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on December 17, 2010
The PS3 is a great system. Easy to use, futuristic on-screen interface, quality sleek hardware, awesome graphics, lots of benefits. But should you get a PS3 or Xbox 360? And what about the Wii?

Note: I own all three devices, and I appreciate all of them. I don't have any bias to one system or the other, just my personal experience and opinion...

What I like MOST about the PS3:
1) Future proof Blu-ray player (Sony updates the player over the Internet for free; it now supports 3D movies/TVs)
2) Clean, more futuristic on-screen interface (feels more mature then Xbox 360)
3) Better/Smoother/Faster graphics (in the 10+ games I own on a 60" 1080p HDTV)
4) Free online multiplayer gaming (no monthly/yearly fees like Xbox 360; which I hate about Xbox)
5) Watch your online netflix shows on PS3 for free (Xbox requires Xbox live account to use your netflix account; another thing I hate about Xbox)
6) Exterior: More futuristic, luxurious, mature "look". Looks more like a sleek Home Theater appliance. (Xbox 360 more oriented to youthful crowd; Xbox looks more like an 'entertainment' device)
7) Lighter, slimmer, smaller controller. Built-in longer lasting rechargeable battery. (the Xbox controller does not come with a standard rechargeable battery, and it feels heavier and more bloated then the PS3 controller).
8) Built-in wireless connectivity. (an option on the Xbox)
9) Built-in optical/toslink connectivity for home theatre audio connection. (an option on the Xbox)
10) I can use my (or any) wireless blue-tooth cell phone headset for voice/chat enabled games. (The Xbox cannot)

What I like LEAST about the PS3:
1) My first PS3 (the 'fat' one) had a disc drive failure after 13 months of ownership; 1 month beyond its warranty. The PS3 still works, I just cant use discs. That means I cant watch blu-ray discs on it and I cant play disc based games on it. I can still play games through the PlayStation store (demos, etc), I still can watch netflix on it, and I still can watch movies from my PCs over the network on it. The fact that my PS3 disc drive died after about 1 year of limited delicate usage really concerns me about the quality of the hardware and customer support/treatment. I paid over $400 for my first PS3, and I used it maybe twice a week. After searching the web about my problem, I found this was a rampant problem with the fat PS3. Did they fix this problem with the slim PS3? Time will tell; I sure hope so. I just wish Sony would have fixed my problem for free (as I feel it was shoddy hardware or poor engineering that resulted in this problem, not me).
2) Games (new and used) are generally more expensive then the Xbox 360.
3) I liked the glossy look of the first generation PS3. The new PS3 slim looks a little flimsier/cheaper. It is smaller though, and that's a plus.
4) The rechargeable battery in the PS3 controller is not swappable. That means if your controller dies mid-game, you have to plug it in to use it. (The Xbox controller has swappable batteries)
5) When I download a game (full or demo), I can't play it immediately. After the download (which could take over an hour), I have to install the game (which could take another 10-30+ minutes), at which time my PS3 is unusable until it completes. The Xbox downloads in the background and plays immediately without having to install the game. Also, if I turn off the PS3, the download stops (the Xbox finishes the download even when turned off).

Xbox 360============================================
What I like MOST about the Xbox 360:
1) More people have it. In other words, all my friends, family and coworkers have Xbox 360s. Which also means if I want to play online with them, I have to use my Xbox, which is also a con for me. (I'd rather use my PS3 because of the better graphics and lighter/smaller controller).
2) I can download games, updates and demos in the background, even with the Xbox turned off. So I can start a download and go to bed without leaving the box on all night. (The PS3 cant do this)
3) When I download a game (full or demo), I can play it immediately. On the PS3, you have to download it (which could take over an hour), then install it (which could take another 10-30+ minutes), at which time your PS3 is unusable until it completes.
4) My late generation Xbox elite has lasted longer then my first generation PS3 (surprisingly)
5) It doubles as a Media Center extender. I have a PC that records shows for me in Media Center (like a Tivo but no monthly fees). I can access these shows and watch live TV over the network via my Xbox. This is a VERY cool and under-talked about feature. And most people with a Windows PC can do this; look it up.
6) The console and games (new and used) are cheaper then the PS3.

