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509 of 527 people found the following review helpful
Package Type: Standard PackagingVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Dual mic technology is the newest breakthrough in cutting edge headsets and quality audio products. This Plantronics Voyager Pro is one of the best I've tried but does have minor flaws.

I keep giving these dual mic products 5 stars because they keep impressing me with their ability to improve audio quality. I gave this one 4 due to a minor flaw that's a bit annoying for those of us with facial hair - the wind screen on the boom mic catches my beard and rips out hairs at least a few times a day! Ouch!! I've since noticed another reviewer mention the same problem so it's not just me. If not for that, this headset probably would've gotten 5 stars. But I can't deny the fact that using this headset is literally painful!

The Voyager Pro indeed has superior audio quality. I tend to be a bit soft spoken and I also work in an office with barking dogs, so being heard on the phone can be challenging. No, this headset doesn't magically remove the barking dogs keeping only my voice for the caller to hear. But a friend that I speak to regularly often complains about the shrill barking in the background. It seems that headsets are so good at picking up audio that the dogs are amplified compared to what I hear live in person. Anyway, this Voyager Pro does a good job of suppressing the barking and blunting the edge to the point where my friend can hear me loud and clear while the barking dogs are more tolerable on his end. That's the advantage of dual mics.

Dual mic technology is really popping up everywhere. The results speak for themselves, literally!! Every dual mic product I have is superior to every product I've tried with only 1 mic. The comparison isn't even close. I've made the analogy before but it's worth repeating -- dual mics are similar to the mechanics behind having two eyes and two ears -- dual mics offer more dynamic range, depth, clarity and have the ability to drastically improve call quality in headsets. I'll never go back to single mic products again. The difference is that significant.

The boom mic on the Voyager Pro positions the dual mics closer to my mouth and callers say they can hear me loud and clear, as if I were in the next room. And call volume on my end is equally loud and clear. I credit that to Plantronics established reputation with headsets.

Buttons are responsive and the unit itself feels sturdy. I appreciated getting extra ear gels and foams too. Always helpful when trying to get a good fit. And the headset itself does fit comfortably. The boom makes it a bit larger than others but that's to be expected, but it's still light and I really don't notice I'm wearing it.

My only other quibble is that my phone supports voice activated calling but there's no way to access it from the headset controls. With other headsets, pressing the call answer button activates voice commands on my phone, but with the Voyager Pro, all I can do is answer a call or redial the last number dialed. A bit of a let down for a product with the "Pro" moniker. But I can't complain too much since voice dialing is problematic in itself. But still, it can be useful when driving and I'd rather have the option available to me.

UPDATE -- voice dialing does work. you just have to hold the call button a while for it to kick in.

The Voyager Pro is an excellent headset but I still have to give the edge to the BlueAnt V1 as my favorite dual mic headset. I like that the BlueAnt is voice controlled and also talks to you, giving verbal confirmation of everything that's happening, from connection status to incoming calls and the works. By contrast, this Voyager Pro only confirms battery and mute status. But for those who don't want more sensory overload in their lives, the BlueAnt might be overkill. This Voyager Pro is on par, if not slightly better at noise cancellation and the boom is a plus since it gets the mics closer to my mouth.

So if you don't have a beard, or scruffy 5 o'clock shadow for that matter, then you'll be happy with the Plantronics Voyager Pro. If not, you might consider shaving or the BlueAnt V1 instead. Otherwise, be prepared to lose a few facial follicles.
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332 of 344 people found the following review helpful
Package Type: Standard PackagingVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Was skeptical when I read the raves about this new Plantronics Voyager PRO Bluetooth Headset when it was first announced. Am a heavy cell phone user, and spend quite a bit of time on the road and in environments where I need a good and reliable hands-free solution for communication. There have been a number of Bluetooth headsets released in many different price ranges over the past few years, and I've bought many of them, some of which now sit uselessly in the bottom of my electronics drawer.

But this time the raves were right, as in my opinion, it's tuned out to be the best one on the market to date. Read on and you'll see why I came to this conclusion.

First Impressions:

Upon arrival, opened it immediately, as I had a good test scenario in which to use it the following day: walking around a noisy outdoor flea market. The packaging was excellent, and found immediately that the instruction manual was written in a very clear and concise fashion, with easy-to-follow text and good illustrations. Followed the directions and charged the unit for the suggested 30 minutes before first use.

