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on December 31, 2012
Adding this review to address numerous Amazon comments regarding white counterfeit Dualshock 3's...

Purchased this controller to accompany my lone OEM six-axis controller that came with the PS3 - was not satisfied using a wireless Logitech PC game pad not designed for the system as my second controller.

I ordered the Classic White Dualshock 3, sold by Sony Computer Entertainment/Amazon LLC*, and everything seems to work fine. I've been scouring the web watching videos and reading forums discussing the elements that indicate a counterfeit controller and I'll post annotated images of my controller including the label area. So far I can't find anything wrong with this controller except at one attempt to turn on the PS3, it went into all 4 LEDs flashing after the system booted. I just had to press the reset button on the underside to fix.**

Controller inspection:
+Silkscreen SONY labels and button markings are aligned, printed smooth/cleanly, and match the colors of my OEM six-axis controller.
+LED lights are flush with the front side of the controller.
+Seams between top half and bottom are clean and not sharp, and flashing from the plastic mold on the analog sticks are clean.
+Buttons, analog stick, and d-pad all work fine. I can press the L3/R3 analog stick buttons down while they are moved.
+Label on back is aligned and flush with label area. No spelling errors, missing punctuations, or extra spacing (Enter tainment).
+Reset button needed to be used, so it's not a functionless hole on the underside.
+While inspecting label, I could not locate any 6th counterfeit screw hole under the label.
-I do see the red LEDs illuminating faintly through the face of the controller, not sure if that's normal.

Been paranoid and hesitant while deciding on this purchase, but I'm happy so far with my controller. Will edit my review if I find otherwise.


*Looking back at my order, it says it was fulfilled by "J&R Music and Computer World."

**The controller seems to have trouble assigning itself to a controller number when used wirelessly to turn on the system. I tried resetting and making sure it was the only controller plugged in via USB and was able to sync it after some on/off testing. But if I wait a day and try to turn it on, I get the same blinking set of LEDs after the PS3 turns on. Have to plug it into USB wire or keep a paperclip handy, so I'm docking one star off for this inconvenience.
review image review image
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on January 26, 2012

This controller is no doubt the best for the Playstation.

DESIGN - 8/10

The design fits perfectly for most people. I am a person with relatively small hands (I'm 5' 4" and 15 years old), and the shape of the controller seems to be built for me. The two handles are compactly cradled in my two palms, and the plastic is smooth and feels nice.

The two analog sticks are a bit too close to each other in my opinion--if you move both to the center of the controller, your thumb tips will touch.

The R2 and L2 buttons are a bit wonky--they are curved inwards, so if you put the controller on the floor, the two buttons might accidentally activate.

I personally think that the XBOX360 controller is better in the ergonomics for most people, but don't get me wrong--the DualShock fits great and looks great as well.

USAGE - 10/10

The thing about the DualShock 3 is that it's the best controller for consoles--the deadzone is near non-existant. This means that you will be able to make precise and small movements with the analog sticks, which is great for first person shooters and many others.

The D-Pad is also best in class. The arrow buttons are actually on a single disk being pressed, but when using it, it feels like they are real buttons. I have to say, hands down--the PS3 controller is better than the XBOX controller in terms of technology.


The DualShock's construction is once again, incredibly well done. The plastic is VERY hard, and has sustained from at least ten 5' drops. I would prefer not to drop it at all, though.

The controller is relatively easy to open for repairs.

Battery lasts me about 15 hours at minimum each charge. I play about 3 hours a day, and it has once lasted me an entire week. Amazing for such a small battery pack.

This truly is one of the best in class controllers for gaming. They could have done better on ergonomics and design, but the hardware and construction outweigh the cons. 10/10.
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on January 16, 2015
This is a great Sony controller. It came charged and the kids fight over the different colors. Have white, black, red, and green. They all work great even with small kids. Bought these because the non Sony's fail. I waited at least a month to make sure there was no problems with the units.
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on February 13, 2014
When this thing came in, first thing I realized was that it wasn't an officially licensed Sony controller like I was expecting. What they sent me was one of those generic ones with "P3" on the button where the PlayStation logo is supposed to be. Now that didn't bother me much because it looks and feels like a real PS3 controller. So I let that go.

