Customer Reviews: Pioneer DEH-3400UB CD Receiver with LCD Display, Color Customization, and USB Direct Control for iPod/iPhone (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on March 13, 2012
I've used Pioneer car stereos for YEARS, as has most of my family. I was specifically looking for a unit that could read from an SD card, but that is very difficult to find.

I'd had a unit about $160 more than this one (also a Pioneer) picked out, but because it was not in stock, I chose to go with this one HOPING that it would work the way I wanted.

What I wanted:

1. A unit that could read MP3s
2. Has to read organization of files on whatever media
3. Auxiliary port
4. SD card Reader
5. USB (wasn't sure about this)

I wasn't too sure about buying the unit with the USB drive considering I'd been told by multiple people that regardless of what unit I bought it would only play songs in the order that they are stored on the drive.

Before I even tried to use the USB drive, I made sure all of my music I wanted on the drive was in folders and separated either by genre (my choice, not tags), Artist, or Artist/Album.

Just to see, I stuck the USB stick in the drive, and viola, it played beautifully.

Not only did it read the tracks, it read the folders (not sure about subfolders yet), it also allows for repeat of one song, one folder, or all songs, as well as the random feature we all should love.

When I tried the USB drive, I was terrified I was going to have to deal with not being able to have it on random, which is my absolute favorite way to listen to music, but since it allows it, I was STOKED!!!

I LOVE this unit!
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on July 8, 2012
This is the most functional stereo head unit I have seen. When I opened up the box from amazon I was simply impressed by the sturdiness of this unit and how sleek it appeared. The amazon photo does not do it justice.

I bought this H.U. to replace the badly broken and abused radio/cd changer that came stock in my 2001 Toyota Prius. I had poured for days over wire diagrams and pin-outs of my car stereo to find some sort of replacement solution. One failed attempt included stripping the wire harness off of the CD Changer and futily connecting a cheap Boss H.U. from Fry's. Finally, I decided to buy a decent head unit to bypass the built-in (now vestigial) radio completely.

Preparation: I used quick disconnects, electrical tape, a crimper, and a Toyota wire harness from Metra to prepare the H.U. for installation. I crimped the ends of the Metra and H.U. harnesses in order to quickly and securely fasten the two harnesses together. Once melded, the H.U. harness will easily plug into the cables run for the existing car radio (means you can do your car wiring in your kitchen XD).

Installation: With the wire harness prepared, I disconnected the segments of the dashboard that exposed the gaping hole of my vacant CD Changer. Next, I unplugged the old stereo wire harness and individual Antenna Plug and ran them to where the new stereo would be. I used the mounting bracket from my CD changer for the new H.U. along with some of the small screws that where in the box to prepare the H.U. chassis for mounting. Finally, I connected the wire harness between the car and stereo, plugged in the antenna, shoved the stereo in my dash, tightened some screws, and slapped on the dash cover. (Perfection)

Turning The Key: Life doesn't prepare you for things like this. When you don't have a clue these small tasks become mountains. Anyway, the glimmering word Pioneer greeted my once lifeless dash board in shifting color spectrum. The proceeding instructions were ignored and a CD promptly eaten and spooled within the machine(Took 30 minutes with the instruction manual to get the clock configured XD). My choice music poured from the speakers with a dynamic range and quality I never thought possible from my stock speakers (some I had thought were long dead).

Versatility: The unit plays CD's fluidly as expected and the Radio is unbelievably clean and crisp but this is not what makes the unit great. I have used dozens of different iPod interfaces in cars from a Radio signal adapter to a cassete 3.5 mm jack and other direct USB connects all of which have some failing or obscurity which makes them clunky at best. Once you consult the manual, you find this unit allows you to seamlessly control an ipod (or Itouch in my case) through the unit, through the ipod, and via the H.U. remote simultaneously.

Evaluation: The sound is simply awe inspiring and will satisfy anyone who isn't planning on hosting a concert from the back of their car although you could sponsor a house party. The color customization is insanely addicting with both mellow and vibrant arrays of colors. The various formats of playable audio are seamlessly switched, leveled, maintained and navigated. The remote is fun and functional perhaps even more so than the unit itself.

Bottom Line: There are car stereos, digital media receivers, cd players, and other sleek head units that can do some if not all or more than this unit can do. However, useless or inadequate and clumsy controls cripple the vast majority of car stereo systems regardless of their cost and promising functionality. This stereo simply provides you access to all your forms of audio content while supplying such intricately beautiful and complex playback that you'll find yourself slowing down to extend your driving experience. (Refer to Title, this is 1/9th of my possible description)
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on February 23, 2012
This stereo is awesome. It was a breeze to install and looks amazing with the multi-color illumination choices. The layout is a little difficult and is easy to bump the volume control and end up in the set up menu. But aside from that, this stereo is awesome. Replaced a 15 year old Pioneer with this one.
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on October 10, 2012
I replaced an old sony stereo with this in my Jeep Wrangler. I installed this myself and it was fairly straight forward. The wiring diagram in the instructions was easy to follow.

I'm happy with how it sounds. Its a definite improvement from my old stereo. The ipod integration works well. The usb port charges my iPod touch (4th gen) and I can search and play music either using the stereo buttons or from my iPod.

