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While most of Nashville's artists continue to put out music that's a tiny bit country and mostly pop or party music with little or no substance Miranda Lambert is going her own way by somehow both keeping her country roots strong and infusing her music with various styles of rock and roll.

Lambert is equally at home in songs like "Little Red Wagon" that screams garage rock, "Smokin' and Drinkin'" which harkens back to a lush 70's vocal sound, "Priscilla" which brings forward a rockabilly sound or the classic sounds of songs like "Old S***" which is old school country and "All That's Left" which is pure western swing.

"Hard Staying Sober," is what modern country should be with a lyric that talks about getting over someone after a breakup. It's hard driving, filled with steel guitar and Miranda's twangy vocals. It's real and hits the emotion hard the way a country song should.

The fact that every track has a vibe and sound of its own makes this 16 track album a pleasure to listen to from start to finish. The fact that the album isn't filled with a bunch of party anthems and instead brings us songs with substance about getting older, living in the spotlight and having real relationships make this a classic album in the making.

Back when Miranda was on "Nashville Star" I ordered her self-produced album through her web site and included a note saying that it was awesome to have such a young artist performing real country music. I was surprised to get a response from Miranda thanking me and saying that if I ever felt like she was straying too far from her roots to let her know. I think she's been doing just fine!

The bottom line is this is a great record that showcases exactly what has made Miranda one of the top artists out right now. Five stars all the way.
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on June 4, 2014
Let me start off by saying that Miranda Lambert is my all-time favorite female country artist since Lorrie Morgan. I love her raw, raspy sound. I love the truth in her lyrics. I own every album she's released, with Kerosene and Revolution being my favorites! I will travel anywhere south of the mason Dixon line to see her perform. Seriously.

I am personally a little disappointed in this's not the Miranda that I've loved from day one. It's totally different. I respect that she may be evolving as an artist, but I really miss those heartfelt ballads that I'm used to. I was so excited to listen to the eight track sneak peak, and I thought it was just ok. I thought for sure the best was being held back for Platinum's debut...I was disappointed. I know that Miranda has never been one to hold her tongue, but this album has a lot of bad language. Being a mom of three little ones, I'm not sure when I'll have the time to enjoy it alone. I know her past albums have had some iffy lyrics, but this album has many more.

I will say that this album is a mostly upbeat album. I do enjoy a few songs on it. I think Platinum is fun, especially because I'm blonde. I do enjoy little red wagon. I do like Priscilla, but I think it's kind of arrogant (I personally enjoy Blake Shelton on the voice and his albums, but he's not the "King." George is :))

I enjoy "holding on to you," but I wouldn't call it country. More like soft rock...Heck, idk. Just not country. "Another Sunday in the South" is my favorite, and in my opinion the most Mirandaesque song on this album.

My conclusion is that I enjoy listening to this cd, but I'm disappointed. I waited anxiously for another album from my favorite artist, and it doesn't feel right..

**Please respect my opinion..I'm not bashing. I LOVE her. I was hoping to LOVE this album. :(
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on June 4, 2014
First I will start by saying I like this album. However, there are a few interesting high and low points. I am sure that a good majority of these songs are what I will call "speak-sung" in the nature of "Mama's Broken Heart". There aren't many ballad songs or lovey-dovey songs. In all of her previous albums there is at least one song that struck a chord with me. I haven't found one one here.
Girls: Not sure I understand the lyric "If you think you're the only one she'll want in this world then you don't know nothin' about girls." Makes me feel like women cheat or something. Otherwise decent. B-
Platinum: A fun song but the "chatter of women" in the beginning is quite confusing. Too quiet to understand. Upbeat about being a blonde and getting your way basically. B
Little Red Wagon: My favorite song one the album so far. Great lyrically and peppy. A
Smokin' and Drinkin' (w/ Little Big Town): I love ML and I love LBT, but this song drags on (5:30) and seems to hit about 8 notes total and repeats the lyrics a few too many times. C (and this is generous)
Priscilla: I don't really like this song but it is upbeat and fun. Do like the lyric "Being Queen of the King" B-
Automatic: LOVE this because really, who doesn't want to toss their cell phone and go off the grid for awhile. One of the few she actually sings through. A
Bathroom Sink: Love this one too. The lyrics are interesting focusing on a bathroom sink, but the lyric "Its amazing the amount of rejection I see in my reflection" really stuck with me. I think this is one of the few she wrote. (I have not gotten my linear notes yet) A
Old S***: Good song. Upbeat but "speak-sung" alot. I collect some "Old S***" of my own so I can relate. B
All That's Left: A break up song. Like pack your s*** and leave kind of song. B
Gravity is a B*tch: Yes it is true. Though she references 60 and mentions that time is almost up. I wanna live longer than 60 for sure. B
Babies Makin' Babies: Eh, sad but true. Not the best lyrically or musically. C
Somethin' Bad (w/ Carrie Underwood) F, F and F again. I was shocked when I heard this on the awards show. Miranda is a good bad-a$$ on her own and Carrie is okay with Before he Cheats but together, ick. It will do well because its two Country Cuties but it is really hard to understand the lyrics and I have no idea what is going on, other than it is "Somethin' Bad" F
Holding on to You: This one is really the only "Love" song on this album. She does "sing" in this one and it makes me miss good "singing" songs like Love Letters, More Like Her, Safe, etc. A
Two Rings Shy: I loved All Kinds of Kinds and the references to the Circus people who get married at the beginning. This one talks about circus something or another and it has a good meaning but its kind of lost in other songs. My puppy also barks at the beginning when the music starts.
Hard Staying Sober: Good song. Talks about a breakup and getting over someone. She does sing on this one so that is a plus. B
Another Sunday in the South: I love this song. Lyrically its good. Musically its good. And she SINGS :-) and she references a two dollar pistol. It flows well and its just good. A
Now this is just some girls opinion and I am positive you may or may not agree with my opinion. And I reserve the right to change my mind about it. Have happy listening.
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on November 4, 2014
This album is awesome, it's one of the few country records I actually can sit and listen to all the way through. A wide range of emotions, styles, attitudes, stories, sounds are explored on this record. It's very upbeat and funny at times and serious and somber at others. She can go from c0cky to sentimental from song to song. It goes from upbeat tracks to sentimental slower ones, it helps keep your attention and not bored with monotony which is a problem with some country albums. Some songs work good for a Friday night party drive on the town, some are good for slow Sunday evenings. Her voice and confidence is amazing, hipsters only wish they were this cool. If you like this album you may also like Kacey Musgraves' "Same Trailer, Different Park",but I like Miranda Lambert better. She doesn't seem to be afraid to hold anything back, the songs are really creative even though she didn't write all of them. I hope she explores and opens up to new music styles on future releases, this album is really fun. There are newer country sounds and old ones on Platinum. This album is 16 songs long which I think is a very generous offering, considering most albums are 12 songs long. She comes very likable, like a fun down to earth person you wouldn't mind hanging out with.
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on June 27, 2014
I really love Platinum. I think it shows that Rand is growing as an artist and open to new sounds.

