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75 of 79 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon May 21, 2007
Whether you're new to Blu-ray DVDs or already have quite a collection, this one is a must-buy. Simply put, it has the best video and audio of any Blu-ray title released to date. With its mix of bright and dark scenes, its boatload of special effects and its rollicking layered soundtrack, "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl" is a perfect showcase for Blu-ray technology, and Disney has taken full advantage of it.


Though its contrast is sharp and bold, the near-perfect digital transfer reveals hitherto-unseen details and textures throughout its range. In nearly every scene there seems to be something new -- from the lace on young Elizabeth's dress, to the braids that hold the beads in the beard of Captain Jack, to the rotting, clinging skin on the pirates' moonlit skulls.

The colors, always good, are now simply great. Pure and vivid, they show off every brilliant yellow and orange in the film's Caribbean days; every spooky blue in its moonlight nights. Flesh tones couldn't be better.

The transfer has no grain, even in the darkest scenes, and there are no compression artifacts, so even the largest patch of color stays one solid hue. This, in turn, reveals even more minute detail. Have you ever noticed that the redhead's curls match the pattern on her dress? Or that the skeleton monkey has mangy fur? I hadn't, until now.


As you would guess, the uncompressed 5.1 soundtrack delivers amazing audio quality, with great imaging between its channels for a full 360-degree field of sound. But what's really cool is, again, all the detail. There's just so much sound here. You hear the wooden ships creak and moan as they sail. You hear individual instruments in the score. You can even make out every word -- well, most every word -- of Captain Jack's often slurred, sun-baked mumble.


The two-disc set contains all the low-res bonuses of the earlier standard release, as well as a nifty new one. Activate "Scoundrels at Sea" and, as you watch the movie, a prompt pops up every few minutes that lets you view a short clip about pirate history. You can skip it, watch it immediately, or build up a library of clips to view at the film's end.

To sum up, this is the best Blu-ray title out there. It's a great way to experience that big-bucks home theater system, and a treasure trove of entertainment fun.
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20 of 21 people found the following review helpful
on September 25, 2003
No matter what Captain Jack Sparrow says, he could sail to Tortuga on his onesies, because Johnny Depp makes the film. Heck, they should have just called it 'The Adventures Of Captain Jack Sparrow.' He really looked like a pirate to me, and his walk proved that he must have felt much more at ease on the water than on the land. He has many quotable lines which have had people talking since the movie came out (I cant sail this ship to Tortuga on me onesies, savvy...Yo ho yo ho and really bad eggs...human hair-from my back...welcome to the Caribbean love) and he still manages to look extremely gorgeous for a dirty pirate with dreadlocked hair. The years must have served him well, because his acting is just amazing. I saw the film and had to see it again. Its just one of those characters that everyone can find something to like about.
Orlando Bloom was equally as good looking, and his acting seems to have improved greatly since his days at Guilhall School of Music and Drama. My best friend's mum personally knew him. Not that that matters. He truly played the role of a love struck blacksmith to a tea, willing to die for his lady and go to any lengths to save her.
Geoffrey Rush plays his part spectacularly, with a great accent (have you heard his accent in Finding Nemo? Very different) and a great portrayal of a mutinous first mate. I wonder if it was a good part to play? Somehow, you can't really hate his character. He plays it so well that you can see his motives for doing what he does, and some of his lines are quite funny.
Keira Knightly, worth millions and she is only 18. What a wonderful actress she is already! Although occasionally her performance was a bit bland, most of the time she shone on screen, and i could really connect with her character.
It was great to watch the swordfighting scenes, they looked totally real and all of the sets were amazingly true to life. The scoundrel pirates were hilarious to watch, and you could really see where they were coming from...well, theyre pirates, they are allowed to create havoc...or as Jack Sparrow would say, pillage plunder and pilfer their weasley black guts out.
Buy the video, the DVD, the merchandise...this film is the best Ive seen all year, with an ifectious soundtrack and some interesting characters. Well done to Gore Verbinski for creating another masterpiece. And Really bad eggs.
