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on September 14, 2013
PROTIP: I originally bought the Wifi only version but returned it because I thought the screen was not bright at all on the brightest setting. This replacement unit I got is noticeably brighter- so if you're thinking yours isn't bright swap it out! It probably is not.

I love the Vita, in fact I had a PSP which I let go a few years back because I was not using it. I immensely regretting trading it in because I absolutely love locoroco (a must have game if you ask me!). The PS Vita doesn't fail to impress. The game library may be a little thin now, but the thin PS Vita game library is supplemented by a huge PSP, PS Classic library.

The battery life could be great, but 3-5 is okay. If you're going on a trip make sure to bring a battery charger with you.

I personally am never going to use the cellular data feature. I have a smartphone with tethering plan, so I can just tether it to that. Then I can get 4G LTE and play multiplayer games. The GPS is a nice touch, however.

The buttons are a little small, along with the thumbsticks. But I have big hands. They would be okay for average hands.

This unit is a steal- it includes a game and the device over the Wifi only version. There is no reason NOT to get this over the wifi version. But, a bit of warning. I would get the 16gb card at a minimum. This card will only hold this game and MAYBE another PS Vita game if it is small. It will definitely fit a PSP game though or a PS Classic title.

I initially had the 8GB card, but that will hold 2 games and MAYBE 3. Kind of annoying. The 16 will fit 5-6 games comfortably. But if you intend on buying all of your games through cards, then the 4GB card will do. 8 if you want to store music. Games can be found on the PSN Store at a small discount which is really nice since you save on packaging and material costs.

The graphics are mind blowing. When I was playing games I first thought the cutscenes were pre-rendered but they were not! It is amazing what mobile graphics can do. These chips are also on smartphones, but they can't be optimized because the hardware isn't standardized. The vita, however, can be. If you're worried about the lack of Vita titles, there should be a lot more A++ titles coming soon. The Vita TV may end up helping the platform, if that happens more games could be made for the Vita.

The Vita only supports 2.4GHz Wifi, unfortuantely no 5GHz support.

I see portable consoles serving a purpose: gaming on the go. That being said, if you're not always on the go traveling somewhere, I would not get a mobile gaming console at all. There's no point in gaming on a tiny screen for most of your time. However, if you are, the gaming experience here is very pleasant.
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on September 20, 2013
Get this system in your hands and you'll never want to put it down..
Remote play is not pefect, but very easy to set up. You can use it over the internet. The connection is finicky with a PS3 and not many PS3 games support the feature. I've heard much better things about remote play with a PS4.

The OS is fast and easy to use, with a customizable home screen. Being able to stop at any point in a game and switch to another task or just put the system into a hibernate mode and come back to it later with almost no loss of battery is really convenient.

Memory card prices.
AR is not being utilized yet. There are a handful of gimmicky "Augmented Reality" games you can download for free, but they're not worth bothering with really.
Needs more great games. Listen, this is coming from a guy who has bought multiple repackagings of MarioKart, Yoshi's Island, Katamari Damacy, Metal Gear Solid, etc. Ports and remakes and HD versions and classics; those things are all great and I'm fine with them, but I also want more new, exclusive titles like Gravity Rush.

Hardware wise, this is the best handheld system ever made. I wish Sony realized what they have here.
Anyone who loves handhelds, Playstation, great tech, or any combination of those, should buy this system.
And by the way, I don't game "on the go". I use this system in my bed at home, the same way I would read a book before going to sleep. And when PS4 comes out I'll be able to do this while playing amazing next gen games. The point is, this system is not just for people with commutes or who travel often. My Vita's home is on my nightstand and I can't wait to kick back and pick it up once the kids are in bed.

Slight updates to my wording. Removed some references to features which have been removed. Added to disappointments list a reference to memory card prices.
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on September 7, 2013
At first I was just considering buying a vita but now I'm really glad I did. The graphics are brilliant for a mobile console and the feature content is great as well. Overall a great attempt by Sony because I usually sell whatever PSP I tend to own and the vita will be staying with me for how feature rich it is. I guarantee you would be pleased with this purchase!

Things you should know first
First thing you should do is update your vita using your pc. (Using the vitas safe mode is best.)
Second the vita does not come with on board memory so get the largest size memory card you could afford.
Third the vita online games cards are region dependant so to get walking dead use a US address in setup.
Last but not least enjoy the experience!
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on August 27, 2013
This is the best product deal you can possibly get now. This is my first PS Vita and for $200 you are getting

1. PS Vita WiFi/3G model
2. The Walking Dead collection
3. 4 GB Memory Card

The Vita itself is an insane piece of engineering and design. I have the PSP slim and comparing the Vita to the PSP, you can clearly see the design & engineering put into this. The build is rock solid, the edges are made of premium buttons and there are 2 analog sticks which are like the analogs on the dual shock (not side swiping way as seen on PSP). This gives a huge boost to the way it feels and the way you game.

Coming to the display, it makes everything come alive. Colors pop out with crystal clear sharpness and everything is vivid. Sound is great for the small sized speakers and the interface is also snappy and responsive. Yet to try out different games.

Once again, if you haven't got a Vita and you are contemplating on getting one, this is the time to get one! Best deal out there!
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on September 20, 2013
It's been a couple weeks now since I got this device, and I'm very happy. This replaced my PSP Slim that I had for 7 years. It still worked just fine, and I even managed to sell that off for $100 to put towards purchasing this (and all the accessories, and additional charges..). I use this to replace a cell phone, MP3 player, and my old PSP, and I was pretty unsatisfied with the battery life, at first, but for some reason the longer I use the PS Vita, the more life I get out of the battery on a single charge. It first only gave me 4 hours of usage on full charge, and then 5, and now I'm at 9 hours, with Bluetooth, WiFi, and 3G active.