Miranda’s voice has a range similar to a mezzo-soprano in the Opera world. She has a good range and can evoke emotion in a song like Barbara Cook. I love listening to her sing ballads, traditional country and more modern country (whatever that really is).

I have a few favorite songs that I play over and over again.

“Platinum” is a fun song. She makes pointed remarks about being blonde and why it’s her choice. I love the line “Genetically or chemically as long as it contains some bleach I want it.” I think that says it all.

“All That’s Left” reminds me of listening to the Grand Ole Opry when it was on television. I love the twang and banjo. Thanks to this song I found a new band, the Time Jumpers, who sings those fabulous harmonies. I have it on repeat when I am commuting from work. It's just so much fun.

“Gravity is a B*tch” is definitely not for tender ears. I think it helps to be over forty to appreciate the lyrics. For thirty-one years old she definitely captured what everyone faces as they grow older. “You can nip it, tuck it, squeeze it/but you’re never gonna beat it/’Cause gravity is a b---h.” A statement that’s all too true.

“Priscilla” was written by Gaylon Hemby and Jimmy Robbins. I don’t know if it was written for her or not. I’m ambivalent about it. I don’t think it’s arrogant at all. Any woman who is married to someone extremely famous has the same problem. It wasn’t just Priscilla Presley who had to deal with that situation. Jerry Hall, Tricia Keith, and Faith Hill come to mind. I never thought Miranda was comparing Blake to Elvis.

Overall it’s a four star album for me.
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on June 11, 2014
I'm a huge Miranda Lambert fan, have been since her first album. She's been getting better with time and Platinum is no exception! Her latest single, "Automatic," is wonderful. I also love her duet with Carrie Underwood - so sassy! She's one of a kind, and deservedly the latest "Queen" of country music :)
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AS USUAL, Miranda Lambert does NOT disappoint!!! :-) I love every single song on this CD and I also have the MP3 songs so that I can put them on my NEW MP3 player which I just rec'd from Amazon!!! Everything arrived on time and I'm just so happy! Thank you Amazon!
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on June 11, 2014
I love Miranda Lambert and this new CD is amazing! She has managed to mix new and old country in one very enjoyable CD. It was nice to get the download to amazon cloud immediately when I placed my order so I could enjoy it on my phone and Ipod. You won't be disappointed with this one, highly recommend.
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on June 10, 2014
I was all prepared for the 5th CD let down that we often get from artists. However, it only took one spin through and I was hooked. This CD is different but awesome! Yes, I love her ballads too (& there are a couple here), but she is allowed to have some fun, and fun is what this CD is all about. These songs are very upbeat & catchy with Miranda's sassy style. Get it today & enjoy!
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on June 29, 2014
I received this album from my girlfriend yesterday after having wanted it so badly for the past month since it has been out, and sat down to listen and do a little sketching. Instead, I found myself penning thoughts of each song, which led me to write this review.