As it was charging, looked carefully at the new Bluetooth headset and immediately thought that it might be uncomfortable, as the battery pack portion which rests behind the ear appeared larger than many on the market. I also wear glasses, and didn't think that it would be at all comfortable. Found later that I was quite wrong in both cases.

After its initial charge, tried to see how easy it might pair with my often-stubborn cell phone, and exercise that has sometimes required a few tries. The Plantronics Voyager PRO paired up on the very first try, which was a first for this user. Found that the standard medium ear tips were a perfect fit, and then tried each of the additional ones that came with the unit, settling back to the original. I wear my Bluetooth headsets on the left side, and found it easy to change in seconds by rotating the boom mike. After all of this was done, finished charging the headset for the suggest 1.5 hours to full charge.

Trial Run:

The following day was a Saturday when I was going to be visiting a busy outdoor flea market with a friend, and it seemed to be the perfect time to test the unit. The noise levels were as expected, so I tried making a few calls using free weekend minutes. The first thing that people with whom I was talking noticed was that the sound was so clear, better than they had ever heard from my previous calls, and this was even with a moderate wind blowing at times. Most thought that I was still home.

Wore the headset into the early afternoon, a little over eight hours straight, and found it to be the most comfortable Bluetooth headset that I've yet to encounter... for the most part didn't even realize that it was there. Also found that it didn't interfere with wearing glasses at all, which is a strong plus for this user.


* Great ergonomics, fits easily right out of the box.
* Superb sound quality, even in windy conditions.
* First-rate controls for power, volume and call control.
* Automatic voice prompts alert battery & mute status.
* Excellent and clearly written instructions.
* Non-proprietary charger port (micro USB).
* Up to six hours of continuous talk time, confirmed.
* Single charge standby of five days..


* None. Can't find a single one so far... another first.

Regular Use:

The Plantronics Voyager PRO has become an item that I use daily, which I couldn't say about my old Bluetooth headsets, including my old basic Motorola H505 Bluetooth Headset, which had actually served me quite well for a couple of years. The Voyager PRO is far more comfortable and ergonomic than the photos might indicate, something that one can only find by actual extended use. Have worn mine for 12+ hours a day at a time, and it's been quite easy to adapt to over extended periods of time, with no discomfort whatsoever. I ride a mountain bike some distances over suburban streets and wooded trails on a regular basis each week, and the first thing that callers notice is that the sound quality is excellent, with no wind noise reported by anyone.


Did some checking on the Plantronics site (just google Plantronics Voyager Pro) and found that if one registered the unit, the company would send out a free car charger. The site said: "Purchase a Plantronics Voyager PRO headset and register your new product to receive a FREE power charger for your car." So I registered mine, and within about a week received it and received another pleasant surprise in that the quality of the free car charger was as good as the Voyager Pro. So be sure to register your unit if you get one of these.


Have had this unit for over a month now and have subjected it to more use than the average product that I might review here. Looked carefully to see if there were any flaws or omissions in the product or its performance and for once just couldn't find a single one.

Kudos to Plantronics for bringing such a product to market, for it satisfies the Bluetooth headset needs of the demanding user such as me. A true 5-star offering, without a doubt.


I would have kept this Voyager PRO Headset for years, as it perfectly satisfied all of my needs, but I had an accident with the one reviewed here, so when I had to get a replacement, I decided to replace it with the Plantronics Voyager 520 Bluetooth Headset, as it had been recommended by a friend as a reasonably priced alternative. That was a mistake, putting it simply, and since then have replaced the Plantronics Voyager 520 headset with the newer Plantronics Voyager PRO+ Bluetooth Headset earlier in 2012, and recently posted a review on it, as can be seen in the notes here. The Voyager PRO+ was a logical move considering my personal needs, though whether it's any better that the Voyager PRO remains to be seen. I'll gladly keep answering questions on the older one as much as possible, as I've been doing all along... and thanks to all of you who have tracked this review.

review image
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119 of 122 people found the following review helpful
on June 2, 2009
I LOVE this product and so do the people I call! I have an unusually soft voice as well as an extremely loud downtown urban environment for background noise. All of my life I've been plagued with people asking me to repeat myself on the phone (even wired landlines). I purchased and compared this headset along with the Jawbone 2 Noise Assassinator, and the more costly 9xx Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth headsets and two other headsets with stereo features, and Windsmart technology. I tested each of the 5 different headsets in the car with the A/C blowing on the microphone, on the loud and windy downtown streets near my office and in quiet areas with 3 different people (some of whom have mild hearing loss). Hands down with every caller agrees with me that the Voyager Pro is the best headset for me and my environments (not to be confused with the other Voyager headsets).

