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on February 20, 2004
First off let me start by saying, this is NOT going to be a PS2 bashing. Though we all have our opinions on the three systems, the fact is that they are all great systems in their own right. That is to say you won't go wrong no matter which one you choose.
Let me reiterate, this is not a bad system. It has several great games (Final Fantasy X & X2, Grand Theft Auto, WWE Smackdown Series and several others). Though it must be noted that Gamecube and XBox both have great exclusive titles. The graphics are outstanding and they may not even be the best of the three, but they are great, certainly better than anything we had just a few short years ago. They definitely have more benefits than everybody else (free online gaming, the Eyetoy, and more games. As far as controllers go, I like Gamecube's a bit better, but this controller works wonderfully well too and is well laid out. (You won't be searching for the buttons like you do on XBox controllers, that is my one true complaint with that system) Anyway Playstation 2's biggest downfall is in the fragility of the system itself and though I have experienced no problems personally, I have heard of a few from close friends.
1. Disc Reading Error (You've seen this many times, I will comment no further.)
2. Malfunctioning Disc Door (It just stops opening when the button is pressed. You then have to pull it out and push it in manually which can cause it ultimately to break.)
3. The power cords tend to wear out faster than average. (Not a big deal, the cords are fairly cheap, but it could present a fire hazard.)
None of these things would be a huge deal except that the PS2 comes with a measly 90 day warranty (Do I hear 1 year anyone?)
I'm not trying to say this system is junk. It does have durability issues more than anything. I personally prefer Gamecube but only by a small margin. All of you who immaturely spout "PS2 rules, Gamecube & XBox suck" are not only lying to yourselves, you're doing a great disservice to the readers who depend on these reviews to make an important decision.
The bottom line is the Playstation 2 is a great system and definitely worth the money, but it is not gaming perfection as some make it out to be. Try Gamecube & XBox as well. All three are extremely fun!!!
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on March 3, 2004
I've owned my PS2 for a couple of years now, and I have used it a lot primarily for sports games but also for DVD playing. I have also played X-Box and Gamecube fairly extensively.
First, unless you need Mario to live, don't waste your money on Game Cube. The controller is aweful and its has no DVD playback. Further, the graphics are good, not great, and the processor is very reliable and fast.
Between X-Box and PS2 there is not a huge difference. X-Box probably has better graphics, a faster processor, and more features, but it freezes way to often. The revised controller (ie the smaller one) is a marked improvement over the original bulky one, but it still does not compare to the perfect controller that Sony has designed. Overall, in terms of games there is not a huge difference, but it seems that X-Box has released a few better ones like Halo but the difference is marignal if at all.
In the end, I chose PS2. It is cheaper and has a better controller for sports games like Madden or TW Golf. Still you can't really go wrong with either and it comes down to personal choice.
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on November 11, 2004
I'm tired of seeing bad reviews for the PS2 without any evidence backing it up. I work with PS2s every day for a major retail chain and I know the PS2. The earlier versions have a tendancy to have a "disc read error" and not read most dics, especially the blue dvd discs. Other than that, there are no problems with the machine. Also, Sony has released a minmum of 2 updated versions, that look exactly like the original, with an emphasis on UPDATE. Overall the PS2 is a solid performer with Sony hoping to get another 5 years out of it, even with the release of the PS3 (which people need to be patient for..May of 05 at the earliest)

I'm not going to bash the XBOX, because it is a solid performer as well. It has its problems, like being super-large and not having as large of a selection of games as Sony (but the 100 million people that bought Halo 2 dont care). If I were to recommend a machine out of these two..I can't..its basically a tie, with the XBOX having the edge on graphics, and the PS2 having the edge with games. Hopefully this helps you out from a more mature perspective and enough with the kiddy reviews..please?
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on September 24, 2004
The Playstation 2 is, without a doubt, one of the best video game systems of all time. It has such a diverse library of games that you are bound to find something to apease everybody. So why am I giving it 4 stars instead of 5?

There are two factors about the current PS2 design that you won't find anywhere on the box. The first is reliability/quality of design. My first PS2 broke 2 weeks after I bought it. It started making a quiet rattling noise while the games were playing, so I would check the games when I heard the noise and they would be fine... well one day they weren't fine. In fact, Blockbuster wasn't amused when I told them my PS2 lacerated the bottom of their disc like a Cat from Pet Cemetary. That's one experience right?

My friend is on her 3rd PS2 (keep in mind the PS2 has only been out for about 4 to 5 years). Another couple I know is experiencing their first problem with their PS2 2 years after they bought it. It won't play any discs that are black on the back (Almost all PSone discs, and a lot of early PS2 discs).

A lot of people will tell you that the PS2 only has problems if you stand it upright (which Sony says is perfectly fine and even sells a stand for). That would be inconsistent with my experience because mine still malfunctioned and it was sitting horizontally. I even have a horizontal stand which is supposed to increse airflow (the horizontal stand made by Sony). Also, the friend I mentioned who is on her third PS2 console has never stood her's upright.

I'm not saying that every PS2 is going to up and die on you, but I think all consumers should be aware that the PS2 has reliability issues, and a quick browse through these reviews will confirm that. It doesn't mean it isn't still an awesome system!

