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on September 8, 2013
UPDATE: I posted my original review quite some time ago, and it has taken quite a bit of frustration for my to come back and edit this. To begin, I will sing a few praises. I like the PS3, it's graphics, how it works, and the available games (namely GT6). BUT, I have recently had so many problems with this awful console that I am seriously considering abandoning Sony consoles after being a die-hard fan for many, MANY years!

This is because I recently had the PS3 freeze up, and had to turn it off manually. This corrupted the data, and the only way to fix it involved me losing EVERYTHING. So, okay, fine. At least I had gotten back up and running again. I had made it about to the point in the game where I was before, and then a new System Update came out. I tried to update, and -- GUESS WHAT? -- the data is corrupted again! There is no reason that the console should be having problems like this. My PS2 never did this. So am I going to just lose everything again? I'm attempting a useless system restore right now, but if I can't fix it without losing everything then I might just go to Xbox, which means a lot considering that I'm a Gran Turismo fan.

Sony made these consoles poorly. No hate on the company that sold me the console. Make your own decision about whether or not you want this -- just keep in mind it is not reliable! I have the Super Slim, and in my experience the Fat consoles tend to be better. Still, I don't think that is currently my problem. Regardless, the system is still restoring after more than 24 hours, so I don't have much hope.

I still love Playstation, so maybe I won't give up. I don't know. Just letting all of you know about my experience so you can make a decision!



I bought a white PS3 console from EZCorp - which included the console, cords, and a wireless controller. The product is great. Nice, sleek, and quick at responding. I have been thinking of getting one for ages. I'm always one console behind, so with the PS4 coming out soon I figured it was a good time!

One thing I didn't realize with the PS3 is the fact that it downloads via the Wi-Fi. Well, I knew it, but it didn't occur to me how good that Wi-Fi needed to be. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE SUPER HIGH SPEED INTERNET THEN BUY THE GAME DISCS, don't buy from the Playstation Store. It can take an extremely long time for them to download. I do have high speed, but apparently it's not fast enough. That's not the PS3's fault though - that's my internet provider. And downloading while it's wired works better. But if you buy the disc, it does fine since it doesn't have to deal with a full download.

As for the PS3 itself, it's great. A nice step up from the PS2 (though I still LOVE that console!).

My seller was amazing. I got the PS3 in two days without paying for two day shipping because my total (with shipping) came out to be $200.70. It was perfect and well packed. I recommend buying from EZCorp if you can - it's worth it for a decent used item.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon November 13, 2014
This is a PRODUCT review of the unit being offered here, and in no way discusses the pros, cons, and the fanbois of any aspect of gaming consoles in general.

My brother's PS Slim finally died... oh ya, just stopped reading discs, period. He had the older PS3 Slim with the front disc loader. This one is a bit different in design, one I expect is a far newer "Slim" - most importantly it is a top-loader on which you place the disc directly upon the reader. The buttons are on the front, all manual push, and it has a ribbed texture whereas the older Slim was smooth. It has all the ports to be expected, and WiFi reception is excellent. The 500gig drive is a bit of a step up over his older one, a huge plus for his DL addiction (lol).

But as a replacement unit, this works flawlessly. My bro synched all his trophies, data, and DLC games to this unit (after watching some YouTube tutorials on the process) and is back online with his GTA and such. Heh.

If my own 8 year old 1st Generation PS3 ever dies, I would first move heaven and earth to get it fixed... but at the very least, I would indeed buy this one if all else fails, secure in the knowledge it performs so well.
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on February 22, 2015
Believe it or not, this is actually my 1st time owning a PS3. For me the high price & the lack of backwards compatibility in the later models kept me from buying one.

Now with the PS3 entering its twilight as a console, I'd found this model for just under $200 & decided to buy it.

Although late in its cycle, there's a backlog of great games released for this system- & there's still games being released for it. Plus there's the HDD- at 500 GB, that's 25 times the space in the original PS3 "fat" model that came out nearly 9 years ago. That should be more than enough for your gaming needs (& if not, the disk drive is replaceable). You can also store other things beside game data- photos, video, & music files as well. & if you don't have a Blu-Ray player, the PS3 plays Blu-Ray, DVDs, & CDs too. Add a video app (like YT, Netflix or even an Amazon Prime Video one) & you have a console that can handle almost all your entertainment needs outside of games. Just be sure you have internet service & you can connect the PS3 to it via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

& I love the wireless controller that comes with this. Prior to buying this, whenever I hear a wireless controller, I think of a controller that runs on store-bought batteries. Yes this does run on batteries, but they charged with the power of the PS3 via the USB cord which comes with it, rather than having to go buy batteries at a store. It only comes with 1 controller, so be sure to buy an extra one.

So despite being late in its life cycle, this is still a great console for those who never owned a PS3, have a tight budget & are weary about spending hundreds of dollars on the current game systems.