GIRLS: This song is a great way to start off Miranda Lambert's latest album, PLATINUM, with a good sultry guitar hook and beautiful lyrics on men's misunderstanding of girls and their unpredictability. However, I feel the song is not Miranda's vocal best, and production was a little short of achieving what I imavgine was a raw sound, as if there were no filters and the song was sang with as much emotion as Miranda's heart could afford. In short, the song fell a little flat for me. Still a good opener though. 7/10

PLATINUM: Let me start off by saying that when country becomes too stereotypical, it goes down South. To me, that is unlistenable material, because you can't find pleasure in a song you can't relate to, which is what country really was about - telling a story. However, in this song (also the title song) Miranda's twang is healthy and vibrant, which helps to bring out the song's shallow lyrics and provide a different approach to what would be a somewhat flat tune if it were sung by one of country's other stars. This is a very stylistic song choice, but when Miranda picks a song likes this and makes it original, she really shows off just what a great artist she really is. 8/10

LITTLE RED WAGON: Miranda hints at a little bit of a Diva-ish vocal performance here, full of twang and sass. The production reminds me vaguely of Rascall Flatt's version of LIFE IS A HIGHWAY. Interesting, but not very original, though the lyrics are plenty fun to jam to. 5/10

SMOKIN' AND DRINKIN': This song is a beautiful country-blues ballad, plain and simple. This song is an instant classic, though the run time is a little long. (I also think this would have been a great duet for Miranda and Blake.) 9/10

PRISCILLA: This is a very catchy tune, one you could find being played at the local county dance possibly. The chorus is interesting, playing Miranda as a mischevious contender for the crown, and being queen of the King. Later, Miranda is talking to Priscilla and telling her she understands the difficulty of royalty. Slick vocal deliverance from Miranda, and the production is starting to catch up to Miranda's high standards. 8/10

AUTOMATIC: This song is on the overplayed side of country radio where I'm from, but it just doesn't get old. This song is heavy on the nostalgia, and Miranda keeps it raw and real, which is everything country music should be and more. 10/10

BATHROOM SINK: Despite the title, this song is really beautiful. The lyrics talk of struggles in the life of a woman and trying to be herself in a world where she has to be someone else to survive. Very moving, for sure. This song tends to be in the vein of Country-Rock, much like Cassadee Pope's song GOOD TIMES from her album FRAME BY FRAME. The production is very tonal and well-done. 8/10

OLD S***: A very old-style, honky-tonk type country song done right. You wouldn't expect a song like this to show up in our time today. The banjo is reminiscient of ONLY PRETTIER from Lambert's earlier "Revolution." The language, to me, is gold, because there is substance and feeling. Who cares if she drops curses like a sailor? That makes her shine, in my opinion. Great song. 9/10

ALL THAT'S LEFT: This song picks up where OS left off, the honky-tonk vein still plenty visible to the naked eye. Miranda's voice is spotless, and production value is amazing! (I've noticed Miranda has a chatty-style singing voice at times, but I find it quite enjoyable, really. It adds an element of comedy in a timeless manner.) 9/10

GRAVITY'S A B**CH: Still in the vein of OS/ATL with a very nostalgic, honky-tonk theme. A great song with comedic lyrics and great vocal performance from Miranda, as usual. A real keeper. 8/10

BABIES MAKIN' BABIES: Some people hate this song for some reason. I love it! The lyrics are very reflective and honest, and Miranda's vocal portrayal is flawless. This song shows me her true artistic growth to be able to relate to a song without having dealt with the emotions involved before...truly a work of art. 10/10

SOMETHIN' BAD: I've seen a few people bashing this song and Carrie Underwood's involvement in it, saying she is too pop where Miranda is true country. Leave her alone! Miranda and Carrie are good friends and they wanted to duet was a dream vocal to me, so I was glad it was finally done. These girls show us that they are true divas with their powerhouse vocals, and the production was kicked up a notch for this one. I was actually cautious of this song the first time I heard it, but it's a grower! Amazing song. 10/10

HOLDING ON TO YOU: This song starts off with just an acoustic guitar and drum beat, which means Miranda gives a very raw and real, subtle approach to the lyrics of this song, which talk of unconditional love, stating that there "ain't no moment like when I'm holding on to you". Miranda's voice is very sultry, and honestly this song is a confessional. This song moves me to tears every time I listen to it. This is no doubt my favorite song on the album. A definite classic. 11/10

TWO RINGS SHY: A Country song full of funk, with a modern twist and flawless production values. My only problem is that the lyrics are kind of shallow. Still a good song though! 7/10

HARD STAYING SOBER: This song, plain and simple, is contemporary country with classic country-root lyrics. It has predictable production and Miranda's voice seems a little forced. Probably the least enjoyable song on this album for me. 6/10

ANOTHER SUNDAY IN THE SOUTH: This tune is a very personal one for me. I lived in the South long enough to know our traditions and of course Miranda knows just how to get them right. I am not hardly a country fan, but I enjoy it occasionally, as long as it is around music like Miranda, Carrie, The Band Perry, Jennifer Nettles, Little Big Town and Lady Antebellum. This song is bittersweet, but a beautiful closer to a classic album. 9/10

In short, this album was an amazing experience! So many emotions came over me, and I've never had another album that did that to me. I'm expecting even better music from Miranda in the future. You can count on my money, so I can't wait for 2016/2017!!!
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