The next thing you will want to consider is whether or not you want THIS model of PS2. You may have read lately that the PS2 got a major overhaul unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show. Well, that revised version of the PS2 will be available in the US on Nov. 1st 04 according to Sony. In my opinion, they may be responding to the quality problem with this new system... but that is speculation and really doesn't belong in a review so scratch that from the record books. The difference between the new and old version is sheer mass. In all ways the new design is much smaller. It can also be stood upright. It is some 75% smaller and 50% lighter. You can see it on It will also be 150 bucks, no price difference. It looks a lot more solid. HOWEVER!!! If you plan on playing Final Fantasy XI get the current design before it is gone. So far the redesigned PS2 doesn't support the HDD Hard Drive necessary to play FFXI and Sony hasn't expressed any plans for that. So, the question becomes do you want the classic design or the updated version that hits in Nov. Me? I can't really wait until Nov. because MK Deception comes out in a few weeks hehehehe.

A word about accessories. As I mentioned before I have a horizontal stand for my PS2. The horizontal stand is supposed to increse airflow. Supposedly, this does good things for the system. The stand is worthless. It doesn't really connect to the system, the system just sits on top of it. It's kinda cool looking... other than that you should be aware that neither the horizontal or vertical stands are necessary because the system is designed so that it can stand or sit without a stand. The vertical stand adds a little extra balance but I recommend you never put your system on carpet or an uneven surface. The carpet causes static issues and, like uneven surfaces, can result in the system falling if shaken too hard (take note parents of energetic kids). The PS2 already has quality issues, don't give it any additional trauma to help the process along.

Third party controllers (Controllers made by a company other than Sony) just aren't as good as factory controllers. Plain and simple. They all have cool little features and they are getting better, but stick to the controllers made by Sony and avoid the headache of unresponsive controls. This is, of course, unless you absolutely need a wireless controller so people aren't tripping when they walk by, or if your hands (or your little gamer's hands) are too small for a standard controller, there are "mini" controllers available.

As far as online game play goes, the PS2 leads the pack for play features while the Xbox leads the pack for... instant messaging and lan party-esque mass multi-player gaming. Sometimes the Xbox is a little more like a computer that I approve of. NOTE- if you want to play online you need to make sure the PS2 you are buying comes with the online adapter (or if you wait till Nov. for the redesign it will be intergrated). If you don't have highspeed internet, don't worry! According to Sony 40% of it's online market is tapping online gaming with dial-up. Dial-up is an option if you have an online adapter.

