Customer Reviews: Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare(Online Play Required) - Xbox 360
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on May 2, 2014
I promised this game to my son as a reward for getting all A's. We buy it, pop it in and..........nothing. First, it said I had to create an EA account. Fine. Then it required me to sign in to my xbox live gold account???? You can't play unless you not only have an xbox live account but pay to have an xbox live GOLD ($60) account which I have but did not understand why I would have to pay for a game that can't be played without paying more for xbox gold. If I decide not to renew my xbox live gold account I can no longer play a game that I paid for. The final straw was after all of that it needed to install a file on the xbox hard drive that took up an insane amount of space for a game that can only be played online.
So, to recap, you pay for a game thats one player, can only be played online with a $60 xbox gold account and it takes up a bunch of space on your xbox hard drive even though it can't be played unless its connected to the EA server via the internet. THAT IS INSANE!! It makes no sense at all. This game is a huge waste of money and time. This game is nothing but a cash cow for EA and microsoft. You pay for it to get it home and continue to pay to play it. For a kid it may be fun (if you have xbox live gold) but for a parent, its a nightmare that you will never stop paying for.
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on March 14, 2014
First, I want to say that I love PvZ anything. My kids especially love it.. the biggest reason you might ask- well, they are 16, 13, and 5. It is one of the few games they can play together that they all can ~actually play~. They all were waiting anxiously for this games release. When it finally came out they pooled their money and when I got on to buy it I did notice it said it needed xbox live gold. OK… I told my boys and the older two said it was no big deal as they both have xbox live accounts.
Here is why I say to read before judging… in the description right here on Amazon it states under the Xbox 360 platform (and I just jumped to another window and double checked, as of today it is still there) it says that it is a 4 player online co-op. So, my kids get it loaded and it comes up and they realize that they can not play with each other on one tv. I double checked then and just a few seconds ago… no where does it say that the split screen is xbox one only. Nor does it explain anywhere that if you buy this game you can only be a loner at an xbox playing only with people that you can't actually see. So, sadly, my two older boys can play but the younger one is left out. Now I am trying to decide whether I want to get my 5 yr old an xbox live account so he and I can play this stupid game together!

Here is my issue… I have been in marketing… the people saying this is 'a money grab' are right. I usually have my 'marketing goggles' on and am pretty skeptical about anything. There are marketing ploys everywhere. We as a society choose which ones we are willing to buy into and which ones we are not. Those leaving their reviews and opinions about the fact that this game is online only are doing precisely what the review process was meant to do. It is to let the product manufacturer know what their consumers want. Well, I think they have spoken pretty loudly… they don't appreciate being forced to buy xbox live just to play a game. And yes, forced, in a loose sense of the word. Because when you or your children buy something that they think is one thing and find out it isn't quite what they expected and it was done intentionally all in the name of forcing you into buying or participating in something you didn't originally intend to ….. that is being forced. I do believe that the manufacturer knew they were being slightly misleading. And they specifically made certain features on the xbox one available that you can't get on the 360 (and don't give me all the processor crap, the 360 could have handled a split screen - they could have made it not have to be online, gee what a concept). The reasoning behind that is so that kids would bug their parents into (or so that the give me, gotta have it generation would want it even more) getting the xbox one. I told my oldest sons this all would happen from the gate (and that is why we have not, nor will we ever, buy an xbox one). And it has. Everything they are doing is a ploy to get people to feel that they HAVE to move up or they are missing out. Well, I for one don't think that splitting brothers into separate rooms and making people sit solitarily and dividing ourselves from human contact is 'missing out'. We now have a stack of games that the older boys have gathered that they are taking down the their local GameStop to trade in to get their little brother a live account so they can all play. We could just buy another xbox live membership… but I am officially done putting money into xbox. From now on if we can't trade it straight across then it 'ain't' happening. And once we run dry of our xbox stockpile, well, we will find other game consoles at that point that will have hopefully learned from xbox's mistake.

All of you saying that we shouldn't be rating on the fact that it is online only, stop being sheep and read what the definition of review is. You tell what you do and do not like about a product so they can make improvements. How do they improve if we don't let them know anything? If PopCap was smart, they would read these and get the hint that part of what made the original PvZ so popular was the fact that it wasn't the online, loner game. It brought families together. This separates them. That is it's downfall. Online games are a dime a dozen. The ones that can bring a family with such a wide range of ages - now that was talent.

