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on October 30, 2007
I purchased the Eye Camera seperate from the Eye of Judgement game becasue I really don't play card games. The reason I purchased the camera was so that I could use it with my 5 yr. old who has recently taken an interest in animation. With the free download available on the PSN, you are able to leverage this clever device to do all sorts of fun and unique things. But first, I'll address the camera from a hardware perspective:

It's well built, and sturdy looking. The camera pivots from left to right on it's base, but cannot be adjusted to look up or down. The camera auto-focuses, and seems to do a nice job of it. The lens does twist to provide a "zoom" view of the subject as well. Perhaps the thing I was most impressed with is the sound quality it is able to capture. I recorded a few demo videos to test the functionality, and found that you can easily sit 10 feet from the camera and talk in very normal tones and the camera picks it all up beautifully. The sound is rich and full. I have not had the chance to video chat with it yet, but from what I have seen, it will be nice and easy. The 360 offers a similar product, but the image quality and frame rates are not quite as good, and you are required to wear a headset to transmit voice and pick up sound. Overall, I am pleased with it from a hardware aspect, with he only real downsides being the fact that you cannot pivot the lens up or down.

No software comes with the camera. Instead, you must grab it from the Playstation Store on the PSN. It is a free download, and takes up very little space. The software itself is easy, but does have a small learning curve due to the fact that it does not come with much in the way of detailed instructions. However, anyone with any technological saavy will be up and running in no time. Capturing video is easy and fun. If you are expecting fancy editing software, you'll be dissapointed here, but that isn't the point. The ability to save your videos to the PS3 HD is great, and the fact that they can be transferred to a PC (via a USB storage device) is really cool--especially considering that you can then turn around and email them to family/friends or post them on YouTube. The software offers several effects including various colors filters and distortion modes, as well as the ability to do stop motion and time lapse. The latter two effects are the main reasons I purchased the camera, and I could not be more pleased with how they work. For time lapse, you can set the cam to snap a photo every 5, 10, or 30 seconds, and simply leave the camera untouched for hours on end, simply to return and view the results later. I have left the camera on--pointing out a window--overnight to watch the sunrise. What a neat option! The stop-motion animation function is unbelievably simple. You snap several photos in succession, and then the software combines them into a single video file. You can fit up to 100 frames into each scene, and then the various scenes can be combined to form one long stop-motion movie. For adults out there that are maybe having trouble finding fun things to do with their kids and are intimidated by today's complex video games, I can tell you firsthand that this is a breath of fresh air, and a great way to to intereact with the young ones.

The overall image quality is pretty good. One thing I do not like about the software, is that if you tweak it for specific lighting array, you aren't able to save those settings, which means you need to change them each time you begin using the camera again. There really isn't any excuse for this, but know that changing these settings probably takes less than 30 seconds.

Great product overall. Mind you, this isn't a hi-def camera, but it gives you the tools to do things on a console that have never been done before. In the very near future, there will be additional software released for the camera via the PSN Store. One that intrigues me is an aquarium simulator that looks eerily realistic. The fish react to movement on the camera, which sounds like a great thing to have on the background if you are having people over. All in all, I am pleased with this product and I hightly reccomend it.
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on December 12, 2007
Well, I don't know about anyone else, but when I purchased this product I was under the assumption this camera only moved from left to right. Well, mine moves up and down as well. The camera overall is very nice. I think the video and audio it records is very nice. Looking forward to see how cool this will be when home comes out. I'm sure there will be something we can do with it. I'm very happy with this purchase and can't wait to see what games will do with it. I purchased this from amazon and just want to clear this up for everyone, this camera moves up, down, left and right.
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VINE VOICEon November 24, 2007
I can't get the name Eye Toy out of my head. The familiar camera for the PS2 now has a very new and classy look on the PS3. Say hello to the mature Playstation Eye. If you had a Playstation Eye for the Playstation 2 you are probably aware of the interactivity that was available. Now with the newest edition Eye that is taken up one level to a whole new dimension.

Getting my hands on this has been a few weeks in coming. Deciding on whether I wanted to purchase it with a game is what kept me. In reality I didn't need a card game so I purchased this for the measely sum of $40 and now I have this beautiful contraption. Once you open the package there is not much to it. Connect the 6 foot usb cord to the PS3 and go to device settings and make sure your PS3 is aware it has a camera. No installation here which makes life that much easier.

If you have access to the Playstation Network you can download the Eye Create software for free. A rather small and unassuming file packed with punch. I really didn't expect much from a free program but I was in for a big surprise. The program is actually an editing program and a very simple but very good one at that. The program allows for capturing video, sound, and pics. You can then edit your masterpiece to create a decent home movie. I am still unaware as to whether I can upload the videos onto Youtube or mail them to others on my friend list. This is a great little bonus program to owning the Eye.

As of now there are a couple mini games available at a low price on the PSN. And of course they are interactive with the Eye. The first game is actually an aquarium. I don't know as much for a game as an interactive screen saver that would be nice when your entertaining. The camera captures movement and gives your slight reflection as if looking into aquarium glass. You can move your arms around to spook the fish and then you can act like your dropping your hand in the water to see the slight ripple. Pretty cool little trick.

The other game is kind of silly but the kids will love it. The object is to save these little mindless creatures. By using your hands to move them to safety. The game starts off rather easy and gets more complex. Most adults may get bored but I can see how a child would have a lot of fun with the interaction.

Of course this is just the beginning of numerous interactive games that will be available for many months on the PSN. No word as to whether they will offer these games in a collection on the disc. The first major game to utilize the Eye will be Sing Star. It will allow you to show off your singing skills to others.

