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784 of 926 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars PS4 launch day console review! So far I'm Impressed.
I purchased the launch version at 12:15 Friday night of the 15th. I'm glad I did. Got up the next morning and looked online and they were already sold out.

With prime shipping it arrived Monday afternoon. I was worried that I was going to get a bad unit like a lot of other reviewers on here. Got everything hooked up and hit the power button... It flashed...
Published 9 months ago by tech

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3.0 out of 5 stars How I got past Blue Light of Death
It is a great console. After a couple of days of heavy use...I ended up with Blue Screen, Click of Death Defect. System wouldn't boot. Customer Support...don't call, use the online live chat...the que is much smaller, and I have someone within 5-10 mins.
They are sending me a RMA package so I can send the unit in...
However, being a tinkerer...and finding some...
Published 8 months ago by Lee M. Williams

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784 of 926 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars PS4 launch day console review! So far I'm Impressed., November 22, 2013
tech "mediatech" (Chattanooga Area, TN) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: PlayStation 4 Console (Video Game)
I purchased the launch version at 12:15 Friday night of the 15th. I'm glad I did. Got up the next morning and looked online and they were already sold out.

With prime shipping it arrived Monday afternoon. I was worried that I was going to get a bad unit like a lot of other reviewers on here. Got everything hooked up and hit the power button... It flashed blue... I was worried for a second, then the light turn white and the PS logo appeared on the screen. Sigh of relief. First thing I did was run the latest firmware update. It updated without any issues.

Once you're at the home screen you're welcomed by soothing music and a clean feeling menu. After a couple of days I got tired of the menu background music so all I had to do was go to the settings and turn that off. Everything seems very snappy. My first real impression was how fast the PS store opened. On the PS3 it seemed to take forever, but on the PS4 it was almost instant.

Installed my first game (Battlefield 4) and once I inserted the disc the game immediately started to install itself. Within seconds it was ready to play. When I first entered the game I was told that to access the games network features I would have to install an update for the game. But for offline campaign mode I could immediately jump into it. I played the campaign for a few minutes then backed out so I could run the update and use the network stuff. The PS4 alerted me that it had started the download of the update and once complete that it was ready to install. It installed without a hitch and I was able to get into the game and access the multiplayer features.

Went ahead and installed the other two games I had purchased (COD Ghost and Need for Speed) both installed without issue. Got notified that they too needed updates so I went ahead and ran them. This being a launch system and as new as the games are I wasn't too surprised with all the updates.

It was getting late so I didn't get to get into much game play that night. Fast forward to now and I must say i'm quite impressed so far. I've been playing battlefield mostly and the graphics are phenomenal. Compared to the PS3 its a great improvement. I would have to say it give the PC a run for its money.

One thing I was really impressed was this. A friend was watching a movie on netflix. I came into the room and he wanted to show me something on COD. In a matter of seconds he went from netflix to game play. You hit the PS button and your back a the main menu... He had already played the game earlier so it was on standby. He selects the game, hits enter and the game came up almost immediately and he was back to where he left off. After watching him play a bit I was impressed with the quality of this game as well. Found a few glitches in the game, but I expect those will be fixed over time. I know Battlefield was having issues with some of its multiplayer maps. I guess thats what you get when you buy launch day consols.

Overall I'm liking it so far. But knowing Sony and the PS3 more is to come. I was disappointed in them not including the DLNA features because that was one of the main things I used on the PS3. I have a feeling that Sony will add this soon.

Those of you who are thinking about buying one this holiday. Wait till amazon or the stores get them back in stock. Don't buy one for $600-$1000 its not worth that cost. Plus by the time there back in stock the should have more of the bugs worked out.

I hope my review was helpful. To those who got bad units and are hating on Sony: Don't disqualify the PS4 yet. Get your replacement and give it another shot. I think you'll be glad you did.

--- Update 12-24-2013 --

Haven't got to play as many games as I would like to recently. I have been using apps and features though and thought I'd share what I think.

