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5.0 out of 5 stars An impressive look at the Pillars of Early Christianity!!!, June 29, 2008
The above DVD has been released as part of the Pillars of Faith series released by Kultur Video. The series consisting of four parts uses extensive accurate reconstructions, new location footage, contemporary imagery and expert commentary & analysis throughout to provide a comprehensive overview on the featured subject. I am just providing you a summary of all the parts featured in the series :

Part-I Pillars of Faith: Celtic Saints

Early Christianity took some unusual turns when it reached Ireland. Mostly isolated from the rest of the Christian world, Irish missionaries adapted their teachings to Celtic culture, and the resulting fusion generated uniquely Irish religious art, a monastic experience different from that on the continent, and the preservation of pre-Christian mythology. Pillars of Faith: Celtic Legends details the Irish culture of the time and examines the sweeping effect Christianity had on the people, their culture, and their art. The video traces Irish Christianity back to its earliest historical references.

This DVD uses historical re-enactments and artifacts, as well as discussions by experts to tell the story of the conversion of Ireland to Christianity in the 5th Century. The culture and religion of the pagan Celts are portrayed and discussed to deepen our understanding of the period. The lives of the two major saints of early Ireland, St. Patrick and St. Brigid who effected the conversion are told in detail by dramatic re-enactment. The other major portion of the DVD is devoted to the development of the Irish monasteries.

The Scene Index of the DVD is as follows:

1. Introduction [2:04]
2. The Desert Fathers [2:56]
3. Origin of the Celts [3:38]
4. The Venerable Bede [1:38]
5. The High Kings [3:21]
6. Saint Patrick [5:44]
7. Abbeys and Monasteries [2:27]
8. Saint Brigid [5:53]
9. Saint Columba [4:37]
10. Saint David of Wales [1:58]
11. Saint Aidan [1:46]
12. Saint Hilda [2:28]
13. The Synod of Whitby [3:25]
14. Celtic Spirituality [5:07]
15. End Credits [:57]

Part-II Pillars of Faith: Martyrs to Christianity

This documentary chronicles the story of those who were willing to die for their faith. In the several hundred year period after the crucifixion of Christ, His followers were an unestablished, and often persecuted band of believers. As they set forth to spread their faith, they often met with derision, resistance, and death. Like Paul of the New Testament during Christ's own time, many subsequent disciples of Christianity were imprisoned. Others were executed. All refused to decry the Christ for their own sakes. That tradition has continued down through the centuries. This film looks at some of the faithful, from Thomas More to Catholic priests in the New World. Their stories are testaments to the depth of their convictions.

The Scene Index of the DVD is as follows:

1. Introduction [2:14]
2. John Foxe's Book of Martyrs [6:00]
3. Jesus As a Martyr [1:21]
4. Stephen [3:33]
5. James, the Brother of Jesus [1:53]
6. The Apostle Peter [3:08]
7. The Executions of Peter and Paul [2:02]
8. The Persecution of Christians [3:33]
9. The Conversation of Constantine [1:16]
10. The Town of Coventry [1:24]
11. John Wycliffe and the Lollards [4:55]
12. Laurence Saunders [1:40]
13. Joan of Arc [3:05]
14. Politics and Faith [1:46]
15. Archbishop Romero [1:07]
16. Dietrich Bonhoeffer [8:58]

Part-III Pillars of Faith: New Testament Witnesses

Using superb new location footage, stylish reconstructions, period imagery, this documentary tells the stories of the remarkable men and women present at the events recounted in the New Testament, the people who would shape the Christian faith. Their witness to the life of Christ is examined in faithful reconstructions of well-known events. Analysis and interpretation of their thoughts and actions are offered. This video is intended for those seeking a broader understanding of the Bible.

The Scene Index of the DVD is as follows:

1. Introduction [2:18]
2. The Gospels [5:52]
3. Simon and Andrew [1:05]
4. Peter [1:50]
5. Mary Magdalene [2:51]
6. Judas Iscariot [3:04]
7. Zacchaeus [1:36]
8. Nicodemus [3:10]
9. Joseph of Arimathea [1:16]
10. The Beloved Disciple [1:09]
11. Lazarus [2:51]
12. The Adulterous Woman [2:43]
13. The Sermon on the Mount [2:08]
14. Feeding the Five Thousand [1:30]
15. The Cleansing of the Temple [3:32]
16. The Crucifixion [2:30]
17. The Resurrection [:56]
18. The Stories of Jesus [6:34]
19. Credits [1:01]

Part-IV Pillars of Faith: Religions Around the World

This episode of Pillars of Faith examines the core beliefs of some of the world's major religions including Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Rather than investigate divergence, this video concentrates on the traits these beliefs share, including thoughts on time and similarities within rituals. Though brief, this video is a useful starting point for those interested in the faiths of the world's peoples.

The Scene Index of the DVD is as follows:

1. Introduction [1:43]
2. Origins of Religion [1:52]
3. Hinduism [9:52]
4. Buddhism [7:49]
5. Judaism [6:33]
6. Christianity [4:34]
7. Islam [4:43]
8. Evolution Within a Religion [1:45]
9. The Sikh Religion [3:42]
10. Humanism [2:40]
11. New Religious Movements [2:04]
12. Credits [:43]

All the parts of the series are available separately and also in a single boxed set. The series shall be a worthy addition in the library of all Bible students and is highly recommended.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful story of Celtic Saints, March 11, 2013
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This gives a very short run down of the lives of Celtic saints. Some of the scholars interviewed talk a lot but really say little that is entirely accurate and they ramble with romantic opinions about the Celtic people that I found rather condescending. It would have been better if they had interviewed some real experts such as Maire De Paor, Kathleen Hughes, Ian Bradley and some theologians. The regular narrative is great and the sites are very beautiful. The main problem is that it is way too short to cover the topic judiciously.
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