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VINE VOICEon December 22, 2007
I have both the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. I never thought I would buy a PS 3 but after hanging out at the stores to long during the Holiday shopping I ended up buying one. I must say, so far I'm very impressed. Its easy to see why Sony was charging a lot for this when it first came out, this thing is loaded and the fit/finish seems top notch. Compared to the Xbox 360 the PS3 seems very well thought out. The Xbox some days seems like something I built in my basement. The Xbox is so loud when you are playing a game. I can't figure out why MS would think anyone would want to watch a movie through their HD-DVD player as you would have to turn the movie sound way up to block out the 360's fans.

The PS graphics are very very good, and the blu ray dvd is just an added bonus to a very good game system for the new lower prices. Also, its nice to have the on-line game play be free, compared to the Xbox $50 a year. It's not that the xbox is bad, the PS3 is just more refined. I also expect fewer problems with the PS3 than the Xbox. I have only had one issue with the xbox, the tv connector cable went bad, but I know several people who have had 2-3 360's just die on them.

The Wii shouldn't be compared to the PS3 or the Xbox. Its a great game system with the innovative controlers and the easy to play games. Its the only system my wife will play and she never played games before. That is the beauty of the Wii, it truly is a game system for everyone.

So far I see a lot of pro's for the PS3 and a couple of cons.


Blu Ray DVD
Wireless internet connectin built in
Rechargeable wireless controler
Very quiet
Doesn't run very hot
build quality
free on-line game playing


Not many games yet
No hdmi cable included.
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on January 12, 2008
I think that I fall into a minority of gamers .. gamers over 50. No kids.

This is not the first game console we've had. In the past we've had Super Nintendo, N64, PS1, Xbox and PS2.

I thought it might be time to upgrade and step up to the next generation.

At first I was not sure I would get a PS3. Certainly a year ago, when it was released in late 2006, the price was too high and downright silly for a game system.

Recently I had started looking at the Xbox 360 which on the surface, appears to be cheaper than the 40 GB Playstation 3. However, on further analysis, I realized that the PS3 came with more features "standard," such as wireless network connectivity. Once I started added on the "extras" that would be required to bring the Xbox 360 on par with the PS3, the price of the PS3 seemed much more reasonable.

I was surprised that the 40 GB PS3 is not backwards compatible with PS2 games, but that was not a showstopper for us. We don't tend to hold onto games after we play them. We tend to trade them in. We also still have our PS2 which we'll hold onto for a little while.

I have to say that now that I have the PS3, I love it. I am using it with a Samsung 40" LCD HD TV. It is fantastic. I have it connected via HDMI.

I also have to say that connecting it to my wireless network, a Mac Airport network was incredibly easy. Updating the PS3 firmware via download couldn't have been simpler.

I also downloaded and installed Medialink software from a company called Nullriver and am now streaming music from iTunes and viewing photos from iPhoto both from our Macs. The software was only $20 and again, everything was very easy.

Right now we are playing "Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction" and "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune" and loving both of them.

It is amazing to play games in HD and we really love the wireless controller.

So, if you are considering a PS3, we would highly recommend it. We're glad we upgraded and are very happy with it.
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VINE VOICEon November 7, 2007
For all of you considering the PS3 this is one of the best choices you can make when it comes to home entertainment. Gaming and multimedia are taken to the next level.

First getting my hands on the PS3 made me realize that this is the largest Playstation conosle by volume and weight they have ever come out with. I quickly realized how sturdy and well made this product is. The plastic that is used is solid and heavy duty. I also realized how easy dust and fingerprints attract to the shiny finish which is both plastic and fake chrome. Connecting the PS3 was the easy part. Unlike the Wii and 360 Sony has left the power station inside the console. Which means you only need one heavy duty plug to connect. From the back of the console you have many choices for video and audio outputs. The standard AV outlet is there which allows you to play with the cables it comes with or to buy component cables for high definition viewing. You also have a optical digital output for full digital sound. New to any video game console is HDMI output. This allows you to have the PS3 in full high definiton video and audio. HDMI is capable of a full digital signal allowing 1080p true high definition picture. It is also capable of unleashing 7.1 high definition sound. So audiophiles should be happy about what this console offers. On the front end you get two USB ports. This allows you to connect various devices like a photo camera, internet camera, mouse, or even a printer. The Sony PS3 has a feature that allows it to be on standby at all times. Which is similar to the other consoles. I will talk more about this feature on the PS3 further in the review.

I would like to cover all the interface options the PS3 accompanies seperately so consumers can become aware of all the advantages this console carries. For those of you familiar with the Playstation Portable this interface is almost exactly the same.

