Customer Reviews: Pilot G2 Gel Ink Refill, 2-Pack for Rolling Ball Pens, Fine Point, Black Ink (77240)
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Size: Fine (0.7mm)|Color: Black|Change
Price:$2.99+ Free shipping (Addon item)
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on July 29, 2010
I really like these pens but am appalled that the refills cost just about as much or the same!! Seems like they really want to just sell more of the complete product rather than decrease waste. The refills must cost much less to make than the pen altogether so why 2+ dollars for the refill themselves??! I think these should sell say 5 refills for a couple of bucks. Then it would be worth the effort for people to actually save the pen and put in a new ink cartridge. I see these pens (which despite being great to write with do drain quickly) being thrown away all the time 'cause there's another in the box! :( IMHO because of this companies pricing structure nobody realistically has the incentive to recycle the pen.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon May 1, 2015
In the beginning was the Word and the Word was written with a G-2 pen. The only thing Thor’s hammer cannot crush? This pen! Harry Potter was only able to defeat He Who Shall Not Be Named because his wand contains a single Phoenix feather and also a G-2 Pen. When Navy Seals perform emergency tracheotomies in the heat of battle – they only use the shaft of the G-2. And no matter how intense the fight becomes – No G-2 is left behind! When Rambo writes love letters to his knife – what does he use? The G-2. Yo momma’s like a Pilot G-2. …Everybody wants to get their hands on her. Kevin Costner didn’t have gills in Waterworld. He was just snorkeling with a G-2 pen. Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to a G-2 pen! And with the G-2, no more chicken scratch – just beautiful calligraphy! Why won’t Donald Trump change his hair style? Because that is where he hides his golden G-2! Where have all the cowboys gone? They’re in Office Depot doodling on tiny paper scraps with sample G-2s. What is truly in Area 51? The Ark of the Covenant filled with G-2 pens. That's why you die if you touch the Ark. NOBODY steals God's G-2s! Captain Hook's favorite hand replacement? His G-2 attachment. How did Stevie Wonder go blind? He looked directly at the shimmering glory of the G-2 pen. How did Houdini pull off the impossible so many times? The answer was always a G-2. Little Known Fact: When Ghandi died he had only 10 possessions. 9 of them were Pilot G-2s and the 10th was a tracking number for ink refills from Amazon. Stephen Hawking can actually talk. He's just speechless after experiencing the unmatched brilliance of the G-2. What was the secret behind Mother Theresa's kindness, enlightenment, and peaceful tranquility? She owned a Pilot G-2. Why isn't Tony Stark content with his billions of dollars? Because he has not been able to invent the G3. The G-2 is virtual perfection!

While there is a lot of sarcasm above, I truly do love the Pilot G-2. I write a great deal and have taken the time to compare a large number of pens (see the pictures attached). The Pilot G-2 consistently stands out as one of the very best. It is inexpensive and economical as the refills reduce waste & save money.

The needle tip Pilot pens in the photos write more smoothly, but none of them are as comfortable, well balanced, or as versatile as the G-2. After testing all of these pens side by side, I have noticed that the thinner the tip of a pen is - the scratchier it feels to write with. This is why I prefer the G-2 with the 0.7mm tip (which seem to be the most common). Also, I have had issues with the needle tips breaking which spills ink and makes a mess. Even the pressure change on an airplane doesn't cause problems with the G-2.

If you are left handed, the G-2 works quite well - although the ink can smear on fine or glossy paper. (See the smear test in the photos.)
I absolutely recommend that everyone give the G-2 a shot. Just keep an eye on them. They tend to frequently "walk away".

- Writes smooth & precise lines
- Does not bleed through paper
- Works well with carbon paper or duplicate checks (appropriate pressure is applied to produce a duplicate image on the 2nd sheet)
- Ink dries quickly
- Gel Ink does not leak when pen is shaken
- The Ink lasts twice as long as other Gel pens
- Ink refills reduce waste & cost less than a new G-2 pen

- Can smear on fine or glossy paper (example: Thermal Receipt Paper)

NOTE: In my example pictures the Black, Red, & Blue each indicate a different size of pen tip. These black ink refills are 0.7mm.
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VINE VOICEon May 3, 2010
This is the only pen my family and I use. We decided a few years ago that life is too short to use a pen that doesn't write smoothly and easily.
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on January 5, 2013
I purchased these refills for a Waterman Hemisphere rollerball pen and I must say that they are much better to write with than the official Waterman refills, which cost more. Whereas the Waterman skips on some paper, the Pilot refill does nothing of the sort. I highly recommend the Pilot G2 refills for any compatible pen.
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on December 17, 2010
The G2 makes writing easy on the hand, but it tends to burn through ink very quickly. These refills let you get some more life out of the pens instead of just throwing them away. My original pens had 0.7 mm cartridges, but these 0.5 mm fit just as well.
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on September 11, 2011
Alright, "best" is an over-statement. But the Pilot G2 is a great pen. The gel doesn't smear or skip, it has deep rich color, and it writes on most every kind of paper without being too bothered by fingerprints or other contaminants that cause other pens to fail. They never seem to dry out either. Their extra-fine points are a joy to an accountant's eye.

