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on February 17, 2014
There are a lot of misunderstandings about this product, namely that 1) You can't move data between memory cards (and so an 8 or 16 gig is still perfectly adequate for a good library, and if you want to swap content, it takes almost no time to do so and is very intuitive), and 2) There aren't a lot of "good games" for the Vita. This one's confusing, because it's like people don't realize you can play ANY PSP or PSOne game (digital, of course, though they're very inexpensive), and it's almost impossible to run out of games to play. Both PSP and PSOne games run beautifully and are visually enhanced, and playing something like Chrono Cross with the improvements the Vita makes is freaking awesome.

While the battery life leaves much to be desired, especially with some games in particular that tax the hardware to extremes (e.g., Killzone: Mercenary, which will drain your battery beyond belief), this can easily be worked around with an external charger that is equal to or under 5V/1.5A. You *do not* need the official external battery, though you can use that if you want a lot of extra battery life. But you can easily get something like I have, which is 11,00 MaH and supports both 2.4A (for tablets) and 1A(for anything else). Contrary to popular belief, it does *not* need to be exactly 1.5A, but it should not *exceed* 1.5A. The $20 external charger is fine, though you can get a higher-capacity one, should you choose to.

In any case, the Vita is an outstanding handheld system that has rocketed from its slow starting point after supporting Plus and having major firmware overhauls that enhance its capabilities, most importantly, to play PS4 (streaming), PSP, and PSOne games, in addition to native Vita games. The OLED screen is staggeringly gorgeous.

I actually own a launch unit, which I decided upon after playing WipEout 2048 in a store, which wowed me. Things got MUCH better afterward, though I've never regretted the purchase. I got my brother the ACIII bundle later, which he very much enjoys.

Aside from a carrying case with game slots to walk around with, you don't really need much in the way of accessories besides an 8 or 16 gig memory card, which often go for $30 or less, and you will never, EVER need to buy another. Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong, and didn't read the manual.

Beautiful system that deserves high praise. IMO, blows the 3DS out of the water.
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on May 7, 2012
As an original PSP owner, I'm glad that they took their original model and expanded on it. Now with more awesomeness!

If you're interested in getting a Vita, you've already read the specs, etc. I'll only add that the extra juice that's in the Vita comes in handy. An example would be Plants vs. Zombies. There is a level where most devices show a very noticeable lag, including my iPad. Honestly, I assumed that a similar situation would happen with the Vita, but was pleasantly shocked to find that it powered right on through.

For the device itself, it's built amazingly sturdy, but as with all electronic devices, you'll want to get a case. I notice that my left shoulder button has a noticeable "squeak", but only when I play Monster Hunter on it. The other annoying control issue is how the start and select buttons are streamlined into the casing, making them difficult to find and press n a hurry.

All in all, it's a great game system, with quite a bit of "bang for your buck". If you don't have one, get one.
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on March 5, 2012
I bought the Vita from gamestop but i felt i had to still write a review for other people to see. I absolutely love it. I;ve had every single handheld back to date and nothing feels as solid as this vita. It feels high tech, the screen is amazing! The little PSN games you can play on it (Escape Plan, Mutant Blobs Attack) Are extremely fun and show off the real tech in this system. A lot of people have been complaining about the memory cards, and even though they are overpriced, people seem to forget that it's not entirely Sony's fault that they made it that high. If hackers seriously didn't do what they did to the psp in the first place, they might have found and easier way to do things but business is business. If apple can do it and people still buy it, then i don't see why people complain about Sony. Just drop it and enjoy the games. I believe nothing is getting cheaper these days and until people wake up and realize that, we can move on from these discussions. All and All, the Vita is a Great system and shouldnt be undermined by Hating* reviews and down right fanboyism. Play it for yourself, give it a day or 2, play a game you think you won't like and i guarantee it will change your mind.
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on March 10, 2012
I really hesitated about the ps vita, given the less than stellar performance it had in Japan. On launch day I actually bought the vita from Amazon, and then quickly cancelled the order about 30 minutes after... After reading the reviews online and watching countless unboxing videos on youtube, I finally reordered the system. Now, two weeks later, I have to say that this: This is easily one of the best videogame systems that I have ever purchased.

The design of the vita is sleek and sophisticated. It feels solid, yet not heavy, and feels like an expensive piece of hardware. Almost everyone has commented on this, but the screen is large and gorgeous... I played Marvel vs Capcom III on it, and the entire time was marvelling at how crisp the character animations are.... The characters almost pop out at you as if they are in 3D..

