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on October 6, 2012
Color Name: BlackVerified Purchase
I ordered this head unit (HU) two days before going on a 10-hour road trip with my wife and kids. I have a 2005 Honda Odyssey Touring (without nav system) and my factory HU would skip on CDs a lot and didn't have bluetooth or any iPod interface - no way I was going to drive that long with just a couple CDs. So I got this HU, a Metra wiring harness, a PAC SOEM-4 converter (Honda Odyssey has the factory HU output to an amp in a funky way), a Metra antenna adapter, an Axxess steering wheel control adapter, and a Scoche double-DIN dash kit. End result - a big bundle of wires and adapters hanging off the back of the HU. And I'm happy to say there was plenty of room in the dash cavity to fit it all.

On to this HU. I literally got it hooked-up just before we threw our bags in the van and started driving. With no time to read the manual, I just started using it and it was actually quite easy to figure out. The menu for setting up options was straightforward (and the first thing I changed was the crazy light show - more on that later). Pairing it with my iPhone 4s was easy. My wife also paired it with her iPod Touch. I was playing music from my iPhone while also using it for GPS voice nav - no problem. Then we switched to my wife playing music while I was using my iPhone for nav - the HU would play her music and my iPhone would cut in for voice nav as-needed. Pretty slick.

I have a factory 7 speaker system - 4 speakers, 2 dash tweeters and a sub. Sound quality is as good as with my factory HU. I was really concerned I'd notice a difference, especially given the amount of junk that I had to wire between the factory harness and the HU harness, but no problems whatsoever.

About the lights, the HU can independently set the lighting color for the display and the controls/trim. And there are quite a few colors you can choose from including a setting where you can let the colors rotate on their own. At first it seemed kinda gimmicky - besides yellow, do I really need gold and pear? - it was actually nice to be able to select colors that were comfortable to look at for hours of night driving. I wound up liking blue and red the best.

The display is also worth mentioning - decent amount of information is shown, it's easy to read, and there's some useful configuration options like whether to always show the clock, a level meter, etc.

I've also used the USB port to hook-up my iPhone 4S and it worked like a charm. Played music, voice nav, and also charged the phone.

I haven't tried the remote control yet. And I really don't know if I'll ever really use it - my primary uses will be the FM radio and Bluetooth streaming my iPhone, and the HU is within arms reach.

I also haven't completely tried the Bluetooth for calls yet. I forgot to hook-up the mic (included with the HU) so when I answered an incoming call on our trip I could hear the caller really well and quickly discovered he couldn't hear me at all. Then the light bulb went on - yep, I left the mic back in my garage. Oh well - that'll be easy to fix when we get back from this trip.

All in all, I'm really happy with it. And for the price, it's performs better than I expected and with all the features I was looking for.
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Color Name: BlackVerified Purchase
I finally decided to replace the OEM radio on my 2005 Scion tC. I've been putting it off for the longest time but I've finally given up using bluetooth headsets and wired earbuds. Just too cumbersome. I didn't want to spend a lot of money since I may get a new vehicle in a year or two and I really don't want the nav systems on most car stereos. I prefer using Google Maps/Navigation on my Android phone. I found this on to be honest but they sold it for more $$ so, I checked for a better deal and found it on After about a week's use, here are my findings:

BT Phone Connectivity
Pro: Comes with microphone and easy to pair with my Android phone (Samsung E4GT). Phone book can be accessed through the stereo and you can set up 6 preset numbers that you call often. Calls are clear in low speeds.
Cons: This has probably something to do with my car's acoustics but in high speeds, the microphone isn't so clear.

BT Audio (A2DP)
Pro: You can connect your bluetooth enabled audio player that has A2DP support and stream music from the device to the radio.
Cons: It automatically starts playing any stored music on your device and can be annoying if you just want to use your phone's voice navigation. You have to stop the playback manually every time.

CD/CD-R/USB/AUX Port Playback
Pro: Music is clear once you have set the EQ, SLA, Loudness Level, SRT and Bass Boost (your preference).
Cons: Nothing to say here. Some people may be annoyed that they have to tune in to get the right sound but, to me that's normal.

Pro: Displays station data, Artist and Song Title that is playing if available. You get 24 FM presets and 6 AM presets.
Cons: Reception is a little weaker than the stock radio but not by much.

