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on November 6, 2011
This can be a great system depending on your needs. The sound is really good. There is only simple sound adjustments (sort of like a basic car radio) but at least in our space (tile floor, stone wall, drywall, lots of windows, kitchen cabinets) it sounds great. So we have managed to make it work in our context but there's a couple of things you should consider if you are looking into getting one:

1. there is a long delay when it turns on. By long I mean: longer than my MacBook Air takes to reboot. So in the morning, you turn it on and, in our case, you have time to go feed the cats before any sound comes out of it...

2. browsing internet radios is awkward. It has no capability for an alphanumeric search so stations are just listed in categories (e.g., genre, countries, etc.). So even if you know exactly what you are looking for (in my case, I wanted to find NPR), you have to figure out where the station would be in those categories and then scroll, and scroll, and scroll... by the way, it does not seem to have a page-scroll feature, so you scroll stations or categories one by one.

3. believe it or not, the remote is not multidirectional (so last century!). If you are planning on using the remote, make sure you will be pretty much in front of this device. For example, we bought this for our dining room, which is separated from the kitchen only by a counter. So I can raise or lower the volume if I'm cooking.

4. It has no AM or HD radio, so FM is all you get over the air. In our case it was an issue, because our local station does not transmit in FM. However, streaming may get around that issue... see next point.

5. It plays well with AirPlay. This has been one of the reasons we decided to keep it. So I figured it should be possible to access the stream of our local radio through iTunes, which you can easily do. The only trick is to figure out the URL of the stream. But if you do have the URL, then you just select "advanced" in the iTunes menu and then "Open Stream." That's how we manage to listen to the morning news.

Bottom line: The sound is great and can only be better if you have carpet and draperies. If you are not interested in finding internet stations easily and you don't mind the wait until the system boots, it could be a good option for you.
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on December 16, 2011
I don't enjoy a lot of reviews on Amazon when people complain about stuff that the product was never intended to do. The product is aimed at AirPlay and iProducts. Go to the Pioneer site or look at the first bullets of any site selling it.

Wireless Setup: took a minute following the instructions and connect to my wireless network.

I then pulled up Pandora on my iPhone and it showed up as an AirPlay device immediately. Music sounds great through it! I opened up the iPad and played through the Music app. Easy setup!

Sound is great over wifi. Flipping through internet radio stations was easy to go through and find favorites. Sound is very nice.

Was going back and forth between this and the Bose Sounddock. The option of doing everything wirelessly is fantastic. Great product.

Why three stars: the sound is good and you wouldn't necessarily know to ask for more. Compared to a Bose it isn't as crisp and the bass is not very good.
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on January 19, 2012
I bought this because I do not have any kind of stereo in my living area. I also loved the idea of listening to all the free internet radio stations through my wireless router.

The speakers sound great in my little house. And yes there are a ton of Internet stations to tune into, with little or no advertising. I really did not like that the set-up instructions were not very clear. It is difficult to scroll through all the radio stations, since you have to do it one at a time. There is no "search" feature. You scroll through the choice of genres, and when you pick one, then you have to scroll through individual radio stations to find one that suits you. You can set favorites once you find the ones you like, and make no mistake-there are a LOT of stations to choose from. If you are sitting across the room from the unit and want to change the station with the remote, you have to get up anyway and walk over to it because no one could possibly read that tiny screen from more than two feet away.

Overall, I am enjoying my sound system. It does exactly what I wanted it to. If only it were a bit more searchable and user friendly.......
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on September 1, 2012
I was surprised the read all the negative reviews of this stereo now that I have had a few weeks to enjoy it. I bought this instead of a Squeezebox because it has more inputs and doesn't rely on a server or account to work. Sound quality is better than I expected, but for the money and size, don't expect miracles. That said, it has a nice amount of bass (more than the Squeezebox, less than the Bose Soundlink), clear highs, and gets fairly loud. I needed something for a small room, and it works great. But when I turn it up, I can enjoy the music from downstairs. If you have an iPhone, that's really the way to go, since you can link it up with AirPlay and control the volume from the phone. Also, if you are listening to another source and use AirPlay, it will automatically switch, which is nice. As we speak, I'm listening to Swiss Internet Radio, and it's crystal clear. I do have some minor gripes: The screen is a nice touch, but there is no way to make album art full screen, So the album art is about the size of postage stamp, literally. I understand the European models have a slot-loading CD player on top, this would have been great to have, but all music is going digital anyway. Also, there is no native support to Pandora - you have to use AirPlay, Aux in, BT, or the dock. Would have been nice if you could log in to paid accounts, like Pandora, directly. Also, in my opinion, the digital clock looks cheap and feels tacked on - I turned it off completely. Also, unlike Apple TV, the unit won't wake when you try to send a song to it. Likewise when you stop an AirPlay connection, it doesn't automatically go back to the last source your were listening to. Lastly, if you don't have the BT adapter installed, it would be nice if the stereo skipped over the 2 inputs that need it (Airjam and BT Audio) instead of just saying that BT is not available. Boot time is long, but not unreasonable considering it is also connecting to your network - I timed it at 55 seconds until music started. The manual hints at a 'quick start' mode, but I couldn't get it to work, nor could I find a Pioneer iPhone remote control app that works with this unit - this would be a nice addition in the future, but I'm not holding my breath for software updates (available via USB). All in all, this is a great radio, I may buy a couple more as gifts since I expect the price to freefall after the new iPhone shows up with a connector that is not compatable with this dock. I would have been satisfied at the MSRP, but at what they are selling for now, I am very happy with what I got. Slick looks, current tech, good sound, and ease of use.
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on October 19, 2012
Bought this for my son's Christmas present. It was a Groupon deal, so I got it cheaper than retail or Amazon. Would I pay full price? Yep! It's almost a year later and my son still thanks me for it. He's a college senior and they party. Period. He loves that anyone can hook up their ipod and play their own tunes on it. Plus, even though the speakers aren't boom boxes, they're plenty good for home parties. It's well made and I (he) likes the sleek look. Nothing to assemble. Plug in and go! Pretty cool idea!
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on August 4, 2012
I bought this system about 4 months ago and although it isn't perfection by any stretch, I have no regrets.