The Vita is obviously a powerful system, capable of running games that is almost identical to PS3 games (the heavily promoted uncharted 3, resistance 3, call of duty). However, to me, where the vita truly shines is the ability to download and play games from the PSN network. I LOVED the free game demos that I played, like Unit 13, and Rayman. The PSN store is easy to access and I was able to get Super Stardust HD, which is an extremely fun and beautiful title. I also bought an episode of the Simpsons from PSN and greatly enjoyed watching it on the big vita screen.

Sony did a great job with the touch control - they are very responsive, and during gameplay it is the perfect combination to use both the face buttons and the touch screen. For example, in the Unit 13 demo, I navigate the character using traditional button controls, while touching the screen to achieve objectives (i.e. hack computer screen, switch to sniper view etc). It works very naturally.

I am not a so-called "Sony fanboy". I owned a PSP, Nintendo DS, and bought the 3DS when it first came out last year. RIght now, all of these systems have either been resold on Ebay or collecting dust in my drawer. The portable system experience in the past has simply been inadequate and gimmicky at best (i.e. the 3D feature of the 3DS got old REALLY fast). However, the Vita has impressed me greatly, and right now, it is without a doubt the king of portable gaming. I sincerely hope that Sony can continue to develop more and more Vita games, as the potential is nearly infinite.
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on March 30, 2012
When the Nintendo DS was announced, I didn't think much of the touchscreen. I even waited until the release of the DS Lite before I jumped on that bandwagon. Even now, I never use the touch screen on it. When the PlayStation Vita was announced, I had a different mindset. Touchscreen technology seems to have improved immensely since it was introduced in cellphones and tablets. Sony also had me very curious about the touch-sensitive back panel (and VERY happy that this system had 2 analog control sticks!) I was also rather impressed by the hardware specs... This little machine is a BEAST! Over all, I am really happy with my purchase, and I'll be happy to fill in the details why. There are also a few gripes (nothing worth docking a star, but worth mentioning,) that I have as well.

At any rate, I finally picked one up, and have had a few days to mess with it. The set-up was fairly intuitive, and I had to deal with an update, but that took about 5 minutes to download and install, so no harm there! I avoided buying any games at the store. I decided that I'll stick mainly with the PSN for purchasing my games, and with that in mind, I went with the moderately sized 8GB memory card, in hopes that the prices of those come down by the time it fills up. The first 2 games that I picked up for the PS Vita were Touch My Katamari and Super Stardust. I was a fan of the previous installments of these games, both were relatively cheap, and seemed like they'd make decent use of the new interfaces (which they did!) The graphics and sound pumped out on this thing really are top notch. The controls work perfectly, and having the second analog stick really is necessary for most modern games. Some reviewers mention that the analog sticks are way too sensitive. I had absolutely no issues with them. The buttons are very responsive, and have nice tactile response. The touchscreen is probably the best I've ever used, and I really like the implementation of the rear touch panel, though I'm still getting used to it.

When it comes to some of the more physical features, I'm largely satisfied as well. Some reviewers mention how big it is, as if they're almost disappointed (though I haven't read any that said that it's so big that it detracts from the experience.) For me, the size is fine, as I've never been one to take my portables everywhere I go. In fact, I appreciate the fact that it's larger than the PSP! You get way more screen real estate! (For the record, I mainly keep them at home, or take them with me when I travel. I've never been one to cart these to work/school!) Battery life is sufficiently long, especially considering what's under the hood! I was actually surprised that the PS Vita lasts so long, and is still pretty light weight.

The launch lineup is relatively sparse, but that always seems to be the case with a new console. I looking forward to a few of the titles that'll be hitting this year: Silent Hill will have a PS Vita release, and Final Fantasy X will be revamped in HD, and released for the Vita (as well as PS3.) The system seems to be a hit thus far, so I imagine that developers will be drawn to it, and the list of titles will bulk up soon enough!

As I mentioned before, I do have a few nitpicks. Since I'm used to Sony, I expected these, and I'm willing to deal with them, but these are some issues I'd like to see changed:

*No internal storage, and VERY expensive proprietary (Sony Brand-only) memory card options is a bit on the absurd side. It would make sense that this machine should have enough memory internally to at least handle software updates, game saves and apps that you'd always want access to, like Netflix (this app does have a decent interface, by the way, and while a bit on the small side for long viewing stints, the picture is nice!) Flash-based memory isn't that expensive, and something like 4GB wouldn't cost them much to install, nor would it take up much room inside. I get why Sony is trying to lock their cards, but damn... they're a bit harsh on the wallet! If there was a rating for "Affordability," the system would definitely lose a star. But this doesn't affect the over-all quality, nor does it make the games any less fun, so I will stay at 5 stars.

