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on January 7, 2013
Very good product and price was better than any I have found even crutchfield. The resolution is fantastic, sharp, and crisp. Features are very good for this 2013 model. I have an iPhone 5 and I am very happy to report it works fantastic with it. Had some trouble with Pandora but nothing a restart of my phone would not cure. Music plays great and album art shows as well. Pioneer says you need to buy a specific cable along with the lightning adapter to make music work with this head unit... As you can see from this review that is not the case. Some features may not work without this cable but as long as my music plays that's all that matters to me. I haven't tried any apps but this does have an app feature for certain apps and your phone. Using the deck is pretty self explanatory as well so that's a plus. The only difference between this one and the X550BHS is the price obviously and the screen size (with buttons on the bottom instead) otherwise everything else is the same. Also, I have a video bypass to see movies when I am driving and I am pleased to report movies play from the USB drive as well. The only issues I have is when you connect your device via Bluetooth and turn it off, the deck checks for it every time the vehicle is started and displays a message that you must manually delete. No big deal but a deck as good as this one shouldn't have this minor issue. Also the deck is laggy at times and can have a slow response every now and again but mos def not a deal breaker. I replaced an aging 7" Alpine with this one and must say I am very impressed with the quality, construction, and sound this baby pumps out. I have two 12" speakers along with a new Boss capacitor I purchased on Amazon for about $25 and the sound is amazing and thumps. Well any rate my $0.02. Hope it helps and if you buy hope you enjoy it as much as I am.
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on May 6, 2013
I just a got a 2007 Rav4 with a factory stereo which I hated. It was missing satellite radio, a backup camera and bluetooth so I immediately upgraded to this Pioneer after doing a couple weeks of research. This model has all the functions I was seeking (minus navigation) and felt it offered the best option set for the price.

The good:
Amazing sound upgrade!
Way louder than I thought it would be.
I did not have to upgrade my stock speakers.
There are more options on the radio than I read about.
The Bluetooth audio and phone options are fantastic. - I never get complaints while on the phone! (Microphone Included!)
The Bluetooth connects every time and within seconds of turning on the car. (iPhone 5)
The Bluetooth will pause music, allow you to take your call and return to where you left off when done talking.
The Sirius XM has a 30-minute pause feature! - It even records if you're listening to regular radio! (Requires SXV200V1)
The backup camera works great and is a welcome edition to this car. (Optional add-on.)
HD Radio sounds amazing! Some people say they can't tell a difference? How can you not?!
Love the preset 7-band EQ and two custom spots. Is a must for switching from talk radio to music.
The USB controls my iPhone 5 music selections without the need for the $89 Pioneer Cable. (iPod mode.)
The AUX works fine too but is not really needed with Bluetooth streaming.
I installed the parking brake override so no functionality is locked out while in motion.
My iPhone battery charges from the USB off the back of this unit.
Sirius XM channels tune faster than any other radio I've had. - This is my 4th XM unit.
DVD playback looks quite good but I don't think I'll ever use this function. - Especially while in motion.
This unit is intuitive to use and virtually everything on the screen you can touch and find a sub menu or control point.
Has an easy to set clock and date in the upper right hand corner.

The not so good:
- Pioneer sells this as an iPhone 5 ready device with usable apps like navigation... That's simply not true. An iPhone native cable is not out yet and the firmware to pull this off with adapters is not even out as of May 2013. I'm looking forward to some updates so I can use this for navigation too.
- The preset buttons are entirely too small and I often hit the wrong button while driving.
- I wish the EQ had a memory for each mode. - One for Satellite and a different one for FM for example.
- Album artwork shows up when in iPod mode, but not in Bluetooth mode. Only once did I see it with HD radio.
- USB input and Aux input are in the back - I would prefer them on the front of the unit.
- No volume knob. - Granted I need it less with auto-muting using Bluetooth.
- Display does not show up very well in bright light.
- Sometimes I have to hit a button twice for it to take.

Despite the minor shortcomings, I'm very happy with my purchase. I've posted photos above. I would recommend this to a friend in a heartbeat.

