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on December 12, 2013
There isn't much to speak about for those who know about the system and the game, so I will speak more toward those who may not know much about it.

The PS3 is the now (as of late 2013) old system, so do not confuse this with the latest system, the PS4 (common mistake for many parents). That being said, Sony does have a pretty good history of supporting the outgoing system for a few years later, so for the time being, this system is not obsolete just yet.

The 250 GB size is mid range, as the storage size range from 40 to 500. As of now, the most common models you'll see for sale are the 12, 250, and 500. The 12 is too small for most, and the 500 may be overkill if you don't play a ton of games. The 250 fits perfect for the average gamer who plays a few titles and downloads a few as well, as well as uses some of the media apps.

Media wise, the PS3 can play Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Redbox Instant, and a few other streaming media apps. There is also a remote availible for the PS3 that I would recommend purchasing if you plan on using the PS3 for media purposes, however it is not required as you can use the controller to navigate.

This is also a Blu Ray and DVD player, and again the remote will help here.

For the best connection you will need to separately purchase an HDMI cable as the PS3 does not include one in the box.

When you first plug in the PS3, you will have to go through a setup process that will require you to enter some information. Many may not know this, but you can connect a USB keyboard to type in the information as needed, and I would highly recommend this as using the controller to select the info can get old and tiresome real fast.

As for the 2 games, they are each packaged in sleeves instead of their normal PS3 cases. They do each come with some downloadable content, similar to buying them new off the shelves, so you are not missing out on anything there (however some stores will offer extras as promos, but as for the base game itself, you are not missing out and getting half games). For those that don't know about games, they are good games that most gamers would probably buy at some point anyway, and these are not just add in games to make it sound better than it is.

This only comes with 1 controller, so for a family with multiple people who may want to play at the same time, I would recommend picking up an extra controller.

In summary, great PS3 bundle. For those who want to get the whole setup for someone, I would pick up the following:
HDMI Cable
PS3 Remote
Extra Controller
USB Keyboard (if you don't already have one, most any brand should work)

Again, this review is more for those who do not know much about the PS3, and for many this may be obvious info.
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on December 1, 2013
I won't go into talking about the system much or the games since at this point we all should be familiar with them and you read tons of reviews on each of them individually.

You get a PS3 slim which is a nice system. I noticed it ran quieter than my 2nd generation PS3. Other than that it's still the same old PS3 system with not much else to say about it. The games come with their manuals/paperwork, online access codes, the DLC code slip for Batman, and the games themselves come in cardboard slip covers and not actual plastic retail store cases.

PS3 is a great system and I've never had any problems with. It has an amazing library of exclusive games on it with The Last Of Us being in the top 5. And despite the PS4 coming out there are still more PS3 games on the way that are multiplatform and exclusive. Sony always has support their systems way beyond their years with games, even the PS2 still got a new game on it in 2013 and the PSP still gets new games despite the release of the Vita.

If you find yourself new to PS3 then I would also reccomend picking up a year of PS+ which will give you 18 games to download right away that will be added to your account and youll get 5 new games a month, plus other perks like getting discounts on games you purchase digital and more.

Only thing else I can say is grab a cheap Usb to Usb Mini cable that is 10ft long to use to recharge the controller. The cable that comes with it is a bit short, but a very inexpensive 10ft cable will let you just plug it in and lay back to play games while it recharges the controller. Oh and get a 1.4 HDMI cable to connect to your tv as well.
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on November 23, 2013
This bundle is great for anybody hasn't owned a PS3 before or replacing it. For $199 you're getting a 250gb hard drive, blu ray player, streaming apps, and did i mention, all of that is free even without a subscription to online.

The Last of Us is one of the best games to come out during this gen. Naughty Dog strived to fully utilize the PS3 and they did it. Along with creating a game with a mesmerizing story, and chilling gameplay.

Batman: Arkham Origins is the weaker of the bunch not being made by Rocksteady. It still is a fun game that needs a few performance patches.

