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on November 13, 2008
Ken Ivy's, "Pimpology: The 48 Laws of the Game," is a street psychology book best read by individuals who might be described as "Squares." Ivy demarcates between the value system of the "streets" versus that of mainstream America. He initially talks about the methodology of pimping (procuring women who are willing to pay for protection as she makes money selling sex), but transcends the term as a means of gaining money and power within any context. Shakespeare's dictum, "All the world's a stage...and we're mere players" serves as a caveat to "Pimpology..."in which we are playing the "money and power" game in one form or another. To be a pimp within this context is to rule and control one's destiny by never allowing other people's agenda to supersede yours.

Interestingly, the book went from " The Life and Times of a Pimp" to a business book on how to conduct yourself on the world stage. I'm sure Ivy would say this was his intention all along, but the allegory went from literal to metaphorical as an instructional guide to getting the desirable things in life.

The overall shortcoming was the chronological lingo. The conversations between characters seemed corny and outdated by contemporary standards. If he's deferring totally to the 1970's, the dialogue fits for those who lived during that era. The language comes off sappy and unrealistic at times. A better story and language can be found in Nicky Barnes', "Mr. Untouchable."

Overall, I recommend this book, because it expands one's understanding of human nature. There are principles available for people who might wonder why nice guys often finish last. Invariably, there is some heart and soul as well as logic in the bowels of our society.

Edward Brown
Core Edge Image & Charisma Institute
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on August 25, 2008
After reading PIMPOLOGY, I would place it in the same category as Niccolo Machiavelli's THE PRINCE. Like he states in the book, he is NOT promoting the trafficking of flesh. However, he does give a lesson about human nature. When I read it, there were experiences he's had that I witnessed from my college coaches, former bosses and other characters in business. Just because his background deals with pimping at a street level, I'll go to what he states in the last chapter. He states that the oldest pimp game on Earth is the same as what builds nations: the control of money and people to achieve an objective or series of objectives.

It's really a book about power and how it's used as a means to an end. Besides, it may help the reader recognize when a "pimp" game is being run on them and devise a counterattack to the game.
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on December 29, 2014
Real easy to read. Pimpin's more about taking advantage of people with low self-esteem is what it seems like. There are some positives that I got out of it, but I don't think I would have the heart to do what these guys do if it really came down to it. But just like how we were all told to stay away from drugs our whole lives, you should be careful on who you're around as well.
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on March 4, 2010
This fun and quick read essentially lays out the philosophy of african-american street/ghetto culture. Its a dog eat dog (or dog shoot dog in the back of the head when he isn't looking) world where once must use people to survive or risk being eaten alive. In many ways, the principles of the book symbolize the desperation of ghetto living, where the only code of conduct is survival of the fittest and honor, trust, integrity, love are pretty much unheard of. Image and "respect" are prized over anything that could be remotely called substance. The 48 rules are about how to manipulate and use people for your own ends with the implicit assumption being that if you don't, someone is going to do this to you. In many ways, its a sad description of the desperate and tragic animal-like conditions of the intercity, where people clearly are living not much differently than pack animals. And in fact, in many ways, pack animals treat themselves/each other better.

What is truly interesting, however, is how frequently these principles are employed by successful wall street types and politicians. The book is a handbook on how to "win" with zero integrity and it highlights how this ethos is prevalent in the broader american culture as well.

Regardless of your personal opinion of the author's moral character, there are some useful principles in the book that might be helpful to quite a few people in terms of getting ahead in life.
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on August 18, 2011
Read it in a few hours, straightforward street language

You learn some pimp slang (there's even a Pimptionary in the back of the book)

Author writes about his street experiences from the 1970's growing up pimpin' ho's and later branched into entertainment and production industries (yawn)

In the very last paragraph or so he says pimpin' is not what it is cracked up to be . . . he suggests to use the "pimp" mentality of controlling money and people to start legitimate businesses like Donald Trump and use your pimping skills that way -- do legal stuff to stay out of jail

Be the boss not the worker is the theme and this book tries to impart some pimpin' mentality to you to help you do that

It's collecting dust on my bookshelf now, not worth my time to sell on eBay considering the going rate . . .