UPDATE: 8/26/13 - Well I've had this unit installed for a few months now and I can honestly say I like it even more now than when I first installed it! The bluetooth is used all the time for phone calls. The microphone does an amazing job of filtering out background noise and people only hear something when I speak. They say I sound like I'm on a speaker phone (which I am) and that is the only occasional complaint. Streaming music works great with no glitches whatsoever. The option to charge my iPhone 5 through the stereo's USB is a godsend at times. I also discovered that XM records ALL of the channels for up to 30 minutes! So if I'm listening to music on one station, and switch over in the middle of an interview on another station, I can rewind up to 30 minutes of the new channel even though I was never tuned into it! How cool is that?! The quality of this unit is outstanding and I can't believe how much radio I bought for the money. And now, it's even $30 cheaper then when I bought it.
review image review image review image
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on December 27, 2012
Very nice Head unit. Easy Install in a 2007 mustang and had a very noticeable sound improvement even with the stock speakers. Also it was easy to set up with a Sirrius radio (SXV200V1). Now to upgrade the speakers and add a sub. If only all the features worked with Andriod (Not a big Iphone fan). The hands free bluetooth calling & music streaming do work well with android but not the advanced App features are not designed for it.
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on February 3, 2013
Bought this with PAC TATO, PAC SWI-RC and Metra DD 07-08 HG for my 2007 Toyota Tundra with JBL amplifier. Together you will get a OEM look and retain your JBL amplifer, most of the factory connectors and steering wheel controls. You will need to connect and crimp 4 wires between this unit and the new headunit harness. I'd say it's intermediate technician work. It looks good and performs well with some minor issues listed below. I like the handsfree audio interface although I wish there was voice control.

issue #1: Bluetooth connection takes about 30 seconds after startup to connect
issue #2: If you shut off the car while using the head unit pandora app (via bluetooth), when you turn the car back on, it will connect and start playing audio without any sound. You have to switch to radio mode and then back to pandora to fix it. I plan to check on a firmware update to see if this is fixed.
issue #3: When android phone connected to USB port, I get an error that it's an incompatible USB device -- no playing music on memory card on phone
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on March 27, 2013
So far this unit has performed flawlessly. Easy to install and get working.

Some quirks:
1. We always drive around with the headlights on 24/7. This means the radio is always running in "dimmed night mode". So in the daytime you can barely read the screen. I had to eventually remove the radio and snip the headlight sensing wire in the harness to trick the radio into thinking the headlights are always OFF.
2. We have multiple people driving the vehicle, and each person has a different phone. But for some reason it will only automatically connect to the LAST connected phone. If someone else gets in the vehicle, you have to go into the menu and tell it to manually connect to a different phone. Otherwise it pops up an error saying cannot connect to last phone (or something like that).
3. Had to order a bypass module separately in order to trick it into thinking the park brake is always on otherwise it locks out a bunch of the menus when the car is "in motion" aka the park break is off.
4. In reverse camera mode, it puts a message on the screen along the lines of "caution this may not be a reverse image" or something like that. (Can you even buy backup cameras that aren't "reversed" (image inverted)).
5. The radio preset buttons on the screen are kind of tiny and hard to hit when driving and trying not to look at the radio screen.
6. The hands-free dialing uses your phones hands-free system. Unlike Ford Sync which has it's own in-between system which has a better voice is easier to use than the iPhone interface.

Next up is installing the SiriusXM module. I'll have to wait to see how well this works.
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on December 16, 2012
The Bluetooth audio streaming works great with my Nokia Windows Phone. Now I can listen to my podcasts, phone-stored music, cloud-based music library and even internet-streamed radio stations very easily. Also, with one or more thumb drives, you can have a huge collection of music in your glove box. This unit helps to see music by artist, genre, etc. and even displays the album art while playing the music.

It's also nice how it switches automatically between analog and digital radio signals where available. The HD radio has amazing sound quality, significantly better than FM.

Expansion options include: backup camera, satellite radio and navigation modules.

The touch display is easy to navigate, and it shows a lot of information. If you find it distracting, you can turn off the display with one button, while the unit continues to operate.
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on October 26, 2013
I really like this head unit everything works perfectly fine I've owned it for about a month now and I love it. Bluetooth works perfect with my iPhone 5. Made a big difference in sound also.
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on April 27, 2014
My pioneer AVH-X3500BHS got "ERROR-10" after only 6 months of use. I sent it in to Pioneer for a manufacturer repair, after they received the unit, they informed me that it was not under warranty because it was not purchased from a certified seller. Error-10 in the manual says that it bluetooth adapter is not receiving power. I contacted a certified seller to repair my unit, and the cost of the repair was half the cost of the unit. This is the 2nd Pioneer unit I have purchased in so many years that has failed with 6 months of purchase. I guess I will be going to Alpine.
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on April 21, 2014
Have had this unit for about six months. Briefly:

1. Good sound quality
2. Acceptable feature set

1. The touch screen sucks. When not moving, it might rank 3.0 - 3.5 stars out of 5. Even then, any attempt at adjusting or changing any settings are iffy (but do work most ... most ... of the time). It's about a 1.0 - 1.5 stars out of 5 when the car is moving. Trying to control the unit or adjust anything while shaking, jolting, and shimmying down the average road is a lesson in frustration. You really need to concentrate on the screen to be able to successfully use the imprecise and unresponsive screen. I wish I could count how many times I've had to pull off the road to successfully adjust it. It's either that or forget it and just wait until I get stopped somewhere.
2. This is big, big minus for me. I drive with my headlights on at all times. This unit automatically dims the display when the headlights are on. The results? During the day YOU CANNOT SEE THE CRUMMY SCREEN. You cannot even see the clock, let alone any other information. When I get an incoming phone call via Bluetooth, I have to switch the headlights off so that I can see where to make my multiple stabs at the screen to answer the call. There is absolutely no way to cancel or adjust this. I finally made it back to the shop that installed it and they will have to pull the head unit and unclip a wire to defeat the auto-dimming feature. The result of that is that it will then be viewable during the day but at night it's liable to be so bright as to be a distraction. I cannot believe Pioneer engineers made such a stupid, stupid, stupid blunder.
3. I have found no easy way to search for radio stations. The manual says (while in the tuner mode) to touch the up or down arrow for "more than two seconds" and the tuner will begin searching. Doesn't work for me. I travel a lot and am in different cities frequently ... no way to preset stations for different cities (not to mention the "boonies" when I'm traveling between cities). If I want to find a radio station it's one push of the "button" for each jump up the frequency. A royal PITA. I find that I am not using the radio tuner very much anymore .... just too much of a hassle.
4. Because of the PITA frustration of using the tuner, I loaded a bunch of music onto a USB stick. This works reasonably well. I like to listen in shuffle mode. That way I get a variety of music, like you'd get listening to a radio station, instead of an hour of one performer at a time. Problem is that the shuffle alogrithm needs work. I hear approx. the same 60% of music over and over and never hear about 40% of the music. Let me put it this way; say I loaded 200 songs onto the USB stick ... I will hear about 120 - 130 (or so) of the same songs shuffled over and over, but the rest seem to never get played.

(This isn't a minus for the unit but just in case people wonder why, if I get frustrated with the tuner/USB play of the unit ..... yes, I have SIRIUS. But SIRIUS has cancelled my favorite station and even on other stations that I listen to, I have noticed that they seem to have monthly "play-lists". Each month will have a set of 60 - 100 tunes and they play them over and over and over and over again for the whole month .... then they load up a different play-list and play those over and over and over and over again. Gets old fast.)

Purchasing this unit was a mistake and I would not buy it again. I am turned off to touch screens after this thing, and any new radio will DEFINITELY have a user controlled screen dimmer function.
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on March 7, 2014
Attention: People who want to know "What does Android compatible mean with this thing."

All the features this and that ect... Can be found in other reviews this is how to use it with an android phone through Bluetooth.

*Once you do this, you will love this head unit.*

Well basically it means not compatible at all except through Pandora... However you can get it to effectively communicate with your Android phone with the right apps and tricks... Any app will successfully stream Bluetooth audio to this thing as a simple audio feed however very few will be able to be controlled with the head unit...

This requires you to go into Pandora settings and apply vehicle communication mode or whatever it is on your phone. This will cause your phone to become nothing more of a streaming device for Pandora to the head unit full control of Pandora including like/dislike, skip track, play, pause, etc... Now that works how it should.

-MP3 music file streaming
You need to download Poweramp for android, this app will stream everything song names, artist, album info track time, full controls of everything to the head unit... Seems simple right? Well if you don't use this app in particular you will have no control over anything except the volume have no info about anything not even track time... Cost a couple bucks but well worth it.

Supposed to be hooked to the park brake so it only works when its set, can be bypassed easily to work in movement but is highly illegal, Google it too easy.

-USB through Android Phone
Useless only works if phone is in mass storage mode and it pretends its a thumb drive.
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