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on June 27, 2009
Just orderd this item (energizer power & play for Ps3) and it works great charges quickly looks sleek and very sharp,but it is a lil light weight but it serves its purpose and is fairly sturdy. The one issue that i had was after you connected controller light is red during the charge stage, when charge is complete it than turns green- i could find no info about whether or not i could leave controllers on charging unit-would it continue to charge and burn the controller down over time(afer doing my due dillegence and thorough research) the answer is no--once controller is fully charged the light will turn green at that point there is no need to disconect power because that channel stop producing charge- one would think otherwise seeing the green light but this unit in fact stops the process doing no harm to controller so leave it on all day it wont ruin controller--figured this might help--
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on October 29, 2008
I read some mixed reviews about the Pelican version of this exact same product and did not want to buy one of their units. I then saw that Energizer has the EXACT SAME product but with their name and warranty attached to it. That made me feel perfectly comfortable and I ended up buying one. It's been really good so far. I am able to plug the controllers in easy with one hand now so it's not as bad as I thought it would be. The lights are not as bright as other units but are still a tad too bright for my home theater room. I have to put this out of site so the lights don't distract me during movies.

No problems so far and a very nice design makes this a 5 star product for me.
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on March 12, 2010
This is a sleek looking device with the added convenience of USB ports on the side, so charging extra controllers is easy if you can put up with the wires. Mine worked great with only the standard complaints about the difficulty in adding and removing the controllers from the docks and the "lightness" of its construction. Once in they worked, but I found with mine that, over time, I believe they became worn to the point where it will no longer charge the controllers. For a while I could wiggle the controllers and coax the lights back on, but I can only assume that the wear and tear of two children plugging the units in about once a day took its toll (though they were actually careful with it). At least the two USB side ports still work.

I refuse to spend another almost $30 on a replacement, so I am going to give the Nyko Charge Base 2 a try....

Update: After a couple months of comparison the Nyko is superior to the Energizer unit in my opinion. Though perhaps not as stylish, it is more durable, does not need to be held to stay in place and, functionally, is a better option, especially if you have kids or dock and undock the controllers frequently. See my review of the Nyko
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on December 4, 2008
This is an incredible product. Looks very slick, really matches the black-and-silver of the PS3. The clear controller charge indicators are also very nice-looking. You can charge 2 controllers in the slots, and there are also 2 powered USB slots for the charging cables. You can use these to charge the PS3 official headset (or any other USB devices). The controller ports are standard Mini-USB connections. They have a clear bit of plastic on top that holds the controller. It lights up dimly red when charging and green when finished -- this looks really cool.

Overall, this is an extremely good-looking, stylish, and useful accessory for charging your PS3 peripherals. Really fits the style and look of the PS3, and also has convenient USB slots and charging-indicator lights. Highly recommended.
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on April 27, 2011
The unit itself is very aesthetically pleasing and when we first got this unit I was totally in love with it. It charged my controllers, it did it quickly and it looked good doing it. After having it less than a year, however, it stopped charging. I hook a controller into it and it goes green within a few seconds and then when I try to use the controller it hasn't charged at all. Left one controller on there for 2 weeks to see if it would pull any charge and got nothing.

It was love at first sight, but we all know that doesn't exist. Now I have to move on and find a new love.
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on December 6, 2008
I received this PS3 Controller earlier in the week. It was easy to set up, all I had to do was take it out of the box and plug it into my power conditioner (surge protector). The controllers fit perfectly into the holders even with the controller skins intact.

The light turns red when charging and changes to green once the controllers are fully charged. I haven't used the side USB ports yet but I am sure they also work fine.

I would recommend this product to those who hate turning on the PS3 controller just to charge their controllers and those who want a cool looking stand.
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on February 9, 2011
This is a nice product that is offered at a fair price. My one issue is that the adaptor for the Headset Device will not work if you own the PS3 2.0 PlayStation 3 Bluetooth Headset 2.0, which I do. However, you can simply attach the USB cable that comes with the Headset and attach it to the Charging Station. The best thing about this product is that you can charge you controllers and your headset without firing up your PS3. If you are willing to circumvent the headset issue, then this product is recommended.
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on September 28, 2013
Stylish and functional - I like it a lot. Here are my impressions:
- Large base that keeps this stand upright, no worries about it tipping over as you plug/unplug controllers.
- Assembly is simple, it comes in 2 pieces and you gently press the base and stand together until 4 tabs snap into place.
- Both ports have their own red/green indicator lights in case you were wondering. The bottom light is not readily seen in the photo.
- Plugging a controller in is as simple as lining up its female charging dock with the male charging doo-hickey sticking out of the stand
and then firmly pressing the controller into place.
- The version I bought (for $20) has NO USB charging ports, unlike some reviews I've read here. However USB ports are irrelevant for
my needs.

