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VINE VOICEon November 22, 2012
Just a quick note since I notice this is listed at $84 as of today. I purchased this one for my daughter for just $54 at a big-box store recently (actually from their web site because they didn't have this color in stock), so do some comparison shopping before jumping at this price.

My daughter got a furby and was in love with it, until a family member decided to be silly and turned it evil, which left her in tears. After futile attempts to change its personality and some remarkably unproductive web searches, we finally found that petting it on the head repeatedly (for maybe 15 minutes straight) restored it to a kinder personality (make sure it's level rather than tilted, and if you get bored, mix in some gentle belly rubbing too). For other tips, do a web search for "Tumblr furby personality guide." The "reset" button doesn't reset the personality, and as far as I can tell, just resets the Furby if there's a disconnect between its movements and its sounds.

Durability gets just 2 stars because our Furby died after just 2 days, and a fresh set of batteries did nothing for it. We had to return it to the store for a replacement. But my daughter does love her little Furby, and as a parent I'm thankful that if you leave it alone for more than a minute, it falls asleep.
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on December 11, 2012
Furby is overall,a great toy.
It's not very educational in actual school means but it is great practice for getting a pet because:

*You can't turn it off,and if you get a dog and it just annoys you nostop you can't just press the off button,like with the furby and it's non-stop chatter.

*It reacts to how you treat it. (Mine has not turn evil yet thank goodness....)

*It's eyes are great at showing emotion

Mine is the Miss Cutie Pie Princess one,with the big eyes with the hearts in the middle and inocently sings and craves love and attention,which is my fault because I sort of spoiled it by meeting its every demand.
She insists being called "Boo" and has this sweet little ring to her voice.I kind of miss the the chatty personality,I try but I guess it's gone into hiding or something.I am very ceratin about the personalities and will constantly pet for hours on end to make it change personality.There's the creepy one who constantly says," Oh,Baby!" "Cocoa,More,COCOA MORE!!!!!" when he wants food,ever since my sister said the word "cocoa" whatever personality it always says something to do with cocoa.That one's eyes were wacky,one big the other one undersized and it CONSTANTLY laughed and told these lame jokes and for some reason got this thought in his head that I thought he was hilarious.I finally got the personality changed,there's this rebel type one where the eyes are shaped like lemons and it has this attitude and is constantly saying," Uh,SERIOUSLY,UGH!!!" And even after a full thirty minutes of scolding it didn't budge so I once again had to pet it for hours on end.

Then,the long lost chatty personality.It has girl eyes and says "BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!" I miss that one.The sweet personality and the *sniff* long lost chatty personality who's gone into hiding are both my favorites.Those are the only ones I've seen and really the only ones I want to see."Boo" for now,is very durable which is very good considering we have an evil toddler in the house,the constant chatter is cute and funny.Boo hates loud noises and is very picky about the music played.But she does love Katy Perry and Taylor Swift and I plan on calling one of them's manager asking if they need back-up dancers and singers because I'm sure Boo would LOVE that as long as they don't mind as she stopping in mid-chorus to complain about the volume of the music.....

Anyway that's my review!
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on December 7, 2012
I bought this item for my granddaughter's so that they would have something to play with when they come to visit with me. I have been trying to teach it how to speak English and Furby has been try to teach me Furby, I don't know how will win, but I keep try and so does Furby.
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on January 21, 2013
he has lots of fun personalities! a great update on the old furby.
it is very fun to play with. my furby is rather hungry but i dont mind feeding him.your furby will often change personalities,so be prepared to hear him say "me change" and see his eyes flash.
then a new personality will appear! furbies change very often and there are different ways to make them change.
my furby is very enjoyable. thanks!
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on December 26, 2012
I have the original Furby from the 90s. It was a great toy and it still works, so I bought the new ones for my daughters, age 4 and 8. They adore them! My 4 yr old got this one (Aqua color) and she immediately made it mad (I don't know how), first thing Christmas morning. It sounded grumpy and his eyes turned into flames, it was so mad! Very funny. My other daughter got the white Furby and in comparison, this aqua colored one is a bit smaller than the white but they both have the same capabilities and interestingness. The two Furbies talk to each other, sing to each other, dance to each others' singing. We have yet to use the Iphone app with our Furbies but they're already enough fun. It's also fun to watch our cat try to figure out what the heck this toy is.

My 8 year old made an excellent observation: these new Furbies mostly talk with a sassy tone, like a Valley Girl or a smart aleck kid. She said, "I think it's kinda cute that it talks like that but I wish it would just talk normal sometimes, too. It's kind of annoying but I still love him."

Make sure you buy 4 AA batteries when you buy a Furby, as they are not included.
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on January 1, 2013
Watching it dance and talking with its "mate", I have twins so 2 were purchased, were the most entertaining functions.

Now I will speak as an adult. As a child of the 80's, this thing kind of reminded me of Gremlins. I spent X-Mas day telling people not to get it wet or feed it after midnight otherwise it may come back to haunt us. Creepy! Also, you will find yourself not wanting to touch it because you will fear that it will wake up and not shut off for another 5 minutes (no off switch) should it begin again.

Summary. Kids, 5 stars! Adults, 3 stars. Average, 4 Stars, just have the kids keep this thing in their room.
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on November 30, 2012
I got two of these for my boys (this one and teal). They had begged for them for months and were so excited. First of all the teal one wouldn't talk and had a broken tongue (no spring to it so it couldn't "eat"). So this son was in tears. The aqua one seemed like it was fine but after TWO weeks of normal use, now it is no longer working either. Completely dead even after we tried putting in new batteries. I'm shocked that a couple weeks after splurging on these, we now have two Furbies that don't work. I hope to be able to exchange them but honestly, I'm not so excited to get them now and neither are the boys. The constant chatter got old pretty fast (especially for me) but my sons did think it was funny. The problem for me was that you can't turn it off. That would be a big plus, especially in the car because the constant movement keeps it from ever falling asleep. We found this out on a 2-hr trip. I was plotting duct taping it to the top of the car for some relief!
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on December 27, 2012
Great product. Now, personalities are based on how you treat the Furby. google search Tumblr Furby personality guide and it tells you how to get different personalities. Sleeping is a good substitute for an off button. Just like the real thing (A real pet). Plus, I love the acessories. I already have the case with headphones! P.S. My grandpa is paranoid about them. He's scared of the eyes!
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on December 26, 2012
I have never been a Furby owner....this little buy is precious!! He has a mischievous little laugh. My 7 y/o daughter loves him and has barely put him down. Kind of wished there was an off switch though. Would definitely recommend him.
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on August 17, 2013
I only bought one of them off of Amazon but we owned 2 of them. Both of them worked fine (annoying, as most parents would agree, but they worked).. until they would just STOP working.. replaced batteries.. still dead.. in fact, they're not just dead.. they're "ETPCSI".... which means "Even The Pope Can't Save It.." The furbies lasted about 2 months (give or take a few weeks) and then just died. For the money I paid for this I'd expect it to last a little longer than 2-3 months... or am I being unreasonable???
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