Overall, this is an amazing deal for any gamer, or consumer who needs a good blu ray player with some light gaming.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon December 3, 2013
I purchased the PS3 Black Friday bundle, and this is my first experience with the PlayStation 3 (although I did own a PS2). The console was easy to setup right out of the box, and everything seems high quality and durable. For those who aren't game-saavy, this console is very easy and fun to use; it would make a nice gift for the casual gamer.

The bundle features two best-selling and critically acclaimed games: "The Last of Us" and "Batman: Arkham Origins". Both are included in disc format (although they don't come in the typical plastic cases, but rather in cardboard sleeves). These games are great to get you started, but there are a number of others games that you'll want to look into. Sony has quite a few good PS3 exclusive games - I'd recommend checking out "Gran Turismo 5", "God of War: Ascension", and "Journey".

A DualShock Wireless Remote is included - the remote's wireless signal reaches well over 20 feet. The only thing to note is that you will need to connect it to the console via a USB cable in order to charge it from time to time (but it sure beats going through AA batteries like the XBOX controllers). Additional remotes typically cost $30-50.

This PS3 bundle also includes all required cables to get the unit working right out of the box - this includes a power cord and composite A/V cables. Unfortunately, an HDMI cable is NOT included, so you'll want to buy one if you wish to play/watch content in HD.

One common question is this: Will PS2 games will work on the PS3? The answer is NO - this console will not play your prior generation PlayStation game discs. Fortunately, many of the classic games from PS2 can be purchased for the PS3, some in disc format and others as digital downloads on the PlayStation Network.

Another frequent question is: Can I watch movies on the PS3? The answer is YES. You can connect wirelessly to many of your video streaming sites, such as Netflix. The console also plays DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. It can handle 3D blu-rays as well (provided you have the necessary setup, which includes a 3D TV).

As a bonus, buyers get one free month of membership in PlayStation Plus. The PS+ membership gives you access to an instant collection of digital games, member-only discounts, and 3 GB of online save game space.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on December 27, 2013
Ever since the ps3 came out I have wanted one, but at launch they were way to expensive for me, and so many years later ..(now) I got lucky and purchased this black friday bundle for only $200. Also this bundle comes with a free 30-day Playstation Plus trial. I am just happy that I now have access to a library of amazing games. Some people say that the ps3 generation is over because of the ps4 is out... but the ps3 generation has just started for me!...and its going to be a long and good one!
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12 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on November 28, 2013
Great deal! Ps3 still has a lot of life left in it. Tons of games to play and many more still to be released. Ps4 hasn't replaced it yet.
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5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
Overall this is a good bundle and I am happy with my purchase. The PS3 normally sells for $299 so if you can get it for $199-$249 or with a gift card then you will be getting a great deal. This bundle includes two games. The Last of Us is one of the greatest games of this entire generation- if not of all time. Batman: Arkham Origins is a step down from the two previous games but still a good title in my opinion. Just be aware that these games are not rated for kids so keep this in mind if you are shopping for a younger child.

The PS3 itself is a good system with a vast library of games to play. The only thing that bothers me is that this particular version has the lowest build quality of all the PS3 models. It feels cheaper, especially around the door which opens when you want to put a game disc in the system. This version of the PS3 is also a bit noisy. It is nothing too distracting but it is a little disappointing after the excellent build quality of the previous two versions. That said, this is the only model of the PS3 that is currently being produced so if you want a new PS3 then it is a moot point. At this stage of the system's life span you're best bet is to buy a bundle like this, get a very good sale price or preferably both. Just be aware that the PS4 is available now and support for the PS3 will begin to decline.

I would say that anybody who wants a new PS3 now should consider this bundle as I believe it is the best value out there.
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on November 28, 2013
Updated December 10th complete review.

I bought a PS3 when they first released. At the time I still had tons of PS2 games I played so to get a next gen system with full hardware backward capability was amazing. Explained why it cost so much, trying to fit 2 systems into 1. Over the next 7 years Sony has continued to update the system, shrink it in scale, in some capability's. But over-all the system has remained the same and continued to improve in some ways. Now fast forward to today. Sony has refined that artistic console and streamlined it down to a very nice low profile console.

