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on September 29, 2010
For the uninitiated, let me say that Plants vs. Zombies is an amazing game. It's fun/funny, and something that can be played in short bursts, or for hours (if you lose track of time...). The general idea is that of a tower defense strategy game. You gather sunshine so you can grow plants that have either offensive or defensive purposes, so you can protect yourself from the onslought of zombies. It's real-time, meaning that as you are planting the zombies are attacking.

Really the question here shouldn't be, "should I buy Plants vs Zombies?". You should, but do you want this particular package? On the xbox 360 they have Plants vs. Zombies available as a downloadable arcade game for 1200 Microsoft Points (the equivalent of $15). It's the same game as what's offered on this disc. However, this disc includes the additional games "Zuma" and the amazing "Peggle" (a $5 and $10 value, respectively). Definately something to consider if you haven't already purchased either of those games.

My one caveat would be that you can't install the games individually to your xbox, nor can you install the entire disc to the hard drive (this allows for shorter load times and for the system to run quietly. If you were to download the game it would automatically work this way). However, this has nothing to do with the actual game, just the package itself.
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on November 3, 2010
A friend of mine told me about this game his 5 & 6 year olds were playing. I figured no way it could be fun for grown-ups. Boy was I wrong! Everyone in the family loves this from 5 to 60+! It's challenging but a lot of fun. You get to work on strategy and time management, and it has plenty of replay value. I loved the PC version so much I just had to have it for the XBox. Well worth trying no matter your age or usual game preferences. It's an added bonus that it comes with two other really fun games.
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on March 16, 2011
More like Plants vs. Zombies vs. OCD vs. My Social Life! Guess who wins that one! (Hint: It's usually Plants or Zombies.)


Only I'm not really kidding. If this game could be freebased or were available in an injectable form, it would most certainly have destroyed more lives than Katrina and syphilis combined. I mean, hurricanes don't follow you into the subway and you can't get syphilis on your phone. But this game is everywhere. I can play it in a pop-up window on my office PC and simultaneously have a second game going on an iPad hidden in a desk drawer. You can play it in the bathroom! Plants vs. Zombies vs. Last Night's Sloppy Joes.

Seriously though. This is a fun game that doesn't actually destroy your life. It just sort of replaces it. You should try it out.
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"Plants Vs Zombies" is a very enjoyable, funny, and somewhat addictive. I should note that we love the version on the PC (5 Stars) and while the Xbox 360 version is not quite the same, it still is VERY good and adds multi-player fun.

At the core is a tower defense strategy game where you place your special ability plants to stem (no pun intended) the tide of shambling zombies. Picking the right combination of offensive and defensive abilities to suit the situation, in real time, is key to being successful, but is actually fairly easy to get the hang of. Even younger players can become proficient with a little bit of practice.

The controls are OK and work well enough, but also better on the PC.

As noted above the PC version is better in most regards but this version allows us to play together, which makes it a worthwhile game. The mini-games are also fun and add to the replay value as well!


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on December 28, 2010
Let me preface by saying that I am a casual gamer, intrigued more by games like Gears of War, Bayonetta, and Dante's Inferno. However, these games are primarily single-player "macho" games and I wanted something that my girlfriend could also play and enjoy together. In addition, I was hitting a plateau with my x-box because the intensity and in-your-face action of the aforementioned titles were not appealing after a full day of work. After a long day, I really don't have the energy to kill any locusts or scour the depths of Hell to find Beatrice. Therefore, I was looking for something softer yet still fun--Plants vs. Zombies provided a completely fresh experience and was exactly what I was looking for.

Plants vs. Zombies is really straightforward and simple, but that's what makes it so great - minimal thinking is required. You start off with an arsenal of plants that you can eventually chose from. Initially, you can only afford a few things and you need to acquire more sun, which is the equivalent of money, in order to attain everything in your arsenal. The sun money is produced by sunflowers or falls out of the sky. At night time, there is a type of mushroom that also produces sun. When you get enough sun, then you start placing attacking plants by your house. There are about 6 or 7 lanes the zombies can walk down, so you have to cover all those lanes. These attacking plants range from basic bean shooter, freezing bean shooter, chompers, ground spikes, exploding chile beans, potato mines, and barricading walnuts. There is a bit of strategy in the game that makes it more intriguing. For example, you could strategically place some ground spikes in front of a walnut. The walnut blocks the zombie and keeps it at the same position until the zombie can finish eating the walnut. While the zombie tries to eat the walnut, the ground spikes will keep hurting the zombie as long as it is standing on them. You could also add a freeze shooter to make the zombie move slower, which allows more time for the spikes to attack. Whatever strategy you impose, your goal is to make sure the zombies don't enter the house and eat your brains!!

