Customer Reviews: Planes without Passengers: The Faked Hijackings of 9/11 (2nd Edition)
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on September 19, 2012
Dean Hartwell's 2nd edition of Planes Without Passengers: The Faked Hijackings of 9/11 deals with some of the most controversial and complex aspects of 9/11 research. Regrettably, many of the aspects of 9/11 research Dean pursues in his latest book are ignored, misunderstood, dismissed, or hastily rejected, even (or, perhaps, especially) by those in the so-called "9/11 Truth Movement". Nevertheless, any serious 9/11 investigator will want to take what Dean has to offer in Planes Without Passengers seriously, and consider the implications of his well-established research.

Dean tackles the subject of "phantom flights" and their alleged passengers, the mislabeled theory of "no planes", faked or otherwise fabricated "hijackings", and other key details of the official 9/11 conspiracy theory in depth throughout the book, offering well-founded arguments and facts which totally disprove virtually every aspect of the official government conspiracy theory explaining what happened on 9/11.

Before going any further, let's clear something up here: the "no planes" theory of 9/11 can be summarized as follows, which I think Dean would most assuredly agree with: there were no large commercial Boeing 757 or 767s involved at any of the alleged crash sites on 9/11. Or, to be more precise, the "hijacked" commercial airliners allegedly involved on 9/11 were simply fabricated cover stories or decoys for what really happened that day. Flights 11, 77, 175, and 93, the official flights alleged by the government and media to have been hijacked and used as weapons on 9/11, were not hijacked and did not crash anywhere on 9/11.

Consider the following facts, which Dean highlights quite succinctly in his book: American Airlines Flights 11 and 77 were never even officially scheduled to fly on 9/11 according to the government's own records. Additionally, United Airlines Flights 93 and 175 were not de-registered as active commercial airliners until September 28, 2005 - a full 4 years after they allegedly crashed and were destroyed on 9/11. (See 9/11: Planes/No Planes and "Video Fakery")

So the question then becomes: how can flights that were never even scheduled have crashed on 9/11? And, how can flights that were in the air 4 years after 9/11 have crashed that day?

Dean also cites well-known 9/11 researchers David Ray Griffin and A.K. Dewdney as key sources refuting the alleged phone calls made by passengers on the "hijacked" flights. Griffin and Dewdney have shown that the phone calls alleged to have been made on 9/11 were not even possible given the technology of the time. Some have suggested that voice-morphing technology was involved in the fabrication of the phone calls made on 9/11, technology which is known to be in existence, even prior to 9/11. However it was done, the alleged phone calls were a key aspect of the official conspiracy theory, and were used to sell the idea to the public that "Muslim extremists" really did hijack commercial airliners on 9/11. In reality, the phone calls were faked, and have been used as a major PSYOP on the American and world public in order to perpetuate the "hijacker" and "innocent American passengers died on board the airliners" myths.

Furthermore, Elias Davidsson has shown that the United States government has never been able to prove that any "Muslim extremists" hijacked any airliners on 9/11, a subject discussed by Dean in the book. The alleged flight manifests are either fraudulent or have serious problems, bringing their legitimacy into question, and there has been no video evidence produced by the government of "Arab Muslim terrorists" boarding any of the flights at any of the airports on the morning of 9/11, key facts Dean brings to light. Incredibly, none of pilots of the allegedly "hijacked" airliners that day entered in the hijack code to notify ground control operators, and no fighter jets were scrambled to intercept these flights (probably because there were no hijackings and there were no flights).

Dean also addresses the eye witness testimony of travelers at the various airports alleged to have been involved with the flights on 9/11, especially the travelers at the Cleveland airport, where multiple flights landed on 9/11, including flights associated with the official conspiracy theory, namely Flight 175 (or an aircraft thought to have been Flight 175). Figuring out exactly which flights landed where, what flights were even in the air, and other aspects relating to the flights on 9/11 are extremely complex details of 9/11 research, and Dean does a good job of trying to sort this all out the best he can given the available evidence. In my opinion, we will likely never know what exactly happened with the flights said to have been involved on 9/11, if there even were any (which I now doubt), but it's important for knowledgeable individuals like Dean to investigate these matters honestly and bring important facts to light.