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34 of 39 people found the following review helpful
HALL OF FAMEon September 3, 2003
"Pirates of The Caribbean" is quite simply Hollywood's best pirate film in ages; a funny, rollicking swashbuckler that pays homage to the great films of the 1930's and 1940's featuring the likes of Errol Flynn, Charles Laughton, among others. The script is witty and not nearly as cliched as I had dreaded originally, thinking that this would be a lame remake of a great Hollywood swashbuckler. Johnny Depp offers the performance of his career playing the over the top manic pirate Captain Jack Sparrow. Orlando Bloom takes on the Errol Flynn role as the blacksmith Will Turner, offering a less flamboyant, but equally impressive, performance next to Depp and leading lady Keira Knightly (Elizabeth), the daughter of the resident British governor (Jonathan Pryce in yet another memorable performance which will remind long-time admirers of his work in Terry Gilliam's "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen"). Geoffrey Rush is deliciously wicked as Sparrow's former first mate, Captain Barbossa, and Nick Davenport offers a restrained, dignified performance as Elizabeth's fiance, British Royal Navy Commodore Norrington.
Captain Jack Sparrow arrives in the British colony town of Port Royal (presumably Jamaica, though never specified), searching for a ship so he can recapture his pirate vessel The Black Pearl. Ten years before he was marooned on a desert island by after a mutiny led by Barbossa and the crew, soon after they found a mysterious treasure chest containing Aztec gold with a terrible curse instore for those who find it. One of the crewmates was Will's father, who sends his son a piece of gold, allowing the curse to endure. Now the Black Pearl sails the seas, a haunted ship, searching frantically for every bit of the Aztec gold. Soon Captain Sparrow will join forces with young Will Turner to find the ship, missing gold, and Elizabeth, a prisoner of Captain Barbossa and his crew.
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285 of 353 people found the following review helpful
on November 9, 2003
I have never ridden the Disney ride and I don't think I need to. All I need is this DVD and someplace to watch it. I saw this in theaters 6 times because it was so good and I have been anxiously awaiting the DVD. People say women like this movie because of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, and I say true, but I love their performance, not their looks (Although they are both attractive gentlemen). Johnny is at his comedic finest and you will not stop laughing and Orlando makes you root for the good guy even harder then normal and laugh at his comments that compliment Johnny's "uniqueness". Geoffery Rush is phenomenal and so is the actor (I am blanking on his name, sorry sir, you were still awesome) who plays Commodore Norrington (he needs way more publicity, he was phenomenal as well)...
This is by far the best movie of the year and without a doubt deserves awards for both content and actor performance. Knowing the Oscars, it will get overlooked, not enough "big names" in some over the top boring movie, so my vote goes to them by buying the DVD and encouraging others to buy it as well. Nothing says "In your face" to those who keep getting reconized for less then deserving work then getting surpassed in sales by "box office poison" Johnny Depp and his 'mates.
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70 of 85 people found the following review helpful
on November 22, 2003
Once again I come across a film I'll buy on Amazon. Look at all the 5-star reviews! When this happens, I go looking for the bad reviews to see what people didn't like. One guy gave this great movie 1 star because *he* isn't into these kinds of movies. Well, pardon those of us that are, dipstick. Your preference in films doesn't dictate whether it's bad or good.
Many gave it only one star simply because Disney had something to do with it. Another person said it sucked, and admitted walking out of the film after 30 minutes. How do you know a movie is bad if you don't watch it? Then, of course, there is the geeky cluster of plankton, jealous of Orlando Bloom's looks. He is the new kid on the block, and he is as pretty as they come (I'd do that elf), so the geeks online who wished they had his appeal with the ladies will rage against him, and I imagine the same goes for Johnny Depp. One idiot even said the villainous pirates, weren't evil because they were merely trying to lift a curse, and "What's evil about that?" Flush the crap out of your brain, and watch it again you scurvy scum!! Arrrr!
I know this won't be everybody's favorite review, but I have to mock the twittering fools! None of you have a good, mature reason for disliking this movie-- or you simply don't explain yourselves. I mean, coming to Amazon and saying "This movie sucks, I hated it and I'll never see it again", isn't a review worth paying any attention to. Explain yourself.