It works great like a normal controller would. All the buttons, triggers, sticks, etc. work great. However, I might as well be playing with a wired controller because the only way I can use it is with the USB cable connected. It won't stay synced to my PS3, no matter the steps I take. I even tried pressing the reset button on the bottom but it wont stay synced.

Buyer beware. If you're expecting an official Sony controller, buy from this seller at your own risk.
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on October 31, 2011
I ordered the white Dualshock PS3 controller and got it within the earleist estimated time. Product works perfctly so far. Fisrt thing I noticed different was that the Sony Sixaxis PS3 controller was much lighter than the white Dualshock. The Dualshock seem much stronger and sturdier than the crontroller that came with my PS3(Sixxaxis crontroller). I love the color of the controller(white), its just awesome.
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on November 24, 2014
I love the controller, and the price on Amazon made it a heck of a bargain compared to local stores in my area. HOWEVER, the item description (to me) gave the impression that the controller came with the charging cord. It did not, so I had to buy one separately. Since I had to spend extra money on the cord, I really didn't save any money versus if I had bought the controller at my local Walmart or Gamestop (which would have came with the cord to start with).

The controller itself is very nice. Love the white color. It is a nice compliment to my black console. Controller works great just like it should. I definitely recommend buying the actual Sony controllers because they are pretty much guaranteed to work-- with the knockoff controllers, you are taking a gamble.
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on November 13, 2014
So it came in hooked it up to my ps3 and it works just the the others that I have bought from the store that other people have broken by throwing because they have tantrums playing a game. Adult men having tantrums over a game and destroying expensive equipment that isn't theirs is very pitiful. Luckily they will never be able to touch my controllers again. This is my fourth replacement since I got the ps3 in Dec 2010. The first controller was the one that came with it the person broke it within a week by tossing it at the tv. The second controller was the pink one which they broke within two months by throwing it on the ground and table several times so the buttons wouldn't work or it would do it's own thing from commanding my character to walk to their death to shutting off the game, scrolling threw options non stop, shutting of the ps3, redoing control settings, turning its self on, turning on the ps3, trying to buy things in the ps store and so on within minutes of being on, longest it would work fine was five minutes at a time and that was rare. The third controller was a red one which they used one time only and they threw it against a wall and it started to have same issues as the pink one but not as often and unlike the pink one it was able to be corrected by hitting the side with my hand it gave out July of this year and stopped even turning on. My mother has the original black one that came with one of her ps3's that she got in the middle of 2010 that I had been using while I saved to get another one. It was used every day from the day it was bought for games and movies and things and it still works perfectly. The battery life seems longer than the pink and red one that I had but that is probably due more to the fact that the pink and red one were damaged and turned themselves on and off as they pleased and drained their batteries. The signal strength is still really good I can be across the house in my parents room and still work my ps3 which is amazing considering the wifi for internet doesn't even work that well from outside my parents room to mine. LOL. Vibration settings are still easy to control and still pretty strong.
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on January 29, 2015
Comfortable to hold and aesthetically pleasing, our controller is still going strong after almost 2 years of constant usage. The black controllers that we originally got with our systems wound up developing some sticking problems, so this controller is the "good controller" in the house.
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on February 7, 2014
This particular product though not stated refurbished seem like it was. You can press a button for a specific action but it would do something dif. I'm happy that we were able to rtn the purchase for a refund. Amazon is a great place to shop...
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on July 6, 2013
This white is just really nice on the controller. It matches with the gray analog sticks and all the other buttons. Also I have noticed that the battery capacity is slightly larger than that of the other color models. Since the white models were released later I guess sony decided to increase the battery a bit in these.
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