- Playstation Store.
I hated the PS store on the PS3. It was slow to load and annoying to get around. The PS4 has improved it some... To access the store all you have to do is go to the top row menu, then far left. It takes about 3-8ish seconds to load. Once you access it once it loads faster the next time.
Once you in the store it is familiar to the same layout as the PS3. I'm not really a fan of how you have to bypass all the current popular titles to get to the "all" button that all the way to the right. Once you get the hang of where everything is it makes it easier. I would say the only thing that I like better is that fact that it loads quicker.

- DualShock 4 Controller
LOVE IT. I'm a guy with big hands. I like the longer grips. I don't feel like im going to lose the controller while in a heated battle in BF4.
The sticks are smoother and more accurate, really helps when trying to be a sniper were precision is key.
Some games have changed how the buttons are mapped. This took some getting used to but I'm liking it still.
The front light can become annoying at times, as well as I wounder how much battery life I'm losing with it. I hoping they release a patch that allows you to turn it off if you're not in a game that requires it.
Battery life could be better. One awesome thing is that the DS4's use micro-usb now. That means most your android smartphone chargers and cables can charge the controller. I have an old motorola USB wall-wart and a standard micro-usb cable and can charge the controller next to my chair instead of having to get up and plug it into the PS4.
Earpiece port. The PS4 comes with a mono earpiece/mic. All you have to do is plug in in the DS4 controller. It will work with any headset that has that size jack.
Haven't found a game or app that uses the touch pad yet. But the pad also works as a button, which has a clean easy feel when pressed.

- Netflix, Amazon Instant
Netflix. not much different here. I Haven't been using it as much because I'm on comcast and between comcast and netflix I can't get a stream thats better than 240 SD. I can stream HD just fine in amazon. This isn't a PS4 problem cause my PS3 was doing this as well. For those of you who like to see what quality you're getting on the PS3 you'd hit the 'Select' button, well the DS4 no longer has that button so it is now mapped to the right stick button.
Amazon. Also not much different. It works well, had no crashes. Plays in HD and full surround.

- Twitch, Ustream
This is a cool feature. On the main row go over to "Live from Playstation". Here you can hop in a watch other people play games, even games you don't own or have installed. A typical stream will have the person hosting the stream on a webcam or just audio. You can interact with comments and if you have the game installed you can start that games from the stream. You also have the ability to stream your own games. Just hit the share button while playing a game.

- Gameplay
Battlefield 4: After many patches the online play is getting better, fewer crashes, pretty awesome. As for the offline campaign mode. IT SUCKS. Not sure if the lastest patch fixed anything but you would get half way through the campaign and it crash. And if you weren't so lucky it corrupted the profile and when you restarted that game it started you back at the beginning. I've given up on the campaign and just play online multiplayer (Which BF4 was made for anyways)

COD Ghosts: Few campaign glitches, few crashes. I've seen some updates pop up recently so most of those should be getting fixed.

Need for Speed: Just a fun racing game. I like it better than the hot pursuit version on the PS3. Graphics are good. Smooth game play. Never cared for the in game menu structure of need for speed.

Resogun: Got it for free via PS Plus membership. Cool 3D side shooter. First games I've played that uses the built in controller speaker.

- Extra Stuff
I am using a logitech wireless keyboard w/touchpad. Keyboard is detected by the PS4. I can use it in most applications for typing.

Thats all for now. I'll post any updates if I find anything new or cool.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Better then the rest!!!, December 24, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: PlayStation 4 Console (Video Game)
Ok so I purchased this on release day along with the xbox one. I wanted to wait to give it a comparison so here I am a month later.

Cost = PS4
If you can get your hands on an actual retail copy and not a bootleg copy by someone whose trying to make a 300% profit then the PS4 is $100 cheaper with more bang for your buck based on the specs alone.

Cosmetics = PS4
The PS4 is a better sleeker console that is actually pretty quiet and designed for the 21st century. Compared to the xbox one that is the size Of a VCR or VCR/DVD combo. It's huge!