This is the part where you click on how this didn't help you. That's okay. Intelligent people don't need my help to see how good this film was. There are 700 reviews here that already have. Besides, I only use that feature to count the haters and the nerds I anger with my mockery of their pathetic, self-important so-called "reviews". I laugh at your opinion and 700 other people here are laughing at you with me. Har, har, haaaaaaaar! Why are we laughing? Most of you one or two-star reviewers hated this movie on principle, because you don't like Orlando, Johnny, (for no good reason) or Disney. You're cheating yourselves and that's funny to me. The rest of you just have short attention spans, and should only go see Jackie Chan films if you want a bunch of action with no story.
Now that I've scraped them off my shoe, here's the deal. This movie was a refreshing story, a great production--- far more than even I expected from a Disney film. I expected to be writing a bad review too (only mine would have had some semblance of intelligence). Maybe that's why I liked it so much.
It does have its slow parts, but the story still moves along well. I think that the intro of Captain Jack Sparrow in all his sea-faring glory, atop his crow's nest, only to reveal that he's in a sinking lifeboat which slides smoothly under the water just as he's stepping onto the pier is one of the finest intros I've seen, and a truly flawed hero is one of the best kinds in film. He stole every scene he was in with ease. The straight man, Orlando Bloom was a great contrast to the drunken, bumbling Depp; and Geoffrey Rush was the epitome of the villain pirate. It is so clichéd, and so over the top that you have to admire his performance. He even goes "Arrrrrrr"! I almost died laughing.
Since I spent so much time putting the haters in their place I don't have much time to say how much I treasured this movie in a time where there was absolutely no movie out that could compete with its originality. The one thing bad that I do have to say is that while I love duels with swords, (and I'm talking about "Princess Bride", Errol Flynn, Zorro kind of duels), the duels in this were fun except the final duel between Sparrow and the bad pirate (name escapes). Two zombies that can't hurt each other sword fighting for long time isn't very tense or thrilling. The dueling and the effects of the scene are great, but too long. That's all I can think of to bash this really.
I thought making a movie about a ride at Disneyland/World was just a cheap stunt to revitalize an old ride and sell amusement park tickets, and maybe on some level it was, but I was very surprised at how much fun I had watching this. I will get this dvd without any hesitation!
"Drink up me hearties yo-ho!"
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16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on July 18, 2003
What a compliment to the ride at Disneyland... it also does justice to anyone's imagination above and beyond a VERY GOOD Ghost, Pirate and Love Story. Who says that Pirate movies Stink??? this one banishes that theory and then some :)

Orlando Bloom is AWESOME - endearing and sweet as the goldsmith, and swashbuckling at it's best!! WOW!! 1st Bow and Arrows and now Sword fighting.. had me cheering throughout the movie.

Johnny Depp - had a major flashback of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", but very comical he is so hilarious as Captain Jack Sparrow such a well rounded actor I continue to enjoy his performances.
Geoffrey Rush - Excellent in his portrayal of Barbossa I could go on for days let's just say it was well worth the money.
The plot is woven so well that by the time the end comes you have no unanswered questions. Special Effects of the ghost/skeletons (in the moonlight) to living humans are FANTASTIC!! I was on the edge of my seat during some of the scenes and cheered when the girls got to kick butt too! The music was cool the costumes looked "just right", location was Beautiful (St. Vincent here I come) this movie was everything you would expect from a good Disney flick it kind of reminded me of "Hook" *BUT MUCH BETTER* had the witty humor, enough smart sword fights to keep you engaged ahhh what a fun movie!! I would say it does have some scary moments but I think the majority of the movie is so light hearted and fun that most kids can distinguish that it's just a movie. It is long but I didn't notice.... my 12 year old and boyfriend did however.
Do yourself a favor take the kids... and if you don't have kids take yourself this is worth seeing again.
Respectfully Reviewed
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79 of 97 people found the following review helpful
on November 1, 2003
I dont know if anyone really cares about the opinion of a 16 year old obsessor of Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp but in this movie, they are absolutely AMAZING. Along with Geoffrey Rush and Keira Knightley of course. The whole cast of this movie was WONDERFUL. So wonderful, in fact, i went back to see it 4 more times. This movie is a PERFECT blend of action, drama, comedy, and romance. I was constantly laughing at the amazing character that Johnny Depp put together, and at the same time swooning at the beauty and bravosity of Orlando Bloom. Though the DVD is not out yet, i anticipate its coming and know it will not disappoint me. What more could a john and orlando lover WANT with BLOOPERS, and DELETED SCENES to see more of the men i so openly desire.