What I like LEAST about the Xbox 360:
1) Still no blu-ray player. This is a major con compared to the PS3. It WILL play regular DVDs, however.
2) In my experience, graphics are a little lower quality then my PS3. In Grand Theft Auto IV, I can see farther and more objects at a time on my PS3. The PS3 has a faster frame rate, where the Xbox feels almost blurry. The colors are more crisp on the PS3, the Xbox is more washed out, like water colors. Some may not even notice this, I do.
3) No built-in wireless connectivity. You have to buy a very expensive adapter to have wireless connectivity.
4) No built-in optical/toslink connectivity for home theatre audio connection. You have to buy an adapter to do this.
5) No rechargeable battery. You have to buy a rechargeable battery and kit to do this.
6) Not a major deal, but the on-screen interface is more kid-feeling then the PS3. I'm an adult and the PS3 feels more like its targeted to adults then children/teenagers.
7) YOU HAVE TO PAY TO PLAY ONLINE. I don't understand this. It's ridiculous to me. It's way overpriced. I can't play online with my friends unless I buy a monthly or yearly Xbox live pass. I hate this about the Xbox. I HATE THIS. I already gave them hundreds of dollars in the console, games and accessories; stop asking me to pay to play. As you can see, this is a major con to me. I also cant watch my Netflix account without paying for an Xbox live account. Boo!
8) The Xbox has a pretty bad reliability record. I believe they have eliminated most of the issues that plagued the earlier consoles, however. My neighbor has replaced his Xbox 4 times; FOUR TIMES! I have not. He plays his every day all day though; I play once or twice a week for less then an hour.

I bought the Wii after playing it at a friends house. I was blown away by the idea and experience of motion based controllers. We played golf, boxing, tennis, ping pong; it was an amazing experience - for the first time.
After I had the Wii, I quickly lost interest.
Here's why:
1) Horrible graphics. I paid a lot of money to have a 60" High Definition full 1080p home theatre. The Wii graphics look like absolute kiddy crap on my TV. The Wii has no high def. Its like playing a first generation Nintendo NES on a HDTV. Its horrible, and for this 1 reason I can no longer enjoy my Wii. Nintendo is way behind the modern day high end graphics of today.
2) The motion controller novelty has worn off. Its fun on a few games, horrible on others. I don't know, the novelty of the Wii has just worn off for me; and several of my friends.
3) It just doesn't feel like a modern quality device. While I'm sure its reliable, it just feels like a child's toy; the exterior, the interface, the games, etc. Sorry, I guess I've just grown up.

In conclusion, I would say the Wii is more suited to young children. The Xbox is a great device, and so is the PS3. I can live without my Wii; but I would have a hard time choosing between the Xbox and PS3. For that reason, I choose to have both. If Xbox made online multiplayer free (eliminated the Xbox live cost), and included a blu-ray player, I would choose the Xbox over a PS3 (even with the better graphics on the PS3). But for now, I say buy both. By the Xbox as a gaming device, and justify the PS3 as blu-ray player with benefits.

If your a parent shopping for a teenager and only want to buy 1 device, go for the Xbox 360. Chances are, most of your child's friends will already have one, and they can all play online.

If your an adult that demands the best and has little time to play games (like myself), get a PS3. Its sleek, its got better graphics, its wireless, and it has a blu-ray player.

I hope this review gives you some insight and help with your choice, and a little knowledge of all the systems from an experienced and unbiased owner. [...]
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on April 23, 2011
I bought it refurbished from Amazon warehouse. The system is brand new and works perfectly. Very good system for the price.
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on January 31, 2011
In 2006 during the launch of the PS3 the very first thing that turned me off was the gaudy price tag of 600 bucks but not merely because it was simply so expensive. To me what the PS3 represented was an overly priced lesser grade gaming PC computer. In part, what made the Playstation 3 feel too much like a lesser computer system to the PC/MAC were the multi platform games being ported over to it, as well as the computer like design with a lower capacity 20 GB internal HDD. Lack of identity really hurt this system in the market early on. Competition with Microsoft was heating up and I think they lost something of themselves in their overly aggressive campaign to be the best of the current generation. The old adage "anything you can do I can do better" might be the best way to sum up the console wars between Sony and Microsoft. But a major problem (one that still affects the system) has always been the software. Unlike with the Playstation 2, the PS3 has become a hub of sorts for multi platform gaming. Developers are dumping off PC software, sports titles, and multi platform releases, focusing far less on creating unique content for the system itself. This is where you run into the identity crisis that plagues the PS3 in my mind because part of the success of a console in the market is in delivering software that can't be found anywhere else. That one special game you just HAVE to have that only a PS3 can give's all been lost for the most part this generation. When Final Fantasy was unique to the Playstation, when Grand Theft Auto and Resident Evil could only be found on a PS2, you had a system with identity. I'm not bashing multi platform gaming as some of it's really good stuff. But neither does it do much to explain to me the unique values of owning the PS3 machine as opposed to anything else that might be cheaper. After many small price cuts and various system sacrifices like losing two of the initial four USB inputs and PS2 software support, Sony decided the PS3 system needed a fresh change and a new start. The PS3 was re-designed from the ground up and they addressed some of the concerns that consumers like you and I might have had since the 2006 debut. So just what makes the PS3 worthy of consideration and what has actually changed about the system? Let's take a closer look at some of these changes and why they might make the leap to the PS3 a value you just can't afford to pass up any longer:


--The PS3 went on a diet and lost some size and weight with the all new Slim version of the console. The older model PS3 uses a 60 nano meter Cell processor whereas the newer models use 45 and (most recently) a 40 nm version of the same processor. The newer processors lose none of their performance but use less energy and require less physical space. As a result, Sony can now use smaller fan units and make smaller mother boards to condense the overall size of the machine's chassis. Why does this matter you wonder? Well besides simply being smaller than it's bulky and ungainly counter part, the PS3 Slim can be manufactured at a more affordable rate which translates to a more affordable purchase for YOU in the end.

--The new design changes include the material used in it's construction. The Chassis is now a textured matte finished surface which is more tolerant of finger smudges when being handled. The new surface was meant to address complaints with handling a PS3 system but some people still like the glossy sheen to the original model, so opinions are mixed on this. The front panel where you would normally turn the power on/off or eject discs, is no longer touch sensitive. There are actual buttons which when turned on, light up. You'll find the newer button style to be less pressure sensitive than the original models were. Turning your system on is much easier. It no longer has a main power button in the back however. Additionally the PS3 Slim has a horizontal design and is not meant to stand in the vertical position although a vertical stand accessory can oblige your needs. Overall the new design strikes a more casual look without losing too much of it's overall appeal, it's a very fine looking next generation electronic device.

--The overall capacity of the internal HDD has been increased by triple it's 2006 amount of a meager 20 GB to a minimum of 160 GB. Meanwhile, the HDD can now be accessed from the front of the system unlike the original models. You will appreciate the fact that a PS3 can use any standard 2.5" Serial-ATA HDD (common in notebooks/laptops) for internal storage, and this opens up a wide range of upgrade possibilities based on your own budget and how much space you actually want.

--Playstation 2 software support is completely gone in the Slim model. The good news is that you can still use the PS3 HDD for PS2 game save storage by using a memory card adapter accessory (sold separately). PS2 consoles are very cheap and still widely sold for around 100 bucks so it's no major loss, but it is a well missed feature no less. You can however still play PSone classics on a PS3 either buy purchasing a download over the Playstation Network, or by having the PSone CD ROM. No memory card adapters are needed for PSone games unless you are still using a PSone console and wish to transfer save files onto Psone memory cards.

--PS3 Slim no longer has the memory card reader slots that the original model had hiding under that door flap. This is a feature that isn't a real loss since virtually everything you'll need in terms of accessing other storage devices/accessories can be accomplished via the USB 2.0 inputs. However, there are only 2 USB inputs on the PS3 Slim so you may require additional battery charger accessories to free up space if your into owning a lot of PS3 accessories or extra external HDD's.


--A capable Blu-ray player fresh from the box, the PS3 does all your DVD's, HD DVD's, and Blu-ray movies up to a maximum 1920x1080p resolution. It can also store mp3 music files as well as stream netflix or Hulu Plus HD quality movies and TV shows.

--All games in it's library are capable of no less than a minimum of 720p resolution. The PS3 has a very strong processor for a home console and is capable of greater drawing distances than any current system (Xbox 360 and Wii). This means you can expect massive gaming worlds to explore, dazzling special effects, and an overall deeper level of gameplay thanks in part to the blu-ray medium which can store more data than average DVD ROMS.

--Online play through the Playstation Network is entirely free of charge and available 24-7. Additional features to online access with your PS3 include the ability to access digital copies of popular PS3, PSone classics and PSP full game releases. The PS3 has it's own built in web browser for simple web viewing online. Supports WIFI wireless internet connection as well as ethernet broadband.

