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on April 1, 2012
I just got this (in my opinion) great in dash nav dvd AVIC X940BT this weekend. I have spent two days fooling around with it and I must say I am happy with my purchase. I still have some more tinkering to do to completely work out a full understanding of the unit so I may not touch on some aspects in this review. I will start with the GPS.

GPS: I had a tom tom mounted on my windshield that would slip and fall whenever it got cold. It also needed to get charged after about 2-3 hrs unplugged and working. Plus, the mount is always a thief attraction so I started looking into in dash units (which are also thief attractions (lol)). The AVIC X940BT maps are made by NAVTEQ. This is a reputable mapping company (I believe they map for Garmin and nextar). Not only are the maps updated when installed but the voice commands are super. It tells you what lanes to get on and when exactly to turn. Turns are emphasized with an extra beep/bell at the instance you should turn. Written above the map is the street you are turning into and written below is the street or road you are presently driving on. It does not mention the street name in voice turn by turn (but ask yourself how often you understand SAMANTHA on the Tom Tom device when she mentions street or bridge names?). It has a route planning option as well as a route learning option so it can learn your preferred routes. I am yet to fully test the route learning option. It provides multiple routes when possible for your entered destination. You can avoid toll roads, use local roads, use highways etc. What I find really impressive is that it corrects itself quickly if you take a wrong turn and it does not take a long time to plan a route when starting off at first. I think this has to do with where the signal is mounted. Mine is mounted on the passenger side of my dash (neatly in the corner near the windshield). It also provides for different viewing options of the map while driving- 2D, 3D, street view and an Eco friendly view. I have not tried out the street (street view is greyed out right now, I will work on the settings to see why) or ECO views yet. I much prefer the 3D view (it is a top down view with your arrow pointing forward). So far, I love the GPS! 4.5 stars

Phone: The guys that did the installation did a super job (even though it was a bit pricey). I have a blue tooth mic in a decent spot above my driver side air bags. I also have an iphone 4S and this NAVI really caters to the iphone and android phones. Pairing the device was not easy (especially because I did not read the manual, teeheehee). Click on settings (bottom right corner of the home screen). Go to bluetooth settings. Note that the code for registration is 1111. Click on register new device. Go to your phone and find the Pioneer Navi. Start pairing ( I advice to start from the Navi). After a couple of tries I was able to put in the passcode. For some reason it kept timing out before I could put in the passcode. Once this is set you are practically in bluetooth heaven. I did not need to download my contacts (there is an option for this) because it automatically synced and I could search for peoples names and numbers from the NAVI. Placing a call is easy because you click on a persons name and then whichever of their numbers you wish to call. A menu pulls up during calls and you could still go to other screens and do other things during calls. The menu minimizes nicely when you go to other screens. I have not tried multi-party calls. I did skype (video showed up on my iphone but voice was through the stereo). I give the phone a 4/5. Bluetooth pairing was a bit of a hassle but skyping and general sound quality is a big plus).

Audio: Drum roll! Prepare to be annoyed and then wowed! Mostly wowed! Make sure you purchase the pioneer CD-IU51V. It is expensive (an absolute rip off price wise really) but it is essential to your enjoyment of this system. Without it, your experience is limited (unless you can rig a regular USB to connect to the AV-1 of the radio head). Firstly, you can stream your music sans cables straight from your ipod/iphone/android via bluetooth. This is good for passengers. They can remotely control what you are listening to because while streaming the ipod is accessible. You can change tracks on the NAVI in bluetooth mode but you cannot access playlists, albums, artists etc.

