Customer Reviews: DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 - Jet Black
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on October 30, 2013
First of all, there is no such thing as a perfect game controller. As soon as you optimize things for one type of game and/or one type of player it will be suboptimal for other types of games or players. I have been playing video games since 1977 and have played or owned almost every game system since the Atari VCS 2600. I have used the stock controllers, many aftermarket controllers, and even made and played a few custom controllers and in the few hours since my Dualshock 4 arrived I have held it in my hands, (carefully) opened it and looked at the fabulous internal design, and used it with my PS3. In my short time with it and mentally comparing it to everything else I can honestly say that this is the best, most comfortable joypad so far (the Valve Steam controller is in Beta still, so it will be awhile before this promising looking device is out).

Second, I am not, repeat NOT a fanboy (O.K. I was one in the past, first Atari, then Nintendo, and even championed the ill fated Dreamcast for a bit) and even prefer the X-Box controllers for some games. It was not about placement of the d-pad and left thumbstick, but more that I have big hands and the Dualshock always felt too small for me, the handles too short and the thumbsticks too close together. I did get used to it and liked everything else about it. Thankfully, the Dualshock 4 fixes these problems.

Even putting aside the light bar, touch pad, and speaker (all of which I am looking forward to seeing implemented in interesting and innovative ways) the Dualshock 4 is the most changed, most improved controller since the original Dualshock improved on the original Playstation controller (edit: actually, thinking further back, the SNES controller was a HUGE improvement over the NES controller; which often caused hands to cramp and bruised thumbs, leading to the term "Nintendo Thumb"). In fact, the most interesting change is that "Dualshock 4" appears nowhere on the controller (I guess there was no good place to put the name).

I did take a few pictures if the internals while I had it open and will post some in customer images (there are only 4 #0 Phillips head screws, but there are 4 snaps/catches holding it closed, 2 in front between the thumbsticks and 1 on each side about 1 inch from the shoulder buttons, making it not too hard to open). I may post an update once I've actually used it with my PS4 for awhile.
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on October 26, 2013
As a long time Microsoft supporter and someone who has never really liked the PS3, I felt it necessary to post this.

I picked up the new DS4 controller last night for the upcoming PS4, and I have to say I am blown away at how much better they made this controller.

Everything about this controller feels better than the old DS3 and prior units. The joysticks are farther apart and actually have resistance for more precise movements.

The grips are elongated and this makes the controller fit much better in my bigger hands.

It is not heavy in the hand, so while using it I forget I am holding it. The movements feel more like second nature rather than thinking about which button to press.

I knew awhile back I was not getting the Xbox One and I had hitched my wagon to the PS4 train. This just makes that decision all the more grand.

This DS4 is the best controller I have used on any system to date. Will it beat the new Xbox One? Not sure, but I would have to say maybe. Even if it didn't I would say it won't matter, Microsoft lost my money this time around.
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on October 26, 2013
I agree with what the others have said regarding feel so I will post what I've found regarding working with PC

Controller is working via generic Wireless Controller driver on Windows 8 while connected with micro USB cable OR through bluetooth! Have tried with several games and have found the following:

Doesn't follow the 360 bindings, you will have to rebind games, may not work for games that don't allow this.

Works wonderfully with Battlefield 3, GTA: San Andreas, Strike Suit Zero, ZSNES, Dolphin etc. after rebinding.

A Micro USB cable is NOT included in the box!!!

Have not found a way to make rumble work.

Touchpad input is NOT recognized so far, but clicks ARE.

Share, Options, and PS button all register.

The front lit section slowly fade blinks Yellow while charging, is solid white while connected wirelessly, and off while charged and on cable.

Opens with a 0x2-1/2" or other small Phillips head.

Hope this helps early purchasers, if you are buying this substantially after launch please keep in mind a driver may have been released by then!

EDIT: Android information!