Video Quality = PS4
Slight advantage goes to the PS4. Although they both run on AMD Radeon GPU's. PS4 pushes out 176gb/s of memory compared to 64 from xbox one, as well as a peak shader throughput of 1.84 teraflops compared to xbox one 1.33. Both support native 1080p with 4K support.

Ram = PS4
PS4 has 8GB GDDR5 5500MHz (176GB/s)
Xbox one has 8GB DDR3 2133MHz (68GB/s)
The numbers speak for themselves. PS4 by a landslide.

Optical Drive = Tie.
Both have Blu-Ray drives.

Storage = Tie
Both come with 500GB Hard Drives.

Internet connectivity = Tie
Both have Ethernet ports as well as built in wifi setup with no need to purchase a separate adapter.

Controller = Xbox One
Although the PS4 has made some strides in developing a better controller, it comes with a built in speaker in the center of the controller as well as a touchpad but for those of you who has had a sony in the past that are use to pressing pause in the middle of the controller it will take getting some use to. The Xbox one controller feels way better then the 360 controller that has grip pads on the sticks as well as a more ergonomic design and better feel overall.

Online capabilities = Xbox One
Both have online play but Xbox one better. Some may complain that paying to play online sucks but the money you pay goes towards keeping the servers operating at their peak. Free internet servers have problems with lagging and thousands of cheaters and glitches. Not saying that no one glitches on xbox live but the money for xbox live goes towards patching those exploits. PS Plus is similar to xbox live and hopefully it gets to where xbox live is today.

Overall, PS4 is geared more towards gaming with an additional perk of media options. Xbox one is geared more as a media hub with the option of gaming, watching tv, listening to music etc... If you are interested in just old fashion gaming with 21st century graphics then the PS4 is for you. If you are interested in watching movies, listening to music, giving voice commands to do all these things as well as play games too, then xbox one is for you.
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5.0 out of 5 stars PS4 vs. Xbox One a Die Hard Gamer Review, March 14, 2014
J. Rulison (Chino Hills, CA United States) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: PlayStation 4 Console (Video Game)
PS4 vs. Xbox One: A review from a die hard gamer.

So when the new systems came out I listened to all sides. We already had an Xbox 360, a PS3, and a WII. We really had no favorites except we used the PS3 more because of it's blu-ray capabilities as the home entertainment system (Netflix / Amazon).

So we decided when upgrading we were going to try and cut down on the number of systems we used. We started with a PS4 but quickly added a Wii-U for the Mario games, Zelda, Donkey Kong, and other Nintendo only games.

Some of the Xbox One exclusive titles looked good but nothing earth shattering until Titanfall. Being a huge FPS shooter fan and a huge MechWarrior fan (by the way Titanfall is a huge MechWarrior rip off) I had to get it.

For my PS4 I have purchased the system, the camera, the rubberized grip for the controllers, and some Kontrol Freaks. Making my total purchase outside of games to just under $500 dollars.

To play Titanfall I needed the Xbox One, then because I hate changing batteries I had to buy the rechargeable pack for the controller. I also use Astro A50 gaming headsets, but to use this with the Xbox One I have to use the headset adapter which is another $25-$30 dollars. So now my out of pocket expenses for this system is around $600 dollars.

Here are some of the differences that annoyed me on both.

PS4: The controllers are stock out of the box rechargeable which is great. You can turn off the rumble effects the small built in speaker, but you can't turn off that darn super light in the front. Why would I want to turn that off? Well to use less battery and although I know that is not huge it still annoys the crap out of me. The HDMI is encrypted I know some of you might not understand what that means but it means I can't use an outside capture device to record videos (although Sony still says they will fix this in an update.) This sucks to entire new levels as I don't like streaming to Twitch through the system I would rather use my PC for that function. (For streaming I like to use the Elgato capture devices, which can be found here on Amazon.) Not enough USB ports. The system has two on front and that is it. So I have to get a USB hub of some sort to have multiple controllers because I have one slot already used for my headset amplifier.

