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Format: Video Game|Change
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on February 28, 2014
Bought electronically, but leveling out the reviews...

Well, since I have an XBOX One and Gold account(s) for family, so 2/3 of everyone’s else’s issues are moot right out of the gate…

It’s a good guilty-pleasure game; as mentioned in other reviews the gameplay is like COD/Battlefield “lite”, with visuals more appealing to children.

One topic that I have seen people bitter about with the 360 is multiplayer/co-op. Well, the One version has it’s own little gaffe with multiplayer; the primary player signed in gets all coins, awards, and achievements. The second player does not. The second player signs in with their Gold account and appears logged in, but in another “fine-print” moment, right as you launch the game a box appears telling you this info about the primary player being the only one advancing.

To me, this is closer to a “had I known it works this way…” gripe (as this little factoid is NOT noted anywhere—I bought electronically, no box). It probably doesn’t keep me from buying it, and comparatively to the 360 reviews, I guess I’m better off being able to play with 2 people than not, but to gamer who plays to advance their characters and gain stats/achievements, it’s not quite what you would expect compared to other multiplayer games in the past…

Seems like XBOX One (and their respective games) is struggling with multiplayer; one of the first things I did was buy a 2nd controller for my One expecting to wear out some multiplayer games…That controller was collecting dust before this game, and now that it got fired up the other day, I can validate it works, but not sure if I’ll use it as much as I thought for this game.

Single player/time-waster: Dead-On, 5 stars
Multiplayer/focused-on-game: Meh, 3 stars

Hope this helps…
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on February 26, 2014
The gameplay is fun and inventive (if a bit sluggish), and alright! Xbox One exclusive local co-op play! Except that even if you've done the responsible parenting and set up your family accounts with appropriate permissions via the Xbox Gold Home perks, your kids are out of luck because even local co-op play requires an Origin account that ties to a gamertag. So if you were honest and put your kids' actual ages on their Xbox Live account you're out of luck if they're under 13 (the minimum age for an Origin account).

Nowhere in pre-release info was it stated that an Origin account is required to play local co-op so thanks for that, EA. This is why you're one of the most reviled companies in gaming.
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on February 25, 2014
When I first learned about this game, I was super excited because I really enjoyed the PVZ of the past, but I didn't love it. When I saw that a PVZ third person shooter was in development, I knew I had to get it.

This game is the reason I bought an Xbox One, because I didn't want to wait for the release on PC.

It has been worth it. This game has been extremely fun and entertaining. It's a lot like Tower Defense games when you play Garden Ops. I haven't dug into the competitive multiplayer yet, but I assume it has the normal options, ie team deathmatch and such.

You level up your characters through playing the game, and matches grant coins. Coins are used to buy accessories for the characters, different skins, and upgrades.

There are two large downsides in my opinion. The major, major one is the fact that the game requires you to be online all the time to be able to play. The other is there's no true singleplayer campaign, which was kind of a bummer for me... but whatever, it's still very enjoyable. I'm also not huge on the fact that the game promotes microtransactions with the coin system, but I suppose that's the world we play in now.

Is this game worth $40? Absolutely. Is this game PVZ? Absolutely! I would highly recommend this game to my friends.
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on April 24, 2014
First off.....ignore all the reviews that say "no single player" "It requires the Internets/XboxGold/etc". These people are mad that an apple doesn't peel as well as an orange. Let's get this straight......this is an online game. If you want to play with yourself or alone in the room with your friend, then get a DIFFERENT GAME.

Now, onto why this game is great.

-- The gameplay is tight. It's polished for shooter. Its also clear that they are actively working on the gameplay and rebalancing things as time goes on (this is good!).

-- The servers work good. No complaints.

-- It's like TF2 in that you can play how you want to play. Want to grind up the middle and mow down the other side? Want to play in a support role -- healing, air support or teleporters? Want to snipe from a distance? You can, and with each strength you have a weakness.

-- The sub-classes add another layer of nuance. Getting tired of a certain class? Use one of the sub classes you unlocked for a slight change that allows you to rework your style of play..

-- Having two sides forces you to change up play style.

-- It's lighthearted. Again, this is like TF2 -- and it makes the game fun, even if you are losing.

-- It's addictive. You earn points, points buys stickers and stickers unlock new things. Keep tapping that button and you get more's Pavlovian and it's a big part of what makes games fun. Constant rewards.

-- FREE DLC. So far all the DLC has been free, and it has been worthwhile stuff. Let's hope they keep this up.
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on December 8, 2014
Plants vs. Zombies sets itself apart from other multiplayer third-person shooters. Firefights can still be fast and furious, with good shooting mechanics and class-based combat between 24 players, but thanks to its zany character classes and silly sound effects, it’s actually laugh-out-loud funny. It’s a good game that spits bright green peas in the face of today’s brown-and-grey shooters.