Important: Go to settings- AV settings- set AV-1 for ipod. set Apps for wired! ( in my experience, if you set apps for bluetooth prepare to bang your head on a wall and wonder why Pandora and AHA do not connect). Download AppRadio from the App store. Along with it download CarMediaPlay, Aha Radio, Pandora and TuneIn Radio (if you do not have them). These are my favourite apps on the device plus they demonstrate in their own ways the limits and potential of the X940BT. When you connect your iphone to the device via the CD-IU51V you can now access many apps on your phone/ipod via the X940BT. First open AppRadio on your phone. It shows up on your screen of the NAVI. Play around. You can see your photos, and see other apps that AppRadio directly supports. Now go to your phone and go to youtube or netflix. You could watch movies or clips because of AppRadio. Go to Pandora or AHA on the NAVI. If you selected wired connection then you should be able to seamlessly access these two apps from the NAVI. With the wired connection you could go to IPOD on the NAVI and access playlists, albums, artists etc. This device entered into the "wow" category as soon as I discovered how many apps I could play with on my NAVI (PS: watch that bandwidth). Oh, there are many audio settings to play with to get lovely sound out of it. I have stock speakers and I felt like I was in an amped up vehicle with some settings. I give the AUDIO a 4/5 (minus one for the cable rip off).

All in all this is a great system. My first in-dash NAVI and one I am very happy with. Hope this helps.
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on May 16, 2012
This is the first aftermarket stereo i've bought in many years and I must say that i'm completely blown away at how far technology has advanced with car stereos during that time.
I have an android phone and wanted something that would interface with that and so the X940 seemed like a great choice based on price and other reviews i've read. I'm very happy with the X940

The main reason I chose this unit over Pioneers more expensive Z140 is because I do like to have a volume control knob and I didn't want a motorized faceplate that had to move out of the way every time I needed to insert a CD or DVD. I've learned over the years that the less moving mechanical parts any machine has, the longer it will last. Electronics will usually last forever, but motorized parts are usually the first to fail. Also, I didn't need the HD radio that comes with the Z140 either. I find that normal radio serves me well.

Now back to the X940. First off, I think it's really sad that such an expensive and complicated stereo doesn't come with a paper manual. The manual is on a CD in .pdf format,which is pain to try and navigate around when your trying to learn the system. The first thing I did was print out the entire manual(220+pages) and put it in a binder so that I could skip back and forth when learning about this unit. And of course you can do this while your using the unit, which makes learning it a lot faster. This is the only negative thing I can say about this unit.

The positives are many. The sound is exceptional. Even through factory speakers with no amp, it completely lifted the sound quality to another level. There are built in equalizers and bass boosts and loudness controls to further refine your listening experience.

The navigation unit is fantastic. It can configure mutliple routes based on what your prefer(i.e. gas savings, quickest time, points of interest, etc.). You can choose from 2-d, 3-d or street view. You can configure shortcuts based on your preferences too and at the touch of a button, you can find your route home from anywhere you happen to be. I found the navigation unit to be very straightforward and intuitive to learn. I'm still learning new stuff about it.

The bluetooth feature is one of the main reasons I bought this unit. I wanted something that could stream Pandora radio from my android through the stereo to my car speakers. This feature works great. I'm sure as time goes by more and more bluetooth apps will be developed to work with this.

This unit also works with Iphones , but since I don't use Apple products, I can't comment on how well it works with those. I know it does require and extra cable to use Ipods.

There is a hookup for a backup camera which works great and you can also choose "rear view" on one of the shortcut settings to show you the rear view anytime you want. It does a split screen with the map and it's great to check out if your towing a boat or something. That way you can keep on eye on what's behind you anytime you want. It also automatically goes into full screen when you put the car in reverse and changes back to normal screen when you put the car in drive.

DVD works great and you can watch it on the 6.1" screen or send it through the rear A/V outputs to another TV. Which is what I did , since this unit went into my RV.

The hands free phoning is really cool. When you get a call, just touch a button and talk. The included phone speaker works great. The stereo automatically downloads all your contacts when you sync it using the bluetooth feature.