If you have a loud (or probably even normal volume) voice, and don't have windy environments the 9xx Plantronics Discovery 925 is smaller, more comfortable, and has a super convenient carrying case that recharges the battery. I invested in the snazzy Discovery 925 first; but, unfortunately for my special needs voice and environment, the lack of vocal volume and windy environments prevented the Discovery from getting the sound of my voice to others. For me, I'm more than willing to go with the somewhat larger, not as comfortable, not as convenient recharge of the Voyager Pro. It's still an amazing headset that far out works ALL the rest.
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157 of 163 people found the following review helpful
on August 5, 2009
*** UPDATE 2: My replacement Voyager Pro broke right at 6 months. This time, instead of the rubber wire sleeve separating, the plastic microphone swivel broke. As before, Plantronics sent me a no-cost replacement.

I would like to address some of the feedback I have gotten on this review.

First, indicators. Yes, the Pro does indicate a charging state, and the light goes off when it is finished. I was used to the 510, which did the opposite.

Secondly, comfort. Everyone has different ears, and mine fit the 510 better than the Pro. I know this because I replaced my old 510 with a new 510, which I use with my laptop when working alone at home. Both the Pro and 510 are capable of connecting to two devices simultaneously, but each always tries to connect to the last thing it connected to, and I want a headset that always connects to my phone when I turn it on, so I grabbed a 510 for some ridiculously low price, and occasionally wear both at the same time. The 510, even straight out of the box, fits my ear better. Perhaps that is why my Pro keeps breaking. ***

*** UPDATE: As happened to another reviewer, mine broke in under 6 months. The flexible rubber bit cracked and eventually separated completely, right at the top of the ear, exposing the wires. Having long ago tossed the receipt, I thought I was out $100. But I called Plantronics, and they told me to mail it in for a replacement. A week after I dropped it in a first class mail envelope, a full retail Plantronics Pro box arrived at my door. I am hoping this one lasts longer than the last. ***

My Voyager 510 (v1) lived a long life. It was comfortable enough to wear for 8 hours at a time, which I often do while shooting pool. It worked very well with my Motorola RAZR (v1) for four years. It had good range, great battery life, and two annoyances. First, it had an extremely bright LED talk indicator that could not be turned off. This was changed on later versions of the 510. The second problem was wind/ambient noise. The 510 seemed to amplify everything, so unless I was in a quiet, windless environment when I used it, it was difficult for people to hear me.

I was very excited when I read the reviews of the upcoming Voyager Pro, and bought one the day it went on sale (sorry, Amazon, but Best Buy had exclusive marketing that month). The Pro looked like a better version of the 510, and in a couple of ways, it is. I like the audio cues that tell me the battery is low. The noise reduction is very, very good, although this seems to be at a slight cost to the fidelity of calls not placed in a noisy environment.

Nevertheless, this headset has flaws I cannot ignore. First, my RAZR refused to stay connected to it. I assume this was because the Pro uses Bluetooth 2.1, while my ancient RAZR was stuck at 1.2. The RAZR would complain of weak Bluetooth signal, then drop the headset. This immediately ended the call unless the phone was open, which rather negates the point of a headset. I bought an iPhone, which solved the connection problem altogether.

The second thing I note is that I can never tell when the Pro is finished charging. The 510 would let me know by lighting up the room with the brightest LED I have ever seen. The Pro gives no indication whatsoever.

Third, I have noticed, as have other reviewers, that the microphone catches in my beard. It doesn't actually pull hairs out, but it does tug a few times a day. It is a very minor annoyance.

None of these are reasons for me to give this headset anything other than 5 stars. But comfort is another matter. When I saw the design, I figured this headset would be as comfortable as the 510. For me, it is not. I can still wear it for a few hours, but my true test is a day-long session shooting pool, which involves a lot of moving around and changing head positions, not to mention challenging the battery life. My ear simply hurts if I wear the Pro all day. I tried switching the eartips, but none give me the comfort I had with the old 510.