Buy and read Machiavelli's THE PRINCE instead, I read that in business school and re-read it over and over from time to time to refresh my memory on mastering and controlling people . . . it was bedside reading for many famous people, even infamous people such as Hitler...and he knew how to control masses to do his will..although his intentions were evil...
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on August 31, 2007
This book is a must read for anyone interested in becoming a boss or a leader. You may have a hard time reading through the slang- especially if you are not from an urban neighborhood. On the same hand, the advice is timeless and invaluable. You can't find this information anywhere else except from a pimp. Take care of the book!
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on December 31, 2013
I have always been interested in Brent Owens documentaries, so when I heard about this book I knew I had to read it! This book offers insight into the mindset of pimps and why some women are drawn to them. I recommend this to anyone who works with exploited women (to understand the mindset), as well as those who know someone is currently going through something like this.
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on March 2, 2015
The book is okay but it is not very insightful. Its more like a book where he is bragging and out of touch with his own motives and intentions. I gained a superficial understanding of pimp behavior. I didnt gain any true insight into the mind of a pimp because the author is somewhat disconnected from human feelings and immature. I think it takes emotional maturity to write a truely insightful book. This may not be the most satisfying book for an intellectual.
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on November 3, 2013
Read this book in less than a day - half last night, the other half early this morning. Love it and recommend it. But here are my disclaimers:

1. I'm a woman.
2. Offensive terminology doesn't bother me.

Moving along, I feel this book is an essential reinforcement of things you might already have learned reading The 48 Laws of Power, How to Hustle & Win, Mastery or anything written to improve knowledge of self on a business or personal level.

99% of the game anywhere starts by mastering the organ between your ears first - your brain. Whether you're trying to give someone the best sex of their life, the best conversation they've ever had or convince them they have the best employee on the planet, your brain has to stay sharp enough to figure out what it takes to deliver that experience.

For the record, reading this book will not eliminate all obstacles. Obstacles are a part of life. You're always bound to cut your teeth through experience, but having a pimp mentality will allow your progression to be more graceful and interactive than if you were trying to just do it on your own.

As a woman, I override the aspect of prostitution because some women - at least the women portrayed in this book - have made a decision to make this their lifestyle. That's their thing and their lane. I'm not touching that.

But what I am touching - and reflecting on - is how clearly you can understand that unless you're a pimp, you're always somebody's hoe. Walking throughout life, there are people who are always out for theirs and they'll pimp you at any cost. As a business owner and lover of life, I've experienced it a few times:

- Someone calling you when they need something from you
- Disappearing acts when you need favors returned
- Talking business to pick your brain over lunch but never signing a contract
- Trying to do things 50% down and then haggling with you over paying the final 50% when work is completed
- Trying to get you to work for free because "they're going places and taking you with them"

In business, love - and LIFE - people are always pimping and getting pimped. So in terms of self-development, I'm a huge fan of this book. The "ISMs" applied at the end of every chapter are helpful for getting the meat of the message or "Law" in plain language. I found myself having those insightful "aha" moments when I thought back to things I've experienced in my personal and professional life that haven't turned out the way I would have liked or expected ... and now I can see how I was cutting my teeth. I'm much wiser and stronger from those events, but having knowledge of the Game puts context into the situations, allowing me to truly see the signs of when it's time to act, react or withdraw.

If you're too sensitive to extract crucial information from this book due to the "pimp and ho" culture, then maybe you are too square for this material. That's sad cause you're missing out on an opportunity to extract information that 99% of the people bending you over and using you right now wouldn't give you.

P.S. No developing a pimp mentality doesn't mean changing who you are. It's about changing how you operate and developing a stronger sense of what's going on so you can get what you deserve as opposed to having people taking it from you for themselves OR giving you what they THINK you deserve.
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on February 21, 2013
Don't be victims of the game. Pimpin Ken has given us his views on how game is to be played. The chapters are short and to the point, that's what kept me reading to the end of this book. I use alot of the information in this book before I get my day started to prepare me for the things I may be up against for that particular day.

You better get you some of this game!
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