Customer Reviews: Pioneer AVH-X2600BT 2-DIN Multimedia DVD Receiver with 6.1 Inch WVGA Touch Screen Display (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on May 30, 2014
Start with pros.
1.Great sound quality (Main selling point for me). It required a few minutes of effort to tune it the way i like it, but oh so worth it.
2. Easy bluetooth setup. Even for my company provided hunk of junk blackberry! WOW!
3. Rear Aux, and USB input. My personal preference. I ran wires into glove box to hide my USB drive
4. Full set of 2 volt RCA outputs. Front, rear, and sub.
5. It worked with my Metra Axxess ASWC-1 Interface so i could keep my steering wheel controls. ("Extras" Link #1 below.)
1. By far the biggest con, the rear view camera plug was bad(2nd biggest reason for the purchase). Even bought a second one which had the same exact problem.
2. In the daytime, when the sun hits the screen, it's gone. I mean you can't see jack squat. If the screen had been an OLED screen i doubt this would have been a problem. I have read on the net that the radio is LED backlit, but the sun simply overpowers it.
3. VERY limited screen modifications. Colors/and backgrounds. I think you can add more backgrounds with USB, but never tested it.
4. Good grief it is expensive. I have no problem for paying good money for a quality product. But to receive 2 radios (made in 2 separate months) with dead rear view camera plugs? really?
5. Rear RCA outputs are 2 volt. i would have prefered 4 volt at this price.
Overall: If the rear camera plugs had worked, that would have been a guaranteed 4 stars, i may have given it 5. what a shame.
When i first got the radio, i hesitated when i didn't see any stickers on the box where you open it to show that it direct from the factory, but i was too excited to have received the product to care at the time. The install went well in my 2006 Scion tC. I completely soldered the harness and micro bypass("extras" Link #2 below) which took almost an hour. Then the physical install into the car was less than 1/2 hour. The radio fit fine with the rear view camera wire, and sub RCAs connected. And even with stock speakers it sounded pretty bloody good. And thankfully the radio has a High pass frequency filter that prevents really low bass from detonating your speakers. Luckily enough the stock front speakers in the tC are pretty good to begin with. It was just the stock pioneer head unit that was sub-par. However when i went to use the back up camera there was horrible static and the image would cut in and out. The brand new camera i purchased worked fine on the radio's AUX input and on the two TV's that i have in the house. So i knew it wasn't that. I sent it back and got a 2nd one. SAME PROBLEM. I sent an email to Pioneers support center. They said if it worked on the AUX but not the rear camera plug, that it's bad, and to find the nearest pioneer repair center. The closest one was 10 miles away in Charlotte, NC. Cool beans! maybe i can get it fixed quickly. I called and they said, nope, can't do that here, you need to send it to syracuse, NY. Now as far as i can gather the work would be covered under warranty, but i would still have to pay for shipping and be out a radio for a week or 2. BAH! All that for a problem that could have been solved by someone doing QUALITY CONTROL at the factory. I sent that one back too. I was going to try a 3rd one but this is becoming a hassle now. It's been 3 weeks and almost 500$ for the 2 radios total, (all refunded super quick, I LOVE Amazon) and i STILL don't have a working radio. And i don't even think this is an isolated incident. The sticker on the chassis said the first radio was built in February, and the second in March. I think it's FAR more likely that they have been sending out bad units for weeks. how many people out there ever attach a rear camera to the radio anyways? But nothing hurts as bad as having to go back to a stock radio after such a great sounding one as this. I would take off an other star off for that, but i'm reviewing the product here, not the customer support. But i will still say this, Pioneer really shot my monkey on this one :(
Nobody else makes a radio that i want in the price range that i've set, so now it's a battle to see if i will buy a far less expensive Pioneer Pioneer FH-X700BT and not have a backup camera, or take my chances with the higher end, and even more ridiculously expensive Pioneer Pioneer AVHX4600BT and hope that it doesn't have the same problem. But i have read a couple reviews saying there is such a problem :S

Links to indicated extras
Metra Axxess ASWC-1: Metra Axxess ASWC-1 Universal Steering Wheel Control Interface
Parking Brake Bypass: Genuine DIYBypass for All AVH Pioneer

