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on July 7, 2012
It was a 4 star receiver during the 1.5 years I owned it but realistically, even a cheap product such as this shouldn't fail in under 2 years. I guess that one year warranty really does mean something.

For the first year or so, it was a solid receiver with plenty of features for the price and came with decent amplification. Additionally, this was still made before manufacturers got even cheaper and came with plenty of inputs (multiple component inputs, multiple composite, etc. that isn't available on the 2012 models). Despite the positives, the OSD was super ugly and barely functional containing minimal settings and was simply a text overlay on a black background. This, coupled with somewhat slow switching and HDMI handshake issues (more of a fault of HDMI than any receiver) earned it 4 stars.

All was well... until it failed.

HDMI would first intermittently fail, followed by the video/audio cutting out, and then it began to shut the receiver down. I checked through nearly every component in my system (really wasn't much, just a PS2 and a PC), and determined the fault to be with the receiver. I contacted Pioneer for help and began to do my own search in the meantime.

HDMI board failures reported on Amazon and AVS, and I knew that since it was out of warranty, I had to pay out of pocket to get this thing fixed. In the end, though, I realized that after $30 for a store diagnostics check and at least $100 in repair and labor costs (would replace board myself, but unsure of what else is wrong with it), I'd have already spent half the amount on this receiver. Plus, even if it were replaced and fixed, it'd only be a matter of time before I start worrying that it would fail again.

So I said screw it and with just under 2 years of usage, I'm in the market for a new Yamaha.

Several key points:
1) This was lightly used; even with it being owned for 2 years, it wasn't on everyday and when it was, it was at most 3-4 hours (excepting series marathons, but that's rare) of usage. On top of that, my condo setting didn't let me play it super loud either.

2) Plenty of ventilation; my layout is a bedroom with the table it's on placed in the middle of the room. So while there wasn't a great deal of room on top (~6") it had ventilation on all four sides. Plus, this thing never got hot, just warm.

3) There's one light scratch near the HDMI port, one near the optical port and aside from a bajillion on the pointless front port piece that got tossed everywhere, it was in pristine condition. I mean, it was just sitting there the whole time anyway.

4) Not low enough for my dog to pee on it

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on October 13, 2010
Wow, this one took me a while to solve. Seems as if most of these units work flawlessly with all devices. Mine didn't out of the box. This is just an initial review and I'm only going to cover a few relevant things. Sound is awesome! There's tons of sound choices too for making the most of your setup. This unit is just as good as the 1020 minus a few features I didn't care about. The sound makes my Energy RC Micros sound crystal clear with audible sound I wasn't picking up before. The sound is beautiful and plenty spacious for my basement home theater. I'm in a 17x25 foot rectangle and it's working perfectly.... now.

I had a PS3 issue similar to a poster above when it would drop in and out with both a blank screen and drop the audio. I had a "cheaper" HDMI cable to test with it along with my high speed cable currently hooked to the PS3. I have a long 25 ft cable running to the projector. However, it wasn't just dropping video, but the sound, so I knew the PS3 was the culprit. All I had to do, after about 40 minutes of searching, was go into the settings menu and select "PURE" under the video source. Meaning that PS3 is going to handle the 1080p rendering, of wich, it does an incredible job. I haven't tried hard setting it to 1080p either, but as of now it's a crystal clear screen with some incredible sound.

This is just my initial review, i'll keep in mind to update in the future. One other reason I chose this receiver for the PS3 is because Sony's box will broadcast slightly different PCM audio based on whether it's a Blu Ray, streamed video, video stored on the hard drive, or a game on the hard drive. With this receive I can tell it to output DTS, DolbyII or whatever I want regardless of what the PS3 is shoving it. My old receiver was fine for BluRay, but would only do 2 channel audio on streaming video, and this receiver fills in the sound.

I'll keep you updated, but right now I think it's a confident buy.