There are three main settings for the game - the frontyard, the swimming pool, and the roof. There is definitely something addicting about this game. When I first got it, I played after work and played for four hours straight. The whole night was: collect sun, make plants, kill zombies. When you have a good system going, it is very satisfying building a good defense against the zombies. Unfortunately, the game is not as long as I would've liked. Overall, the game took me about seven hours to beat. It seems like a lot shorter of a time because it was so fun. On the bright side, there are many mini-games that can also be played. They are all different takes on the original game. For example in one game, you are on the zombies side and you try to place your zombies to get to the house without the plants killing you first.

The variations of the game give it a very, very high replay value for such a simple game. With the market crowded with more of the same, Plants vs. Zombies offers a new type of excitement that anybody of any age can truly enjoy. There are kid-friendly modes as well as a multiplayer. Highly recommended!!
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on December 15, 2011
I picked this up locally here in Dallas and it's the same offering but Amazon is a better price (by about 20%). Same setup, trio of games...Peggle and Zuma are great fun and madning...but, Plants v Zombies is the big winner here as far as my wife is concerned. She's really embraced the whole whacking of zombies to protect her house (and us too I suppose) and I've tried it a few times but she's WAAYYY better at it than I am. The action is old school arcade but with the great graphics of the xbox 360. At times I'm reminded of Frogger but this is a whole nutter level...its really well done, responsive to the controls, and has a fair amount of figuring out how to survive long enough to be able to start doing them in before you start getting hit by big waves of them.
Its actually fun to just sit and watch too while she is playing just to make note of some of the sounds from the zombie characters and have a good laugh while its all coming apart on the screen. I have an 8yo that thinks its a bit stupid/scary so I wouldn't recommend it for less than 10 like it says but it's a serious hoot and great mindless entertainment when ya got a big glass of your favorite 21+ beverage and nuthin better to do for awhile.
highly recommended
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on January 30, 2012
We've been playing P vs Z on the iphone and ipad for a while. I ordered this disc rather than downloading to the xbox because I wanted the included Peggle, and because we have two systems that need to share the disc.

I can't say enough about it. Learning the controls after a year of playing on the touch screen was annoying but the game is pretty fun. I turn off the music, leave the effects on, and then play Pandora as my soundtrack.

Peggle-you guys! It's such a simple game but ridiculously addictive. The disc includes another game too but I haven't played it.
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on February 19, 2011
Ok, first up if you already have the PC version should you get this game? Absolutely! At first I found the plant set-up very different but it's actually fairly intuitive and although point and click is slightly better for plant placement it really is not an issue once you knock out a couple of rounds and acclimate yourself to the new method. Picking up coins and suns? Wow, so much easier...the cursor acts as a magnet and will pick up suns and coins even if you are not directly over them and you don't even need to click the button. All of the mini-games are here as well as survival mode, zen garden, etc. It also has a feature to buy houses but I haven't done anything with that yet. So, in my opinion it's a slight upgrade over the PC version and I sort of enjoy unlocking different achievements...but wait there's more...

If you don't have Peggle and have never played it you are going to be extremely happen that you purchased this game. Peggle is very addictive and even the online multiplayer mode is pretty fun. Peggle is almost more fun than P vs. Z.

And then it comes with Zuma! OK, I don't really like this game but that is probably because I suck at it. I haven't gotten into a great rhythm with it but I am sure I will invest some time into it later and check it out in more detail. It seems like a good challenge.

You should get this game.
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on June 29, 2014
Great game. After the second win, you can have a partner join in. Me and the kids love it, very challenging has many levels. Also has mini-games in it and introduces 2 other games, which are fun. I like this a lot and spend hours playing it when I get a chance. The real young children can play the other 2 games, -PEGGLE- one which a unicorn shoots at bubbles and gets points. The other is, "ZUMBA- DELUXE". The zombies may be a little too much for a real young children, so don't let them play it till maybe after 10 years old, but they should be O.K. with the PEGGLE one, also with the ZUMBA one . I watch while they play, so no accidental, "Dad the game slipped to the zombie game." Children can be sneaky if not watched, every so often.
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on July 2, 2014
The kids love this game (boys, ages 8 and 5). You need to use some strategy to choose the plants to help you repel the zombies. I bought this because although they originally wanted the Garden Warfare version of the game, I knew that version required every player to have an Xbox Live account. With this original PvZ game, they can play offline, together.
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