My opinion on the bundle is that you can not get a better deal then this right now. $199 for 250GB PS3 system, 2 AAA Title games that are game of the year candidates. A system that streams media, plays blu-ray, blu-ray 3D, external media hookup capable, and surf the web. And it does all the online features with out the needs of a subscription service like Xbox 360/Xbox 1 require with LIVE. PSN is free, you only pay for Plus to get multi-player online support going forward, and that seems reasonable when consider server cost support for the network reliablity for that gaming capability. You get alot for you money on this deal, as other have mentioned the only negative I can speak to is the lack of physical plastic jewel cases for the games would have been nice over the carboard sleaves. Not worth a star reduction, but it was disappoint to see that.

It was such a good deal I bought 2. 1 From Amazon on Black Friday with Prime free 2 day shipping. And another 2 weeks later from my local Navy Exchange to replace my legacy first gen PS3 Fat 60GB in the living room. For 7 years of wear and tear its finally breaking down. So an upgrade was in order. When I bought the second one, it was still 199 in store, and the clerk told me it was a permanent price point change by Sony to 199 for the core system bundles. So any one looking for this system should check places like Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and so on. Maybe you can still find it at that price point.

In the bundle:

- Core PS3 Super Slim system
- Standard AV cable
- 1 PS3 Dualshock 3 Controller
- Power cord
- 2 Games (Batman:AO and Last of Us w/ DLC Codes for PSN redemtion online)
- Manuals

Review of the Super Slim console itself:

The console it self is smaller, lighter. It doesnt look or feel cheap to me personally, The Blu-Ray drive tray gives me some concern, but so did the front loading drive that came in the first PS3 and the PS3 Slim. They didn seem to have to many issues. So I am not expecting to many here. Be gentle with the door and I imagine there wont be any problems. I never owned a Slim so I cant compare the second version of the PS3 to the two that I own.

Heat... Heat was a major source issue with many when the first PS3 and Xbox 360 came out. They were loud and could heat a room up quick. 7 years later both final iterations of the console produce next to no heat footprint and are very quiet. I have become accustomed to the sound of my legacy PS3 Fat. But when I did my data transfer I noticed just how much of a difference there is in the two systems. With my PS3 Fat I had to open the window next to the audio cabinet to let cool air in for winter gaming months so it wouldnt get to warm in the room, and it sounds like a jet engine when it gets hot.

After the first 60 hours of game play I can say I am happy with the PS3 Super Slim. Last night my wife and I gamed on Rainbow Six Vegas 2 hunting terrorists. There were no hanging sounds, lag's or delays. Other then the green light on the front we couldnt even tell the system was on audibly. At the end of the night I got up to put my controller back on the charger, put my hand on the console. Warm to the touch at best. I cant say the same for my first generation PS3. It would heat up my entire shelf and cabinet walls in a 6 or 7 hour gaming session.

If you are holding off, now is a good time to pick a PS3.

Reasons to still buy a PS3 if you didnt in the last 7 years. There are tons of games in it's library. The console exclusive titles are just fantastic: (Literally Hundreds to choose from)

God of War Series
Uncharted Series
The Last of Us
Beyond Two Souls
Resistance Series
Gran Turismo (For driving simulation enthusiasts)
Genji: Days of the Blade
Ratchet and Clank Series
Little Big Planet
Heavy Rain
Killzone Series
Metal Gear series
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13 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on November 28, 2013
First off, Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I just placed my order for this system as a gift for my brother in law and I am amazed at the great value I was able to get! This bundle will sell really quick, I highly recommend you place your order immediately and best of luck! Happy. Bargain hunting!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on December 19, 2013
With all the fuss over PS4 and XBOXone, it's great to get the way reduced rate of the PS3. Amazing system, great package and games. I love being behind the technology curve, and you should too!
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