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on February 21, 2012
At the time of writing this review, the PS Vita just debuted in the US and the choices for protective screen films are limited as one might guess. I haven't tried the product from HORI, which was what I wanted to use, but Amazon's estimated ship date was over 1 month out when I ordered.

So, comparing this film to the quality of the dozens of iPhone and iPad films I've used, I would rate this one _almost_ right up there with my top favorite, the Power Support matte finish film. This Sony-branded film is a shiny finish, not matte, which works better for video and games, but if you want to use a capacitive touch stylus with your Vita, you may find that the friction is a little strong. (In this respect, it is similar to lower quality films for iPhone. I tested with the Wacom Bamboo Stylus and the Griffin stylus. As on iDevices, the Bamboo has a quite a lot less grip than the Griffin.)

Installation was simple and included very easy-to-follow directions. Each film is a 3-layer treatment, with the bottom layer being pulled back to expose the cling of the actual film, the second layer the film itself, and the top layer was an interesting and impressive guide layer with cutouts for the buttons and right stick so that even a new user of capacitive touch devices and film protectors can easily apply the film in exactly the right spot. Still, I found it easier to do it the old fashioned way. I can't think of any reason not to recommend this product.
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on July 13, 2012
Title sums it up nicely for me, these are by far the best, the very best, screen protectors I've ever used.

I've used protectors like these on nintendo game boy products, nintendo dsi products, phones, music players, and the sony psp. I've bought name-brand and I've bought generic.

In the past, I never really saw a difference between generic and name-brand screen protectors....but now I do.
I have a friend who bought a generic protector and put it on his psp, it's O.K., it works, but it's not anything close to this sony one.

This sony protector is crystal, and I do mean CRYSTAL, clear. Even though it doesn't cover the entire face of the vita, it still practically disappears. Also, the included application template is a welcome addition, as it makes applying the thing simple as pie.

I know this protector might cost more than some others you can find, but it comes with 2, and it is super quality. Buy it for your vita, you won't regret it!
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Like many upcoming Vita owners I was also worried about one of the cons of touch screen technology, scratches and fingerprints distorting the screen. Now while this item is pricier then some of the other ones out there it fits the screen size perfectly and is easily placed into position with nice guide add on that help you position the protector very easy. You do get two protectors one probably in case you need it later on, though someone asked if you could use this on the back touch sensitivity area on the back of the Vita. You could but it really doesn't feel needed but it's up to the owners choice regardless.
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on September 9, 2012
I had issues with it. I've always had issues with these types of screen protectors. I like the Armor (ZAGG invisibleSHIELD for Sony Playstation Vita (Wifi) (Screen), OR ArmorSuit MilitaryShield - Sony PlayStation Vita Skin Protector Shield Full Body with Lifetime Replacements, etc.) ones better, they are easier to install, at least to me they are. I would have gotten one of those, but they all covered the whole front, and I just wanted the screen because I put a skin on my vita. I didn't know this didn't come with a card, or squeegee, so I had to improvise which sucked :/. So when you install this remember to have something that will absolutely work to get bubbles out. I think I have 2 VERY small ones so it worked out in the end, and I still have my second one. It doesn't come with a screen wipe either, all of the china ones have small cards, squeegees, and a screen wipe, but Sony cane give one? whats up with that?
review image review image
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on February 12, 2014
So I just got my PS Vita and i wanted to get something to protect its beautiful OLED screen along with a case I purchased. I wanted a high quality screen protector that i could count on and what other better option is there other than the official screen protector from Sony itself. As you already probably know anything with the word "official" and "Sony" right after each other usually entails an overpriced accessory that has a cheaper 3rd party equivalent alternative. This is definitely an exception to that rule.

For whatever reason Amazon discounts this item (2 screen protectors) down to $1.98 every other week or so, so if I were you I would put this on my Amazon Watch list to see when the price goes down. 2 official screen protectors for $2 basically is an amazing deal especially when 3rd party screen protectors cost about the same or a little more, except this is the official version for those of you who actually care.