Perhaps the most controversial topic Dean covers is the alleged passengers said to have been on the official flights on 9/11. He makes a good case that many, if not all, of the alleged "passengers" were either government-insiders involved in the conspiracy, or were manufactured individuals sold to the public as "victims", similar to what was detailed in the Operation Northwoods document. (See 9/11: trauma-based mind control on a societal scale)

Planes Without Passengers: The Faked Hijackings of 9/11 is an extremely important book for honest researchers of the events of 9/11 to pursue. I highly recommend it, and believe Dean has done a major service to those of us seriously interested in figuring out exactly what happened on 9/11.
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VINE VOICEon August 31, 2013
Having recently revisited David Ray Griffin's deeply-probing studies of the flaws of the "official story" of the events of 9/11 (see reviews I posted on 7/16/2013 and 8/10/2013 for "Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11" and "9/11 Ten Years Later"), I had one really deep concern, which Griffin did not address specifically. Given that the Twin Towers and WTC 7 collapses were almost unequivocally caused by demolition implosions that had been previously set up in a clandestine fashion, ready to be activated as soon as the well-orchestrated plane crashes occurred to provide the opportunity to "blame" Al Qaeda, none-the-less how were those crashes arranged? I purchased Hartwell's book in the hope that it might shed some light on this question.

Previous reviewers have complained that Hartwell's analysis is confusing, and presented in a way that tends to detract from its adequacy. At least one comment I read disliked the "large type" (something I actually found very helpful). The other issue, of course, is that references are exclusively to Internet citations, some of which (no surprise) are no longer accessible. The fact is, of course, that the "official" obfuscation of the events surrounding 9/11 is the source of ALL the confusion. Hartwell and others who have been trying to dig through the muck have indeed been faced with a Herculean task.

In a nutshell, Hartwell proposes a number of hypotheses that support the idea that although flights did indeed take off from Logan and Newark airports with something in the neighborhood of 200 passengers aboard, these were NOT the planes that eventually crashed into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, or Shanksville, PA field. He reiterates Griffin's discussion about the patently "faked" phone calls from various flights to family members and/or airline officials, and tries to develop a timeline of the actual whereabouts of the alleged UA flights 175 and 93 AFTER the times of the crashes reported by the official account. He suggests that the passengers on those flights were re-routed to Cleveland, where several eye witness reports place 200 unaccounted-for passengers in the hours following the supposed crashes.

Hartwell suggests a number of alternative ideas as to what might have been the eventual disposition of those people - including the possibility that they were executed in some other way, after perhaps their DNA was harvested to "plant" for subsequent alleged forensic examination of remains from the crashes, or perhaps that they were given new identities in the Witness Protection Program. He is careful to reiterate that it is not possible to choose the most plausible hypothesis, given the dearth of accessible background information that the authorities have so far been willing to make public. However, his account, brief and lacking in detail as it may be, is definitely valuable for keeping the questions alive, and challenging those who are prepared to study this issue without knee-jerk acceptance of the "Official Party Line" to come up with their own ideas about further research.
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on May 2, 2013
Hartwell raises a lot of issues worth wondering about, but unfortunately after I read this book I was only confused at a higher level. He speculates with theory after theory many of which are hard for me to believe even though I have come to think that 9/11 was an inside job. Of course the whole conception of 9/11 as a plot by the administration is difficult to accept at first so any of his theories are possible, I suppose. Even the wild ones are. To think that Osama, working from Afghanistan and a handful of Muslim kooks or dupes could pull this off is the wildest theory of all and inconceivable to me. This book makes me want to learn a lot more about this whole plot as the info here is not satisfying, it is just provocative. Still, I would say this book is a worthwhile addition to all the 9/11 literature, just not one of the better ones.
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on January 23, 2013
Author makes a convincing case, based on data from the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics, that 2 of the 4 planes were not scheduled to fly that day, nor did they ever take off. On the down side, the book is disorganized and poorly edited. However it still gets 5 stars from me because it is an aspect of 9/11 that is long overdue for some attention, as it demonstrates how deep the rabbit hole goes.
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on November 7, 2012
After reading 9/11 books by Bollyn, Hendries, Griffin, Barrett and others, I thought I knew a lot, but Hartwell's book filled in some missing gaps.

