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on January 13, 2010
There have been several negative reviews of this case surrounding it's strength. I think those reviews need to be tempered with a little reality. If anyone orders a $15 case and really expects it to be comparable to a $75-$100 Pelican case, they need to seriously rethink their shopping strategy. This is a $15 case and is a fantastic product for that price. Would I trust it as a standalone piece of luggage on an airliner? Maybe not, but I've never seen a $15 case that would meet anything near that criteria. I just wanted the ability to store several items, both gun and non-gun, that made them both more resistant to damage than a soft side case, and be easy to transport. I've been to many gun shows that have offered countless cases that were inferior to this one, at the same or even higher prices. I've bought more than one of these cases because I was so satisfied with the first, and I intend to buy even more of them. They offer good, sturdy storage without breaking the bank. The plastic won't support an elephant, but is plenty strong enough for typical storage, and I feel perfectly safe tossing them into a closet or storage room with multiples of other items on top of them. I can stand on top of mine (carefully) without damaging it and I'm on the not so pretty side of 200 pounds. It bends and flexes, but it doesn't break, and it returns immediately to it's original shape when I step off.

Another reviewer mentioned that these appear identical to another reel (as in rod and reel) case. He is correct. Aside from the color and some words molded into the cover, these cases are totally identical, except this one is cheaper. A major advantage of three pieces of foam in this case, besides allowing two levels of storage, is that one of the pieces of foam has hundreds of tiny, pre-perforated sections in it. You just tear out whatever pieces you want to create a custom 'mold' for whatever item you want to store, whether it be a gun or some other item. Much easier and neater than trying to cut out special shapes on your own.

I used Pelican cases many times to transport equipment during my military career and they were great, but those cases would be serious overkill for my personal storage needs. If you want the ultimate in protection or are concerned with possible severe treatment like you might get with some airline baggage handlers, then $15 cases really aren't where you should be looking. But if you want simple, durable, reliable and inexpensive storage for your guns or anything else, then you can't do any better in this price range than these cases.
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on October 5, 2011
I was looking for an inexpensive case to hold a paintball marker of mine, and ran across this. It isn't a Pelican like what I have for some other stuff, but in a way that's good because I couldn't afford the appropriately-sized Pelican case.

This isn't meant to shield valuables from heavy damage, that's what a Pelican would do, but you'd pay 10x the price. This will be excellent for carrying anything which would fit.. netbooks, electronics, firearms, etc, on a daily basis. It isn't waterproof.


It's a sturdy ABS-style plastic, with actual hinges for the clips and the case itself. It'll withstand average forces, and light impacts. It comes with 3 layers of foam: 2 outer layers of eggshell-style foam, and the inner layer which has perforated sections which you can tear out as needed.


I didn't see dimensions in the description, which would've been beneficial, but here they are.

The label says (presuming outside measurements): 16.75" x 14" x 6"
My actual measurements (inside): 16" x 10" x 6"

Inside measurements will always be a little less as seen above. This will fit a paintball marker and barrel nicely.

Not much else to say.. it's a case, it was $20 shipped, and it'll keep my paintball marker safe during transport. Well worth the money.
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on February 23, 2012
I bought this case to protect my FOSTEX MR-8HD multitrack recorder. The inside dimensions (was dying to know these before I bought it!) are 11.25" front to back x 15" wide x 6" high (base to lid). With the foam, it's tighter, of course, but you know what you want to put inside and whether or not you need all the foam.

It comes with two identically diecut egg carton style dense foam inserts, about an inch or so thick (each). One is set inside the lid, the other sits in the middle like the meat of a sandwich. There's also a flat, 1/2-inch diecut foam pad on the base of the case. All of the foam inserts can be easily removed. The case's handle and latch indents are molded into the case, and the foam inserts trace the outline for a custom fit. The latches pivot like a simple hinge, which will last much longer than latches that are molded onto the shell and eventually break off. Likewise, the case's primary hinge is real, like a plastic tackle box (an appropriate comparison, since Plano knows tackle boxes), so it too will last over time. The latches snap closed, and there's a padlock hole inside the handle compartment in case you want to deter curious lookers.

Back to my use as a case for my Fostex recorder. I have a little past experience putting electronics with knobs into tight, foam cases. Knobs don't like too much pressure against them, especially if you're moving the item around and stressing the knobs even more. They can stop working or decide to do funny things when you're not even touching them. So I made a paper pattern to indicate where the knobs are and traced it onto the upper foam. Then I cut out the areas where the knobs would be. Now, when the lid is dropped down, it floats just a little above the "closed line," which provides enough pressure to keep the unit snug. I put a little piece of the leftover foam behind the recorder to absorb shock when the case is put down like a briefcase. I didn't need the middle foam insert. One other thing, I keep the recorder on the left side of the case, leaving a nice open section for the power cord. The manual fits nicely under the recorder.

