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on June 25, 2014
Rated 5 because its awesome! I did my homework before I finally decided to go with this one. I'm glad I did! Works like it should and looks great. Did the install myself with some research on some car forums and it was a breeze. The hardest part was taking the dash apart to get to the radio for my car.
Mic for phone calls works extremely well, backseat passengers can be heard clearly(I installed the mic right above the rear view mirror and tucked the wire in the headliner.)
I wanted to use this unit without restrictions so I bought the microbypass with it. If you want to use all the dvd functions when you want to I would get the bypass, which allows you to use the dvd player without having the parking brake engaged. If you are looking for full phone integration this is not the unit for you.
If you want dvd, bluetooth, radio, pandora, Ipod, and optional navigation capabilities I would highly suggest this model. You can get the mirror link to "mirror" your phone for some things but the apps are limited and the mirror link isn't cheap. The 8 band EQ realy made my stock speakers sound like...well, like they weren't stock speakers.
I like all the customizations that this unit offers ,unlike its competitors, to the home screen and buttons lighting.
I would definitely recommend this in dash dvd player to anyone looking to buy and upgrade their stereo.
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on April 8, 2014
I have a like new 2005 C/B class RV Ford E450 MOTORHOME Chassis in a Gulfstream BT cruiser motorhome. The original radio/entertainment system was really outdated and needed to be brought up to A new standard for my motorhome entertainment needs but I wanted the dash and new head unit to look like it was done at the factory. I am going into detail for those people with RVS that don't want to install and overpriced Jensen that will never do as much as this Pioneer and have been like me afraid to mess with the dash unit for fear nothing else will fit in. Well this unit and any double din unit will fit just fine with a little tweaking/ I can tell you how great it is to have every form of entertainment for the coach all at one place with a remote

I researched all major brands and options for months to see what would do it all. Well thanks to Amazon with amazing price on this Pioneer 4600 BT did it all and made it all happen for me. If you even want more like HD radio and sat radio the 5600 gives you all the 4600 does with the added HD and sat radio. For me the 4600 is perfect.

NOTE...after I hooked this up and it was working great for 2 weeks as I played it a lot over this 2 weeks all of a sudden the sound got distorted and the sound only stopped working. I thought it was bad unit. It turned out to be when the voltage drops and battery goes low it will cause sound to distort then turn off with rest of unit lite up and will function like no problem but losing all volume.... no sound. I thought this unit went bad (they don't tell you to check that in troubleshooting). Being its in a motorhome it plays more parked then driving so be aware if battery runs down unit will distort then sound will stop till battery is recharged. I may run power line to aux battery rather then starting battery to avoid this in future.

Ok this unit will do it all; I mean everything you need to run entertainment wise is your RV it has it and a remote to make it all work. It has a handy small remote that controls everything on the head dash unit. So once it's on you can use every function from the comfort of your living quarters.
I ran the video out from the head unit to the nice flat screen TV to where the TVs located above cab area and the sound now coming out of the new Pioneer speakers is so powerful watching a good movie when parked. While driving my teen kids they can watch the movie on the flat screen from the couch. The head unit will not allow you to watch while we drive, but we listen to what they are watching its fine with us. Once you are parked due to a wire that attaches to parking break showing its grounded then the head unit will let the driver and passenger watch too. There are ways around that, but for me I need to drive not be distracted by a movie on a 7 inch TV screen in the dash.

2nd nice feature. USB cable. I bought a 15 gig flash drive and it holds about 15,000 songs to plug into USB cord. So you can literally take every song you may have and create music files and have all your music that would fit on 100s of cds all in a small device the size of 2 fingers. Same with Pictures you can save every photo you have all down to another flash drive and then watch them whenever you want on your flat screen. I mention this for people who live full time or in their RVs for months at a time like we do. It saves so much space where you're not going to carry 100s of cds or boxes of photos in the Rv but with this you get to take all you music and pictures and even movies can be stored on these little flash drives. So this is a must and is where everything is going in storage.
What's very cool is it will look at the flash drive once hooked in and ask you if you want it saved to memory of head unit, by saying yes it will organize all your music on the drive. So if you want to do a search for a song or artist or even album you hit on screen a search, it reads the flash drive so you can find 1 of 15,000 songs if you desire. It has my whole library of tunes at my finger tips. I assume it will do that with pictures to if you store them on flash drive. I have not don't that as of yet.

Blue Tooth works so easy and is so clear with phone or devices. Streams right to head unit in dash, crystal clear. Even music from I pods can stream right to the unit. I pod touch as well.