That brings me to one final annoyance. I have tried wearing the Pro with bare eartips, and found it immediately uncomfortable. The foam covers are nearly impossible to get on, and very easy to pull off. Even the act of removing the headset from my ear can pull the foam cover off, unless I am careful. This was never a problem with the 510.

Pros: Great noise reduction, can pair with 2 devices at once, nice audio cues and battery life

Cons: Less comfortable than the Voyager 510, no full-charge indicator, poor eartip covers, does not play nicely with beards
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43 of 44 people found the following review helpful
on June 7, 2009
I have used many Bluetooth head sets in my time and this is the best.

My previously unit was the Plantronics 510 that has been so highly rated wherever opinions are recorded. The Voyager Pro is the next generation of that head set.

I purchased this headset from Plantronics the very first day it became available and they offered a free car charger with purchase. I say this because I've been using the PRO every day, all day since. As a matter of fact two days ago I left in a restaurant and was so panicked I was going to order a new one overnighted at any cost; that's how much I enjoy and need this product! Thank goodness a Good Samaritan turned it in.

- Very good incoming and outgoing sound quality.
- Very good noise reduction.
- No blue blinking on the unit to distract others.
- Very good unit comfort because of the balanced weight behind the ear.
- Gel ear insert is an improvement over the previous version (which wasn't bad either). I've not had this ear piece come off one time ... this is an improved feature over the 510.
- Less static than other Bluetooth sets.
- Distinctive on/off tones that leave you no doubt as to unit status.
- Verbal low battery message (very cool).
- Charges very quickly.

Cons: (I'm struggling here)
- Perhaps a little less battery life than the 510. I need to insert here the fact that I'm in business development and use around 5000 minutes per month. If you are a normal minute's user you probably won't even notice this issue.

Like I said before.... WOW!
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34 of 34 people found the following review helpful
on February 21, 2010
Think twice before buying. Though I'm impressed with the sound quality and comfort of the Plantronics Voyager Pro head set, its so poorly constructed I have been through three of these in the last 6 months. Though I've seen some posts indicating that other users have had this unit break in numerous places, for me the breakage has always occurred just above the ear bud on the stem that swivels. I am not at all rough on this unit. I don't put it in my pocket, it doesn't drop off my head. It's just so incredibly fragile that through the normal course of use it breaks. I will be calling support tomorrow but will not be asking that they replace this unit with a fourth. I'll either seek a complete refund or look to see if there's another Plantronics head set they carry that I could settle on.

If you decide to buy this unit, buy at least two at a time and also be sure to buy a couple of super glue containers. You'll need them.
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50 of 53 people found the following review helpful
on June 1, 2009
I have small ears, and a small ear canal. My biggest problem with Bluetooth headsets in general is that they all seem to flop around and won't stay in or on my ear - making them more or less useless.

However, with the Plantronics Voyager Pro, they might as well have cemented the device to the side of my head. It fit's my ear perfectly. I went along for a few days perfectly content normal ear bud in place, and then I changed it to the small one, and wow! another huge improvement. I cannot state how happy I am with the fit of this device. The Voyager Pro comes with 3 different sized ear buds and the bendy portions bends a fair amount, so it seems like it would fit a variety of ear sizes.

Sure, it may look a little bulky, but it's not like it weights you down - I guess for the truly fashion conscious there may be better options, but I still contend that this is a stylish device, and despite it's "Jabber-esq" design that it far surpasses any other Bluetooth headset on the market today in technology and quality:

The sound quality on both ends is excellent. I've had the radio on at a volume louder than I would normally talk using the handset, and callers are still able to hear me just fine with the Voyager PRO.

The Voyager PRO is solid, and appears to be very well made... and for close to $100 it should be - at no point have I ever thought I was going to break it by just handling it.

S. Chi. mentioned that the Voyager PRO was uncomfortable for glasses wears; I disagree. It must depend on the glasses, because I wear my sunglasses while driving with absolutely no problem. In fact, this is one of the first Bluetooth headsets I've been able to comfortably wear while wearing glasses. Both my regular and sun glasses are wire frame.