XboxOne: The controller not being rechargeable by default is a pain in the butt, batteries suck. Also the controller is small and very light plastic feel. I am concerned I might break it. The xbox 360 controllers, at least the ones I have, do not seem to feel this way. The Kinect although cool is seriously huge! I mean it is basically a 1 foot 2x4 sitting on your tv stand. Couldn't they have reduced the size somehow? USB ports not enough and none on the front. All the USB ports are located in the rear. Again they only give you a couple, which just doesn't seem like enough. Biggest complaint by far is the external always on power supply. Not only is this thing huge the dang thing has a fan that just keeps going so you hear it all the time, very annoying.

Now I won't talk about the games but I will say this startup into game, at least visually, appears to be faster on the PS4 then the xbox one.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Very satisfied! But waiting for basic features to be "re-added"..., July 22, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: PlayStation 4 Console (Video Game)
I have had my PS4 for a little over a month now. I was debating whether or not to wait and buy the White PS4 that's coming out in September or "settle" for the black PS4. I am very, very glad I decided to buy now because I have the chance to get used to the system itself and get situated with the changes and games. Not to mention, if I had waited till September I would've been bombarded by all the awesome games that come out in the fall. Now I can take my time... Enjoy Watch Dogs... Enjoy The Last of Us: Remastered... Enjoy the Destiny Beta... Then eventually buy Shadow of Mordor and all that good stuff...

ANYWAY: The console itself is aesthetically pleasing. The menu system is basic and sometimes confusing, but I can't find anything truly wrong with the way it is set up. It works smoothly but there is some digging to do sometimes. I do wish that it had some kind of feature where you could rearrange things by how often you use each app. I have to click a few buttons to get to Amazon Video or Netflix, rather than just have it be one of my default apps. That's just me being picky. Games: Nothing definitive yet. The best games will come out in the fall and as the console progresses. ONE THING that really bothers me is that Sony has yet to add USB media playback support... My PS3 had it and I used it all the time for watching movies on my external hard drive. Now I'm impatiently waiting for them to add a feature that should've been on it in the first place. Overall, I am very satisfied with the PS4 and am excited for its games and features to progress.
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5.0 out of 5 stars An Outstanding Experience Geared Toward Core Gamers, But Not Without Its Shortcomings, June 13, 2014
Alex Fiuk (East Coast, USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: PlayStation 4 Console (Video Game)
*** Key: ✔ Positive ✖ Negative ⓘ Informational/Neutral ***

Gamers rejoiced last fall as we were introduced to two brand new gaming experiences with the PS4 and Xbox One. I want to share my perspective as someone who purchased both at launch. In my review, I tried to focus primarily on the PS4 as it stands on its own. However, examining the console in a vacuum means losing out on important insights (especially for someone trying to decide between the two consoles), so you'll notice some comparisons sprinkled in here and there. I hope you enjoy! Please comment with any questions - I'll be happy to answer them.

-- Design --
ⓘ Dimensions (cm): 30.5 x 27.5 x 5.3 (similar to PS3 slim)
ⓘ Dimensions (in): 12 x 10.8 x 2
✔ Sleek and modern, this powerful parallelogram looks good in your entertainment setup (especially when compared to the more clunky Xbox One)
✔ Can stand vertically or lay horizontally

-- Performance --
ⓘ Runs off X86 AMD Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) – basically, a single chip that handles both processing (CPU) and graphics (GPU)
✔ 8-core CPU means that multitasking is a breeze (which is key for quickly switching between games, apps, and menus)
✔ GPU comes in approximately 50% more powerful than Xbox One, which is why we’re seeing several cross-platform games (Call of Duty, Watch Dogs, etc.) running at better resolution on PS4. However, it takes a trained eye to notice the difference… Most people won’t catch it without a side-by-side comparison.
✔ Console runs fairly quiet… I would say about as loud as the Xbox One

-- Storage --
✖ The hard drive fills up fast. Remember, there is an installation involved with every game, even when you buy the physical disk. Here are a few examples to put it in perspective: Killzone = 40gb, Watch Dogs = 20gb, Infamous = 24gb, NBA 2k14 = 42gb
ⓘ The good news is you can replace the hard drive fairly easily. It’s gotta be a 2.5 inch ATA internal hard drive, which I believe are currently only available up to 1 TB.
✔ Upgrading the hard drive DOES NOT void your warranty