I've still got a lot left to learn about this unit, but overall, I couldn't be more pleased with it. I think anybody in the market for a top of the line stereo upgrade will be happy with this. Just be aware that it takes some time to learn it and it's quite easy to get lost in the various touchscreens till you learn your way around.
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on May 18, 2012
I recieved and installed my Pioneer Avic X940BT without much difficulty in my 2004 Mercury Mountaineer with the Metra 95-5026 Double DIN Installation Kit to mount the radio. I used the Metra 70-1771 Radio Wiring Harness to keep from cutting out the OEM radio plug, and the Metra Axxess ASWC Universal Steering Wheel Control Interface to utilize the steering wheel radio controls. I added the Boyo VTL425 Ultra Slim Black Bar "back-up camera" with some extra effort.
The touch screen works great (I have some difficulty with touch screens due to my big fingers), the GPS nav works well (I saved all of my favorite locations in the unit for instant touch and go navagation), gread video quality (and although I don't have them, you can tie your headrest monitors into the unit), and I loaded all of my favorite music on a miniSD card and plugged it into the system- At the touch of a button, I can play my entire jazz collection without having to change a cd (my only complaint is it is just more music than I have the drive time for). What haven't I mentioned yet??... the bluetooth - hands free calling- expandable for HD radio, satellite, and more (more than I'll use anytime soon).
I worked installing police car lighting and electronics, so for me the installation was probably easier than some might think it is. But with some basic knowelege, and paitence, and the proper installation tools and hardware, anyone can install one of these systems in their vehicle.
Bear in mind that I have only had the unit for a very short time, but I am very pleased with it for the time I have had it. And some might think it is too complicated to operate- but the basic operations are on an easy to read menu selection. Take the time to look up what you want to do in the operators manual, and you will get the hang of it after a couple of tries- what high end piece of electronics is not complex these days. **One thing I like about the X940BT is the ability to change the flash screen at start up- loaded one of my favorite pics in and "wa-la!" everytime it comes on I get to see the pic of me and my honey in the fl keys.
I hope this review is helpful to you in making a choice between the ever growing selection of automotive electronics.
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on June 18, 2012
Ok before I basically bash this unit because of how frustrated I became using it on a day to day basis, I am going to mention the positives first. Just a little background, I am coming from using a Kenwood DNX8120 which, at the time, was pretty user friendly and by far less restrictive. I had this unit installed with JL C3 3650's in the front and JL 690XT's in the rear running on a Kenwood X40 amplifier and a JL downfire sub w/ a JL 250 watt amp.

+ Sound quality w/ this unit combined with my JL speakers and sub sound amazing!
+ The audio controls are quite easy to use and and offers some of the best audio quality controls that I have used coming from a previous Kenwood Unit
+ The UI is clean and the app integration of Aha radio is nice
+ The GPS is easy to use minus some major caveats and screen is bright enough to see even with some serious sunlight

Pioneer made this unit way too restricted. It's like they make you feel like they are trying to protect you from yourself and although I understand why they may have decided to go this route with some features, it's just incredibly unbearable, frustrating, and annoying for me to deal with. Also some of the menu navigation especially with the side navigation ribbon could be a bit snappier and more responsive.

First, my main problem with this unit is the fact that almost nothing works without the parking brake or being at a COMPLETE STOP, not to mention, connecting the bluetooth to this device for the first time and every time thereafter is the biggest pain in the a**! For instance, I have a HTC Rezound and say I have bluetooth turned on prior to entering and turning on the vehicle, sometimes it will only connect to the Phone and not the Phone and Media (so that I can stream music from my phone). You literally have to WAIT until the unit boots up and connects to your phone before you move your vehicle.

If your vehicle is in motion before everything is fully booted and connected, well, you just can't connect your bluetooth to it at all until you come to a complete stop and put your vehicle back in park... Furthermore, say you are driving on the highway and you're in traffic and you have a location that you'd like to enter into the GPS so that you can possibly reroute or avoid traffic, well, once again you can't unless you are at a complete stop with the vehicle in park AND the parking brake on... Wdf? Are you serious Pioneer? This alone is making me rip this thing out of my car and switch to a Kenwood 6990HD. It's like they completely messed up a great unit by trying to control too many aspects of it because honestly, if it wasn't so restrictive, I'd keep it because it's a still a decent unit if none of the following bothers you.