Aux input. I ran aux input stereo and video cable from entertainment area cabinet in coach to head unit, just to have this available to hook in Video camera or any portable device so the cable is ready and available at any time. I have the output jack from the flat screen go into the aux input so when we are parked I can play the tv through the stereo where its a much fuller louder sound then the tv speakers.

This unit does hook up with I phones and eventually I will get a I phone to use with the head unit which mirrors your I phone to the screen on the Head unit through the special optional cables through Pioneer or Amazon. I figure is a feature in time I will enjoy. You can also but optional cables to hook up I phones and all other stuff but for me I am good out of the box with what I need.

FM is really good and that remote makes it even better when I want to change the station for outside the coach while we are hanging out.

GPS available? Yes you can buy on optional GPS add on to make the 7 inch screen work with Pioneers GPS setup. It's a little costly but I know I will go for the 300.00 to get it making the whole radio a multipurpose and all on one screen. I will pull out head unit and plug in GPS cord when I get the add on GPS. The rest of it goes under seat cable is long enough to reach behind dash.

Back up camera.......... I Have one on the coach already up higher looking down. I also added a nice new one to the Lic plate which turns on when I reverse coach or I can just turn it on while driving to check to see the car we are towing is doing fine in tow. Now having cameras looking down and looking right at hitch going to car is really nice since when I tow I would never be able to see the car at all now full view in color! Plus having the extra camera on middle of rear bumper makes it even easier the with just the upper camera to see item closer as I back coach in to a spot once car is off the rear. Sometimes we don't pull the car.

CD and DVD slide in behind face. Little button face drops down and I insert the DVD or CD and you can even adjust the screen from flat and angle it anyway you like. They thought of everything!

You can do fun stuff with the unit as far as screen savers and match the color of lights and button to whatever color you like. The Matrix control is a fun setting which will like a DJ run interesting sounds to the beat and tie it into the next song that is starting. I guess like a dj does to keep any empty space from happening its fun to mess with but I usually do it to show off what the unit can do. My kids like it of course.
Ford E series van 98 to I think 2008 have same opening as in the Ford van cutaway motor home c class section.The coach dash can accommodate the opening FOR DOUBLE DINN STEREO, all Ford C Class motor homes use this same interior between 98 and 08 after 08 I think all double din probably fit so chances are it will fit most motor homes those years.

Metra 70-1771 Radio Wiring Harness for Ford/Lincoln/Mazda 1998-Up into Car, 16 Pin

The Ford dash can accommodate a double din unit with slight alteration, there is a 1/8 lip inside that needs to be shaved off carefully once you take out factory radio.( you will see exactly what I am trying to explain when you see that 1/8 lip is preventing you from inserting new radio. That is all that needs to be removed I used a small rotating cut blade. I left the side lips alone just removing the up and lower lip allowing just enough room for unit to slide in. If figured if I ever sold the coach I may want to put the old radio back and the side lips would hold the old radio just fine.American international makes an install/trim kit (Model: FMK552) ( that slides over radio once its in place making it look perfect. It will fit ford Econoline vans of these year the same as I am for the motor home and is available on amazon as well. It has an adapter in the kit that you attach to the rear bottom of the radio ( like the factory radio has) that slides down onto a metal rail and thats really holds the unit down in place keeping it at the perfect viewing angle 30 degrees in the dash making it a perfect fit. I left the side lips in tact and did not remove them because I did not use the sides of the install kit which would lock the radio once pushed all the way in and lock it so tight I was afraid I may never be able to get it out again. Knowing the bottom rail as I for mentioned is holding the unit solid in place. This way I knew I can pull unit back out anytime with a little effort to add on more wires, add Pioneer GPS add on unit to radio or what ever in the future. I would think if you want to use full install kit all 4 sides of dash lips would need to be removed so the full kit with sides that screw into the screw holes in unit and lock to the sides of dash opening. The surround piece would tie into the side pieces and filling any space or gaps the side pieces with the install kit attach to the side of unit so they lock the unit tightly into the dash. Like I said, the way I did it held it tight in place and you cant tell with the surround piece over the entire outside edge covered and made the whole dash look great.
I also found that I cut the bottom thin strip off the surround trim piece for this 4600 unit (which cant be seen) to allow the face that open and closes to open freely and close. Other double din radio that do not open and close you would not need to cut this thin strip off surround trim piece. On the 4600 and 5600 when opening the face It got hung up when the screen face closed. I saw it was best to remove it since you can see it anyway when, couple dabs of silicone adhesive held the surround peice in place just fine. My dash is woodgrain like most Motor-home dashes are. Man its look really nice sitting in the dash.

