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on January 9, 2012
I am one of those people that can't wait to find out anything so when I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd child I was told about Tell me Pink or Blue by my step sister who had used the product. Although it was on the pricey side I decided to try it out. I did all my research on the method, followed the directions to a T and sent off my sample. 5 days later I was informed I was having another boy! We then began telling all our family and friends, picked out names and even some convincing this product was extremely accurate, BUT last week at my 18 week ultrasound I was told we where without a doubt expecting a GIRL - I was very disappointed to find out the results were incorrect as I began planning and imaging for a boy and felt more shock than excitement at the news we are actually to have a girl. They have a 50/50 shot of being right and it's just a guessing game. I will be sending off for a refund when the baby arrives and hope to have no problems. I would recommend NOT spending the money and taking this test. If I had never taken the test I would have been happy to hear the accurate results from my doctor and not feel shock and confusion at conflicting results.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 17, 2012
I will first start by saying that many of the negative reviews here are by people who did not realize that there is an additional fee for lab processing, and then felt cheated when they received the kit. I understand how if people expected something different than what the got, they would be upset. So I think it's important that everyone realize this is only the kit for the labwork and does NOT include the much-more-expensive lab fee. (it also includes 2 pregnancy tests, but I think perhaps most people ordering this already know they are pregnant.)

That said - even if you realize the fee structure - this product still deserves a low rating. Please check out the Better Business Bureau's review of Consumer Genetics (the makers of Pink or Blue). They have an F rating and have been kicked out of the BBB. Not even for bad results, but for not responding AT ALL to consumer complaints. They just ignored them. In contrast, Intelligender, which is based on less legitimate science, has an A- rating, because at least they respond to complaints.

I did not believe everyone with the bad experiences here. For some reason, I just assumed everyone else had some gripe, but the product was legitimate and based on real science. After all, I researched the science that they claim, and it's definitely real. The bigger question is whether THEY carry it out or just point to other studies and then claim to be in line with those studies. As I've learned in my process with Consumer Genetics, they are fakes.

If you have any doubt, just consider the BBB rating again. BBB kicked them out because they refused to acknowledge complaints that the BBB asked them about. Consider how bad that is when you won't even respond to complaints from the BBB. To me, that says that you know the whole thing is fake and don't even pretend to want to defend your reputation. Just go to the BBB site and search for Consumer Genetics.

That said ... if you STILL want to try this, here's some info
Fetal DNA in the mom's blood got lots of coverage in August 2011 by medical journals, New York Times, Bloomberg, etc. Do a search for phrases like "fetal DNA maternal blood 7 weeks." It's now considered fact that 5-10% of the DNA floating in a pregnant woman's blood is from the fetus. So if they have enough blood to analyze, they should see some Y-chromosomes if the fetus is a boy. If they find no Y chromosomes, it indicates that the fetus is a girl. Independent studies show 95% accurate at 7 weeks post conception, and 99% accurate at 20 weeks .... IF THE BLOOD IS TESTED RIGHT.

So for this test you are only getting the kit. If you take the test and mail it in, you need to spend another $200-$250 for lab service, depending on the processing speed you desire.

1. You must be at least 7 weeks post conception which is about 9-10 weeks "pregnant" or "since your last period". They alternate in the instructions by saying 10 weeks or 9 weeks since your last period. The guarantee is "void" if you are not at least 7 weeks post conception. My opinion is don't waste your money by doing it before then, because you will wonder if you can trust the results.

2. You have to use the lancets to collect a fair amount of blood. I had to prick 3 times to fill all the circles as required. It didn't hurt - the lancets are gentle and easy to use. But it's harder to get the necessary amount of blood than you might think

3. You need to have kicked all men out of the room for at least 30 minutes during collection and then when it dries. And don't wear their shirt or use their towel, etc while collecting your blood. Again, you don't want to doubt the results by thinking maybe hubby breathed on your sample.

4. You then send in the kit and wait for results. 3-5 business days.

What will hurt the results of this test?

1. Male contamination - don't collect while a guy is around! They might detect HIS Y chromosome and say it's a boy.
2. Testing too early
3. a very recent miscarriage or abortion where there could still be Y chromosomes left if that one was a boy
4. A twin pregnancy will only show if at least one is a boy. If you were pregnant with twins and lost one twin before you even knew it was twins, the result could say boy (if the lost one was a boy) even if the twin remaining is a girl.

What won't hurt the results?
1. IVF/IUI - doesn't matter
2. Progesterone/ Hormones - this won't create a Y chromosome. It may mess up hormone detection tests, but not this one.
3. PCOS, etc - again, won't make a Y chromosome, so no worries. Also messes with other tests, but not this one.
4. A previous boy pregnancy that is not super recent. They're not specific with the timeframe, but it's clear that if you have a 1 year old boy, it won't affect this test. Fetal DNA clears out quickly. It seems within a few months.