But, to give an idea of the average cost to turn this device into an all-in-one, I'll list the misc. costs, and Bluetooth device I chose to purchase for this.

AT&T - 3GB/month 3G internet service - $30.00 (There's also 3GB for 12 months, and 5GB/month for $50)

Skype - $10.00 of credit (for SMS), $2.99/month for unlimited calling to cell phones & landlines in the U.S., and $6/month for my personal phone number. I don't use my phone a lot, so this could get much more expensive for someone who is texts a lot.

Bluetooth - Motorola Elite Flip: $55.00, and this device plays my music I get through Music Unlimited (which you should get a free 30-day trial for)

Accessories - I got fairly cheap stuff, and just went with screen protectors, and a silicone cover; $15.00.

So that comes to around $350.00 after S&H, and then $50/month for premium cell service (0.11/text, unlimited calling, 3GB internet). Compare this price to many $600+ Smartphones out there that you would have to buy to perform the features of a PS Vita, along with the hefty $80-100+ cell phone plan..

I guess the major difference is that if you want your gaming device to be a phone, or you want your phone to be a gaming device. I don't need a phone as much as something to do during down time at work.
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on December 4, 2013
There are a lot of reviews espousing the various benefits of the Vita, I won't rehash them in detail. I want to speak to those considering this system and trying to make up their minds. I was on the fence for a long time before finally picking one up, and I have been nothing but happy with my choice since I got it. The quality of the build is exactly what you would expect. All the functions feel good in my hands, and work well. Both touchscreens are top notch. Every game I have played has amazed me with how good it looks and functions.

Some things to consider when you pick up a Vita:

-Get a memory card. A big one. These are cost prohibitive, so be prepared for that. If I have any gripe at all about this system, it's the proprietary memory card cost.
-Get Playstation Plus. Seriously. I have actually purchased only one full price game for my Vita, Persona IV Golden. Everything else is either free or discountwed through Playstation Plus. In just 4 months I have a backlog of games I am eager to play but just haven't gotten to yet, all through the benefit of this membership. The games that come available free are of top quality.
-If you like RPGs at all, get Persona 4 Golden. Quite simply the best portable game I have ever played, bar none. Worth the price of the Vita by itself.
-PS4 link works as advertised. My wife kicked me off my PS4 while I was playing Madden so she could watch TV. I just linked up my PS4 and played on my Vita. It was seamless and fantastic.

For those of you on the fence wondering about this system, just do it. It's only going to get better, and it's already outstanding.
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on August 23, 2013
If anyone is planning to buy a PlayStation Vita, I would recommend this because it's the same price as the normal Vita. So, basically when you buy this one you get a free game which is The Walking Dead Complete First Season includes all 5 episodes, plus special episode `400 Days'. And you get a 4GB memory card which is very good and this model is a 3g/WiFi model.

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on March 9, 2014
I was on the fence about getting another portable system. After getting my iPhone, I thought I'd never buy another portable game system again. I decided to try this out, to see if it was any good, and I am so glad I did. This system is fabulous!

The build is top notch, very sturdy and high quality. The controls work as expected. The screen is beautiful. Bright, colorful, and touch controls are very responsive. The interface is fast, intuitive, and works well both with the buttons and touch controls.

The Walking Dead game is phenomenal. I'm a huge fan of the show, and thought that the game would be cheesy, but it is far from that. Very engaging and fun to play, with nice comic book style graphics. A bit of lag sometimes, but not enough to detract from the playing experience.

The inclusion of a memory card was nice, but being 4GB, it was not very useful if you want more than a few games on the system at once. I got a 16GB memory card, and I'm happy with that.

Battery life is not great, but that was expected. It last about 4 to 5 hours on one charge. For what this sytem can do, I don't consider that too bad.

That covers the system and what comes in the box. Aside from that, there are other great games that I've downloaded, especially through the PS+ service, which I highly recommend. Comes with great free games, and discounts for a lot of other games. I also tried the remote play feature with my PS4, and it works well. I played My PS4 version of LEGO Marvel Superheroes through the Vita and it was very responsive, no lag, and looked just as good as it does when played on a TV.

I highly recommend this system to anyone.
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on October 4, 2013
I had some hesitation when the Vita was first announced, and I was really sad to see how poorly it was selling, but the longer I waited, the more I wanted a Vita. It truly is an excellent system. Sure in today's world you can get a tablet or smartphone and buy hundreds of cheap games, but there are so few aimed at core gamers. With the Vita, you get the full Playstation experience - friends list, trophies, Playstation + service, and more! The system runs smooth and plays great. The controls are small but with time you get used to them.

Then there's The Walking Dead game included, which is unbelievably fun! I always wanted to play it and when I learned there was a TWD/Vita combo, I jumped on the deal, especially now that the Vita is $200

If you want to have a fantastic Playstation experience on the go, then you really should get the Vita system. It has a ton of fantastic games, some of which are free though PS+, and when the Playstation 4 arrives this fall, you can use it to stream your PS4 games to your Vita screen!
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on February 13, 2014
I bought this for my husband as an early Valentine's Day present and he absolutely loves it. The packaging is really easy to open. The starting kit is everything you need to start playing immediately. The playstation network is free, but not playstation plus. You need to have wifi for both. Playstation Plus is $49.99 a year. That's not bad. It also has a bunch of free games that you can download. They are FULL games. The Walking Dead takes up over half of the PS Vita memory card, so I would suggest getting a bigger one if you want more than one game. You can back up saves on your PC if you need to. Most games are about 2 GB. The PS Vita only takes PS Vita memory cards, They look like microsd cards, but say "PS Vita" on them and are a lot sturdier.
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