I ran exterior set of speakers ( did review on speakers I used) I bough A/b SWITCH made for speakers and it looks like household switch plate ( see my reviews for part). It allows me to toggle pair of inside speakers to outside speakers to hear when we are sitting outside. I mounded them on chassis pointing out to passenger side of motorhome. They do the trick I did not want to mess with cutting speakers into side outside wall of coach. The speakers are outside type speakers from amazon and they were low priced and they sound pretty good.

If your replacing the speakers I went with Pioneer 4 way speakers size 4 by 7 in doors. Speakers made new stereo even sound way better then stock speakers did. Door panels come off easy 5 screws hole the whole door.

Pull of small panel under arm rest 1 screw, pop out lock switch 1 screw there, 1 on top under black column post, 1 in bottom under circle dime sized cover. Once they are out Lift entire door panel up and it will slide right out. If panel does not lift up easy theres a screw still holding just look for it ots in plaine sight, Very easy to do. Took me about 10 min per door. MAKE SURE You have right wires pos and neg going to right posts on speakers.I Ohmed with meter to harness clip to double check neg wires where going to neg side of wire pair to just make sure they are correct..... Thats it. Most likley coach speakers are in ceiling somewhere different on even motorhome but you get the idea! It really took my motorhome up to date with all the newest available sound, phone, and video options the newest ones made are offering plus a little bit more.

I also did reviews on the install kit for the Dash that made it factory looking when done. I went into much detail how I installed the double din unit in the Motorhome which is a Ford Econoline interior same as vans 1998 to 2008 if you go to my reviews you can find that kit as well as the speakers I installed. Thanks happy trails!
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on December 16, 2013
I've upgrade from the low end avh-p1400dvd to this avh-x4600bt and what a difference it made. The sound is more clearer and my subs hits hard, thanks to the 4v pre-amp. Bluetooth is amazing. I can stream music from my Rooted Note 2 via bluetooth. I can control Pandora and browse media off my SD card. Everything about this deck is awesome. I am saving up to get the dedicated mirrorlink adapter from Pioneer so I can mirror my Note 2 on the screen and have full control. Why spend $400 for a pioneer gps module when you can mirror ur android and use the gps on ur android phone. cheaper. I highly recommend this 7in indash dvd to anyone.
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on January 28, 2014
Works and looks great in my GMC Sierra 2500
Fits well without any extra trim, just needed to fabricate mounting brackets. Would be 5 stars if wiring was not so extensive and a little easier. Also wish pioneer would make their products a little more android friendly. Stop trying to cram apple down our throats. Mix trax seemed really cool...but only works with apple products. Blutooth and hands free phone works well with droid razr max hd.
All in all a good unit
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on January 26, 2014
I had very high hopes for this head unit. It's been years since I was in the market for one, and I just assumed that a company like Pioneer would have kept up with the rest of the world. For what it's worth, the features that do work, work very well. Here's my breakdown:

- Plenty of power. The 4600 has more than enough for the most demanding non-amped system.
- AM/FM. Crystal clear tuner. I listen to both occasionally, and can hear a remarkable difference from stock.
- Bluetooth. Works as expected. ZERO paring problems since the first handshake. I actually think this is the reason I won't be returning the unit.
- Fairly intuitive interface. This one is completely subjective; it may make no sense to you whatsoever. I happen to think the layout is easy to maneuver and well planned.
- Speakerphone. No one believes I'm calling via BT through my truck's stereo. The sound quality is phenomenal.

- Picture Quality. This is unforgivable. It's a 2014 model and no HD? Are you kidding, Pioneer? Yes, I read the specs prior to purchasing, and did notice the resolution. It's my fault for not giving conscience thought to the fact that the iPhone 3G I tossed out 5 years ago had a better screen. And this plays DVDs? Whats the point; it might as well play VHS.
- AppRadio. Completely useless. Thank you Apple for refunding my $25 for MotionX GPSDrive. After finally getting the iPhone and head unit to pair (through a $75 umbilical cord, if you pay for the Pioneer model), the disaster of a screen is so poor I wouldn't trust it to give me directions. Further more, you still control all apps on AppRadio (I'm sorry, all the apps you're able to use NOT purchased through Pioneer) ON YOUR PHONE. WTF is the point?
- Reverse Cam. Another victim of 1997's leftover LCD screens. Scary they even offer this as an option.