I'd recommend this for its value, style and functionality.
review image review image
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on May 9, 2011
This product is a great deal for the price.It has 2 cradle's to hold controllers while they charge plus 2 extra USB ports for 2 more controllers or a head set. I read other reviews saying there was only 1 extra USB port, but those people are false, I think they are not removing the "headset cradle" out of the 2nd USB slot, so they are not counting it. So you could use it for 3 controllers and 1 headset, or 4 controllers, or 2 & 2, whatever you need. It charges for 2.5 hours every time, so only use the charger when controller is down to 1 bar, so it won't kill your battery life from overcharges. It also has a cool feature that has a red glow while charging and when it's done it turns green, it's not "super" bright but if you look over to check it's noticeable. The plug comes out of the back rather easily if you just want a controller stand, which is what I was wanting from it, the charger is just a nice add-on as far as I'm concerned. But great item, if it arrives DOA, Amazon has great return policy. I'm ordering the xbox360 version next.
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on January 14, 2010
Just for backround on me, I'm a hardcore gamer and I play with my buds all the time. I was looking for a good charger that wouldn't light the room up like a neon sign, but would get the job done. Oh, and I wanted something stylish that would be just as pretty to look at as the PS3. ;) This charger fits the bill perfectly.

Ok, I've done what every single one of you has done, I have looked high and low for good chargers. It came down to this one and the one by Nyko (PlayStation 3 Charge Base 2).

When you take these two chargers into account, about the only thing you can say that the Nyko has over the Energizer is that it will plug in better. Well... as far as I see, you still have to plug them both in. I have seen however, that people find it difficult to plug in the controller on this charger...BUT! Do not write this charger off for this reason alone! I had the exact same problem as well. What I ended up finding, was that since the controller plugs into the tower instead of a little plug that you then drop into the unit as the Nyko does, it's so much more satisfying to use the tower. While difficult to learn at first (much like a stick-shift car), it only took me three tries to figure out I had to tilt my controller up a tad bit more (meaning the part that faces out goes up, the nose/USB part, goes down) than I was for it to slide in. When I did this, I got a very satisfying *shyyk* feel. Just like they were made to be together (Duh! haha).

That successfully puts it on the level playing field of the Nyko, so lets see why it's heads and tails above it.

This charger looks so, freaking, good. It's black, and has this gorgeous chrome trim on the sides that make it go with the Fatboy PS3 (PlayStation 3 80 GB) like they were both made by Sony. Don't get me wrong, I own a slim and it still looks just as good with it, even makes it look better! The lights on it are bright and noticeable, but they don't make the room glow like you have an LED sun.

Now, some reviewers complained about the weight. I would argue with that, because I think it's just right! If it were any heavier, I would bet my money they would complain that it's "just as heavy as my PS3!". It's light, like it was made to be portable. It is also sturdy though, I can push my controller and just leave it there without worrying about it. The weight is not an issue unless you're lazy and just kinda throw your controller into it. Then it would fall over.

Oh, I think I almost forgot the most important part. How does it CHARGE?! Oh... I'd say pretty wonderfully. It charges the controller, and it does it insanely fast. I plug in my controller after a long session of Modern Warfare 2, and it hardly takes it 20 minutes to turn green! The best thing though, is that when it's done charging it stops the flow of electricity to the controller. What this means, is that it won't burn out your controller if you leave it plugged in for days at a time. Super +!

I will tell you something I found that was very nice that isn't quite charger specific. Ok, I don't know if I got a special model, but I bought my charger from Amazon and got an additional item. I got a little cradle for the PS3 headset that plugs directly into one of the side USB ports (came in the charger box!). No cable, no setting the cradle somewhere else, it plugs DIRECTLY IN! This is great for me because I have the official headset, and I just eliminated a wire plugged into my PS3.

I would highly recommend this product. Some people may go with the Nyko, but for the same price I'd go with the stylish model (heck, I'd pay an extra 5 if I had to cuz it looks so good.)
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