Making the game the same across all platforms would have been more honest. Aside from that…. any game should be able to be played offline. Period. Otherwise, i look at it as you are encouraging my 5 yr old to engage strangers in order to play a simple game. Justify it all you want… that is what you are doing all in the name of $$$.
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on May 13, 2014
Instead of putting Xbox 360 at the top of the game, which is supposed to indicate what system can play this, it should say "Xbox gold live" as to make it very clear that is the ONLY way you will be able to play this game. No single player offline mode. No split screen local multiplayer mode. They expect you to pay a monthly subscription on top of the $30+ game just to play it. Pretty ridiculous.
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on April 15, 2014
We are not savvy gamers but have lots of kid visitors. We bought XBox 360 with Kinect primarily for Fruit Ninja. (Awesome!) We also have Lego Marvel and Minecraft: both of which allow split screen co-op. (Also great games!) We bought the games, stuck in the disc, and played the games. No internet required. When PvZ:GW came out we were really excited since we really like the PvZ and PvZ 2 apps. Though I found the fine print confusing, I thought with my XBox Live (free) membership we would be able to play each other without the online players. Wrong. Must pay for gold Membership ($10/month or $60/yr) to play at all, and cannot play with others on the same machine. All this in addition to the $30 price tag for the game. We paid $10 for Fruit Ninja, $20 for Minecraft, and $30 for Lego Marvel. They have all been worth the price and lots of fun from the get go. This PVZ:GW experience has been a disappointment, and I will certainly think twice before buying another XBox game.
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on December 14, 2014
This game made so angry. I just found that only one player can play at a time on xbox360 and you must have an xbox live account. This is the stupidest move these game makers have done. Screw them and this game. You would think it would be common sense to be able to play offline with at least two players. That is why the damn game costs $40. Even people who like this game should give it a 1 for this company's sleazy tactic.
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on April 8, 2014
Unless EA unlocks local multi-player in the future (highly doubtful given their history with games), without Microsoft's XBox Live Gold and EA's servers being present, this game is basically a paperweight. My boys (ages 7 and 10) also can't play local multi-player via split screen. That is an XBox One exclusive feature apparently. The saved up their own money for this game and you all ought to be ashamed of yourselves for your deceptive marketing campaign, which swindled them out of their hard earned cash. That's right, I'm saying it fairly and squarely; Microsoft and EA fooled two young boys into giving them their chore money. Somewhat thankfully their dad has 3+ years of XBox Live Gold left on his console and they will have forgotten about this game by then hopefully.

Here's my message to Microsoft and EA. You both just solidified my resolve to not give either one of you one more red cent of my hard earned money. You don't deserve my money or my son's money or really anyone's money. I would love to get a refund on this game. Unfortunately, the one sided plastic wrap contract forbids such things, so we're stuck with it.
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on April 12, 2014
This game cost $30. In order to play the game you have to have a Xbox Live Gold account and pay a subscription at $60/year or $10/month. I would think that this would be one of the first items listed in the description of the product. It isn't. If you are truly a gamer and have an account, it probably is a lot of fun. My son was very disappointed when he spent him money and found out he needed to spend more in order to play it.
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on April 4, 2014
I bought the game without considering to look at the requirements on the back. I assume because I have a XBOX 360 system that I can buy a XBOX 360 game and play it on my XBOX 360 system without a subscription, which is a reason why I've got a consel. After I opened the box and put the game in the window came up with all the options greyed out. I reasearched some more and found that you had to have a XBOX Gold Membership just to play the game!! I went back to the store to return the game but their policy is they can only return it if the package is unopened. I tried to contact EA and Microsoft but they refused to do anything. XBOX is trying to nickle and dime us to death and if this is going to be the way it is, I would switch to PlayStation.
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on April 6, 2014
I'll update my review a bit to deal with the complainers that my review was not accurate - or that I should have read the requirements. If you read the original review you would see that my son has Live Gold. He is a minor with parental controls and can not download content. The game required a download to play at all. He could not download using his account. I have just an XBox live account, not Gold. I could not download the update because I don't have Gold. Why should a required update require a Gold account? It does and that's my complaint. I suppose I could say that in general the parental controls for XBox are poor and that many parents just give up and let their kids do whatever they want. Maybe it isn't the fault of the game that MS has put this Gold requirement on game updates but it is a fact that someone in my situation should be aware of. And that experience is reflected in my review. The kids do like the game BTW so I've updated the ratings.

Old Review:
This was the most frustrating purchase I have ever made for my kids. Putting together Xmas gifts on Christmas eve with no instructions was far less frustrating. Without an XBox Live Gold account there is virtually nothing you can do. Each player needs a Live Gold account. If you have parental controls turned on forget about it, they can't update the game but it needs to be updated in order to play. I had to beg for a trial Live Gold account to be activated on the parent account just to update the game so that the child account that has Live Gold could play it. If I could return this junk I would. Don't support MS or EA until they stop this. Remember this came costs $30 to buy then $50 more per year per player.
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on February 25, 2014
My sons were excited for the game. Despite some of the reviews here, it DOES say on the back of the case that Gold is Required to play. It also says there is online co-op and co-op abilities, however after trying for 10 minutes to figure out why we couldn't find the split screen menu I did an internet search to find out that only the Xbox One version has split screen. The case says nothing about that.

Otherwise the gameplay is a lot of fun and the kids are enjoying it, even though they're forced to take turns. :\
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