That's about it. Hope this was helpful. PS2 Rocks!
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on November 27, 2003
INTRO: Before you change your mind about buying this system, you must understand something about these reviews. Most bad reviews were written by "Fanboys". These are people who usually do not even own this system, but always put it down for no reason. The ps2, along with the Xbox and GCN, are all 5 star products, but were made 3 star ones because of these "fanboys". So, only read the unbiased reviews :).
Now.. for the real review :)
The graphics of the Playstation 2 are amazing. Here is a misunderstanding. Just because the Xbox and Gamecube are capable of better graphics, it doesn't mean that ps2's graphics are bad. Games like Jak 2, Final Fantasy X, and Final Fantasy X-2 really show what the PS2 is capable of. Overall, they are great.
GAMES: 10/10
The playstation 2 has the biggest and greatest game selection out of the 3 current next generation consoles. Any kind of game you like, you can get. What kind of genre do you like? Fighting? RPG's? Platform? Adventure? Action? Sports? You rule the choices. It doesn't matter what games you are into. You can find anything you want :)
EXTRAS: 10/10
Again, the Playstation 2 has the most extras out of the 3 systems.
PS2 Extras:
-DVD Player
-CD Player
-Backward compability with the Playstation 1.
-Online Capabilities
Good luck choosing a system, and happy gaming :)
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on June 25, 2006
This is the first gaming system we have purchased for our children, and it is a big hit. After shopping and comparing, we decided to get the PS2 for 2 reasons: 1) The price was good compared to the Xbox and, 2) Huge game selection for all ages and interests. A month after purchasing the PS2 we have got our entertainment value from it already. We hit the local video store and took many PS2 games for "test drives." I like The Shadow of the Colossus, and the many fantasy and RPG games available. My wife loves good old Sonic, Pac-Man, and all the arcade games. My daughter loves Curious George, and Chronicles of Narnia. If you are looking for a family gamily system, the PS2 is flexible, and a great value.
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on December 1, 2003
Hello, I am a big computer geek, so you can trust what I have to say. ; )
PS2 rocks, I've had it since the first day it came out. It has awesome games and good graphics (when needed). If your thinking about buying a PS2, Gamcube, or Xbox, read this first.
1. Don't get Gamecube, every good game it has is on PS2 and/or Xbox.
2. Xbox has a lot of good games that are also on PS2 and some good games of its own, Knights of the Old Republic, but PS2 is lasts longer because its not on the crappy Windows system (some people disagree but its true if you take care of your PS2)
3. PS2 has a HUGE variety of games, is the best selling game system and has Final Fantasy.
I hope you make the right choice (PS2 or Xbox).
If you do buy a PS2 remember these key instructions for care taking.
1. NEVER EVER shut your PS2 off with the switch in the back (it is only for frozen games) instead press down the reset button until the light goes red.
2. Don't EVER put you PS2 on a vertical stand. It screws up the hard-drive and the game in it.
3. Don't throw things at your PS2.
4. If the disc isn't reading don't throw your PS2 away, there could be a scratch on the game (I suggest buying a disk cleaner for those scratches [SkipDoctor is the best]).
Have fun with your PS2, I've been through a lot with mine and it is still in fine working condition (dropped it one story once) and if anyone tells you I am wrong, I'm not, just remember I am a computer geek.
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on December 8, 2003
While I wouldn't consider PS2 to be better or worse than the other two consoles, I would like to say that it has a better variety in terms of gameplay. The Nintendo Gamecube has more games targeted toward a younger audience while the Xbox has more games targeted toward an older audience. The PS2, however, seems to have a better balance of games for different ages, making it my slight choice over the other two consoles. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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on March 23, 2004
I have used this for a few years now and have enjoyed my time with it. I have bought the stand to make a vertical system and have some extras like the remote control which I highly recommend if you like to watch DVDs. As a games console the PS2 is the leader and so it has a limitless choice of games, however I will say that for some reason over the past few years there has only really been a handful of solid gaming entries and everything else is mediocre and PC graphics are a way ahead of the PS2 now, so if you are a game player looking for the best gaming experience then the PS2 is not for you. What you need is a new computer and a very good graphics card with an ADSL modem or better. PS2 games can be very expensive (4 top shelf games and you have the price of a PS2 - 20 top shelf games and you have the price of a computer we where just talking about.) If you own a PS2 then a DVD store rental card is a bonus and really that rental store card is what the PS2 is about for you. If you do not have that card then I hope you have lots of money or friends to trade with.
I find myself using this box for mostly watching DVD movies and renting games. I buy a new game once every two months (usually a top shelf game) and that keeps me going. For the PS2 I think the type of game that suits the console best is a 3rd person survival game or something like Grand Theft Auto. Beat em' ups are good on it as well. However the PC dominates Sims, RPGs and 1st person shooters. Maybe the PS2 has some influence on sports games like SSX and Tony Hawk but everyone knows that the better experience for these games is on the PC. So what games you prefer really has an impact on if you want a PS2 or not. Maybe a PC is really what you need?
I watch lots of DVDs and with the remote control the PS2 plays like a joy including a special region-free disc that you can buy (its dirt cheap) allowing you to watch anything that comes on a DVD. I have found some incompatibility with some movies (2 in 300) but this is mostly the fault of the DVD producers and not Sony. So 99.9% of movies will play on a PS2. That is not bad. The image quality is not the best but pretty darn good all the same. You can also hook up surround sound to the PS2 no problem and play Dolby Digital or DTS. The PS2 does have one drawback in this department though. The internal fan makes a hell of a lot of noise so you need to keep the sound up to send that to the background. It can be annoying at times. As a DVD player the PS2 has really been used to the max and I have only good things to say about that.
I have also used the PS2 to play CD music through my televisions sound system. It has made my hi-fi system now redundant. So as a console it has lots of media options other than just the games console and that is what really makes it worth its while. However as a games console I must say that I have not been let down that much (games like GTA: Vice City, Silent Hill 3, Manhunt, MGS, Devil May Cry, made the console for me) but there could be a lot better first class PS2 games out there by now. I think there are less than 10 really outstanding games on the PS2 and a way more options on a PC for better games.
Anyway what you like in games is up to you. I have had the PS2 now for years and it is a workhorse that still does its job. I have no complaints about this system except maybe to hope that more developers try pushing the limits of what this box can do. I am currently looking forward to the new Resident Evil game.
- Relatively cheap console.
- A wide of variety of games to choose from.
- Expandable.
- Great DVD player (with remote control improves this vastly).
- Reliable and rugged.
- A standard that will never phase out.
- Games are very expensive.
- The fan makes a lot of noise.
- A PC maybe really what you want.
- It has taken ages for some good games to arrive.
Overall this a great evolution for the games console. If you have the money and want a portable media system that plays games, DVDs and CDs then the PS2 is really convenient and manageable.
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on December 18, 2003
For any Christmas buyers who don't know much about game systems, be rest assured that the PS2 will satisfy anyone. The graphics are hardly noticeably different from the XBox and Gamecube, and it have far and above the best and most quality games (most for under $20). Better yet, it plays all PS1 games as well, and DVDs right from the box. The new models come with progressive scan support. I can't think of any reason you would want another system. The PS3 will be coming out at the earliest of Christmas 2005, and all PS1 and PS2 games will be backwards compatible.
A word of caution: The DVD playback is simplistic -- it doesn't have all the fancy features of a pure DVD player, although it will play any DVD.
Also important to note is that very few games are not made for the PS2 (ie, Nintendo and Microsoft games). All other games are almost always made for PS2 first, because there are over 60 million PS2 owners out there -- more than Gamecube and XBox owners combined.
Take it from me, you can't go wrong with PS2.
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