You are able to create seperate logins for anyone who uses the PS3. This allows for each person to go online with their information. Although it doesn't really have many more advantages than that right now it is rather insignificant.

Next is the system settings. This allows the user to adapt the PS3 to their television and sound system. You can adjust the high defention settings to fit the maximum resolution of your t.v. You also have setting for your blue tooth devices and internet connections. The PS3 comes with built in wi-fi which seems to have a strong connection that gives you almost seamless online use.

The PS3 also has a photo viewer. You can download pictures by using your camera and connecting it via USB. I haven't checked to see how viable this option is. Generally you get your standard slide shows although they have a fun feature. One of the features takes your pictures and gracefully places them onto a blank canvas. I think the slide shows are best when you set them to music.

Next is the music player. You can download your pics via CD which is rather quick. I have done this numerous times putting quite a music collection on my PS3. Although Sony has talked about having downloads via the internet which I think would go over very well. You can listen to music while viewing a feature that uses colors and textures. It is your standard music viewer...nothing special there.

I want to talk about one of the most notorious features of the PS3. The Bluray player. Most of you now know what a Bluray player is and does. I have viewed numerous movies on it. I have also viewed these movies on two different hdtv's. One a 1080p and a 1080i. I really did not notice much of a picture difference. After viewing a few movies on the XBox 360 hddvd player and the PS3 Bluray player I really did not notice much of a difference. One thing I have noticed about hd movies is that the ones more than a couple years older have a slightly grainy appearance since they were remastered for high definition. Newly made movies appear crystal clear with vivid colors and tremoundous definition. The PS3 does allow you to view regular DVD's which can make the transition that much easier. The regular DVD movies are upscaled on your HDTV allowing an excellent picture. For many of the new movies it is almost difficult to notice a difference in a DVD picture and Blu-ray picture.

Now would be the gameplay part of the interface. This keeps track of the game disc you may have in the player or also games or demos that you have downloaded. This interface is rather simple and easy to negotiate. One feature that is sadly missing from the 40 gig is backwards compatibility. Although you can still play PSone games, PS2 games are a no go. As far as the games go I have played numerous games plus several demos. The games that are non exclusive like Madden Football are deficent on the PS3 compared to XBox 360 counterparts. The game speed is smooth and polished. The visuals on exclusive PS3 games like Heavenly Sword and Ratchet and Clank is quite impressive. The PS3 seems to create a living vivid environment with the ability to create many textures and surfaces. Game demos like Motorstorm and Gran Turismo HD show what the PS3 is capable of. Amazing graphics and sound quality will become apparent in many of the games this holiday season and beyond. I have also enjoyed the few full games that are downloadable. The games have enhanced hd graphics and are affordable at only $7.99-$9.99. What I have enjoyed is online gaming. With the PS3 you don't have to pay any added fees. The gameplay was seamless and quick and allows you to use a blue tooth headset when playing. I also believe you can use your PS2 headset via USB. The online gaming is virtually the same as the 360.

Lastly I will cover the online features of the PS3. On the interface online is a big part. From the browser to having friends and checking your mail. Of course the largest feature is the Playstation store. Which is obviously not very unique. The 360 has a market which could be considered the pedigree for consoles. The Wii is limited to just classic video games. The Playstation store is decent right now with very numerous items to download. You have games, demos, and movie trailers. The store will continue to grow and has a nice feature that allows you to dowload PSone games for the Playstation Portable (PSP). After dowloading it to your PS3 then you transfer it via USB to your PSP. Also a very intriguing feature that I think is really amazing is called remote play. When your PSP is integrated into your PS3 you have the ability to view and listen to stuff on your PS3 anywhere in the world with your PSP. All you need is a wifi connection. I have tried this feature out and it's really enjoyable. I was able to view movie trailers and listen to my music on my PSP. The feature is nice although it is supposed to work when the PS3 is on standby. It did not work for me then. Only when the PS3 was on and set for remote play.

There are also two features that are becoming more apparent for owners. Folding at Home is a beneficial program that works with Stanford University. The program runs when your PS3 is idle. What it does is run computations that help scientists work for many cures to diseases. A beneficial plus to the PS3. I can vouch for having my PS3 on nonstop 24 hours a day 7 days a week for many months without any problems. Secondly I want to talk about HOME. No not your real home but the PS3 program that will be available early 2008. This program will be a virtual online social interface allowing you to meet numerous other PS3 players. I have been allowed to participate on the Beta version and I must say this has extreme potential.