So, yes, I sit here thinking: is it really only three cons? That's not so bad, right? Maybe not. You be the judge. But having purchased the 4600 specifically for those features, only to find out that Pioneer has dropped the ball on what should be so simple, I'm left feeling conned.
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on August 27, 2014
Overall a great product! I deducted 1 star because the screen is cluttered a little. It has the song title, artist, type of music, favorites button, phone button, radio button, equalizer button, favorites list, say's "Radio" or whatever you have it on in the upper left corner. I think they should have given an option to take some of that stuff off especially the artist, song title, and type of music it is. Those are more/less just icons... I don't use any of them. I would prefer to have just my background image and the radio tuner at the bottom and nothing else to give it a clean look. Also, the Ebrake feature was a pain. I know just about every touch screen has this as a safety feature. It won't let you use Bluetooth, watch dvd's, etc unless the e-brake is pulled up. I don't mind pulling the e-brake up to do that stuff, but I couldn't get my dash apart to install the cable. We tried for about an hour and just couldn't do it. So we accidentally touched the end of the cable to a piece of metal in the car and the DVD player came on! For those installing this and want to bypass the e-brake feature just pop a metal screw out somewhere that's attached to some metal in the car. Wrap the end of the wire around the screw and tighten it to the metal part.
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on May 8, 2014
Berly got it today and already installed havent had the time to really mess with it but so far so good. Picture looks excellent had a little trouble with wiring specially the brake wire (light green wire) i ordered this tho my wifes amazon account to get the two day shipment. I installed on a 2002 explorer if you need help on bypassing hmu
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on March 9, 2015
Great upgrade, installed into my 2010 Nissan 370z Nismo.
Showed up on time and with all documents/included items.
HD radio, DVD and Pandora have worked flawlessly.
Connected via Bluetooth to my Droid Ultra with zero problems.
review image review image
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on December 9, 2014
Great stereo, looks amazing in my saturn, friends think it's factory. I love the auto dimming, and bluetooth works great with my galaxy s5. Only complaint is that you need parking brake bypass to have a custom background, and you cannot go back to a previous song when it is on shuffle. Other than that, i love it. Great value.
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I will start off by saying this is a great head unit and worth the money, I really dont write reviews but I got bored so yeah... Ive had mine installed only a week now but im confident I can write up a pretty solid review for this guy so here goes.

Included items in the box:
1) bluetooth wired microphone (Sound quality is very good)
2) wires preinstalled on a socket (you need to connect the wires to your car yourself though obviously)
3) wireless remote control (which I find useless since the unit is so close to you anyways)
4) small pack of mounting screws.
5) instruction manual
6) USB cable passthrough (this does not have a face plate so you wont be able to have a flush mount in your center console, it will be just a dangling usb connection cable)

The head unit its self is very well made, the display is big, bright and vibrant enough to be seen in day light, it is a matte screen not glossy. Touch functionality works great, not on par with a smart phone but still very good none the less. The physical buttons takes some time getting used to since they are not raised at all (except the center home button) and you have to look at which button you are pressing and not just feel around for it.

Blue tooth functionality works great and connects fast, usually within 10 seconds or less. You can play any audio straight from your phone even pandora which is nice, but dont expect to get any videos streaming from your phone to the head unit, you need a certain cable that is sold from Pioneer to do that and its expensive. You can make and receive calls directly from the unit its self, there is a phone icon on the screen that you press bringing up the phone menu. Siri is also available if you have an iphone but you need to press a button you cannot just say "hey siri" and expect an answer. You can add phone numbers to your favorites as well as access recent calls and your phonebook. It would be nice if they add a feature for text messages some time in the future, maybe not sending but at least being able to read it on the screen would be good. The bluetooth microphone is wired so you need to pull your weather striping to run the wire cleanly, I installed my mic right above my rear view mirror so that even my passenger can talk on the phone.

USB functionality is great, you basically get your iphone music player right on the screen. There is some slight lag when using this and the bluetooth mode but only like 3 seconds. If you have an iphone you can download the crappy appradio from the app store which will allow you to run only certain apps that work with the head unit (yea you need an app to run the apps ironic isnt it?). When you access pandora you get more functions than just connecting through bluetooth like changing stations, thumbs up or down, however you wont see the pandora app running on your phone in this mode it will be only displayed on the head unit itself. You can still exit the app and use other functions while still streaming music. something to note is that most apps except pandora dont seem to be working with the crappy AppRadio app. I have no idea how or if this function is available for android phones.

Last but not least is sound quality. The sound quality on this thing is amazing I had my stock unit on my 04 lexus is300 and this thing blows it out of the water. I was planning on buying new speakers but after installing this unit I realized the speakers are just find its the crappy stock unit I had that was the problem. It does take some fiddling to get the EQ just the way you want it but once you get it in that sweet spot it sounds freakn amazing. If youre on the fence of buying this unit and dont know if its worth it just do it you wont regret it I promise. Once they fix the appradio app or start including the cables necessary to mirror your phone onto the display for free ill rate it 5 out of 5 other than those minor complaints its a great unit... GET IT... NOW!
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