PS: about the model design, this is a Super Slim. & despite some complains I heard about, I really like it. It has a cool look, is smaller than the previous models, & uses less electricity- thought it does get warm at the bottom after its been on for a while (as did my PS2 Slim BTW, which still plays after having it for nearly a decade). The PS3 does make noise as it reads the disc, but it's not really loud. & once the game starts, the system itself is very quiet. Also while many may disagree, I like the disc player being on top. That in a way also reminds me of the PS2 Slim. In the end, don't let the design keep you away from buying this. It's a very reliable model.
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on October 5, 2013
500gb of space is just Amazing, there is so much room for a large variety of games I am beyond pleased with my ps3. It is as the seller described.
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on October 8, 2014
It arrived right on time, and the system was not damaged at all! I got it new, but it was worth it. The only thing is that it does not come with an hdmi cord. Thankfully, i had one at home. I highly recommend this product, but just make sure you have an hdmi cord. It is much more clear with jt.
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on November 18, 2015
not as told it would look like very disappointed
review image review image review image
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on November 7, 2015
Be cautious. "Used, Like New - Fulfilled By Amazon" can mean things like it has scratches, doesn't ship with a controller or only a 3rd party controller, and despite being fulfilled by Amazon in some cases, support will not guarantee that they will be able to offer any warranty or customer assistance at all after the purchase. They'll come just short of saying that the "Amazon A to z" guarantee covers the item from defects.

Don't trust any of the "Used, Like New", despite the text for this item from Amazon describing this category as "Free from damage and suitable for giving as a gift". Lots of resellers fib and this category is not policed.

Was going to pick one up for my housebound mom so she could play Skyrim at a deal. Now...this isn't going to happen. PS3 console "Used - Like New" turns out to be no good, scratched, with no controller. And this from a reseller with a 99% rating.

Don't do it. Be cautious. "Used - Like New, Fulfilled by Amazon" means absolutely nothing towards quality, ability, or OEM parts that should come with a "Like New" PS3. You're gonna get burned.

The customer service rep was very helpful, and I don't fault her as she walked me through the truth of this "Used - Like New, Fulfilled by Amazon" category. It broke my heart to learn that this golden deal was no better than a garage sale.

New is expensive for a decade old system, but a firm vote of "No Confidence" in Amazon and their resellers for "Used - Like New. D Minus. Nope nope nope.
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on October 24, 2014
Please learn from my mistake. I received my PS3 on November 17, 2013. It worked as advertised until the first week of February, 2014. At this time the games began to freeze infrequently. Soon after, the games would not load and finally the console would not even produce any graphics on the screen. When I tracked down my options for return or exchange I learned that my window for this opportunity closed on January 31, 2014.

I spent $269.00 on this console (plus another $120.00 on headphones). After less than 30 hours of use and only 75 days of ownership the product breaks and I can't even get an exchange?

I buy products products on Amazon on a regular basis. Because of this incident, I REFUSE TO BUY ANY ELECTRONIC ITEMS ON AMAZON. It's worth the extra few dollars to buy locally at Best Buy or Costco in order to get resonable product returns or exchanches. It's been a painful lesson for me and I hope it won't happen to you.
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on December 8, 2015
So I bought this product from lotsa electronics and boy am I not happy. Yes the PlayStation works like its brand new, but they failed to mention that the cd cover on top of the PlayStation was completely taken off and leaves the discs totally exposed. That isn't good. I understand that I bought this used, but when you advertise as "used-like new" it should look like I just bought a brand new console, not one that been beat up and torn apart. This is the whole reason why I knocked off 2 stars. False advertisement is illegal and not saying what the actual product looks like is illegal too. Says that it's like brand new.
review image
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on August 28, 2015
This version of Sony's PlayStation 3 console is compact, sleek, and even stylish. As a casual gamer, this game system is satisfactory, such that it's 500 GB hard drive is more than enough to store my game data, videos, and music. It's super slim design makes for easy placement anywhere in my home where there's a TV. Plus, it is said to use less energy than it's preceding version, the PS3 slim version usually holding an average 250 GB. It shows, as older models tend to fire off like a heating system or an air conditioner after moderate to heavy use. There are no signs of the console burning out, even after several hours of gameplay. (Note: extend the longevity of your game system by not using it so often, you all know the drill.) I keep some space open around my console so it doesn't overheat. The price of the console when I bought it reflected well for my budget too, as I saw it as less than a dollar for every gigabyte storage in the console's hard drive. All in all, if you want the ultimate gaming experience without paying an arm and a leg for the newer PS4, buy this PS3. Even with changes in its design -- there is a hatch covering any inserted game disc that can be opened by pressing the eject button adjacent to the power button on the front -- the console functions in the same capacity as its older models. Some may see this as a downgrade from what is featured with the older models, but it's really of no consequence to me. It enhances that DVD/Blu-Ray kind of feel for me when inserting discs into the the console. Good price for a good device, and well worth the investment… if it doesn't burn out and experience that yellow light of death often seen with the "fat" models.
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