Pro: It comes with a remote control that has features that are not easily accessible (or in some cases, not available) such as pause and mute. The sound is excellent considering I'm still using the stock speakers. I'm able to talk and drive safely - which is the most important part. The perks that I get to stream my phone's voice navigation, and stream from my music Google Play and Amazon MP3. If you have an iPhone, you can control Pandora as well. The unit's light can be customized to closely match your vehicle's illumination. There are other preset colors and you are able to mix and match the display and key colors. It also comes with Mixtrax which acts like a DJ and mixes your tracks with sound effects in between but I don't really care for it.
Cons: Aside from the ones I described from the individual sections, this is a great product for its price!
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on October 24, 2012
Color Name: Black
This brand new unit out from Pioneer is awesome and does everything that I wanted my new stereo to do. Bluetooth streaming, hands free calling, front usb for ipod control, easy to use menu, and good sound. I didn't even have to read the menu to figure how to set up everything-it's extremely easy. Bluetooth is great and connects automatically when i enter the car so i can just leave my iphone in my pocket and play the music from it. The sound quality is definitely better through the usb port though. The whole unit is a little bright because of the light bars on the side but I think that's what makes the unit look really cool at night and unique. All the different colors for the display and keys are great so you can match anything. This unit does have a dimmer its just not automatic when you turn your headlights have to hold the lower right button for about 3 seconds to activate the dimmer. Makes it a lot better for night driving if you choose a bright color like white. Also what is really nice is this unit has RDS(radio data system) so when you're on a FM channel it shows the artist name and song name right on the display if that station supports it(most do). Another cool thing is the MIXTRAX which makes a dance mix with all your songs, and if you want it to can give off a crazy light show that bounces to the music. For a unit that is much cheaper than all the other double dins I thought it would be lacking features, but that is the exact has everything I want! I highly recommend.
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on May 7, 2013
Color Name: BlackVerified Purchase
I purchased this unit because my husband got a new car, and I was jealous of all the new features, like an aux input and hands-free bluetooth phone calls! I was actually capable of installing this myself, and that was a first! I had to purchase a Metra dash kit and wiring harnesses for the installation.
My favorite feature is the bluetooth audio. I can stream Pandora or play mp3s from my phone, and I can use the buttons on the front of the stereo to change to the next track. The quality of the bluetooth connection is very clear, and I don't hear any fuzziness or static. Bluetooth phone calls are also nice, and I like the memory buttons where you can save numbers and speed dial.
There are only 2 things I don't like about this product. The left and right sides of the stereo are angled, so there are small gaps between them and the edge of the dash kit. So it doesn't look as nice as if it were flush.
Also, the illumination is too dim for bright sunlight and too bright and distracting for night. You are able to dim the lights by pressing and holding the dimmer button, but I didn't notice a huge difference in the two brightness levels. When the stereo was in direct sunlight, I had to change the color from Pink because I couldn't read anything. Changing it to White sort of helped, but it was still very dim.
It's a good stereo with a lot of great features. I've only had it installed for a few days, so I'm sure I still haven't learned all the features available on this stereo.
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on December 12, 2014
Color Name: BlackVerified Purchase
This is one great stereo, fairly simplistic with good features and a great price. Bluetooth works very well on this unit and I like the fact it has a big button for answering the phone when a call comes in. There are almost to many choices when it comes to choosing the colors for the keys and the display which can be done independently, but that's what makes it possible to adjust the colors and give it your personal style. It has a separate microphone that can be placed on your visor or steering column or any place you find would be the best for you. I have installed a few of these and every customer has been really happy with their Pioneer FH-X700BT and I have not had one issue or a call back with a problem. I have two top choices for stereo's and Pioneer is one of them.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on September 22, 2013
Color Name: BlackVerified Purchase
I mainly wanted a new player to hook up wirelessly to my iphone 5 through bluetooth for audio and phone streaming and this does it seamlessly! I synced my phone once and every time I turn the car on my phone is automatically paired with the Pioneer and starts playing music.

Quality is great, I notice no difference between bluetooth or via usb cable. Takes about 15ish seconds to pair automatically with my phone, I'm assuming other phones may be quicker or slower but thats what it is with my iphone 5 running iOS 7 (which is great BTW). Plays Pandora perfectly through bluetooth s well as itunes and itunes radio. You can also hear incoming sounds such as text messages, new mail, anything that makes a noise will stream through your car speakers. Using maps is also great, the audio volume dims and you can hear siri guiding you with maps through the speakers.