As for the quality of the screen protector, its not too bad easy to apply and its great that it comes with 2 of them so in case you mess up you still have the other one. I would definitely recommend this to all PS Vita owners, especially if you can get it at $2. If not $5 for a 2 pack isnt that bad either
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on January 12, 2014
I picked these screen protectors up when they were on sale for less than $2. The screen protectors come with an interesting and mostly handy application system. The sticky plastic protector is mounted on a piece of plastic that conforms to the buttons on the right of the Vita; so you plunk the applicator over the buttons, line things up a little, peel off screen to expose the sticky side of the screen protector, and slap it on. Then you remove the upper portion of the applicator, leaving the screen protector mostly aligned and largely bubble free.

Speaking of bubbles, though, there is a spot on the left side of the screen protector that just doesn't seem to have enough 'stick' to cling to the screen. I used a piece of cardboard to try and get the edge to stick, but the bubble remains. Hopefully, this won't be an issue when I replace the screen protector in a few months.

The screen protector itself doesn't interfere much with that large OLED screen. The protector collects fingerprints and grease, but no more so than the unprotected screen.
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on February 15, 2012
I've had quite a few hand helds and I always put screen protectors on them. The problem is I SUCK at putting them on I just don't have the dexterity to do it. I usually have to buy multiples because I end up messing it up before it's decent enough to use.

I was able to do this in one try with absolutely no bubbles and you can barely tell it's there. It is a little more expensive than the off brands but with how easy this was to apply on the first try I'd definitely recommend them to anyone with a vita.
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on April 14, 2014
Paid around $6 for the 2 pack and think that's a good deal for these. Applied one to my vita 2000 and it fits and looks good. It comes with a plastic piece attached that is supposed to help you align it correctly in relation to your buttons. Maybe because it was made for the vita 1000 but this method didn't work very well for me. I ended up using tape to pull the protector up and reapply it a few times until I aligned it to my liking. I also had to pull the protector up a few times to remove dust and lint.

These were all standard issues with applying screen protectors and it didn't take much frustration to get it to my liking. Overall it feels very slick and haven't had issues with the protector making my screen somewhat tacky feeling. I think it's a good product for a good price that works as intended. An easy recommendation for me.
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on May 7, 2014
I bought this screen protector to protect my beautiful OLED screen from scratches. Compared to my 3DS and Wii U's screen protector, this one was a breeze to put on. Admittedly, I didn't read the instructions (who does -when you can YouTube it) and just checked out a video on YouTube. I am not a dexterous or nimble person. I can't fold a paper in half with precision, let alone put on a screen protector, while making sure that there aren't any seemingly ubiquitous dust.

What I like about this protector is that it comes with two, just in case you botch it the first time (which I did - I botched it because I forgot the next step in the video - what can I say? I have the memory of a gnat). What facilitated the installation was that you apply the screen protector over the buttons ( analog stick/ triangle, square, circle, and X) in order to help you keep the screen protector aligned.

Also, there were very few air bubbles (which I managed to smooth out using my card). From my experience, air bubbles come hand in hand with screen protectors, but with this screen protector, the air bubbles weren't as many as when I applied the screen protector for my 3DS, for example.

I've used my Vita prior and after applying this screen protector and there was no difference in the touch response.

I highly recommend this product!
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on May 31, 2014
Bought this for my Vita Slim because I needed a screen cover in a hurry. It went on very easily using the included applicator. No bubbles.

2 complaints:

1. The protector only covers the screen. (SCREEN PROTECTOR I know...) The black border around the screen is left uncovered and it looks a little strange as a result.

2. It's pretty thin. My vita it either in a soft case or an empty pants pocket. After about a week of using it I noticed a couple of very small scratches has broken the cover in a couple places and made tine air bubbles. Almost invisible unless you look for it, but I would like it if it were slightly more durable.
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