

-White Pikmin: A new species of Pikmin in Pikmin 2. They can be obtained by throwing any colored Pikmin into an ivory candypop flower. They can dig up any treasures hidden underground (under the ground, not necessarily in an underground area). They are also resistant to poison, allowing them to navigate and destroy poisonous obstacles, and can poison enemies when eaten.

-The Areas: There are five new areas to explore in Pikmin 2. They range from a snow filled plain to a pool and more.

-The Challenge Mode: It is completely different from the Challenge Mode in the original Pikmin. It can be unlocked by collecting a certain treasure in the single player mode. Through several separate levels, you have to find and collect a key within each level's time limit.

If you have played the original Pikmin, I hope this review helps. If you haven't, then I hope it helps you decide in getting Pikmin 1 or Pikmin 2 or both. I highly recommend getting all of the current Pikmin titles. Hopefully you will play them, love them, and look forward to Pikmin 3 when it comes out on Wii U :)

New Play Control! Pikmin,Pikmin 3
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on February 17, 2013
Pikmin is a of my favorites games from GameCube, but I do not the opportunity of play it. Now I can on the Wii, also has new cpntrollers. I recommend this game for all the ages because the fun is assured. The pikmin and Capt Olimar produce into of me a lot of laughs. I have 39 years old. Also for 20$ I could not to avoid to buy it
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on September 3, 2015
I absolutely love this game. I was so stoked to see that it was available for the wii- I used to play this one back when it was new and on the Gamecube! It was brand new, and works amazingly well. The controls were awesome- no issues whatsoever. I can't say enough about how AWESOME this game is! I think the only person who could be equally as excited about this is 14 year old me. :D Overall, quick shipping, awesome seller, great product- I can't say anything bad about this at all!
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on January 3, 2013
Back story: After escaping from the planet, after almost dying, the Captain gets back home to discover that one of his co-workers screwed up, and now the company is in massive debt. One of those debts that there's no WAY you can pay it off in conventional means. In order to help pay it off, the boss even takes and sells Olimar's ship, the Dolphin. In shock of the debt, Captain Olimar drops a bottle cap that he brought back as a souvenir for his son. It's determined that this is worth a LOT of money, and when Olimar says that there's a lot more, the boss sends them back to collect enough to get out of debt.

One might argue that Nintendo sold out, what with all the products that are in it. I found it fun. The products that they found are foreign to our protagonist, so names need to be made up, and I found it cute how the names turn out to be. There are also two new pikmin, as well as a new capability for the yellow pikmin, but unlike the red/blue/yellow pikmin, you can multiply your new pikmin in the usual way. However, the pikmin themselves don't seem to react as quickly as they used to. Maybe it's because I'm using Wii controls, instead of the more natural gamecube, but I found the pikmin too slow when I have them swarm enemies. I used to be able to take my army of 100 and swarm a half dozen enemies and have them die in an instant. Now, depending on the enemy, no matter if there's just one, swarming tends to get at least a few of them eaten. As a result, the game requires for thought than just "There's something to kill. GET HIM!" But this really just boils down to mashing the A button to throw a bunch of them. Throwing is the new swarming.

There are new enemies to fight against. Most of the familiar ones aren't difficult to deal with. Some of the new ones, however, don't have a decidable weakness, which forced me to have to just swarm and hope for the best, which usually resulted in a good amount of my army dead.

One thing that's both good and bad, though, is that there is no time limit this time around. Your boss may be in debt, but you can take all the time you want. You do, of course, have to do things while it's still day time, but you can take as many days as you want. This is nice, given that you don't have to complete the game before the game cuts you off, but at the same time, there's not much of a goal. Sure, you're supposed to get rid of the debt, but it doesn't matter. Your boss may say things from time to time, but as far as I'm aware, there's no difference between paying off the debt in 3 days and paying it off in 300 days. It's not to say I didn't have fun and didn't want to keep going, there was just less incentive to help the company out more.
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on November 21, 2013
Pikmin 2 was always one of my favorite games, and because of this, I've strongly regretted selling my Gamecube. When I learned about this, I was a bit worried, as I dislike Wii controls for almost every game released on the system; motion controls just aren't my thing, they're inaccurate.

This is honestly the first time I've LOVED the controls for any Wii game. The reason I loved the controls so much has to do with multitasking. With the gamecube controller, the same control stick that was used to walk was also used to aim the cursor used to throw the pikmin, with the Wii Remote, you're able to move with one control stick, and aim with the wii remote. This allows you to run one direction while throwing the pikmin in the opposite direction. This addition is HUGELY beneficial to the gameplay, and makes the game much less frustrating to play.

Not to mention the game is now in widescreen 480p and still looks pretty as ever.
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on February 5, 2014
I had played Pikmin 1 and 2 in the Gamecube, as well as Pikmin 1 for the Wii. This games a really entertaining, pretty and fun. Pikmin 2 still keeps the strategy components of Pikmin 1 while giving you more freedom to explore: while you still have the time limit for each day, you don't have a day limit, so you can explore around as much as you want. Also, the caves are a very fun addition. Also, it is quite easier than Pikmin 1.

However, the best part is the new control with the wiimote and nunchuck. It looks like this game was built to be played with this control scheme, it comes natural, and fits really comfortable.

This is one of my favorite games, quite inexpensive indeed (at $20). I actually recommend this game to everyone I know. You can play it in either your Wii or your new Wii U.
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on May 15, 2015
This game sees almost daily play in our household months after my son received it as a gift. I'm so glad I purchased it! Graphics are amazing and my children love the storyline. Our teen plays it as often as his youngest sibling, and I have to say, it's pretty cute.
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