Talking on the phone is super easy and people hear me loud and clear even in my econo-box of a car and I can hear them fine as well.

On to the not so great: the freaking lighting! The headunit is so bright even with the dimmer on using the dimmest colors, I've found deep blue and red/ warm to be the most dim for night driving. You can customize the colors a thousand different ways which is a nice option I suppose but it's still too bright at night in my opinion. The brightest and most annoying parts are the two vertical strips at the very edges of the deck, I'm going to paint mine black to mask the color and that should fix the lighting issue. If it wasn't so bright it would get 5 stars for sure.

Another thing that is a personal preference are the front facing USB/ AUX jacks. If you wanted to have an iPod or something hidden in the glove box you will have to run the USB cable through the front of the unit which is visible aka more susceptible to theft because one can see the cable leading to your glove box. This isn't really an issue for me because I only use my iPhone 5 for music and kind of makes it nice when I do want to charge it. Also it charges at 1 amp I believe, much more power than my old unit so it will actually charge the phone while you're using it for music and maps.

Haven't used the remote and probably never will, I don't know why one needs a remote for something that will always be an arms length away but it's a nice option to have I suppose.

The menus and everything are easy to navigate and figure out without going crazy reading the manual. Don't really care about the mixtrax thing so I can't comment on that but it will display a crazy light show and have a DJ effect on your music (only when plugged in via USB) if you are into that sort of thing.

So go to a brick and mortar store to see the lighting before you buy it, if you can deal with that you'll love this Pioneer!

EDIT: the bright lights are just too much to handle at night, even with the "dimmer" on and the dimmest light color selected. Had to return it and lower my rating because of this, if they had a "display off" or dimmer that worked more than 10% I would be happy. If you don't mind having a spaceship mounted to your dash give it a try!
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on January 25, 2014
Color Name: Black
See bottom paragraph for tip on dimming display.

Installed the FH-X700BT in my 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GT and couldn't be happier. My stock stereo buttons were starting to peel and lose their lighting so I decided I wanted a nice aftermarket replacement. The features on this stereo are great. Never had the luxury of playing music thru Bluetooth connection until now, and it works flawlessly. Can finally listen to all the music on my phone (HTC Droid DNA) in my car. Stereo only advertises usage with Apple products but it works for almost any phone. The illumination is awesome, matched up the color with my stock red dash lighting. So far I have no complaints. Love it.

I installed this using the GMRC-01 by Axxess so I could keep the door chimes and warning chimes. Cost me $50 and install was a breeze for my first time. Needed the antenna adapter also since GM doesn't use the same size antenna plug connector as others and aftermarket products.

To dim your stereo color. This worked for my red setting....haven't tried other colors.
Tap center knob for MENU.
Tap knob and KEY COLOR will be displayed.
Tap knob again until you see CUSTOM.
Hold down knob until you see R##G##B##. I was able to edit those values and tone down the brightness of the stereo. It's perfect now.
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on October 19, 2013
Color Name: Black
I just had this unit installed yesterday and have tested the radio, cd, ipod touch (usb and blue tooth), blue tooth hand free phone functions. So far everything tested have matched the good reviews that have been written about this unit. I set the illumination for display and key to blueish green colors and did notice they become very distracting during night time driving. After reading the manual, I found out that one could customize the display and key colors by adjusting the intensities of the three primary colors. There are thousands of combinations with different colors and light intensities. What I eventually settled for key color was red 20, green 0, and blue 9. I set display color as red 0, green 20, and blue 8. These customerized settings are pretty and significantly dimmer than my original settings. Most importantly, this head unit does not distract my night time driving anymore.
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on October 11, 2013
Color Name: Black
Just installed. Your Average Joe installs his/her own radio about once every 5-10 years so "newb" instructions are always a plus....