-- User Experience (UX) / User Interface (UI) --
ⓘ Sony’s menus are horizontally-oriented, while Microsoft has more of a full-screen "tiled" approach. The PS4 menu layout boils down to two menus that extend horizontally: one with games/app, the other with everything else (PSN, friends, settings, etc.).
✔ Remember back in the day when you used to have to boot up a game, play it till you were bored, save your progress, then quit the game to go back to the home screen, boot up a video streaming app, then quit that… You get the picture. With the PS4, you can seamlessly switch between games and apps without actually quitting them just by pressing the PlayStation button your controller.
✖ The UI, though a significant improvement to the PS3, leaves a lot to be desired. The “Sony-blue” background color overpowers the menu content and feels dated. Also, unlike the xbox one where you can rearrange tiles, the PS4 menus are not customizable.
✔ What is cool, though, is that when you scroll onto a game’s menu icon, it expands to a game-specific submenu with options to view trophies, see which of your friends have this game, purchase add-ons, etc.

-- Online --
ⓘ PlayStation Network (PSN) has come a long way thanks to PlayStation Plus, an online membership service known mainly for its Instant Game Collection feature, which allows members to download free games.
✔ Free games added monthly (a handful each month across PS4, PS3, and Vita), and remain available for a few months
✔ Once you download a game, you keep it for life (if you delete it from your hard drive, you can go back and re-download it from the PlayStation store)
✖ If you haven’t downloaded it by the time it leaves the Instant Game Collection, though, you’ve missed your chance
ⓘ List of PS4 Instant Game Collection Games to date: Contrast, Resogun, Don’t Starve, Outlast, Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition, Mercenary Kings, Stick It to the Man, PixelJunk Shooter, Trine 2
✖ This is highly subjective, but I still feel like the PlayStation online community isn’t as vibrant as Xbox. Less people use mics. Less of my friends are on it. It just isn’t as fun to play online.

-- Game Library --
ⓘ Approximately 150 games in development; 30 by Sony’s first party studio
✔ 100+ games will have been released by end of 2014 (keep in mind that many of these are indie games available for download through the PlayStation Network)
✖ We will have to wait till 2015 and beyond for most of the truly next-gen games: Uncharted 4, Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain, Kingdom Hearts 3, etc.

-- Controller --
✔ The DualShock 4 is a huge improvement over previous PlayStation controllers in terms of comfort
✔ Handles are longer and more rounded for a more natural feel in your hands
✔ Trigger buttons don’t stick out as much as the DualShock 3, again adding to a more natural feel
ⓘ Same classic PlayStation layout (triange, square, x, circle) we all love
ⓘ Start and Select replaced by Options and Share, respectively
ⓘ New TouchPad has some pretty cool functionality in games (mainly for accessing/maneuvering maps from what I’ve seen so far). Looking forward to seeing it used for more as the console matures.
ⓘ The Light Bar glows and helps you distinguish between controllers using different colors
✔ Built in rechargeable battery (charging cable included) means you won’t have to keep switching out batteries, but…
✖ The battery life is atrocious. This is probably my biggest gripe with the console overall. You won’t make it past a day of hardcore gaming without having to plug it in to charge. When compared to Xbox’s Play-and-Charge battery life, the DualShock 4 is a joke.