Now I have just mentioned a few of the advantages of the Eye and of course there is the Eye of Judgement game many people have raved about. But I enjoy this camera for the ability to have video chats. I had a video chat and the picture looked great. Very clear and able to handle low light. What was also impressive was it moved at normal speed thanks to the cameras ability to move 120 frames per second. Having a conversation with someone looks normal and not like they are moving in slow motion. The microphone picks up sound extremely well and the voice conversation comes out great. The PS3 allows for video confrencing with 4 people. For the quality it is one of the best and cheapest video confrencing programs available.

I would have to say the Playstation Eye is a shining feature on the PS3. If you are looking for something that will continue to reward you over the coming months with new games and the ability to actually see the people you talk to the Playstation Eye is where it's at. Great for kids or adults it's a great value.
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on May 22, 2014
I got this PS3 Eye specifically to take it apart and modify it to become an IR only camera to use it with FreeTrack & FaceTrackNoIR (free software that helps you emulate TrackIR). For this purpose, once the camera is modified, it works ...flawlessly. You will NOT regret the purchase, 5 stars just for that.

However, what I was shocked to find, though was how well this also worked as a normal PC Webcam.


1. Picture was smooth, probably because the framerate can go up to 120 FPS.
2. Software drivers for various verisons of Windows, including Windows 7.
3. The camera can lower resolution and do a wider angle, which is very nice.
4. Microphone was very nice.
5. Once set up, worked with Skype, OSB for Twitch streaming, about everything I tried.


1. Camera only supports up to 640x480 (however, not much of one as that's a sensible resolution that won't eat your bandwith)
2. PC Drivers are not by Sony, or officially supported, you have to find them. There was an annoying bug that evverytime I reboot my pc, I have to unplug and replug the camera to get the microphone to work in Windows 7.
3. PC Drivers are 32-bit only, and that meant, for example, I coudl only run the 32 bit version of OSB to stream for Twitch.

The Camera isn't an amazing piece of hardware, it's just a decent piece of hardware at an amazing price, that can work for a PS3, a PC, be reasonably modified into an IR camera, etc. For that, it really deserves 5 stars.
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on February 20, 2008
The PS3 Eye is a good addition if you play lots of online games and don't have a lot of other noise in the house. The camera function is good and I imagine there will be more uses for it in the future as PS3 online expands. That having been said- don't expect any miracles of quality. It is at best a very mediocre web cam. Highly sensitive to lighting conditions, poor resolution, poor picture/contrast. The microphone seems to be pretty good though. I would buy it again, but make sure your expectations are in line with what you'll be getting if you choose to buy it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 19, 2013
This has come down in price considerably over the years, and I bought one recently for use with my Raspberry Pi. The graphics quality is significantly better than other webcams in the sub-twenty-dollar range (I've looked at many for a robotics project), and audio is also exceptional (the audio I had to confirm with a PC at work, as I'm not using that aspect with the Pi yet).

Note that this will not work with a Mac, at least without a fair bit of finagling. However, it works fine with the Pi. For the price, I really could not ask for more.

Also, if you're interested in Raspberry Pi video input, the OEM Raspberry Pi camera provides better video due to the built-in connector, but it is extremely delicate (I've already damaged one with a very minor drop - something I'd never have expected to cause a problem), and you're limited by the short ribbon cable (which can be extended but which is still not very flexible). This provides much of the capability for less money and with more durability.
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on May 29, 2013
too bad this is only 480 P, and initially I was going to hold out and wait to purchase the PlayStation 4 camera to use it on my PC, but I read that it's not a USB camera and has some sort of proprietary connection not compatible with PC. So I might as well have just gotten this one now, which I did. And actually came with the move controller as a bundle.

This is a nice little camera that you can use as a WebCam as well as a nice recording microphone on your PC. On Windows 7 I haven't figured out how to adjust the level setting to increase the microphone gain so I have to be very close when speaking into it. But the recording quality is superb and records at 48 and 16 bit CD-quality. Just plug it in USB style.

For WebCam some people recommend CLI drivers, but for me the uncompressed recording video is costing me too much hard drive space and I haven't been able to figure out how to get MPEG conversion working. If someone figures this out please let me know. Some of the software I downloaded does indeed work with his WebCam and FLV or MP4 or MPEG conversion, but they came with extra bloatware that was very annoying and hard to uninstall.

Surprisingly it also works quite well as a microphone with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I'm using version 12 premium and dictation has been very accurate so far. When I play back my dictation it is noise free, but you must also take into consideration that I'm in a noise free room) my bedroom). If this was a busy office where my neighbors were mowing lawns and I had my windows open, I'm pretty sure my recording quality would suffer a lot because I don't think there is a hardware noise canceling element on this microphone.

It is however in array microphone with four individual microphone elements so if someone is able to get the noise canceling working, I bet it would work really really well with this microphone.
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on April 6, 2015
Excellent PC webcam on the cheap. Had to get the driver from some shady paypal thing but it turned out to be completely legit.

codelaboratories (DOT) com/products/eye/driver/

You don't need anything but the driver from that site. There is another file on there that makes you believe you will need it if you have more than one camera but that's not the case. All you need is the windows driver.
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on August 10, 2015
Worked out of the box with zero trouble with a Raspberry Pi 2 running Raspbian.

Every time I leave the house, I have this feeling that I forgot to shut the garage door. I rigged up an RPi2 webcam server with this camera and a Wifi card. Now I can check the status of my garage door from anywhere. (Hint: It's shut).

It would be even cooler if the camera had a light on it, but for $7.50, I can't complain.
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on October 28, 2013
Very good camera that you need for chatting among-st your friends on the PlayStation network, also works great with your computer for apps like Skype and such, much cheaper than store cameras of the same nature!
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