1. The Game is Focused on Co-Op and Competitive Multiplayer 3rd-Person Shooting

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare changes up the formula by adopting a 3rd-person shooting mechanic that comes alive with co-op/competitive gameplay modes. This mutliplayer-only title will allow up to 24 players for online play and a 4 player co-op mode. Each player can control their own class of plants/zombies and engage in huge skirmishes across wide open locales. One mode lets players pick a plant class and deal with waves of zombies, which leads into even more zombie waves or a final boss encounter.

2. It’s Being Developed With The Frostbite 3 Game Engine
This title is being published by Electronic Arts, a publishing gaming company that’s known for its most recent video game development engine – Frostbite 3. This engine is most known for powering Battlefield 3. This engine is being utilized to develop these upcoming EA games:

- Dragon Age: Inquisition
– Star Wars: Battlefront
– Mass Effect (Sequel)
– Mirror’s Edge (Prequel)

3. Three Game Modes
- GARDENS & GRAVEYARDS: n this massive 24-player mode, plants must defend their garden bases from zombie invasions – and you get to play either side! To capture a base, the zombies must conquer the garden and raise their tombstone – the more zombies that are in the garden area, the faster the tombstone rises. Once a base is captured, the combat shifts to the next garden objective

- TEAM VANQUISH: In the second mighty 24-player competitive mode, players square off directly and try to send the other team to the compost pile. Pick your side, powerful plant or fun-loving zombie, and let the botanical battle begin

- GARDEN OPS: This four-player co-operative mode is ideal for gamers that want to team up with their friends. The objective is simple – the Plant team must defeat waves and waves of zombies and zombie bosses like Gargantuar who are on the attack. Like in all modes, teamwork is crucial if you want your brains to survive

Garden Warfare respects its roots by preserving its characters and their humor and skillfully adapting their charm to a third-person shooter. A few clever twists on the standard modes give the action some fresh personality, and the co-op survival mode is a fun homage to the original games. Plus the solid controls, fun modes, and varied map design make it a good shooter to boot.
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on May 10, 2014
This game is a lot of fun. It looks and runs great on the Xbox One. The only issue I have with it is lack of content. It's a multiplayer only game so content is very much needed. It does have a horde mode where you and your friends can play against a horde of computer players. However, there isn't enough content for the horde mode. They have added some recent content for free to make the game bigger. But it could still use more.

If you're looking for a shooter for your kids, this is a great one because it's not gory or graphically real like most shooters. There's no inappropriate content for children. It has less cartoon violence than the old Warner Bros cartoons! I notice a lot of kids playing the game so parents apparently approve.

It's PvZ in spirit but if you're looking for true Plants vs. Zombies, this isn't it. It requires a much different skillset and mindset from the traditional PvZ tower defense games.
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on February 26, 2014
First off, let me just say that it was known ahead of time that this game was multiplayer only and required Xbox Live to play online. Giving the game a poor review when that was a known aspect written about the game for months and written on the box is rather disingenuous in my opinion.

Now, for the game itself. Excellent! I played several hours with my friends last night and while there were a few hiccups with the servers on day 1, it didn't detract from an amazingly fun experience. PopCap has done a tremendous job in translating the PvZ universe into a class based shooter. The gameplay, environments, music, and even the mannerisms will all be familiar to PvZ fans. Meanwhile, as a hard core shooter fan, I find myself very happy with the depth of the characters and the shooting mechanics themselves. It's even very well balanced in that each of the 8 classes is truly viable in their own way.

Both the online competitive multiplayer and the "Garden Ops" co-op are a blast to play and very well designed. The card pack unlocks are near endless and are fun to collect almost like being a kid again with the classic sticker books. It's blast to not only customize your characters with unique items, but there are also rare variants of each character that have special abilities like a Sunflower that shoots flames and lights zombies on fire.

Even better for those that aren't aware, PopCap will be supporting this game with FREE DLC going forward including new maps and other bonuses.

For $40 this game is bargain in my opinion and I know I will spend many days playing it both with my friends and with my sons. Well done PopCap.
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on November 14, 2014
finally a first person shooter game that I can say "yes" too. my kids have been begging me to let them play "Call of Duty" or some of these other Teen rated games that they say all their friends play, but I've always felt very uncomfortable with the idea of it. This one is very cartoon like and has a silliness about it that feels more like tag or a friendly game of paintball than a military campaign. It is very appropriate for school aged kids.
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on January 15, 2016
This game is loads of fun if you are a loner and you have a gold account but it is truly lame that you can't really play it with friends/family. There is only one option to play it with a live partner yet only one person can build rewards towards upgrades. It doesn't have enough to make it a great game for multiple players in the same room.
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on May 7, 2014
Got it for my kids since they love the original PvZ game and this is so much fun that I play regularly as well. Controls are good, the free updates and the maps are good. I hope they release a few more maps since they do get a bit stale after repeated play.
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