2008 will be an exciting year for PS3 owners. The experience is already excellent with over a dozen very good games. The PS3 will have over a half dozen superb games releasing next year. Games like Gran Turismo 5, Killzone 2, Little Big Planet, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy are just the beginning. If any of these games suit you it would be an excellent reason to own a PS3.

In closing I will say without a doubt the PS3 has been quite an experience. I feel the $400 is well worth it for the features you get. Wifi, Bluray, HDMI, and of course the game playing.
I believe many of you are on the fence and trying to justify a large scale purchase like this. The games are here and the experience is superb. If you want a wonderful living room centerpiece that will provide numerous hours of use the PS3 is the way to go.
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on November 12, 2007
All the news I read said 60GB was the only way to go if you wanted a PS3 with backward compatibility. Therefore, I rush into nearest BestBuy to get a 60GB when I saw online news said 60GB was sold out in most of retail stores on 11/02/2007.

I was not very happy when I realized my new PS3 was running HOT and LOUD, believe me it was very LOUD. I exchanged it for another 60GB next day. This one was a little better, IMO; however, it was still running HOT and LOUD. I went to Target, and got another 60GB. This one was not any better. I told myself this had to be a design flaw but I would give it for another try. Therefore, I returned it and bought another 60GB from Target again. Four out of four, they were all running HOT and LOUD. I gave up at this point, and returned the last one purchased from Target. At this point I almost wanted to learn to live with the noise since I enjoyed the Blu-ray so much and had some fun playing those demo games.

I went online and did some more research. I found 40GB should consume a lot less energy than 60GB and 80GB. IMO Energy = Heat; therefore, I was in BestBuy again on 11/10/2007 with my family and bought a 40GB. Installed it in the evening, watched a regular SD DVD and left it on over night for downloading. WOW, it ran much quieter and it was even running quieter than my HR20-100 (a DIRECTV HD DVR). Off course, I return the last 60GB I had the following day.

My decision metrics:

1. Can I watch movies with the PS3 running so LOUD?

2. How important is the backward compatibility to me?
I can keep my PS2 connected to TV, still; however, I should move on and focus on PS3 ONLY for game playing.

3. Do I need two more USB ports and memory card slots?
Not such a big deal.

4. Is 40GB big enough?
I DON'T care.

I would buy another PS3 when it starts using 65nm processor rather than the current 90nm in the near future. Now 40GB is the only way to go IMO. I hope my journey to a 'QUIET' PS3 can help you make your decision on your future purchase.
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on November 4, 2007
See my 80GB review for a full and detailed look atht ePS3, it's capabilities and games. The 40GB was a very smart move for Sony. Let's first address what detracters will say is a problem. Lack of backward compatibility with PS2 titles. First, almost all people who own PS2 games currently, own a PS2. The disadvantage is they can't sell it off and have to support running two consoles. Of course, selling it won't net you the $100 price drop this PS3 gives you so financially it's still advantages. Some XBox owners will use this as a point to detract people from going with the PS3. They fail to mention that the XBox core edition also has no backward compatibility. In fact, it doesn't even have a hard drive. The XBox premium edition has somewhat poor backward compatibility as well.

Really, people are buying PS3s to play PS3 games and watch high definition Blu-ray movies. For $399 you get two in one. Back to that in a second. What else in the 40GB missing? It's missing memory card readers. Rarely to people use these. Most people use USB and/or already have a USB memory card reader for their PC which will work fine for the PS3.

It also has 2 USB slots instead for 4 but USB hubs are dirt cheap. Lastly, it uses a 65nm process instead of a 90nm meaning the chips are smaller and use less power. This is good.

It has all the same movie and gaming capability, built in wireless internet, Blu-ray, HDMI 1.3, etc...

So for $399 you get a high definition player and a next-gen console with wireless internet. The cost of this for the 360 would be:
1. $349 for premium (20GB) 360
2. $179 for HD-DVD player
3. $100 for wireless internet
Total: $628

That's expensive! If you don't need wireless internet you're still paying $528! You might as well go get a cheaper HD-DVD drive on Ebay but of course now you probably have multiple consoles and movie players.

Of course the PS3 upscales regular DVDs to 1080p as well so you can get rid of your old DVD player.

Some people will argue the games aren't there yet. See my 80GB review for details on that. Here's some quick examples of great games for the PS3 in stores now or released before the end of 2007:

I've rated each game from 1-5. I've excluded many games and tried to focus on the games I like.

