Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2 Seasons 2008

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Season 1
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1. Pilot TV-14 CC

In the series premiere, again facing relentless Terminators that will stop at nothing until John, the future leader of the resistance, is eliminated, Sarah Connor stops running and starts fighting back against fate and the machines that are out for her son.

Lena Headey, Thomas Dekker
47 minutes
Original air date:
January 13, 2008

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Season 1

Customer Reviews

This show is good, the only thing I don't like is they canceled it!
Watching the series without commercials is so much better, and I can get into each episode in detail.
I found the show to be well written with a good story line and good acting.
Randall Lockdall

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207 of 226 people found the following review helpful By A. Gammill VINE VOICE on February 25, 2008
Format: DVD
I've got to get one thing out of the way first, for all those who didn't like Terminator 3. The Sarah Connor Chronicles does NOT pretend T3 doesn't exist, it addressed one of major issues in the film in its first 2 episodes. And since this is sci-fi, complete with time travel, there's no reason that history (even future history) can't be re-written.

To the folks who think the action is "great...for a t.v. show," I can only assume they haven't been watching t.v. in the last 10 years or so. There have been several shows that far eclipse what is being done in movies (Buffy, Alias, two more girl-power shows just off the top of my head).

What really surprised me about the show is how faithful it is to the first and second movies. In just this shortened (9 episodes) first season, we've seen the following characters from the films appear: Miles Dyson's widow and son, Dr. Silverman, Enrique and Kyle Reese.

As for the cast, Lena Headly is no Linda Hamilton, but her voice-overs became more and more convincing and even poignant as the episodes progressed. And of course, what sci-fi geek didn't salivate over the news of Firefly - The Complete Series's Summer Glau being cast in the pivotal role of female cyborg Cameron. And considering John Connor has been played by 3 different actors, Thomas Decker acquits himself quite well. He's less irritating than Edward Furlong, by a long shot.

If the show has a flaw, it's that at times it does feel a little too familiar. One has to wonder how long the writers will be able to sustain Sarah and John's journey, without really damaging the integrity of the film series.
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111 of 120 people found the following review helpful By Paul E. Harrison on February 29, 2008
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
It's a rare thing that a TV series based upon a movie's premise ends up being as good as the show's origins: while slow to start, with a dreadful pilot and many sub-par episodes, the first series of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, over-all, became something that arguably lived up to that standard.

The show follows Sarah and John as they try, again, to prevent Judgement Day. The show follows on from the original two movies, generally ignoring the third (thankfully.) Much of the plot surrounds the character of Cameron, a female terminator sent back from the future to protect John. The show, so far at least, has eschewed predictable cliches involving the character, and often takes the viewer by surprise, from displays of dark humor to dragging the viewer through alternate displays of coldness and humanity.

Episodes I particularly recommend include "Dungeons and Dragons" and the jaw-dropping follow-up "The Demon Hand". Performances are variable. Lena Headey doesn't match Linda Hamilton's portrayal of the title character, reflecting more the post-La Femme Nikita (Dark Angel, Bionic Woman) obsession with angsty heroines. Thomas Dekker either gives the best or the second-best performance as John Connor, depending on whether you're familiar with the Director's Cut of Terminator 2. It's a good performance. The best performances are arguably by Summer Glau and Richard T Jones, as Cameron - a Terminatrix sent back to protect the Connors - and James Ellison - the surprised FBI agent chasing Sarah Connor - respectively. Glau's performance, while initially confused, provides depictions of humour and coldness that surprises or shocks the viewer every time.
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48 of 51 people found the following review helpful By Jason VINE VOICE on August 19, 2008
Format: Blu-ray
When the idea for this show was being shopped around, I thought it would not see the light of day.

A movie spin-off, to TV, normally is not going to be any good. Luckily that is not the case here.

This show takes place after T2, and follows John and Sarah as they try and survive and keep a low profile, while avoiding terminators.

One day something happens, they are spotted, and they meet a new terminator, sent back in time by John. This terminator is to protect John, this terminator is played by the beautiful Summer Glau.

This show is explosive and pretty big budget. The special effects look really good, the fight scenes are amazing, and the show has a pretty good cast. The guest stars are really good too.

After you get to episode 4, the show starts getting even better, it settles into more of a series feel. The first 2-3 episodes feel more like a big movie, then it gets into series territory, and it does a good job.

What I did first was put in my terminator blu-ray and watched it, followed by T2. I forgot how good these movies were, and how awesome Arnold was. When I watched the first episode of SCC I wasn't sure how this show was going to play out, would it be John and Sarah on the run, trying to avoid Terminators, or would it be something else? Luckily it is something else, but also some running, the show surprised me, and went places I didn't think they would go, and they do a very good job doing it. This is a pretty good series, unlike the guy below me, please view more episodes, try and make it to at least episode 5, by then you should be hooked!

The video quality is really good. I'm impressed. The audio is fantastic. I love the menus, and the show has some pretty cool special features.
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