--Bluetooth wireless interface. All controllers and accessories are completely wireless and can be charged via it's own built in USB inputs. There are no IR ports however for devices that use this function including your average TV remotes and the like.

--interchangeable internal HDD setup. You can upgrade your PS3 hard drive for larger capacity without voiding warranties.

--BRAVIA Sync. Lets you sync your PS3 with a Sony Bravia TV when you have HDMI cables attached. This allows you to control all your Sony devices with a single controller...including the PS3 over the TV. You MUST have Bravia Sync compatible devices and an HDMI cable for this to work. Look on the retail package of your Sony products to see if it is Bravia sync capable.

--Dualshock 3 Sixaxis bluetooth wireless controllers. They are a hybrid form of the PS2 controller though completely wireless and with tilt/motion functionality as well as rumble capabilities. The R2 and L2 buttons have undergone a change from being mere back buttons to becoming more like pressure sensitive triggers. The controllers now have a home button that gives players more control over the controllers themselves as well as an ability to quit current games or swapping player positions. Interestingly back in 2006 Sony was in a court battle over copyrights for the Dualshock (rumble) technology. During this period Sony only shipped Sixaxis wireless controllers that did not have a rumble feature. Sony eventually won it's case however and now all PS3 Slims ship with at least 1 Dualshock 3 Sixaxis controller.

--Remote Play allows you to use your PSP hand held to access the PS3 over your home network connection, directly on your PSP screen. The PSP can in general be used to access files from a memory stick pro duo. This allows PSP game saves or game purchases for the PSP to be saved to the HDD or placed back onto a memory stick pro duo from the HDD.

--The PS3 uses an XMB (Cross Menu Bar) menu system. The XMB is concurrent with all newer Bravia TV, Sony Blu-Ray devices as well as the PSP. It's an intuitive series of menu operations which can be accessed with the PS3 controller directional pad. It's not too difficult to grasp for anyone with any small amount of tech savvy.


At an entry level of just $[...] your getting a gaming machine with a heck of a lot to offer. Whether you want just movies, just games, or both, the PS3 Slim can do it and do it well. The Slim model further's this value with larger capacity drives to get you started. You can play online absolutely free of charge and even stream movies from popular movie websites like Netflix or Hulu Plus. While it's gaming library still lacks it's own identity for the most part, it does still have a few good unique titles to look into like Uncharted 2 or the Ratchet and clank series. The PS3 is especially worth a look if you want great PC computer titles but don't have a capable computer system as a lot of PC content will often get ported to the PS3. The Sims 3, Dragon Age Origins, The Elder Scrolls IV are a few such PC titles the PS3 will also do. The Playstation Move motion controller accessory isnt well established just yet but it's definitely going to pick up the slack as developers turn attention to it in the next year. In fact, the Move accessory may just be that defining moment where the PS3 will shine and finally get it's own identity. The future is bright for the well priced, well built PS3 Slim and it's a value you shouldn't pass up.
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on April 17, 2012
I am new to this generation of video games. Just recently upgraded from a PS2 and I am wondering why I waited soo long. This console doesn't seem to run too hot like I've read in some reviews(not sure if it was this version). I have played for 4-5 hours straight and while it does get warm I don't feel it is alarmingly hot. No problems to report at this time, but I had my PS2 for 10 years with no problems and I actually just sold it. So I don't expect any problems from this machine. The only negatives thus far are: 1)it only comes with one controller, 2)no HDMI cable included. But overall I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product to a friend.
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on July 28, 2012
I've owned a Playstation since it first came out in 1995 and the PS3 is an awesome system that I've owned since 2007!! Honestly, your decision on buying an XB360 or PS3 will probably come down to preference as both systems have proved their worth. You can't really go wrong with either.

But...please be aware of one issue with SONY that I am having a difficult time understanding. Recently, more and more games are disabling the ability to backup your game saves to thumb drives or other off-line storage devices. Instead, you are forced to buy a monthly subscription to Playstation Plus to save your game save files online to the PS Plus cloud. This is completely unacceptable to those of us that don't go online with our system or don't feel like spending $10/month for PS Plus(I'm not really sure what the price is) to backup your saves.