Good luck. For all of the above, please remember the BBB gives this company the worst possible score and kicked them out. If I had known that before I purchased this, I would not have.
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on April 16, 2013
When I got pregnant with my third baby I wanted to find out the gender as early as possible. I already have two boys so my husband and I were very
impatient to wait for the ultrasound day. So when I found this Pink and Blue DNA test we decided to give a try. Even after reading all the negative reviews
I gave them a try assuming that I might have a positive experience with this company. After I placed the order I waited and waited but did not get the
test kit. So I called them but the phone line always shows busy or it rings but no voice mail or a life person available. So I send them an email. Later I received an email back from them explaining that there was a technical error and they did not show my order. They finally placed another order. I finally received the kit. I send them the blood sample and received an email telling me the day and time to check the result. However, I did not get the result. Instead I received an email explaining that they were unable to make a clear determination and they needed a new sample. I never received the new kit as they promised Instead they said they will refund only the lab charge which is half of what I paid them. I send them an email asking for the new kit not a refund because I wanted to find out my baby's gender. As of today I have not received the kit or the refund from them. I have been sending them emails and calling. The number they have 408-789-6864 good luck with getting someone on the phone. If I did listen to all the people trying to tell me to stay away from this scam I would of not be in this position. I am going to post everywhere on the line asking everyone to send a complain to Attorney General Office to investigate this company. By writing reviews we will not prevent this company from stealing and lying people like me. We all have to take an action and make a complain to stop others being scammed by this company.
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on August 9, 2012
Did this test and was given WRONG results. Refund policy says they will give you your money back from inaccurate results. I have been jerked around for 2.5 months about my refund check. They have said they have mailed it 3 separate times. They have even sent a bogus tracking number! Do not buy from them! You will not get a refund. STAY AWAY!!!
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on April 24, 2013
I've tried contacting the company multiple time for refund, however, no one ever picks up the phone. I've ordered the test on 04/08, and I haven't receive it yet, (04/24) and I live 40 miles away from the company. I found out recently that my insurance company is going to pay for genetic testing including gender testing, and I don't need pink or blue anymore. It's unbelievable, so frustrating and disappointing. I had to go through my credit card to have the refund. What a customer service!!
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on July 9, 2010
I wish that I had something positive to say, but I do not.

We purchased the pinkorblue gender test for a cool $214. Test results came back as boy. I gave birth to a girl. Not only were the test results wrong, but the process of getting my money refunded (money back guarantee if wrong)was an absolute nightmare.

I followed their refund directions exactly. After six email inquiries and at least ten phone calls, I have finally received my check. During the course of the 3 months that I tried to get the refund, they promised the check multiple times. There were many excuses as to why the refund hadn't gone through-- mailing address difficulties, "mis-filing," on and on. At first, I thought they were disorganized. Now, I wonder if it is a scam. I mean, how many mothers of newborns will go through the hassle of repeatedly following up and fighting for their refund?

Lastly, when I received my refund check in the mail, it was for $149. They explained that the shipping on the kit was non-refundable (which I remembered from the instructions to be true). But when I looked back at my receipt, it said that $199 was for the lab service and that $25 was for the kit. Where was the missing $50? Well, apparently they claimed there was an error on the receipt and it printed the incorrect amounts for the service. I would be getting back only $149 (even though my receipt said $199) and $65 for shipping was non-refundable. Wow.

I would seriously recommend that anyone interested in this test steer clear of this company. Either their level of disorganization is unprofessional or this is nothing more than a scam.
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on November 4, 2010
I'm just going to put this out there to potential buyers of this product. Even if the seller will refund the money for any gender test which is wrong (and from the reviews it seems many buyers are having difficulties doing this), consider this: 100 couples send them the $199 for the test. The seller tells them all they will have a boy. About 50 couples will actually have a boy and not pursue any refunds. The other 50 will seek a refund for a wrong result. Even if they all get their refunds, the seller is now $199 x 50 richer, regardless of whether he/she conducted any 'gender tests' or not.
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on September 16, 2008
I searched for "Intelligender" and Amazon gave "Pink or Blue" as a result! It was cheaper than Intelligender, which is a home test to predict the gender of the baby, so I bought it.

But for "Pink or Blue" you have to pay extra $200 to have the test results. They refunded my money with a 25% restock fee.
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on July 23, 2008
The pregnancy tests probably work just fine, but if you are purchasing this product to predict the gender of your baby- be advised that the test you perform in your home must be mailed in for results. This process can cost anywhere from $200 to $250!! I wasn't aware of that when I purchased the product.
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on July 9, 2014
Ordered the kit, carefully collected samples following all directions, mailed back according to directions, got back results saying "girl." Made plans for a girl name, told my daughter she was getting a sister. Two ultrasounds said boy, so we remained skeptical until the birth.

Our son's birth certificate shows that their results were incorrect. Ok, fine, I'm not mad the test was wrong since the company claims to give partial refunds if they are wrong, but my son is now 6 months old and although we submitted all required paperwork and his birth certificate to apply for our refund, we have received NO response to any of our attempts to contact the company. The phone # is out of order. This company is either a SCAM or the most poorly run business I have ever encountered. I don't usually write negative reviews of anything, but I do not want anyone else to be taken advantage of and swindled the way I feel we were. Please DO NOT purchase this kit. I will continue to fight for our refund.
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