The shortcomings, though frustrating, are not enough to warrant moving down to 4 stars. Yes, the battery life on the controller is laughable. Yes, the user interface feels dated when compared to Xbox One. And yes, a lack of meaningful exclusives lining the game library make it a little more difficult to justify purchasing at the moment. But overall, PlayStation has made an admirable leap into the next generation of gaming. With major game releases just getting underway, and exciting features like PlayStation Now and the Oculus Rift on the horizon, the PS4 is positioned to offer gamers endless memorable experiences over the years.
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Next Generation is Beautiful, November 18, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: PlayStation 4 Console (Video Game)
I don't even know where to begin with my review. I guess I could say that I love the Playstation 4 or that it works perfectly and I've had no issues (apart from the Playstation Network being down a bit as it was getting hammered by all the new PS4 owners). I guess I'll just do a list or Pros and Cons:

-The system itself looks awesome. Very architectural. It was actually the first thing my girlfriend commented on and said she loved the way it looked.
-The User Interface is basically an upgraded XMB. If you liked the XMB, you'll like this interface. It is also incredibly snappy and responsive.
-Getting in to and out of the Playstation Store is seamless. Not like on PS3 where it takes 30 sec to a minute to load. It loads instantly and is integrated in to the UI.
-Resogun is awesome in all its old school shoot-em-up glory.
-Killzone: Shadowfall is beautiful but I haven't had too much play time with it yet.
-Knack is surprisingly fun, despite what all the reviews say. It looks like a Pixar movie at points. Drop in co-op is a blast. It's so much fun with me as regular Knack and my girlfriend as Robot Knack. She is actually better at beating up baddies than I am.
-Updated trophy support. Rarity of trophies is a fun little data point to look at.
-Playstation APP/offscreen capabilities are nice. Typing using a touch screen is so much nicer than using a gamepad.
-DualShock 4 (the controller) is nice to hold. Trigger shoulder buttons are a marked improvement over the DS3 R2/L2 buttons.
-My favorite feature: VITA REMOTE PLAY! Works like a dream. Almost no perceptible lag. I was playing Resogun on it (a game that requires little to no lag or you'll die) and it ran so smoothly.

-UI is barebones. That's actually fine with me but many people these days demand a more robust UI.
-Unable to delete unused Apps in the movie/tv section. If there is I haven't figured out a way to do it. Granted, I haven't tried that hard since I've been having too much fun playing games.

It's a great gaming system with some great games and a promising future. The interface is bare bones (which I like) and incredibly responsive but may not satisfy people who love a more robust UI. The remote play of the vita and second screen capabilities via Playstation App are nice additions that will get a lot of use out of people that own a Vita/Playstation App compatible phone. It is a device made to play games and does so wonderfully.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome, February 2, 2014
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: PlayStation 4 Console (Video Game)
23 year old guy. Girlfriend bought me the PS4 day 1 for Christmas. So far own AC: Blackflag, NBA 2k14, Killzone shadow fall, call of duty ghosts, and need for speed rivals. Having so much fun. Love the new controller and the speed and graphics...all a blast. Also like that ps+ membership is cheeper than gold (picked it up on blackfriday for $30)....just to give some credence that I'm not a ps4 fanboy I did own a PS3 and PS2 but also a xbox 360 which I have 70,000 gamerscore and a original xbox. I was an xbox guy basically all last gen. So with that said the PS4 is a great game console and the xbox one is potentially a great multimedia device. As far as exclusives the older I get the less halo and gears appeal to me
And games like the last of us and uncharted are the preferred exclusives. Now this is not to say I won't get an xbox one down the line (actually already owned one but for about 20 min on the resale ;) but for now the PS4 is a fantastic upgrade and I'm pleased with the purchase.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Well done!, April 23, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: PlayStation 4 Console (Video Game)
I kinda jumped in early, having bought it within the first 3 months of launch. I wouldn't exactly call myself a fanboy given that I've had every console for the past 2 generations. But having had a Playstation Plus account and a Ps Vita, I felt like I had to have it. Compared to the Xbox One, the PS4 had a lot more value to me. With cross-buy games, betas, and Plus, out-of-the-box I had about 9 games waiting for me. Not to mention the $100+ saved over the One. If it wasn't for these circumstances, I would've tried to wait 1-2 years or more before jumping in. That said, I am not regretting it yet.