In addition to amazing research, the book is also in large print and easy to read. To me, it's a must read for anyone wanting to learn more about what happened on this sad day, over 11 years ago. As with other 9/11 books, you don't read this to learn "who, what and why," but how--for yet another several reasons--the official story is nonsense. Total nonsense. You read this book for the confidence that tells you, "You're NOT crazy," other smart people know that the official story is not and cannot be...true. You read it to be amongst the nearly fifty percent of Americans that are now--finally, questioning the official story. And, you read Hartwell's book to know that even the "craziest" ideas of all, may, after all, be true! Knowing the truth on any subject is not enough. You must REALLY know that you're "right" and Hartwell helps you reach this more advanced stage in your search for 9/11 truth. I still think one should read one of David Ray Griffin's books (e.g., "9/11 Commission Report, Omissions and Distortions" or "The New Pearl Harbor") first and then tackle Hartwell's outstanding book. This is not a book for "beginners" in the 9/11 truth movement, but it is excellent for anyone with a basic understanding of the "real story" behind this terrible event eleven years ago.
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on January 30, 2013
The evidence cannot prove that passenger planes hit the WTC's.
I watched 911 all day on that day from beginning until WTC 7 came down. I saw no planes until they videotaped them in. I am a retired Computer Science Professor and airplanes just cannot crash into a building and disapear into it.

The buildings were built to withstand a 707 plane hitting which was the airliner at the time.
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on January 31, 2016
This book tries to cast doubt on the planes involved in the 911 tragedy. Says the actual planes with those flight numbers landed in other areas and weren't involved in the incident. The problem with books like this is - hard evidence and explanations of what planes were used and why. For what reason other than the normal (wanting to start a war), what happened to the passengers on those flight? What actual planes were used then?. You can use Occam's razor (I know it pertains to science and competing hypothesis) looking for explanations "Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected". How much of a "designed conspiracy" do you really think could be pulled off? How many hundreds of people would need to be involved on so many levels to coordinate and "pull off" such a thing. The same result could be accomplished so much easier (a staged attack on just about anything) if the end result was wanting a war to begin.
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on February 2, 2015
Backs up decently what millions already have considered since the TRUTH has been hidden and the original explanations have never been proven.
It helps connect the dots, get past the bull, and make a decision only you and your gut understand.
If you have bought this book, it means you are seeking along with billions of people what really happened.
Someday the truth will come out, but it takes millions to bring it to full exposure by helping it stay focused, just as we did over JFK..
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on March 7, 2016
This is a wafer-thin book printed by Amazon, and involves little more than an essay with examples and alternate interpretations of what happened regarding the alleged plane hijackings prior to the actual collision with the World Trade Center buildings on 9-11. Being a conspiracy theory person, I have read other books on the topic, such as the earlier but comprehensive tome by the irrepressible Texas journalists Jim Marrs.

This work is not in that category because it narrows its focus considerably. That said, it is brief work that is certainly a valuable addition to the libraries of conspiracy information, particularly those books and films that question the official findings of that day's events. I can't help but wonder what Jim Marrs or Jesse Ventura (or other researchers, for that matter) would think of this addition to the other findings.
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on July 30, 2015
makes some good points, some of them undeniable, raises important issues, there are some snippets of interesting information and it's a super-quick read, - I wish there was more published research about the 911 planes out there in general - even if they were really a diversion - but there's too much conjecture in this little book - and it's not intellectually rigorous. In some parts, this was so blatant I was left wondering if the author was a troll trying to obfuscate ... worth reading only if you are determined to read everything about 911 you can get your hands on and are already up to speed, and even then, this is a mixed bag ... I doubt for instance, that the passengers were all government agents who disembarked in Cleveland ...
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