EDIT: It wasn't the Pioneer at All! I tested this receiver through HDMI in, and out on a Epson 8500 Projector, a Toshiba Regza TV, a LG LCD Monitor, and a Visio 27" cheap 720p HDTV. It perfectly played the PS3 and full rich sound regardless of the video parameter setting I mentioned earlier. What I discovered was that my 35ft HDMI cable going to the Projector was the culprit! Using a slightly shorter cable, 25ft, and a higher grade/thicker gauge, it is working flawless. No more dropped signal whatsoever and Blu-Ray, Streamed Content, DLC, everything is crystal clear and sounds phenomenal. If it stays this solid over time I'll come back within a year and up my review to 5 stars. I was able to pick this up at $199 my cost, and for the money I don't think I could have found a more feature rich receiver. I was comparing it to the Onkyo 608 which I almost purchased until I found out the video upconvert and rendering on that model is nearly broken and 3D is tough to pass through. The Pioneer 920 wins hands down.
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on March 14, 2011
This receiver was actually an upgrade I purchased over the 820-K version. I purchased the 820-K from a different "best box" store where the reps told me numerous times that it had upconversion, the 820-K did not, however, the 920-K does!! I ended up looking it up on amazon here and found it for $25 less than the lower version. Returned old receiever to the competition and bought amazon version. It can convert Component to HDMI so that I only need one cable running to the TV. Tons of inputs and outputs, four HDMI, 3D Ready, lots of features and very easy to use. Only CON, cannot find a way to use HDMI passthrough when the receiver is off. Great for the money, another very satisfied amazon product.
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on June 14, 2013
I've had this receiver for only about 18 months. It worked fairly well at first but now I'm having issues with the HDMI out. Can get video/sound through from TV cable box but not from Roku or Blu-Ray box. They all worked until a week ago when I hooked it up to a new Panasonic Smart TV. Got new HDMI cables (with new standard) but that did not help. Called Pioneer but their support was terrible. They almost immediately switched me to a recorded line for the "authorized repair center in my area". It's about an hour and a half drive from here. I suspect there is a video compatibility setting issue but have been unable to resolve it through Pioneer, the manual or on-line search. The video out has been problematic since I've owned this receiver sometimes cutting in and out for no apparent reason. I will not buy a Pioneer product again.
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on May 14, 2011
I needed to update from my Denon AVR-483 5.1 and came across this super deal with the Pioneer VSX-920-K 7.1 with all the latest features and plenty of power to push my 15 inch 3 way speakers. The music sound is amazing with all you can do with this receiver and also the push it gave my speakers.I also love the usb hook up in the front of the receiver for my mp3 (Sansa fuze) player and works really well showing the artist and song on the screen of the receiver and being control by the remote of the receiver. Can't wait to hook up my lcd tv to it for theater sound and explore the rest of these features on this reciever. Can't also wait to get the bluetooth adapter for this receiver all around a great receiver for a electronic junky like me:) This part is an update...I connected the hdmi from the reciever to tv and works perfect with an amazing theater sound. Also have now the pioneer as-bt100 bluetooth and it's worth getting trust me. I stream music threw my andriod phone and also my laptop and the sound quility is unbelievable.The only two things i have to get is the 3D dvd player and the 3d tv then i have completed my updating on my entertainment center. Thank you pioneer for all the options i have now with the pioneer vsx-920 and the deal i got it for from 6ave electronics.
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on August 20, 2011
The HDMI video switching is good except when switching between 480p and 720 or 1080 programs. Reading through some of the other reviews, they mention something about a 'Pure' option in the Video setup and I'll look for that. This works great for switching between my PS3, cable and Roku HDMI inputs (with the exception of the video issues mentioned). I also bought the bluetooth adaptor for this unit and, though it looks flimsy, it has worked very good so far for streaming Sirius from the App on my iPhone (particularly on Saturday mornings while listening to Click and Clack), My next purchase will be a decent programmable remote so my wife can use the thing when I'm not around the house.
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on September 23, 2011
I purchased this in April along with a set of Polk Audio RM705 5.1 Speakers. I've been running it for 5 months prior to writing this review. This receiver has been a welcome addition to our living room.

Pros: Number of inputs, up conversion quality, sound quality, front panel controls.
Cons: Auto-calibration for the surround sound is very, very picky. It took probably 15 tries to get it to calibrate. It really wants your house/apartment to completely silent! Also, this thing puts out quite a bit of heat so you definitely need to have a few inches of room for air circulation.

I especially like that I can actually operate every basic feature from the front panel, including input selection and audio mode as well as volume. There were a couple reviews that complained about the removeable cover for the front USB/IPOD input. I actually found that to be a plus as I've never had a single device in our living room with a hinged door/cover that didn't wind up getting broken. So for me the fact that it comes completely off to expose the inputs is nice since that means it doesn't get broken off!