At launch, it seems fairly full-featured. I'm sure the PS4 will become more and more feature heavy as the years go by, just like the PS3. I didn't buy the camera, so my review won't cover any camera related features like logging in, streaming with picture-in-picture and Move support. The system is snappy. Moves at a brisk pace. The User Interface and front menu is definitely an upgrade over the PS3's XMB. I never feel like I'm too far away from anything. Suspending a game to watch Netflix, Playstation Now or other streaming service, then switching back to the game right where I left off at an instant feels great. It makes me feel like I'm experiencing a new generation of hardware. I can't help but feel like the front end will need to change as more games come out. A search function would really help me find things faster. As of now, the things you use often get pushed to the front, which is decent enough for now. There aren't any ways to manually change the look and feel. It all changes automatically. No themes or sorting options are available. Items can't be removed from the Video folder. It's annoying that I have to pass over options I don't use just to get to the service I do use. They aren't even in alphabetical order. Getting to Netflix shouldn't take several buttons presses! That said, you can hop out of your game, go to trophies, and double-tap the Home button to jump back into your game instantly. That feels great. Unfortunately, the trophies don't update in real time, making things less than perfect.

All games require an install. Most are very large, often over 30 GB. The largest game is about 43 GB. Luckily, installations are fairly quick. A quick trip to the kitchen or bathroom and they are usually ready to play by the time I get back. But at 409 GB of usable space, you'll eventually have to delete some games from your HDD. Deleting is a very quick process. Almost instant. I also wish they provided virtual manuals for the game played like on the PS Vita.

The Bluray playback is decent. Watching the HD material looks great. SD material doesn't look as good as on the PS3. No scanning options are available yet. Not bad though, just not great. Control options are clunky. For some reason I can't jump out to the front end without quitting playback like I can with everything else. And I can't resume playback from where I left off. Very annoying. If you're going to pop in a movie and watch it to the end, you won't have any problems.

Sharing is pretty fast and easy. Editing videos isn't impossible, but it is a learning process. Live streaming to your Ustream or Twitch is fast and easy. Only two button presses once your accounts are linked. No archiving features are available yet. You do get a decent number of display layout options. It doesn't seem to be a burden on the system. Playing while streaming was still smooth for me.

The controller just might be the best yet. I haven't tried the D-pad with any fighting games but it works well for platforming games. The L1 and R1 can stick a little if you're not holding the controller properly. The sticks feel great. Precise and comfortable. The triggers are very soft and don't take much effort to press. A great combination for shooters. Rumble is good. The touch pad is very responsive. High quality. You'll have to charge the controller pretty often. I think I average about 10-15 hours on a charge. It charges quickly and most importantly, it charges while the PS4 is in standby mode. My favorite feature just might be the ability to transfer all audio to the audio jack on the controller. Game, Video, chat can all be piped through the controller automatically when headphones are connected. Great for those times when you don't want to bother anyone around you. The pack in earbud is cheap but gets the job done when you don't have an alternative.

It's usually very quiet. A very hum is common. However, When playing off a disc, it can get pretty loud at times. Like a jet taking off.

Remote play with the Vita is pretty cool. You'll want the PS4 to be hard-wired to your router for best performance. Otherwise you'll run into frequent lag issues. It works well. I've played with it across multiple rooms away and it usually worked perfectly, with very little lag. I haven't tried it over a different access point miles away though. Missing 2 shoulders hurts for a lot of games. You don't realize how much you use all 4 shoulders on the Dualshock until you don't have them. There are plenty of options to remap them though. It just takes getting used to. Connecting takes less than 30 seconds, and is definitely a welcome feature though.

Another fave feature of mine are auto updates and downloading and installing items when the PS4 is in standby mode. Buying a game over the PSN web portal and having it downloaded and installed by the time you come home is great. Another next gen feeling feature. Standby mode also doesn't use a lot of power. The system also recovers quickly from stanby mode.