UPDATED 20-JUN-2012:
I took the advice of one of the people who replied to this post and took this item to an audio system installer and they were able to bypass the e-brake. Now I am absolutely in love with the thing. I highly advise that if you are going to get this unit that you make sure that you find a professional installer that will bypass the e-brake for you if you can't do it yourself.
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on November 1, 2013
I bought this for my 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer and installed it myself.

This product is reliable but lacks features. This is my first car in-dash system I ever used and I enjoy it.

The GPS is better than most Garmin and Magellan gps devices on the market. However, this device does not come with Traffic information which to me is a must-have these days. It is one of the reasons why I sometimes still pull out my Google Maps on Android when I am commuting in an urban area during rush hour. When attaching the GPS receiver on the dashboard, the reception is excellent. There is not delay to get your current location. The user interface does have lane information which is pretty helpful. The voice does not speak the street name. Overall the GPS is OK but much worse than Google Maps Navigation on Android.

Compared to my stock audio receiver. There is a slight improvement, but not much. I wish there was some THX or Dolby Digital audio modes like my home surround sound systems. The audio quality from bluetooth is great, sounds the same as plugging in a cable.

Excellent, there are various input options including aux, bluetooth, usb, ,micro sd card, cd/dvd which basically is anything you could think of. The USB input is handy to double as a charger.

As a first timer installing this product, I didn't find it impossible. The audio wiring are standard ISO which makes it easy. It does work with steering wheel controls when used with (Axxess Metra ASWC-1). There is pretty much a port for anything including a backup camera. It is also quite easy to override the parking break without purchasing anything.

The phone works great. The external mic has a long cable and the quality is good. You can call with the phone or with the touchscreen. However, It does not have the hands free dialing. My stock radio has a bluetooth hands free which allowed me to speak the name or phone number to dial which was much better than this device.

The bluetooth does not work great with my Samsung S3. It does not connect instantly when turned on, about a 15 second delay and always prompts me to enter in the bluetooth password (but is not required).
I tried connecting a first generation iPod Video to the USB but had no luck. An error message is given.
The device does not work when plugged into android device via USB only bluetooth
The bluetooth audio for smartphones does not display the correct song/artist name. But this could be a Android issue.
The startup time is quite slow, about 10 seconds to boot up.
There is no traffic information for GPS. An external adapter must be purchased.
This does not have HD Radio or XM/Sirius radio.

Overall this product works but could use some improvements. It has not failed on me and the external look of the device is clean and sleek. However, it is far beyond the technology of tablets and smartphones. I believe in-dash car technology could change a lot in the next few years.
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on July 12, 2013
If you just bought a product from this company and have no problems, you can say it worked for you. I however spent almost $600.00 for a Pioneer in Dash Navigation Radio. I had so many problems trying to get it to work.(There was no online support or pioneer documentation for problems). Anyway I was told it was an internal problem with the unit. So I contacted this company about returning it. It was new and they said it came with a twelve month manufacturers warranty! (WRONG). These guys want another $100.00 to send it in. Just to get it fixed. What if it breaks again? Another $100.00. I wrote this to help others protect their interests from people who prey on others like this company does. I have installed many other radios and have never had a problems like this with no help or support. I think that this radio was either a second or a factory refurbished. I would give them no stars if that was an option..
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on April 16, 2014
I've had the unfortunate displeasure of having this unit in my vehicle for about two years, and have used its compliment of basic non-features on many occasions. I would list the positives regarding this unit if I honestly believed it had any. I guess you could say the sound is good, but that's true of most any system these days. Hmmm...OK, it works as a good nightlight if you drop something on the floor.

But seriously, here are my observations: The routine for music selection is not intuitive and the scrolling feature only works well-enough for me because I have had enough practice. My wife and kids have given up and just ask me to DJ for them. The menu buttons are often placed too close to the edge of the screen and require considerable effort to push without inadvertently selecting something else. However, the navigation section of this unit is the worst feature and therefore deserves considerable description. I could write a dissertation regarding the unfriendly, unintuitive and ridiculous POS that it is.