My likes:
- Easy intuitive navigation using large toggle knob
- Multiple Sources (Tuner, CD, USB, Aux, BT Audio)
- Quick BT connection to my phone (Galaxy S III)
- Works well with my Pioneer Steering Wheel Remote Control

My dislikes:
- Mic not built in so you must install a wired mic (comes with product)
- Colors are bright (there is a fix see below)
- Wish they would have increased the LED display Real Estate
- Constantly flashes "No Title" for some radio stations or songs that aren't ID3 tagged appropriately
- Weak AM station pull (see fix below)
- Metra Spacer Trim kit (95-8202) needed serious amendments to work properly for my vehicle (Toyota Matrix; see fix below)

Color Bright fix:
Go to "Illumination" and choose "Key Color". Dial in the color you are interested in (I choose red) and select it. Go back into "Illumination" then to "Key Color" and your color shold still be selected. Hold down the selection knob for three seconds and you should see the RGB level for your selected Key Color. Dial all levels for R, G and B to the lowest setting and your selected Key Color will be toned down alot. Forget about the "Dim Setting." It only reduces the color strength by about 10-20%. Pioneer has a video on how to do this: [...]

AM Weak Signal fix:
This occurred with my vehicle (Toyota Matrix) so I'm not sure if this is also the same with all. Turns out my vehicle as a AM signal booster in it. To ensure the x700BT uses the booster, when connecting up the radio's harness to the Metra OEM harness you'll need to do the following:

Connect the blue "Power Antenna" wire from the Metra Harness (Metra 70-1761) to the blue-white wire on the Pioneer harness.

Metra Spacer Trim Kit Amendment fix
I know these things are supposed to be somewhat universal, but I had to make some serious amendments to use them with my radio install. Install instructions indicate to install the Metra brackets on top of my factory radio bracket. It simply would not fit flat over the factory bracket due to space constraints. To fix, I needed to carefully cut away on the Metra bracket so that it could fit on top of my factory bracket flat. I did this with some small wire snips. I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out why the trim pieces didn't work until I decided to go at it with the wire snips. From there it fit nicely. Other car model installs will probably be different, but I thought I'd mention it for mine.

Install Notes:
Also, do your self a favor when hooking up the Metra harness to the Radio harness and use crimp caps. They are far easier and more reliable then soldering and/or wire connectors. I purchased the "Metra Crimp Caps" (bag of 100) for $4 with free shipping from There's a great instructional video of someone using crimp caps on YouTube for your education (Search for "How to wire an aftermarket radio").

Also when installing the mic wire, check out YouTube for a good instructional video (search for "How to Install a Bluetooth Microphone").


ps - for owners that don't have the luxury of a radio control from their steering wheel, Pioneer has a nice steering wheel remote that functions well with this radio (CD-SR100) which can be had fro $30-$40. Puts changing tracks, sources, radio bands and volume adjustment at the tips of your fingers without taking your eyes off the road.
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on June 29, 2014
Color Name: BlackVerified Purchase
My 2005 Mustang's Shaker 500 stereo was beginning to get pretty ratty with cracked controls and I was tired of being limited to six CDs for songs, so I went with the Pioneer FH-X700BT. The installation was pretty straightforward, although there were a few issues encountered that were specific to the Mustang install with some of the aftermarket accessories that are specific to Ford. I'm posting a video of the lessons learned and shots of the various steps of the install on my Youtube channel soon.

The first thing I noted was that the reports about the bright colors are correct, but, with some adjustment, the colors can be toned down and I found that the unit was quite acceptable at night with a red-orange key color and blue text for the display.

The installation guide could be more clear. Pioneer, if you are listening, provide a sheet showing the actual wiring harness steps and also an actual schematic diagram, not the painfully small diagrams in your little booklet you provide. Some better documentation would really help folks who are trying to install this really great product.

The USB thumb-drive is awesome. I put a 32 gb drive in the slot and was amazed at how much music I had available to me. And pairing the stereo up with my Android was a breeze. I was accepting phone calls in the car with ease and callers had no trouble hearing me. It was nice to finally have this level of technology in the Mustang to add to my ham radio gear and GPS giving me a well-rounded set of electronic communication and entertainment abilities.

I'm still trying to figure how to get the bluetooth phone numbers to store on the unit. It isn't immediately clear how to do that, so I'll be hitting the forums or calling Pioneer for a little help with integrating it a bit better with my Droid.

Overall, a big thumbs up for the unit and the sound/function. Average rating for the install and I rather like the music mix function and ability to change colors on a whim for the display. I'll post again in a few months after I get to know this unit. But for now, it's a success and I'm glad I picked this system up.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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