While it's no road warrior (I wouldn't subject it to being crushed or manhandled), it's actually a pretty tough box. I highly recommend it!
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on September 20, 2012
I realize as I write this that this review will be "on the bottom of the pile". But I believe there are a couple of helpful points to make that could help you if you're considering this case. The clamping mechanism on this rather thin plastic case is very weak and works by the tension provided by the dimensions of, and contents of, the case. In other words, the "locks" barely engage (some of mine don't at all--I bought four cases initially) when the case is empty (without the foam inserts) and just barely do with the foam inserts. Add contents, and the expansion makes the locks catch more positively. "Good," you might think. Not really. Add a little too much and the case will stress the plastic hinges that act as the fulcrum for the "locks"/clamps. They could break VERY easily. There is a padlock hole but this will only keep the case from completely opening and spilling the contents. Should you place, for instance, two blued revolvers a distance apart in this case, carry it, and the case "pop" its clasps, your contents will shift--and one blued gun colliding with another will almost certainly lead to an unwanted blemish. If you're carrying well-used Glocks, this might not be much of a concern and I can't imagine that the owner of Baers, Wilsons, Nighthawks, and Browns would be stuffing four of their pistols into this in the first place.

Should you pack, side-by-side, four pistols closely into this case you will find that the weak way in which the case clamps down on itself will not secure the contents sufficiently to maintain their distance from each other in the case. They will easily shift, perhaps just because of the weight of the items in the case. That means that your contents (pistols or anything heavy like this) will bump into each other as they shift in accordance with gravity. This wouldn't be a big deal if you're willing to carry the case like a platter and forego the use of the luggage-like handle. There are no internal dividers or strapping posts (as there are in bow cases, for example; Plano provides these in their ProMax dual rifle cases BTW Plano Pro Max Double Scoped Rifle Case), so there's no way to secure the weighty contents from shifting. There are only two faces of eggshell foam interlocking in the case. The flat back of one piece sets against another flat piece and provides two places to put two pistols--in theory. DON'T. The eggshell foam interlocks and helps the contents not to shift to some degree. (The more weighty the contents, the less that this helps.) The flat-sided foam will not at all prevent the contents from shifting and, should you place two pistols in this flap and two in the eggshell flap you will likely hear the contents collide when you carry the case by the handle. Trying to place four Glock-sized pistols, 1911s, or the like, in the eggshell compartment is tough. I guarantee that if you can arrange them so that they're not touching when you close the case, when you carry the case by the handle they will slide to contact each other.

This is a fine lightweight case for items that won't require much cushioning as they travel or a couple of mid-weight items wrapped or restrained in some other way from rubbing each other. The locking mechanism is simply pathetic. Part of the reason is that it's plastic-on-plastic and the engineers were being realistic (even if we're not...) and part of the reason is that the clasp is not designed to positively lock apart from tension provided by the closed case. If you understand this you'll certainly see that this case is not suited for four pistols--but could still have many other constructive uses (as other reviewers rightly point out). And, yes, I know that this is not a Pelican case and that it's very inexpensive... But it's also not a "four pistol case" in my estimation.
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on August 28, 2007
The construction is everything you would expect from Plano, excellent hinges and rigidity. Plano makes one other case very similar to this one, but I have to wonder why anyone would buy it other than lack of research.

Plano's reel case sports the exact dimensions as this case. In fact, they appear to be carbon copies of one another with the exceptions that it is tan instead of black and the foam is two-piece instead of three. I find this 2nd cavity quite useful for storing spare spools and spinning reel handles while not in use.
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on August 6, 2008
For the shooter and wargamer alike this is a good item. As a wargamer I can put a lot of figures or vehicles in it and know they are secure. As a shooter I use them for my pistols both for storage and transport with excellent service. The only reason that I did not give this listing a full five star rating is that the same case can be found at retail stores for several dollars less.
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on April 16, 2014
I purchased this box for my FlySky RC transmitter. The pre-scored foam makes it easy to form your own configuration. I was able to accommodate my transmitter and my field charger. It all looks professional and it keeps everything secured. For added convenience I glued the foam to the boX with spray adhesive once I cut everything in place.
It's not a Pelican hard case but for the price it does what I need and saved me some $$$.
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on September 6, 2011
This case is alright. That is the best that I can say about it. It is very flimsy. I was expecting it to be a bit more the standard Plano tackle box. When the case is closed, it feels misaligned, as if it may come open at any minute. When the case is open, it's flimsiness is immediately evident. I would spend the money on something more rigid next time. It will serve it's purpose for the time being. Caveat emptor.
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on April 5, 2011
I have a Glock 30 and a 1911 target 45 I wanted to carry to the range. Both guns fit in this case in their soft cases.

In the bottom I put 4 Glock 21 magazines, 1 Glock 30 magazine and 3 1911 magazines. The case was slightly bulged but they all remained in place. For $20 you cannot beat the price.
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on November 1, 2012
I have about a dozen of these cases holding various pieces of camera and lighting gear. Nothing too heavy duty, but up until my last order of 2 more cases, they've always come with a thick inner foam panel made of diced pick-n-pluck foam. This made customizing the case interiors easy and very nice to create compartments where I wanted them. The last order came with the same good (cheap) cases and foam, but the 3rd foam panel is UNCUT, UNDICED, and thinner than before. Really frustrated by this change which wasn't documented anywhere before I re-ordered. Prior to this change, this was a 4-5 star product given it's price bracket
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