Like another reviewer intimated, it isn't exactly fair to knock this system for features it doesn't claim.

On the plus side, it sounds quite good. When you push its boundaries you'll see its limitations fairly easily, but for everyday listening it holds up really nicely. The core competency here is streaming music over Airplay from your iwhatever or PC using iTunes or more software sources using something like Airfoil, and in that respect it shines. Though the user guide falls short for sure, I didn't run into any significant trouble and was up in running in minutes. I'm admittedly a gadget enthusiast and that fact notwithstanding I can see how one could definitely go awry in getting connected and functional with each feature, but a little trial and error is really all that's needed with this thing.

Negatives? There's plenty to improve upon in the user interface, and although the sounds is better than decent, it has a volume ceiling beyond which it starts to distort and might make you wince. Given these shortcomings it ought to be offered at a lower price than seen here.

All in all I'm enjoying this item for what it is.....a nicely featured and enjoyable sound system with just the right footprint for my office.
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on August 30, 2013
The sound is exactly what you would expect from a speaker this size. It's totally adequate. And since it is wider than the newer Pioneer XW-SMA4-K Wi-Fi Speaker and Pioneer XW-SMA3-K A3 Wi-Fi Speaker (I have a both), the stereo image is a bit better than on those. The bass is also not so overwhelming as on the XW-SMA4-K. For the price I paid, $40 + $20 shipping for a factory refurbished one, there's nothing that comes close. It's even worth the regular $130.

However, there is one reason I didn't give it 5 stars. When using it to play music from iTunes over Apple's 'AirPlay', there is a slight delay. Tech support informed me that this is due to the model being older (from 2011). I don't have this issue with my newer Pioneer XW-SMA4-K and XW-SMA3-K. So if you are going to use this as your only sound source, then great! But don't expect, like i did, to use it in a whole house system with several 'AirPlay' devices playing simultaneously. Because then you will hear an echo that will drive you nuts. However, I ended up putting this in my bathroom, where it is the only sound source. And there it works perfectly, with lot's of sound volume to spare.

Also, the setup guide is a bit convoluted, but overall, a fantastic value for money. Especially if you are going to use it with the built in iPod dock, or as your only 'AirPort' device.
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on September 14, 2012
So I have purchased several iPod speaker docks over the past several years including, jambox, bose, sony and altec lansing and the sound quality of this unit beats them all hands down. As an added benefit Airplay in this device just works seamlessly. The one drawback is this unit is not very user friendly in terms of learning how to use it and program the various options.
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on May 16, 2012
Was a little worried when I first read the reviews as I purchased mine off of Woot before doing any research but I have to say I really like the system. Sound quality is great and it really was not that difficult to set up despite what some of the other reviews claim. it is true that the screen could definitely be bigger, searching for internet stations is a pain, and there is no AM but I think those issues are minor considering the overall quality of the system. Do be aware that if you plan to pair your devices using Bluetooth you will need to purchase a Bluetooth component that is sold separately and runs about $100. Airplay basically takes away the need for the bluetooth option if you use apple products or have ITunes on your PC. If you have Android based devices you can download a music player app called Double Twist for 4.99 that will allow you to use the Airplay option.
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on August 10, 2013
Totally impressed, worked as described.

-Easy to setup wireless/wired sources, DLNA and Airplay.
-Decent sound, cannot ask more from the compact systems.
-Multiple source AUX, Internet radio, Music server, DLNA wireless play, Airplay for Apple products.
-Nice IPOD dock compact system (almost forgot this feature, because of Airplay capabilities).
-Ethernet LAN port / WiFi
-Bluetooth port (for optional adapter)
- Only minus , it doesn't come with CD/DVD player as in Europe ver / Panasonic airplay compact systems
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