Also, just an FYI to guys that go around with the scruffy look, or if you don't shave for a few days, you may find that the metal grill on the mic will pull at your whiskers when it's resting on your face. It's a bit irritating - so if that's your look, you may want to try this out before buying. If you have longer whiskers or a beard it may not be a problem, but for me with stubble it was.
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44 of 47 people found the following review helpful
on January 26, 2010
I had the Plantronics 510 for almost 4 years, loved it, and when it finally started to wear out from multiple hours-per-day use, I was very excited to read the positive reviews in CNET and elsewhere about the Voyager PRO. A friend of mine and I both purchased ours at the same time. The sound and voice reproduction on this headset is great. It's even better than the 510. I was very happy.

Then, within a month of purchasing it, my friend's headset broke. The plastic snapped right above the swivel on the most narrow part. He tried to superglue it, but the wires inside has loosened enough that is was never the same. He gave up and purchased another model. He's a guy, and carried it in his pocket, so I just chalked it up to unneccessary roughness on his part.

Until a month later when mine broke in exactly the same spot, with exactly the same result. Unlike him, I carry mine in my purse, in a separate compartment, exactly in the same spot I carried my 510 for nearly 4 uneventful years.

I'm convinced this is a poor design and will not purchase another. Great electronics that end up dangling from your ear in shards of plastic aren't worth the time, effort or hard-earned money.
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23 of 24 people found the following review helpful
Package Type: Standard PackagingVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
There are two types of Bluetooth devices these days; the ones that aspire to be worn like a piece of chic jewelry (e.g. the Jawbone), and the ones for "serious" business users where people can tell from afar that you're on the phone with an important client. The Plantronics PRO falls into the latter category; and you can easily tell it means business from the metallic gray, black and stainless colors of the headset.

EXTERIOR DESIGN: It's a functional and sophisticated looking piece of equipment, with the speaker piece adorned with small holes, not unlike the barrel of a machine gun. The set feels well-built, and the underside is equipped with a micro-USB connector, which is handy. Recharging only takes about 1.5-2 hours for a full charge, and the buttons along the exterior are placed for easy reach. They have a nice tactile feel, and respond well. Their method for changing the ear pieces (which come in three sizes, small, medium, and large) is brilliantly simple- if only other BT manufacturers adopted the same scheme. It's just a simple twist/lock mechanism, and earpiece adjusting is very easy.

COMFORT: This is where the Plantronics set gets a docked star. It's very uncomfortable for eyeglasses wearers, and you'd think that they would at least consider the population of business users who wear glasses; cmon, not everyone has 20/20 vision or wears contacts. There is an easy fix for the set that Plantronics should've adopted, especially for a headset of this price- allow the earpiece to telescope. That alone would have helped fit the set to a variety of misshapen ears (like mine). There is rotation, but just not telescoping.

OPERATION: The set syncs easily with any BT equipped phone, and operation and range were flawless. I appreciate the thoughtful feature where a computer voice warns you of a low battery; it's much easier to check the battery status with the warning voice than take off the set and check the flashing status lights.

The most touted feature of the set is the wind resistance, and I must say that it works well in most conditions. There is virtually no wind noise when the wind is blowing parallel to the microphone (for instance, in a car). However, there is perceptible wind noise when the wind is perpendicular to the microphone, and blowing directly into it. Fortunately, there is an easy fix for that- just rotate yourself such that you are parallel to the wind direction.

CONCLUSION: All in all, a very good set. If you don't wear glasses, then I give it 5 stars, and you should buy the PRO immediately. If you do wear glasses and headset comfort is an issue, then you might want to consider other sets. If you do wear glasses and you often talk at the top of buildings or in front of a giant fan, then you should buy the PRO immediately.
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17 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on February 23, 2010
Before purchasing this bluetooth headset, I was always of the mindset that there was no bluetooth headset on the market good enough for the critical consumer. This device proved me wrong. I have been through at least 3 prior headsets before this, each hoping that I would be proven wrong. I constantly encountered problems with clarity on incoming calls and static on outgoing calls where people would tell me that I sounded muffled. I gave up on bluetooth headsets for about 3 years until recently because I have begun traveling quite a bit, causing me to talk on the phone a lot more. So I did the research and took the plunge with this device.

This device has been awesome so far. The battery came fully charged. I have made over 20 calls with this now and there have been no complaints about the sound quality. I even walked into a subway where it is like a wind tunnel when the subway comes through the tunnel, and I can still hear the caller with clarity. The dual mic technology is fantastic in cancelling noise, especially wind, and I have been able to walk around my house without any noise distortion. This thing is great. Take the plunge like me, you won't regret it.
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