First, there is only one built-in voice from which you may choose as you may have on just about any other navigation unit. So I hope you will like it. Secondly, the voice you do have speaks very, very slowly. In fact, you often need to drive slowly just so she can finish telling you to turn before you actually need to turn. Every passenger comments on how slowly the instructions come out. Third, every turn is announced as a 'slight' left/right turn. Fourth, finding POIs within the very incomplete and incorrect database is a pain and unintuitive. For example, nearby restaurants are buried three clicks into the menu system. Fifth, you cannot simply display the nearby navigation (I sometimes like to have navigation on just to enhance situational awareness) without putting in an address and you cannot choose to navigate to a region or city (as with other navigation devices) as this device requires an actual address. The only way you can do that with this unit is to put in an address and cancel it, which leaves the unit in navigation mode. Sixth, the unit requires exact spelling even to locate an address. It will not give you a best-guess as do other units. The blue tooth constantly needs resyncing and the unit reboots once in awhile to keep me on my toes, apparently. I could probably go on but why beat a dead horse. You get the gist.

After two years of torture, I'm giving up and moving to another unit. I've seen far too many units that perform far better. Now, you may think I'm picky and hard-to-please, but if you take the time to read my many other ratings on amazon, I have only provided a poor rating two or three times. In fact, I'm usually extremely generous with my ratings (check them out and see). Pioneer makes some great products but this POS isn't one of them. Sionara! Pass on it if you can. Otherwise, good luck.
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on April 1, 2013
Installed it this weekend, and the installation was quite easy. Nice look to the finished installation, almost looks factory with the aftermarket install kit. There are more user adjustable options than I could imagine, and will take a while to figure them all out. It has a CD with the manual on it (264 pages) that can only be viewed on a PC, which is not very convenient unless you print it out (but again 264 pages). For $600 dollars you think they could provide a printed manual. Not convenient to have the PC (or I-pad; etc) in the car to "follow along" with the instructions while sitting in the car trying to learn how to use it.

Two complaints:
1) The control knob is WAY to small for my fingers. I may have to modify the knob, or have a new knob made to replace the factory one.
2) The backlit buttons, with some colors, poorly illuminate the buttons - but this was a minor issue for me.

Was installed in a 2010 ford F350 truck.
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on February 8, 2013
This is very average at a lot of things. If you want an all-in-one unit, this product fits the bill. It has GPS, hands free phone, radio, connection for back-up camera, connectivity to iPod, etc; but it really doesn't do any of them extremely well.

The GPS senses when the vehicle is moving and won't let you mess with that when moving, yet insists that you also apply the emergency brake. I hate that feature because we don't use the emergency brake and I had a bad experience when someone left the emergency brake on and ended up burning up the brakes and caused an accident. Poor design.

It also requires extra clicks for navigation. For example; to go to the main menu you must hit the "home" key. The first time you do that, it takes you to the "warning...." page that you have to click. Once that is done, you have to click "home" again. It should take you there after one click.

For the GPS, it adds 3 clicks instead of just one. There is no way to type names of certain things - like schools. It requires that you scroll through them based on distance. Sometimes I'm trying to find a school that is 50 miles away and there could be hundreds of schools to scroll through to find the one I want.

The radio display doesn't always display the station so it can be hard to decide which preset belongs to which station without focusing the menu on that one station.

My favorite two items are the back-up camera (sold separately, but integrates nicely) and the hands-free phone.

Bottom line is; if you want an all-around product then this one works just fine, but if you want the best GPS get a Garmin.
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on November 4, 2013
Hands down the best head unit I have ever had, perfect in every way. Fits my 05 wrx wagon perfectly and looks stock. I bypassed the nav lock feature by following a YouTube video as its easy and can now watch DVD and video and use nav while driving ;)
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