In this movie, I thought keira knightley did an exellent job as elizabeth. At first i was soo green with envy that she got to KISS orlando and dance drunkedly around a fire with johnny, but she was so good at playing the governors daughter who isnt your ordinary damsel in distress -- i had to admire her. It is her idea to go back and save the man that she truly loves from the undead pirates of the caribbean. She was an exellent addition to this film.
I also think geoffrey rush was the IDEAL man for the part of captain barbossa. He was so good at bringing out the essential evilness of the pirate that even hell couldnt handle. He as well brought a fair share of comedy to the movie, and i really enjoyed the swordfight between him and johnny depp.
I would recommend this movie to ANYONE without a second thought. Its a wonderful piece of art that deserves many, many awards. I hope everyone that gets this DVD is as pleased and as overjoyed as i will be.
.. a side note .. this is the first review ive ever done .. so if its like totally not what im supposed to do .. uhh .. im really sorry. Hope you enjoy what i wrote though.
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19 of 21 people found the following review helpful
on September 21, 2003
I am nearly fifty years old. A sober grown man. With children. Children with whom I have now sat through hundreds of movies. Many of which I have enjoyed. And I am not completely hardened in my sophistication. The opening music to The Lion King brought tears to my eyes when my little ones were but wee tots.
But still, these are after all just children's movies. In another life, I would never have seen them. And, really, one can't take such movies too seriously, can one?
And so, this summer, after the ritual badgering, I dutifully trudged into yet another Disney "adventure" movie. Named after that tired old ride in Anaheim I first went on in 1965. I mean really, how much can you expect?
And then, it happened. The swirling intoxication. The stunned feeling. What? Who? How? Was this a movie? Or a religious experience? Perhaps more like an addictive experience...
I cannot remember ever willingly paying to see any movie not starring a relative of mine more than twice, and I can count those movies on one hand. I have now seen "Pirates" four times. The only thing keeping me from seeing it again is the sense that this whole thing is just getting out of hand. I cannot get enough of it. It's like walking into a painting that you never want to come back out of. My children ask, with a note of concern in their voices, "Dad, you really like Pirates of the Caribbean a lot, don't you?"
And that Depp fellow. My God. I never had any idea who he was, but his name sounded like something created for a pubescent cover-boy for magazines published to hook thirteen year-old girls on make-up and bad music. Wasn't Depp the name of some hair-goo product back in the 60s?
I am a straight male. I have several good friends who are gay, but have never fantasized about any gender but the female. But now I understand how women can experience swooning crushes on male film stars. He is simply extraordinary. So sly, so seductive, so canny! I read an interview in which Depp said he went through a slight depression when he had to stop playing Captain Jack Sparrow. I can see why. His inventiveness and sheer pleasure in inhabiting the character come through in every frame. How can I admit to my children that I now troll through fan websites about a former teen heart-throb?
I often don't even watch the Academy Awards, and I certainly never have any emotional investment in who wins.
Except for this year.
Go Jack.
And, in a time when many big-budget movies are little more than a hodge-podge of loosely-connected "money shots" this movie puts all the pieces together, with a sense of fun and light-heartedness in special effects that are simply dazzling. I find myself laughing with dizzy appreciation when Barbossa barks out, "You'd best be believing in ghost stories, Miss Turner, you're in one!" and the grinning skeletons come into view, with Badelt's pounding score keeping time to the beat of their maniacal deck-swabbing. And then there's the scene of the pirate-ghouls slithering up from the darkened sea on the mooring cables of the Dauntless, like infernal cats stalking their prey.
And now to the music. I can just hear the effete aesthetes dismissing this score, as Mr. Zimmerman anticipates with his winking "overproduced by" credit on the cover-liner. "Bombastic." "Overdone." "Absurdly Stupendous."