On my ATT Note 3, This controller is working wonderfully via micro USB (by using a USB OTG cable) but NOT bluetooth nor using the sixaxis app (just tried to to be sure). The controller shows up as a pairable device, but when selected the phone believes it is paired, but the controller does not. Will keep trying.
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UPDATE (Nov 18, 2013):

After a few days of using it 'as intended', with the PS4, that is, there is consensus among all gamers in our family that this is the best Playstation controller so far. It feels comfortable to hold, it's precise, the rumble feels great, the built-in speaker is just awesome and the touchpad, while not yet used much by the games we've played, has great potential.

The 'issues' would be the battery life which appears to be a lot shorter than the DS3's (Sony claims it's the same but it just ain't so) probably because the light bar is always on and bright and the Options button which is hard to reach, recessed and squeezed between the touchpad and the face buttons.

Just had the new Dualshock delivered today and, obviously, I can't use it with a PS4 yet but I can still discuss how it feels.

Sony calls the DS4 'evolutionary' on the packaging and they're right, it's not a radically different controller but there's a lot more evolution between the DS4 and the PS3 controller than there was between PS2's vs. PS3's. We are getting: touchpad, lightbar, speaker and audio out as completely new features and some nice changes/improvements in buttons shape and layout and in controller's overall shape.

I was afraid that the new controller would feel 'too big' or 'too heavy' but, it turns out, it's not the case at all. It feels better, much better than the Dualshock 3 while, at the same time, it feels very, very familiar. You don't need to 'learn' this one at all and the touchpad feels super-natural. Here are my first impressions. I posted a brief video and tried it with a PS3 but, let me share my impressions so far:

- LARGER: yet it still feels comfortable because of the slightly longer handles and them being set at a different angle.
- HEAVIER: yes, it is a little heavier but only a little. Hard to tell how it's going to feel after a few hours of play but I don't believe it's going to be a big issue.
- L3/R3 come with a redesigned top and require less push to click.
- L2/R2 have a trigger-like shape but not exaggerated to the point where your fingers would get stuck. Nice.
- 4 FACE BUTTONS ON RIGHT (triangle, circle, X, square) are smaller, closer together and can be pushed deeper.
- D-PAD didn't change much. The buttons are a little curved.
- PS BUTTON is smaller.
- CHARGES through a USB Micro, NOT a USB Mini port. Charged well both off a PS3 and off a MOVE charger that came with USB ports.
- AUDIO PORT: we'll need something that supports it on the PS4 to try it out
- SPEAKER: haven't had a chance to hear it yet
- TOUCH PAD: it's clickable, feels good to the touch
- LIGHT BAR: turns yellow while charging, flashing white when disconnected
- OPTIONS and SHARE replace the START and SELECT buttons
- RUMBLE: obviously, didn't have a chance to try it yet.

You do NOT get the charging wire which can be any standard USB Type A with a Micro plug at the other end and you do NOT get the earpiece. The packaging says that the PS4 comes with the USB wire but there's no mention of the earpiece.

So far, the new controller is a winner. It feels great to hold and everything appears to be within reach. It works with the PS3 but only in wired mode. Pressing the PS button did not cause the PS3 to respond in any way.

I'm in love already :), looking forward to getting our new PS4, soon.
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on November 24, 2014
This controller looks and feels amazing!
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on November 18, 2015
Cool control
review image
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on July 20, 2015
4 MODing information. ^_^ I wanted to let you know SONY has changed their controller design. On the most recent controller I bought, the circuit board is different, they changed the battery holder, and the R1 R2 L1 and L2 ARE DIFRENT, so R1 R2 L1 L2 MOD buttons that you will find on Amazon will not fit these if they are new. All the other buttons still fit, i didn't test the thumb sticks but the looked the same.
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on October 26, 2013
I have big hands, and being raised with PlayStation controllers has molded my hands to be perfectly comfortable with them. I have NEVER had any hand cramps or soreness from any Dualshock controllers. Although the PSP and Vita put my pinkies to sleep after awhile. Anyways, on to the new controller and improvements I have noticed in my limited time testing it on the PS3 mostly with BF3.

Picked this up from GameStop today (they had the PS Eye in stock also) and am not disappointed!

THE DESIGN-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The DS4 feels like it was custom molded for my hands! It's amazing! All the buttons are easily reachable during a BF3 match except for the Options and Share buttons, which is a problem for BF3 on PS3 because Select (Share) is for spotting, but this is not an issue for the PS4.