Early adoption usually sucks. However I don't really regret it this time. The first wave of hardware is well designed and I can't imagine what the next 'slim' version would even look like. If you can't wait and already have a Plus account and a Vita and games you want to play, go and buy one. You'll find some fun to have. If not, then i recommend waiting for more software and features to play with. What is has now isn't bad, but it'll get better.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great Purchase, March 12, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: PlayStation 4 Console (Video Game)
I was very satisfied with my purchase of the Playstation 4 using amazon. Realizing it was offered on the site I jumped at the chance at ordering it online rather than calling every local store to see if they had any available. Upgrading from standard delivery to one day shipping I received my ps4 in 24 hours. The only concern I had about my purchase was that it was left on my porch for several hours, so between the time I received the alert and the time I got home was a bit stressful. The playstation 4 is an essential purchase for playstation fans, basically they upgraded everything that the ps3 offered. From finally adding a group chat the does not require you to leave a game or join the same game as others. The download speeds are very impressive, as well as the overall smoothness of gameplay. Graphics have upgraded as well but with such limited playing time so far and only two games I have yet to see the full extent. Im not used to the main menu yet but the ease with which you leave from a tv app such as netflix, hulu etc to join a game and then return is awesome.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Nearly Perfect Balance of Power, Design and Architecture, May 15, 2014
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This review is from: PlayStation 4 Console (Video Game)
1. Most powerful console of this generation (GPU, CPU and Memory Bandwidth).
2. User upgradeable hard drive (I put a 1TB Samsung EVO SSD in mine). Takes any 2.5inch laptop-compatible drive. Hybrid SSHDD's recommended for optimal price/performance gains.
3. Much smaller than the Xbox One and includes an Internal Power supply - don't lug around that power brick that microsoft and nintendo would have you worry about.
4. Dramatically improved DualShock 4: (1. ergonomics 2. charging base station (optional but recommended) 3. connect any pair of headphones or single-cord headsets directly into the controller. 4. play chat, game and even video (netflix) audio through the headset plugged into the controller. finally I can lay in bed at night and watch netflix without having to worry about having a charged wireless headset. keep the controller charged and all is well. 5. PS Move built right in.)
5. Little Known Feature - purchase a 4 year warranty WITH accidental damage protection for the cost of one game: 59.99 on the Playstation Store. Amazing.
6. PlayStation Plus is finally great. The instant game collection is worth the cost by itself.
7. Blockbuster IP's: Uncharted, Last of Us, God of War, Killzone, Demon's Souls
8. Indie Game Support: Unmatched by rivals. Sony has truly devoted a lot of attention to indie games. I'm very optimistic about the future of bottom-up gaming.

1. Lack of support for 5GHz wireless spectrum (seriously? my iPad 2 supports this)
2. Lack of support for Wireless-AC (a big let down. dual-band wireless AC chips from Intel are cheap as dirt now)
3. The new interface is cumbersome. I can see it getting crowded very quickly, as every game you install is added to a single long row. Grouping things was a very simple feature of the Cross-Media Bar on PS3 that was wrongly removed. What happens when I have 50 games installed? Why should I have to scroll through it all?
4. Speaking of crowded interface, why can't I remove or hide the functions I will never use? Music Unlimited? Lol. I will literally never launch that app. Ever. Let us control and customize our interface if everything we run is thrown into a single row.
5. The included mono-headset could easily be a happy meal toy. Why even include this junk?
6. DLNA Streaming, 3D Bluray Playback, MP3 Playback removed? Who in the hell thought that was a good idea? If there's something the PS3 can do, there is no excuse for these features to be lacking. Bring it back with a REAL firmware update.
7. Speaking of firmware updates, I'm still waiting for true game instant-resume. My ability to jump back into a game when putting the ps4 in standby mode is non-existent. Why tout this feature during your press conferences?
8. I notice very minor gains in startup times, game loading times and other activities while using a true, high performance SSD. I feel like the entire OS has not been optimizied to take full advantage of SSD technology. This is a shame and should be resolved with a major OS overhaul. Firmware 2.0 or 3.0. Putting an SSD in a windows machine changes bootup and startup times like night and day. Make this happen on your system so it's ability to support user-upgraded hard drives outclasses the competition all the more!

Minor Complaint: Why on earth does your mobile application launch a browser window in order to login? This feels like an app that was thrown together in haste. The app needs a lot of work.
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