Well, perhaps it is, for those who spend their lives evaluating such things. To me, it is absolutely transporting. I first listened to it while doing a work-out on a rowing machine and found that I tripled my usual distance. It was like mainlining some hazardous tachycardic amphetamine.
Once again, the children were wondering, "What's up with Daddy? Is he OK?"
Perhaps I am just losing my grip, having an adolescent movie get to me this way. But when those final credits roll, and Captain Jack narrows his eyes and says, "Now, bring me that horizon. Drink up me hearties, yo ho" and the music swells ... it is difficult to put into words the effect it has.
At this point my children have to yank me forcibly from the theater, lest I persist in watching the credits to the bitter end, and bid good-bye to the little monkey once more, wiping tears of exultation from my eyes.
This is not just another "entry" in the summer blockbust sweepstakes. It is an exquisite work of fantasy and inventiveness, a true classic, on the order of "The Wizard of Oz." I do hope Depp's performance garners not just awards, but a place in the pantheon, something we old fogies -- and our gently fogeying children decades hence -- will show to our children and grandchildren like a revealed treasure. I cannot recall any movie having such an effect on me.
(By the way, is it true that Johnny Depp will host the author of the best-liked review of this movie with several of his finest vintages at his home in Paris?)
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15 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on October 1, 2003
I've already reviewed this movie when I saw it the day after it came out, but after reading San Francisco's review, I had to laugh. I am a mother of two kids and it was actually me that wanted to see this movie, for no other reason than I am fascinated with this whole pirate thing. I made them go with me because I couldn't talk my husband into going. Then I made them go again. When I began talking about going again, they began to wonder what was wrong with me. Before I saw this movie, the name Johnny Depp meant nothing to me. In fact, I saw him in Edward Scissorhands years ago. That's it. However, since I've seen his stellar performance, his Oscar deserving performance, his absolutely stunning talent, I had to see him in more movies. I bought From Hell and rented Blow and we watched them this weekend. He was spectacular in both of those films. My husband said to me tonight, rather blandly, "What Johnny Depp movie do you have for us to watch tonight?" I'm dying to bring home Sleepy Hollow, but he's beginning to think I may pack up and chase the globe looking for Johnny Depp, so I'll have to wait until this Depp thing dies down a bit before I sneak that one in on him. I too have been surfing the net looking for information on him, much to my husband's chagrin. (He's caught me a couple times). So I understand where San Francisco is coming from. I'm a perfectly normal person living a perfectly normal life and suddenly, I want to get my hands on anything he has ever done. I was stunned by what a wonderful actor he was. He grabs you from the very first scene in Pirates and you can't take your eyes off him throughout the entire movie. And you don't want to. You may miss some quirky little comment he makes or some silly facial expression. And as far as "swooning" goes, I've never swooned over an actor before, but I came darn close to doing that when he appeared on the screen. I just thought "Wow". And I'm wondering why I never noticed him before. The movie was spectacular and of course, I'll buy it when it comes out. It is still playing in theaters here and I have been trying to think of a nonchalant way to ask my husband to go to the movies with me! If Johnny Depp doesn't win an Oscar for this performance than I have to say the Oscars are rigged!
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89 of 110 people found the following review helpful
on November 9, 2003
Now this film I really love. The story is superb, even though I had not expected it from a film adaptation of a theme-park ride. The special effects are amazing, the acting is fabulous, an overall thrill ride which takes you back to all the films you grew up with, repeated again and again. This is a pirate film with a twist, but still quite reminiscent of the Errol Flynn movies.
The two stand-out performances of this film are undoubtedly Johny Depp, who has made it a career of selecting roles for himself which are not only very suitable, but in which he shines and steals the show. This time, however, he has heavy competition in that department. Orlando Bloom, known for his role as Legolas in the Lord of the Ring movies, dazzles the movie-goer with his acting capabilities, looks and fighting skills. It seems a romantic hero is born in this movie...lets hope Mr. Bloom can keep shining and outperforming his co-stars.
The verdict? The only reason I wouldn't give this movie 5 stars is that I have seen a few better movies, in terms of story and other things. However, it is certainly one of the best movies I have seen this year! And well, as you can oly give full stars on Amazon, I'll give it all I did truly love it...
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