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OT: What Are You Listening To-2016 Version! 956 1 minute ago
Regarding Doom 41 7 minutes ago
report: new xbox (scorpio) 4x as powerful as current model shooting for 6tf vs. projected ps4 neo 4.14tf 105 10 minutes ago
OT: Donald Drumpf really getting out there and motivating the young Hispanic voters!!! 1032 15 minutes ago
Bloodborne Impressions 160 38 minutes ago
Pick two properties you'd like to see each console manufacturer reboot 45 44 minutes ago
Weekend gaming 05/27 - 05/29: Obama is the first sitting U.S. president to visit Hiroshima, city destroyed by atomic bomb, gets confused and accidentally visits Wii U R&D section of Nintendo HQ. Says about gaff, "Well, it looks like it was destroyed too." 109 45 minutes ago
My current PSP game collection - What's yours? 40 51 minutes ago
OT: Texas Republican Congressman: Future intergalactic Noah's Arks should be straights-only; No Gay Spaceships.​ This is the party of Trump 14 2 hours ago
For US x1/360 owners, free overwatch stuff. Glad I finally got my wings. 1 3 hours ago