Update: 8/2/2014
I did end up getting the more expensive AVHX4600BT. But it also had dead rear camera inputs. And after the radio install, my door wouldn't close. The bar along the bottom with all the buttons bows outwards and sticks out far enough to prevent the door from closing (the 2600 would let me close the door but sometimes it would hit a button on the radio). And the audio quality was the same as the AVHX2600BT. It went right back to amazon. In an act of desperation to keep with a flat LCD screen, i purchased a Clarion Mobile Electronics VX404. MASSIVE failure. The rear USB and front micro SD card did not work, and it was UNBEARABLY slow. I couldn't ship it back to amazon fast enough.So, I ended up purchasing the much cheaper FH-X700BT. Unfortunately, The audio quality isn't quite as good as the AVH series(still a helluva lot better than the stock scion tC radio), and the HUGE button in the dead center of the face prevents my radio door from closing. But, mercifully, the screen can be seen during the day (a bit too bright at night). Ultimately, the massive price difference will keep it in my car until i can find a radio that i actually like.
Long story short: If you want a soul crushingly good sounding radio (providing you have good speakers) and don't plan on using the rear camera inputs, get the AVHX2600BT. Don't bother with the AVHX4600BT unless you want a *slightly* bigger screen. Avoid the Clarion like the plague. and get the FH-X700BT if you don't need the flat screen or don't have the budget for the higher end models.
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on December 22, 2014
Great radio, just what I was looking for. Can't go wrong with Pioneer and this is no exception! I put this in my Trans Am and I wish I did that sooner.
review image review image
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on August 15, 2014
This is a great unit. I have replaced the factory unit in all my cars, and several others over the years, and Pioneer continues to be a strong contender with great products. I would have rated it with 5 stars, but I am hard to please. The instruction manual leaves you guessing with some aspects. I have watched a dvd movie, excellent quality. I hooked up an amp and sub located in the trunk with no problems, and those are running great. I also bought a cheap backup camera and installed it too. I got it to work, but it was a challenge. The instruction manual did not (in my opinion) tell you how to connect all the necessary wires, and that certain wires also needed to be connected in order for the unit to function properly as a display unit. However, I am still very satisfied with the purchase. For the price I don't know if it can be beat. A few other minor complaints are the user interface could be a bit more friendly, as in setting up custom sound either through the equalizer, or setting up specific speaker volumes etc... I also hooked up an ipod, both ways and tried it. I am currently using the hdmi connection cable, so that will allow a user to swap between an ipod and iphone. The bluetooth works flawlessly. I have had some issues with the unit not recognizing my ipod, but that could be an ipod issue, as it is an older model that I have had for quite some time. There are several apps that you can put on a phone and use the cable to connect, but I haven't really found them to be all that exciting. You can use siri, and it will provide directions through the radio by just having bluetooth turned on. All in all I would say its a great unit, probably has loads of other features I haven't used or figured out yet.
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on April 22, 2014
Answering my Iphone 4s and 5c phone via Bluetooth has been easy. The calls automatically take over the radio. No need to get the phone out of wherever you have it while driving. The call quality is good inside the car, and for the people listening to you.

Streaming Pandora or any other audio sources from the Iphone is easy.

Can't get Waze to work with either Iphone. The AppRadio Pioneer app is simply not working and not enabling the app functions on the radio. You get a blank screen when you connect your Iphone this way.

The buttons to select a radio station are small. It has FM and AM radio tuners. (No HD radio)

The screen is dim. Adjusting the brightness of the screen is possible, but not intuitive.

The sound quality of the music is good.

The equalizer gives many preset options as well as allowing for custom settings.

It can play normal DVDs. You can see the DVD video if the break is engaged and if you wired the break connection appropriately.

The radio is sharp looking. Definitely makes the car look better.

It has a backup radio connection, and a USB outlet to charge USB devices.

...If only AppRadio had worked.
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on March 30, 2014
**UPDATE 1/2016**
cd/dvd portion has failed. I've lowered my rating down to 2 stars because of this.

This is a great head unit..install was simple and simple to operate. Installed in a 2011 wrangler JK in a few hours. Integration with my iphone 4s is simple..pandora streams with no issues, I can go through my music on my phone using the optional cable..which even charges my iphone. awesome. Very happy with this purchase.
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on June 11, 2014
I've been using this unit for a few days now, and I've tried out several features of the unit. I like what I see so far, so I'll comment on what features I've used.

USB device support is great. The unit almost instantly recognizes my USB device, which is packed full of music and videos. You can "create a database" on the head unit for the USB volume and store it in memory so accessing files and folders is extremely fast. Much faster than units that read the info from the filesystem "on the fly." The Kenwood DDX unit that I have in my other vehicle does it that way, and it can take a half a block or so after I leave my driveway before music starts playing. This Pioneer X2600 has it up and playing in seconds after the car starts.

So far it's been pretty good about supporting whatever DIVX video formats I throw at it, although resolution scaling and sizing can get a bit... weird.