For our budget this system was perfect, and I could not be happier with it.
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on April 26, 2013
Had this receiver for roughly 1 year, and over the course of the last week, I have had intermittent problems with HDMI output to my TV. I have a DirecTv tuner, PS3 and XBox 360 all hooked up to the receiver, outputting HDMI up to the TV. This setup has worked fine in the past.

The intermittent problems are increasing to the point where a normal TV show is unwatchable. Forget playing a game or watching a movie. This happens on all sources with all devices, and the issue goes away when the source is hooked up directly to the TV over HDMI (isolating the receiver as the cause).

It is too bad, I liked the receiver and the price I paid for it (got it on super clearance at a big box store, I suspect I now know why). Money down the drain! I would have thought that a major name brand like Pioneer would not fail me like this, but here we are. Reading other reviews here, I can see it is time to cross Pioneer off my list.

FWIW, I bought this to replace an old Sony STR-K840P I ran for about 10 years with absolutely no problems. The only reason I stepped up to this receiver was because I added the Xbox 360 and ran out of HDMI inputs on my TV (was running all HDMIs to TV then optical out to receiver), so decided to "upgrade" to all HDMI. I wish I would have read the reviews here first!

EDIT: Not even 15 mins after I posted this review, I went to my receiver to hook back up the HDMI cables and just "live" with the problem until I return it to the Big Box store. I must have hurt the receiver's feelings with my review, because the receiver had completely given up the will to live. It was dead, and will not even power up. Dead. Deceased. An Ex-Receiver. No longer pining for the fjords. Bereft of life. 'e rests in peace.

I took the time to find my receipt... Nov-2011 to May-2013. 18 months. RIP
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on February 13, 2011
After much online research of entry-level 3D-capable receivers, this was the one which offered the most features, performance, connectability, power, and high-quality surround sound for the money. The manual is well written and illustrated, setup and installation was a breeze, compatibility with all connected components seems to work well, heat generation is minimal, and sound quality is excellent. The MCACC was extremely accurate and worked as advertised to maximize the speaker outputs to the room. Using hi-speed HDMI cables for a Panasonic 50" 3D TV, a Panasonic 3D BluRay disc player, and a Comcast HD (Scientific Atlanta) cable box, the 920-K plays nicely with the other kids, delivers excellent sound, and upscales viedo inputs where necessary, even for the Wii console, which is only connected with composite cables. The receiver runs much cooler than any I have experienced, despite the fact that it has 7 separate and discrete amps (though we are only using 5 of them in our 5.1 surround system). Operation is easy and can be automatic to simplify things, or as exacting as you want to make it. It has a staggering array of surround sound formats to choose from if you wish to tweak it or experiment with them.
The owner's manual can be studied or downloaded in advance at [...], and I highly recommend doing this---there are numerous sidebars and footnotes in the chapters dealing with connections, initial setup, operation and controls, etc. Paying attention to these notes and instructions will spare you a lot of grief, and make the installation go smoothly. Just TAKE YOUR TIME, FOLLOW THE MANUAL precisely, and you'll be very happy with the results. I highly recommend this receiver (if it meets your needs) above all others in its price range. Mine has performed flawlessly so far, exactly as advertised, and even provided a few surprise bonuses,such as Standby Audio pass-thru in the process. For considerably less than $300, you won't find a better unit---more features, more connectibility, more performance, easier setup, or a more seamless operation of home theater systems.
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on September 27, 2010
I got mine a few weeks ago with the special offer that includes the Bluetooth adaptor. There are no problems with the receiver working with my PS3, Xbox 360, Sonos, and TV, so please don't let some of the bad reviews make you think that this receiver can't work with game consoles. This is a unit with advanced features and many settings, so maybe some people just don't know how to use it or had some bad cables. The sound quality is impressive, and you can play around with different surround sound effects which really enhance the music dramatically. I have been watching blueray movies off my PS3 and the overall clarity and dynamic range of the sound is very nice. Of course this depends a lot on your speakers, so you should definitely get some nice speakers to take advantage of this receiver. I bought the Energy RC-micro 5.1 speaker system which produces incredible music and movie sound from a very small package. The bluetooth adaptor also works flawlessly. It's super easy to link my iPhone to the receiver to play music through my speakers. The range is very good as I can walk around my 2 BR apartment without dropping the signal, and the distance to the receiver can easily reach more than 20 feet with walls and doors in between. Overall I am very happy with this and feel that it's a high quality receiver with nice features at a very attractive price.
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