Anyone that's been the victim of corrupted saves without a backup understands how important backups are. Taking away our ability to backup OUR files is unacceptable and, quite frankly, a greedy move on Sony's part. Just be aware of this issue when making your decision (from what I understand the XBox 360 and WII don't do this).
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VINE VOICEon September 23, 2011
It is true that I waited a long time to buy a Playstation 3. I am simply not much of a gamer. Only an occasional game, not often, and not regularly.

However, at the same time, I have just purchased a new 55-inch Plasma 3D television. A beautiful TV such as this craves high quality content. Plus, you need a way to get 3D content onto the new 3D televisions.

Enter the Playstation 3 Slim!

First reason, I needed a Blu-Ray player anyway. I did not have a Blu-Ray player at all, and I truly needed one for the new television. Furthermore, I need a Blu-Ray player capable of playing 3D Blu-Rays. The PS3 can do that out of the box! A 3D Blu-Ray player with Wi-Fi built in would have already been a good chunk of the price of the PS3. This was my major motivating factor for purchasing a PS3. Blu-Rays look great on the PS3 connected to a nice HD television, and 3D Blu-Rays as few as there are, are fun to watch!

Second, 3D Games! There is not a large amount of 3D content available period. However, one of the most exciting aspects of 3D is 3D gaming. The PS3 has several 3D games available including Gran Turismo 5 and the latest Motor Storm. There are also a handful of 3D games available for sell directly on the PS3's built in Playstation Store! Anyway to get more 3D content, even games is a good thing. Plus, the PS3 is an awesome high definition 2D gaming machine too!

Thirdly, extra content available on PS3. This is an aspect I wasn't aware of when I first decided on a PS3. The online Playstation Store built into the PS3 actually has some 3D videos and movies available. Indeed, there are even a handful of free 3D videos like a music video, documentaries, and movie trailers. Better yet, there are some 3D movie rentals available. Sure, less than two dozen total probably and most of those you would probably never want to rent or view, but you might find something to watch in 3D, and renting is cheaper than buying a 3D Blu-Ray. Again, an extra source of 3D content. Of course, there are plenty of high definition movies for rent too, LOTS more than 3D, so it's a great solution if you just want more HD content too! There are also add on streaming rental services like Netflix, which you can easily add to the PS3 menu.

Overall, the PS3 just made sense to go with my new television. It gets MORE high definition and MORE 3D content to my television than it would have, without PS3. The PS3 is always growing with more online content and capabilities too. Sure, when you add in that I ended up buying a game, bluetooth remote control, and extra controller, the price climbed a bit more. However, this entry 160GB PS3 Slim is truly a wonderful entertainment device to add to your television! It provides a source of a lot of entertainment and content. It may not be turned on as much as my HD television satellite box, but it will get some use, and having a Blu-Ray player built in saves space and HDMI input than having say BOTH a Blu-Ray player and XBOX. I am happy with my purchase. Recommended unit for high quality content enthusiasts even if you are not a gamer at heart!
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on November 1, 2011
This game is great, beautiful graphics, but a little slow to load some games.
The option to share some games and online store makes a difference. You can also use to watch blu rays and have internet content such as movies online.
It is a good choice for anyone looking to buy a blue ray, but do not forget to also purchase the Sony's remote control.
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on March 5, 2015
I bought this as a replacement to my original launch system that went yellow light on me.
I don't use it much but I wanted a working system in the house in case I wanted to play one of my old games.
That's why I went with a used system instead of new. I was scared of buying used since I could end up with the same problem in a few months that my original system had. I've not had it long enough to say if that will be the case or not. But so far so good.
I thought the system was going to come with a controller as well, but that wasn't the case. No matter since I have a bunch laying around anyway.
The condition was okay. Not beat up but it didn't look new either. For the price if the console lasts for a few years it will be fine.
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on January 17, 2014
It has what it suppose to do. It came with a broken Sixaxis controller with no rumble support I got other controllers laying around. the reason why I got this model because a few months ago I purchase a 80 gig fat model from the same guy worked fine until around christmas time when my uncle drop the bag it had the fat 80gb console in it and break it. The only issue I had with 160gb silm it was dirty and smelled like heavy cigarette smoke
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on January 3, 2016
I loved this console, the only thing I didn't like was how easily broken the controllers were. I didn't even treat mine badly, and the joystick started drifting. I had several friends that had to buy multiple controllers to replace their broken ones (but they were a bit more violent with theirs).
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