*While I like the rear touch panel, it does get in my way at times. I tend to hold my handheld systems with my fingers stretched across the back of the unit. I find black holes popping up randomly in Super Stardust, and my Katamari seems to get stretched out randomly. I'm sure that I'll get used to it, but for now, it's a minor annoyance.

*The lack of PlayStation Classics support upon launch is a bummer, but Sony says that they'll add that in once it's ready.

Ultimately, I'm very pleased with my purchase!
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on September 15, 2012
I've owned the 3ds for over a year now and have owned the Vita since June. I've been asked by some of my friends which system is the better one to purchase, so I thought I'd post my answer online for other shoppers to look at.

The Vita is a powerful stand alone portable system that has a full back catalog of PSP titles (for those that don't own a PSP such as myself), and a handful of enjoyable launch titles. In contrast, the 3ds is a strong socially oriented hand held system that has backwards compatibility with the Nintendo DS line up of games. Likewise, the 3DS rewards owners more significantly if others around them also have a 3ds.

As a busy student at a four year university, I've found that without the time to socialize like I used to the DS has lost a lot of it's luster. Sure, the 3ds has titles like the remake of Ocarina of time and resident evil, but the majority of first party titles are socially oriented games like Mario Kart, Pokemon, Super Mario Bro's, the occasional Mario Party, etc. Even the remake of Star Fox is far more enjoyable if others are around via the multiplayer. The system can do over the internet multiplayer, but I've found it to be a bit underwhelming compared to locally connecting.

The Vita has better internet connectivity than the 3ds does and has games such as Gravity Rush/Daze, Uncharted, Persona 3 Portable, Wipeout 2048, and other titles that are not as sensitive as the 3ds titles in the social aspect. It also has a much better screen that is easy on the eyes and seems to handle bright sunny days a bit better than the 3ds does.

So over all, if you are pondering which system to get for a loved one or making a special purchase for oneself, the 3ds is going to be better if the person in question has some decent socializing periods, is regularly around a group of friends during the day AND those friends also own their own 3ds or DS units. The Vita is better if the person in question lacks time for significant socializing, doesn't have a lot of buddies with 3ds systems running around, or likes engrossing stand alone experiences with a dash of online gaming.

On a side note, the Vita does require a bit more space than the original 3ds does and isn't quite as pocket-able without investing in screen protection or a case. So be sure to calculate buying a case in addition to the memory card when buying the system itself.
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on April 1, 2012
I am a PC gamer, and i stopped owning gaming consoles for years now, last one being the psone. I sure did miss out on alot of great games that are exclusives to consoles, so why did i choose the vita? it is a very good gaming handheld and i sure don't like gaming on phones or tablets and i don't really like the idea of getting a pricey high end laptop to play games i already have on my desktop and a risk of getting an expensive laptop broken,lost or stolen. But the vita has it all!

the hardware:


is pretty impressive, some games out now will not look amazing but if you look at the uncharted game you can see that the vita will show its full potential later on. the touch screen looks beautiful and clear, very responsive, the touch pad in the back is a cool feature also. The vita has a built in mic for games and chatting with other vita users. Also, the vita has 2 cameras, one in the front and back. 2 analog triggers which are great for fps and fighting games, its like holding a wider thinner version of a ps3 controller. The system looks very durable and is very stylish. Battery life will not be more than 5 hours but should be enough to entertain me in a plane flight or a long trip in a train. lightweight for its size, wi-fi or 3g connections. (i avoided the 3G since i see no real benefit from it)and a cool feature is that you can connect the vita to a ps3 for remote play, bluetooth and ad hoc is supported also.


even though you get 2 cameras ....let me tell you though, you will not use this to take high quality pics or videos maybe just for gaming purposes. The vita has NO INTERNAL MEMORY, which i think was least 500mb would have been nice to have, the memory cards can be expensive (went with the 8gb)The vita is not as portable as the nintendo DS.

the software:


the vita's OS is nice, not the most customizable but easy to use. It supports apps like facebook,twitter, a web browser and party chat. It comes with the trophies (achivements) app and a very cool app called near! where you can find other vita gamers near your location and see their profiles and gaming habits. The games so far are decent, not a big lineup but there are definitely some good games for the vita, like marvel vs capcom 3, ninja gaiden sigma plus, uncharted golden abyss, hotshot golf, resistance burning skies to name a few. You can also use the ps store to download digital copies of vita and psp games, i hope in the future we will get to play psone and ps2 titles.