1. Heavenly Sword (Exclusive to PS3) 4/5, incredible game, just too short.
2. Warhawk (Exclusive to PS3) 5/5
3. Folklore (Exclusive to PS3) 4/5
4. Guitar Hero III 4/5
5. Eye of Judgement (Exclusive to PS3) 5/5 - Niche audience
6. Haze (Exclusive to PS3) Not out yet
7. Ratchet & Clank Future (Exclusive to PS3) 5/5
8. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (Exclusive to PS3) Not out yet
9. UT3 (Maybe for this year) (Timed exclusive to PS3) - only console version that supports PC mods, and mouse/keyboard
10. Ghost Recon ADW2 5/5
11. Rainbow Vegas Six 5/5
12. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 5/5
13. Fight Night Round 3 5/5
14. Super Stardust HD 5/5 (Exclusive to PS3, downloadable under $10)
15. Everyday Shooter 5/5 (Exclusive to PS3, downloadable under $10)
16. Calling all Cars 4/5 (Exclusive to PS3, downloadable under $6)
17. Super Puzzle Fighter HD Remix 4/5
18. Madden 08 4/5
19. NHL 2K8 4/5
20. NBA 2K8 5/5
21. MLB 07: The Show 4/5

And there's a lot more to come. For instance Gran Turismo 5 Proglogue is free this year, with Gran Turismo 5 coming out next year. Little Big Planet may be the biggest and most innovative title since Mario and will be out in January/February time frame. And of course there's Metal Gear Solid 4. This game looks incredible and will undoubtly be the biggest game of 2008.

Good luck with your purchases!
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By now, everyone knows the details of the system. I had to chose between the 40GB and 80GB system. For me, it was easy. I don't need any of the extra features of the 80GB system. (limited PS2 compatibility, extra USB, card reader, Motostorm game etc.)I also didn't need the 80GB because I upgraded the 40GB HD with a faster 120GB HD, and it only cost me an extra $55. The 40GB system also has the 65nm Cell Processor. So for less than the 80GB system, I have a faster, quieter, cooler, and more energy efficient 120GB system.
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on November 30, 2007
I have been looking forward to upgrading my Playstation 2 to the Playstation 3 ever since it was announced some time ago. I finally was able to purchase the system and recived it just before Thanksgiving. The system is sleek looking and pretty quite, quieter than my ps2 for the most part (note that the 40GB unit is supposed to run quieter and cooler than the 60GB and 80GB units).

Setup was very easy. I already had an up-converting DVD player and I essentially pulled it out and put in the PS3. Power, HDMI to the TV, Optical for audio to my receiver. The interface came right up and is simple and intuitive. It was easy to connect the system to my wireless internet and download the latest firmware. Signing up for Playstation network was a breeze also(Note that you can plug any old USB keyboard in and do all the typing that way. Saves a lot of time.) Most of the system settings were already configure optimally for my set-up so there was not much tweaking needed.

Games are easy to load and look and sound GREAT. The sixaxis is very similar to the ps2 controller so there was not much to get used to. At this point I have not noticed the lack of the rumble feature, but it would be nice to get that in the future. I was impressed that the FPS games I tired controlled pretty well compared to many of the games I tried on the PS2.

There are opinions that there are no games to play on the system, but as far as I am concerned there is plenty to keep me busy, and I do not see my PS3 collecting dust anytime soon. Right now I have Ratched & Clank, Oblivian, and Call of Duty 3. I am looking to pick up Drakes Fortune, Call of Duty 4 and Assassin's Creed this holiday season.

There is a lack of backwards compatibility and anyone considering purchasing this product should know that before going forward. We do play a lot of PS2 games still (Guitar Hero, Singstar, Katamari) so I will have to keep that older system hooked up as well. If you want to play PS2 games and don't want to keep your older system hooked up look into the 60GB or 80GB units.

I was vary impressed with the DVD and Blu-Ray capability once I purchased the remote. I agree with some that the romote should have been included with the system since Sony is pushing this as a movie player as well as a game console. The PS3 actually seems a little smarter than my other DVD player (also a Sony) when it comes to detecting the aspect ratio as 4:6 or 16:9. With my old player I would have to adjust it myself with the TV remote. PS3 does it for me. I never see a stretched or squashed image. The Spiderman Blu-Ray that comes with the system looks amazing! Also Pixar movies just pop out of the screen. There is a real difference with Blu-Ray and my TV only supports 720p. I am excited to try out more Blu-Ray disks from Netflix.

The Playstation 3 also allows you to stream music and videos from your PC over the network. So it acts like a Slingbox or the Apple TV. I have access to my complete mp3 library from my living room now. You can even create play lists. I have not tried the video yet though.

Other features include web browsing, message boards, and the Sony Store, where you can download demos for free and classic games for a low price.