The Touchpad is also very comfortable to reach for.

I was disappointed when I heard the textured half was plastic (not rubber), but in my hands it feels like rubber, so I am happy now.

The gloss surface for the D-pad and face buttons feels great.

THE BUTTONS------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

So the face buttons are now digital and not analog, I noticed no difference in BF3, sometimes they actually felt snappier.

The D-pad feels better, and has a dent in the center, though I will miss the texture like the DS3s has.

R1 and L1 feel snappier (could be because it's new).

R2 and L2 are much easier to grip due to the new curve. They also have a stopping point inside the controller before the buttons lip hits the frame like the DS3, so you know when it's pulled all the way. That may be enough to ween me off of R1 for the trigger!

I thought the Touchpads clickable button would be bad, but it actually is very well done. The "click" feels the same wherever you press it!

The PS Button is smaller and solid black.

The sticks are AWESOME! They are actually smaller in circumference and shorter in height, but it's not that noticeable. The texture of the sticks and the caved in center made it almost impossible for me to slip off. My biggest plus is the accuracy you can get with this thing! Even on BF3 on the PS3 I could turn my sensitivity up with no problem!

L3 and R3 are much easier to press while the sticks are facing out (example; walking to running on BF3).

Share and Options are definitely not for use as in game buttons. They are raised just enough to find them, but not by accident. I will always miss Start and Select though.


The Light Bar is bright but faced down so you don't notice it unless it were to flash or something. Red and blue flashing lights for NFS would be SWEET!

It uses a Micro USB (not included).

I was unable to test the Light Bar, Touchpad, vibration, headsets, or any other functions that require the PS4.

Sorry guys! I don't really have anything bad to say about this controller! Maybe once I get my PS4, but for now it's awesome!
Makes me want to get BF4 on PS3 just to be ready for PS4!

Hope this review helped someone, and yes I am a shi**y writer. Anyways hit me up if you guys have a question or want me to test something!

WHAT WORKS ON PS3? ONLY the Analog Sticks, Face Buttons, D-pad, L and R 1, 2 & 3, and Share/Options as Select/Start. MUST be plugged in via USB port on PS3. Could not pair as Bluetooth device in Settings or use as Audio device. ONLY WORKS ON CERTAIN PS3 GAMES.
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on January 6, 2014
This controller has the best feel of any that I've used in the past and it was one of the biggest considerations when upgrading from the PS3 after trying out the console in the store. The wider stance and obviously upgraded ergonomics make for a great feeling device in your hand.

The problems:
I wore through the rubber on the left joystick of the first controller within a week. I'm not even a serious gamer so I'd consider my use to be general wear. I've also never experienced this problem on any previous PS controller in the past. After that 1st week of use, the rubber has completely worn through and is exposing the hard plastic underneath.

I purchased a 2nd controller from the Sony store and the L1 button is annoyingly sticky so I think they may have some quality control issues to figure out. I'm also trying to be much more careful with the use of the left joystick with this one.

I'm hoping that they work through some of these quality issues in the next generations because I don't expect the early models to hold up over time.
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on September 19, 2015
I have a black controller that came with my PS4, I chose to buy a spare controller because of the battery life (around 8-10 hours). This controller looks so clean and next gen. It makes gameplay feel more easy and responsive. It works exactly like the original PS4 controller but what I have noticed is the it (the controller) stays cooler longer. People who play for long periods of time know that their hands get warm and sweaty, but with this controller my hands don't get as sweaty. The durability and sensitivity of the controller and buttons over all is 10/10. The only down side is that the silicone on the thumbsticks will (my sticks have not worn down at all) eventually wear down revealing the plastic, the silicone on the sticks is the new kind NOT the one that was on the launch PS4 controllers. This is my favorite out of the 2 controllers I have, definetly a great purchase. Note: the thumbstick grips I have in the picture are not because of wear and tear, I have them for extra grips.( I also have a review on those they are called "Generic 10x Pink Analog Controller Thumb Stick Grips".
review image review image
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