Even though the vita will get constant updates to its software, right now it still needs some improvements especially with its web browser and other social apps, the web browser its a little slow to load and look around the web page. Would be nice for the OS to have more customization. Even though you can use other apps on the background while pausing a game, others like the web browser will ask you to quit the game! this needs to be changed. Would be cool to be able to do like on a PC with the alt + tab feature with windows and use other software in the OS while the game is paused in the background.


If you love gaming on the go, the vita is a great choice, not only is it powerfull it has everything you need (except sterescopic 3D) plenty of features, trust will get better and this will be great for sports games and first person shooters also which never did to good on handhelds. I would avoid getting the 3G version, i think later on a newer version with 4G but i think wi-fi would be best for online play and not all games will supports a 3G connection.
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on March 10, 2012
What can I say? This device is everything I expected it to be.

I first heard if the Vita over a year ago when Sony announced it in Japan, at the time I was thrilled but sort of disappointed that it didn't have anymore cutting edge technology. At this pace smartphones will be more powerful within the next year and I contemplated not needing this if my phone could provide me with visuals just as great.

But it's not all about the visuals!

The moment I fired up this bad boy and played it for the first time I knew that no matter how close my android or iPad come to reproducing these graphics they will never have the physical inputs necessary to truly provide a great gaming experience. The analog sticks feel perfect, the front touchscreen is precise, back touch takes a while to get use to but is useful, buttons are perfectly sized and placed. FIFA makes use of the rear touchpad the best and I have already logged many hours into that game even though I have never been a soccer fan.

This past week I have downloaded super stardust and lumines, another two amazing games that I have sunk a great deal of time in. In my opinion super stardust looks better on the Vita than it does on my ps3.

Overall I am very happy with my purchase and the future looks very bright for this little handheld.
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on October 8, 2013
This is just a dream come true. This is like, my favorite handheld ever, and I'm eagerly anticipating the future when this become integrated with my PS4 and I begin to travel more. I think I'll make this a bit lengthy, but i'll try to organize my excited thoughts.

1. Games
To start off, that lie you've undoubtedly heard from those who don't own a Vita or think it's still 2012 is just that: a lie. There are so many games on the Vita that it's a bit frustrating that I settled to buy an 8gb memory card (btw, this product doesn't include any memory card) You'll likely be downloading all or many of your games, so I highly recommend a 32gb card, despite its ludicrous price. Also, I'd highly recommend Playstation Plus, as you'll get a free game every month and you get (albeit minor) discount on others. Oh, and the Instant Games Collection has some of the best games for free always, like Wipeout 2048 and Gravity Rush.

2. Memory Cards
Basically don't buy anything less than 8gb, and even then, I'd highly recommend 16gb. With 8gb, even as a moderate gamer, you'll soon find yourself deleting things just to have a comfortable amount of room for bigger games like Killzone: Shadowfall and whatnot. However, for those big games I'd recommend simply buying the physical copy

3. Appearance & Feel
Simply gorgeous. The OLED screen makes everything look better than any other handheld display on the market, and the black paintjob has an air of elegance and coolness. Basically it impresses anyone in the young-adult age group.

The feel is initially uncomfortable, however you eventually find your own way to hold the controller. The button layout lends itself well to racers, platformers, and fighters. You'll find yourself getting fingerprints "everywhere", and I mean it. Always have a screen cleaning cloth on hand, or look like an idiot using your shirt every few hours to clean the screen and around the sticks.

4. Price
Totally worth it. Cannot stress that enough. With Playstation Plus, you'll be earning the $50 you spent back in no time and getting loads of games to boot. The memory cards are what jacks up the price, but nothing you can do about that. I recommend a carry case, particularly one that has game cartridge slots so you don't lose track of the few physical games you'll be buying.
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on October 16, 2013
I've had my PS Vita for about a week as I write this review. Having spent about 30 hours playing Persona 4 Golden, I can tell you that the Vita is rock solid as far as construction goes. It feels better than the PSP I had years ago, the thumbsticks are fantastic and so is the Sony d-pad. I haven't found the battery life to be much of an issue, I have the wifi off and the screen brightness turned down slightly. I don't really use some of the software features like Near but the YouTube app for it is great for when I'm not at my PC. The screen is great and the colors really pop. Overall a very nice product, it needs some more support from developers.
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