Sound quality I can only judge by my stock speakers (car is only a week or so old so I haven't swapped anything else yet), but it seems good. Volume is louder than the stock speakers will tolerate. I'm glad that Pioneer finally got away from 3 band EQs. The EQ in this unit is very nice, can be adjusted on the fly with touch controls, and all bands of the EQ are individually adjustable. This is a far departure from the crappy EQs in Pioneer units I've had in the past (except for the DEH-P8600MP, which had an awesome EQ).

I don't typically attach my phone to the unit via USB, so I haven't tried out the app feature support. The UI for all other features and functions seems very fast though. Settings are easy on this unit - you just touch them to change them. For example, to change the clock or date, you don't have to follow some long process to updates them (Settings > System > Time > Set Clock, etc.), you simply touch them and you're instantly there. The UI is very intuitive like that and even without reading the manual it only took me a minute or two to figure everything out.

The LCD display looks good. It's a bit hard to read in the sun sometimes. It says it's LED backlit, but it could have been a lot brighter. The touch screen is the old "membrane" style resistive touch screen and not a newer capacitive style. This can make it awkward when using "touch and drag" controls like those found in the EQ or when scrolling a carat on a long menu without having to tap arrow buttons. I do like the option to be able to completely keep the unit from dimming when the headlights are on, even when the illumination wire is hooked up. This is nice for driving during the day with your headlights on - like when it's overcast and raining but still bright out. I have owned units in the past where they give you the option to adjust brightness when in "dim" mode, but even the max wasn't nearly as bright as the max with the headlights off.

The UI layout isn't as bad as my Kenwood unit, but it isn't the prettiest. I wish they would have had the App Radio 3 UI designers in on this one. Everything is there and easy, it just looks a bit cluttered at times. Not unusable or anything, just not as elegant as it could be. Ability to change colors to match dash illumination is pretty standard now, but always welcomed. I had no problem interfacing this unit with an ASWC-1 steering wheel control kit, so I could keep my wheel functions. Pioneers are some of the easiest to integrate with those units, just a TRS jack on the Pioneer site.

The unit supports navigation via an add-on module, but doesn't have navigation capabilities included. This keeps the cost down for someone who doesn't need it. Personally I just use my cell phone. Bluetooth to the phone will allow you to hear the turn by turn through the head unit. You also have the option of using the unit in App mode with the supported navigation apps, though I haven't tried this yet. If you want a unit with integrated nav, you're probably better off skipping these AVH units and buying one with it built in, as the add-on unit is kinda pricey. At least they give you the option though.

FYI for the bypass on this unit - grounding the parking brake lead no longer works on the newer Pioneer units, as they expect you to do a sequence of apply, release, and apply the parking break to unlock video functions. This can be solved with a simple rocker switch, or a $20 module from Amazon. I opted for the switch, and hid it in a not-so-obvious location.
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on November 4, 2014
unit would reset after a few days. i had to keep re-pairing bluetooth, and settings. unit emitted an audible hum in the 3000 to 7000hz range through the speakers when volume was at 10 or higher, exept when switching sources and when using dvd. bluetooth always did it, and that was where I always sourced music. really annoying, and hard to reach support. when i did get through, they said i would have to buy another unit to get a replacement.
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on December 16, 2014
Everything works OK except the main reason I bought it for, the backup camera. The blue wire for rear camera input (hooked to the Reverse light power wire.) going into the unit doesn't work. The camera is working since there is an Aux Video in and when in reverse the screen will display the camera. But this is a pain and should work automatically when switched into reverse. The unit shows no reverse camera is even present when hooked into its video input connection and I do have 12V at the reverse input / camera on blue wire going to unit. Pioneer has been a big drag and said return to place of purchase. Amazon doesn't have an exchange option, have to return it and buy another one. Will have to order a replacement, when it comes swap the units and send the bad one back. Essentially spending twice the money until I get the refund.
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on February 14, 2016
No problems at all from this unit. I really enjoyed this stereo! There are a ton of features and there are a lot of helpful blogs and info online. You can download your own backgrounds and there are a lot of options. I highly recommend this unit to anyone looking for a reliable and customizable head-unit.
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on July 27, 2015
Wanted this stereo for the mirror link feature. Paid extra $100 for the appropriate wires. does not work. No software fix, so i looked to the pioneeer contact us tab. On that page it said to pick your country to get support. United States not listed. So i will try to call or email another department. I've got a feeling it is going to take a long time and then they will tell me it is still buggy like they did when I called them trying to resolve this problem before. is terrible and the feature I wanted most doesn't work.
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