I deducted two stars because the user interface is just horrible. However every aftermarket stereo seems to have the same issue and its no worse then other aftermarket stereos I have used. I can't understand why this is always the case. Car manufacturer stereos don't have this issue so why do aftermarket stereos always have a rubbish user interface?

The color change feature is gimmicky but is fun and cool. I liked the green color, but I can change the color if I want. The funny thing is that the buttons to change color is easy to figure out, but trying to change the radio station frequency is just impossible!!
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on January 13, 2012
I couldn't have found this anywhere else for such a low price! It's and excellent head unit and it's color customization feature is awesome!
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on April 22, 2012
I couldn't love this more! The color changing feature is really neat, being able to have it just change color constantly or change the key/display color. I installed this myself into my 2003 Saturn Vue (mind you, this was my first time installing a car radio!), which was relatively easy although I wish the diagrams in the install instructions were bigger (manual is available online however). I use a cord to plug my android phone into the aux input. Controlling music from the radio instead of the phone would be nice but it really isn't that big of a deal at least to me. Sound quality is great... certainly is better than what I had before, which was the factory standard radio. I would recommend this model to others for sure.
I just recently finished installing this so as far as longevity goes, I couldn't tell you but I am confident this will last me a good while :)
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on November 21, 2012
Works great. Some of the settings were a little confusing at first,(particularly setting the Radio Presets, and "tuning" the radio. However Pioneer has some helpful product videos on their website.

I chose this product based on these criteria: detachable face plate, USB port(play from flash drive, or play from/charge iPod), 3.5mm audio "input" jack, 2 "sets" of RCA outputs(I use one set for my subs), and the ability to change display colors.

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on September 12, 2012
I am a dedicated Pioneer owner. I have always bought pioneer ever since I started driving 15 years ago. Some of the reviews made me wonder a little about this stereo but I bought it anyway. I disagree with many of the reviews about this being a difficult stereo to work. First off the demo mode is NOT difficult to disable like people claimed. Some claimed you have to go on the internet and find a video to tell you how to turn it off. I found out how just by playing with the menu settings. It so simple that all you have to do is select off in the menu settings under illumination. Plus when looking through the manual that comes with it, it tells you how to turn it off in the book. Other claims said the menu was very confusing and difficult to navigate. I also disagree with this. Everything is laid out very simply, you just have to use common sense. It's fairly obvious that things like loud setting and bass settings would be under audio in the menu. If you can't figure it out, it's also in the manual. When you turn the stereo on for the first time it has an option to go through a setup. It helps you set the clock and some other functions. The colors are amazing, many options. Installation was super simple. All in all, this is an amazing stereo. I highly recommend it.
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on June 30, 2013

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on December 8, 2012
I have had this system installed in my Ford '06 Fusion for about 2 months now. Here are my pro's and con's for this specific unit, all laid out for you.

- The functionality of this thing is outstanding. There are a lot of different ways you can tweak your music, and if you want different acoustics for a song it's as easy as hitting one button two or three times. It really brings out the best in my music.
- The fact that the face pops right off the unit was important for me. When the face is off, outsiders can't even notice that you have an after-market radio. Upon installation, if you take the few extra minutes to pop up the metal prongs,theives can't rip it out either.
- You can plug your iphone/ipod/ipad directly to the unit, therefore you can listen to Pandora, Youtube, your videos/music, or anything else. Sometimes when I'm waiting in the car I listen to whatever game I'm playing.
- It also CHARGES your iphone/ipod/ipad! Who doesn't want that? You could go for a road trip without having one cord to charge and another for music, leaving your poor phone to hang on by a thread in the middle of the console.
- There are a ton of different colors you can choose from to display, and you can have two different colors at once. Or, they can scan across all colors, which is very pretty.

- Trying to control the music from the headunit is a pain. You have to press too many buttons and scroll too long to find a specific song. Luckily, you can fix this by putting the unit into "app mode" and control the music from your device.
- If your iphone is hooked up via USB, you can't hear calls through the speakers, you still have to hold the phone up to your ear. The music stops playing anyway, so I'd rather hear the call through speakers.
- If you have audio controls on your steering wheel, it won't work with the unit. It's not that big of a deal but annoying when I've been used to it.
- Turning the volume up and down is a problem 80% of the time because the scroll speed is set so low that you have to turn the darn thing 20 times for it to go down 10 decibles. And if you accidently push the button it can be irritating to get it back to the home screen to turn it down some more...this has caused some embarrassing moments at a drive-thru.
- It's not very aesthetically pleasing if you're looking for something that has pictures in the background, designs, or does amazing things while the music is playing. It's just the regular alarm-clock feel, but the functionality makes up for it.

I don't have experience using the radio because I didn't purchase an antennae yet, nor about the remote because I misplaced it a week after having the radio. But I still give this radio 5 stars because the Pro's outweight the Con's by a long shot, ESPECIALLY for the price. I underestimated this baby when I bought it but the reviews don't lie! And as a side note, DON'T throw out your instruction manual because it's hard to figure out how to do some things, like change the time!
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