My only gripe is a big one, and forces me to take off a star even though I hate to. After playing the system for about three days the disk drive failed. It would not read any disk at all. No games, no movies. Nothing. After talking to Sony they said it was defective and told me to send it in and it would take about 3 weeks to get a new one. Instead I worked with Amazon and they sent me a new one in a few days (Amazon's customer service is amazing). So I am back up an running and enjoying every minute. From my research the PS3 is supposed to have a very low failure rate compared to most consoles. I was just unlucky I guess.

Overall I love the system and am very happy with the features it offers.
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on November 6, 2007
I'm writing a review based on the 2 new PS3 versions available because I'm already convinced this is way better than Xbox 360 in play and value and plenty of other people will do that for you. Some of us just need advice on PS3 vs. PS3!

I think this new 40GB is the Best version available. Who cares if it cannot play PS2 games, like the 80GB version -- I didn't drop $400++ to play yesterday's technology. Save the $100 for a great game/bluray of your choice vs. the included Motorstorm included with the 80GB version which is only an okay game. Also, I don't really need the extra hard drive space and if I did, I would probably need much more space than the extra 40gb. For example, if in the future I decide to rip video to it -- I would need much more than the total 80gb and would be looking for an external hard drive solution anyway. What about 80gb having flash drive slots? I wouldn't use this and if I needed to there are usb to flash options for a few bucks. As to the old 60GB version, don't waste your time...noisy, bigger, and gets hot...this cannot be good for longevity.

If you buy a game with any PS3 version, I highly recommend getting one that was made in August of 2007 or later. These 2nd generation games make much better use of the PS3's awesome power and play. Many older games were rushed to the market. The good news is that a ton of new games are coming out now and in the next few months.
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on May 23, 2008
I'm a highdefinition enthusiast. I bought a first generation blu-ray player, as well as an hd-dvd player. They were both great and got me in the game. After about a year or more I decided that I wanted to get two fully functioning high def players and move on to just focusing on movies to buy. So, before they were gone I got the HD-DVD A35 and now the PS3 40gb.

Regarding the PS3 40gb. I really was hesitant to buy a "gaming machine." I waited and waited as long as I could too for the release of either the Panasonic DMP-BD50 or Sony BDP-S550, but after finally testing a PS3 out at a friends house I realized that why waste my time and aggravation.

While there are a number of perks that could be said about those upcoming stand-alone players, the bd-java enhanced blu-ray discs are way ahead of the hardware, except for the PS3. There will always be updates down the road to the specs for blu-ray and its extra features. I knew when investing in the PS3 that I'd be safe and could enjoy anything and everything right now.

It's cost effective and efficient at doing just about everything. The blu-ray playback performance continues to be refined, and while people may argue night and day between bitstreaming their high-def audio through their receiver it really isn't worth the aggravation. Just get a yamaha 661 I believe, the $399 model, along with the PS3 and go hdmi pcm. It's uncompressed, regardless. And it sounds amazing.

Also, with the PS3's most recent update the DTS-HD Master Audio decoding is remarkable, and if you don't get one of those new receivers for bitstreaming you won't have to worry about all of the decoding issues and popping noises that a lot of those most current receivers are experiencing.

I can't stress enough how glad I am that I went the PS3 route; those fearing a "gaming machine" and blu-ray quality between the two need not worry. I'm coming from the Sony BDP-S1 and the PS3 is better in performance, especially with the black levels. Sure, I'd like my analogue audio connections for 5.1, but the hassle-free hdmi to hdmi is not only conveniant but far more practical as far as wires go.

If you must wait for those new stand-alones because of wanting the latest and greatest or you have the money to spare for the perks then by all means, but if you want to focus on what movies you want and don't want to worry about Profile this or Profile that, as well as the loading times for first generation blu-ray players then jump on the PS3 bandwagon. I don't play games, am a film enthusiast and am glad that I can move on as far as hardware is concerned.

The PS3 is everything I wanted and more, and Amazon is amazing with shipping information and delivery time.

P.S. One change to this review is that I'd bump it down to 4stars due to the noise of the fan. Even the 40gb PS3's have noise from the fan. If you don't want any noise go with a standalone blu-ray. If you want a game machine and a future proof player, as far as blu-ray specs are concerned, and you can stand the noise of the fan then this player is for you.
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on March 2, 2008
A hands-on review, going over:
-What's included in the package and their purpose
-Actual PS3 performance and load-times

Note: This review was for the outdated 60-gig version, but the functionalities and features demonstrated in this video do not differ from those of the 40-gig version, except the extra USB ports and Memory card drives)
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