But they ARE expensive. We have a lot of them walk out with clients, an unfortunate thing. And when they run out of ink (and they do a bit faster than traditional ballpoints), well, it seems criminal to toss them. The barrels and retractable mechanisms are nicely made, and throwing them away is a waste. But at Office Depot the refills are practically as expensive as the full pens in the 12-packs. So I was delighted to find these refills at about 30% less per pen than the new ones. Plus, when you are $4 short of the threshhold for free Amazon shipping, these are a terrific way to bring your order up past the cut-off without buying things you'll never use.
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on September 14, 2015
I have two G2 Pros and I love the fine and extra fine (.5 and .7mm) refills. They work perfectly, never leak, and write smoothly. I accidentally stole one of my G2 Pros from a classmate in undergrad eight years ago and I haven't looked back since.
review image
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on March 24, 2010
I LOVE these pens. I've been using them since my sophomore year of high school, and I can barely write with anything else. Absolutely recommend. My only gripe is that the refills are impossible to find in stores.
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My G2 pens are some of my favorites. The ink flows is flawlessly smooth, allowing my hand to glide across the page so I don't have to keep rewriting things, and my hand doesn't cramp up from having to press really hard. And I love that they're eco-friendly and easy on my pocketbook by making them refillable. I've bought the pens and refills in three different tip/point sizes so I can use them for different purposes (the finest ones for writing in my personal calendar, for instance, and the thickest ones for letter-writing and note-taking where I want a nice, bold line) and I've never been disappointed. (Tip: wrap washi tape around your pen barrels to quickly differentiate between different point sizes.)

I do wish I could buy an assortment pack that had refills of several DIFFERENT sizes, since I have several different pens to refill, but at least with three different two-packs, I have extras on hand!

UPDATE: I'm updating this review as I've since purchased a couple of colors, and Amazon doesn't separate these and consider them different products. The teal is absolutely gorgeous, and pretty much the color you'd expect. The burgundy is also nice, but it's a little odd. It comes out looking more like deep red and black intermingled, rather than a smooth burgundy color. It's nice, but not quite what I expected. Both of these are bold refills, and one of them is in a casing that was originally for a 0.7 pen, so for those who were wondering, yes, the broader tips will fit in the narrower pens.

I have discovered, though, that many of the other-brand refills that are said by various sites to be interchangeable with these are not. These have an extra little bit of plastic around the base of the tip, and that keeps them fitting into other pens that take otherwise-identical refills. Those refills will fit in these pens, but these refills won't fit into those pens. (So far, for instance, I've tried an Ohto and a Jin-Hao, and both had the same problem.)
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Have been using these rolling ball refills for some time now as they are personal favorites.

Bought this Pilot G2 Gel Ink Refill, 2-Pack for Rolling Ball Pens, Fine Point here in black because they fit a number of different pens, and they write well. They're available in a variety of colors, but the fine (0.7mm) tip is perfect for my needs. Saves a trip to my local office supply store, where about half the time they are out of them. It's a popular refill, so I must not be alone in my opinion of them.

It has been said many times before that any ballpoint or gel pen is only as good as its refill, and in that I concur. These refills fit my Pilot Metropolitan Fine Writing Gel Pen along with my newer Pilot MR Collection Rollerball Pen and without these refills, neither pen would be worth it.

Interestingly these also fit the amPen New Hybrid 2-in-1 Stylus, something that I found out by experimentation last year when looking for a replacement to their refill. It also fits the new amPen Hybrid 3-in-1 Stylus with its replaceable stylus, which is another personal favorite when mobile.

If you're not going to use your pen for awhile, put the cap back on to prevent the gel ink from drying on the tip. The writing is consistently smooth, with only the very occasional hiccup that happens with gel pens. If and when it does happen, the easiest solution is to re-start the pen by writing a couple of figure-8 lines on paper or on an inexpensive non-abrasive eraser. I use these reasonably-priced Paper Mate White Pearl Premium Erasers, and it works every time.

These Pilot G2 Gel Ink Refills are excellent, and better than buying cheap roller pens when the gel ink runs out. Just pick your color and tip width, from bold (1.0mm) to ultra-fine (0.38mm), and you'll have a gel pen that writes beautifully. As stated before and advised by many, a pen is only as good as its refill.

JW ▪ 1/17/2014
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