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on January 19, 2011
I am 71 years old and I have played video games since I had cancer (20 years ago). I wore out my P S console and just now received another one. I do have a P.S. 1 and a P.S. 3 but enjoy the old games also.. The console came to me in very good condition and the controller works very well. Everything looks like it is a new unit. I will continue to be a Amazon customer. THANK YOU
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Don't get me wrong, the Playstation 3 IS a decent console, but most of its games are already on other systems, but with more DLC (So it seems) that you must pay for to get additional content, and the system is already overly expensive (Even now). So why do I prefer this original over PS3? Is it because of its graphics? No. It's because of its game library.

The Playstation had a good amount of games that I actually WANTED, and they weren't on other systems, and even if some were, those versions on the other systems would be inferior to what this classic system had to offer. Such examples are Mega Man X4, Pac-Man World, Rayman, Frogger, Spyro (Well, I bought A Spyro game), etc (And maybe the original Crash, too, once I buy that game). If you want, you can go see my reviews for some of those games.

The games do not have online play, nor do they have DLC (What do you expect from a 90s console?), but what they DO have will keep you at these games for a very long time. Video games should be about just playing them and trying to beat them for the fun of it, NOT about superior graphics or whatever else gamers easily fall for (I'm looking at you, COD). This original Playstation console proves just that.
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on July 22, 2011
1996. Rewind your mind. Coffee was the popular drink in group circles and Windows 95 was the staple in every PC-owning household.

I was in fifth grade. It all started when I was at my uncle's house, where we usually faced off in Sega Genesis games like Primal Rage and Mortal Kombat. This time when I came over however, he had a new toy. I couldn't remember what it was called, but I heard him say "station". Space-station? Dream station? I didn't know for sure. (hint : it was the Playstation.)

When he showed me what it was I was psyched. The games were on discs so I instantly thought it was mega expensive (and at that time, it was). I was used to seeing video games on cartridge. The control looked like an alien space ship with all of the weird symbols (X? O? Square? Triangle? What the? Where's the A, B, and C buttons?!). I thought it was a mathematical equasion, I honestly did.

I was awed when he put in a fighting game. It was 3D, and the characters were slick and shiny. The screen expanded as the characters moved away from each other, and I remember that I liked the jaguar character the best (he roared).

This game would later be identified to me as Tekken 2 through an internet search at my mom's house. I wanted the Playstation so badly I could cry. I asked for it for Christmas. I asked for it for my birthday. I never got it. It was too expensive. BUT, I did get birthday money - and save, save, save I did.

Fast forward to November of 1997. Tonight was the night that I had finally saved enough money to buy a Playstation Game Console. It was a school night - but I didn't care. I wanted it! "Remember your bedtime" my mom's voice echoed in my head. I grabbed the $150 out of my dresser drawer and we took a trip to the local BX. I went all the way back to the gaming section while mom looked at perfume or something boring like that. Playstations had JUST come down in price, and though they were still pricey, mom said she'd spot me the rest. I saw the N64 sitting next to the Playstation for the same price. Believe me, I thought about it. Instinct told me to get the PSX and I carried it to the register.

I made the right decision.

The Playstation instantly had me swooning. The demo disc in the package had cool games like Rally Cross, Crash Bandicoot, Blast Chamber, and yes, wouldn't you know it - Tekken 2. I played the crap out of that demo. I had nothing else. So I kept saving for a game, and I saved for another 2 months before I had enough to buy my first game - Tekken 2. $39.95 at Sears.

The rest is history, as I was welcomed in by great titles like Ace Combat, Twisted Metal, Resident Evil, and Final Fantasy VII.

Great memories. But I will say today, if you do buy a Playstation, get the tiny one - the bigger model had a tendency to stop working after a couple years and in 8th grade I had to buy the new PSOne. (That PSOne is still working today, 10 years later). I went through two greys and my cousin went through one. They were not built as well as the newer models, so buy the tiny white PSOne.

Happy gaming.
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on August 1, 2009
The Playstation needs no introduction. It was Sony's first attempt to make a game console. The company definitely succeeded. The system's 32 bit graphics and CD Quality sound were very good for its time. Despite it's competitor, the Nintendo 64, which had better graphics, (I love this system too), oddly, didn't win the fifth generation console war like Nintendo had done for two gaming generations. The Saturn, on the other hand, despite being a delight, met an early demise. Let's go back to the Playstation. If I could describe its library in one word, that would be "Enormous" Not only that, but it had many quality titles as well. My favorite is certainly Metal Gear Solid. I also enjoyed games such as The Final Fantasy Series, Grand Turismo , And The Playstation equivalents to other video game mascots, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro The Dragon. Most Unfortunately, After The Original Playstation, Crash and Spyro departed from being game mascots, and became, way less popular, game characters in very mediocre games, which is a bummer to me because I thought they were going to be as recognizable as Mario and Sonic. Back to the console itself, the controller is one thing I like a lot. it is one of the most comfortable ones I ever handled, The Original Digital Gamepad was a milestone in controller history with two shoulder buttons, a comfortable feel, and the then new X , Circle, Square, and Triangle, As well as the then common Start and Select buttons. But it gets even better, In 1998, Sony Introduced The DualShock Analog controller with two analog sticks, making playing games easier than using the D-Pad. The Console makes great use of the CD Format. Although the games have long load times, More material could be put on a CD than a cartridge, making it a wise choice at its time. In addition to that, It can play audio CDs perfectly. In 2000, The PS One was released, it was a smaller, lighter, version of the console, it is the same thing, and as it is the same thing, It was Amazing too. The PS One has grown old now, but it will always be an important part of video game history. Here are the pros and cons of this magnificent console.

Massive game library with quality games.
Great Graphics and sound for its time.
Makes Great Use Of the CD format
Can play audio CDs.
Memory cards easy to store and use.

Long load times.
Memory Cards Do not hold much.
Early models prone to overheating.
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on September 28, 2015
Hello out there & welcome to this, this is the 4th edition of Talkin Retro Gaming where I review a video game console celebrating an Anniversary & the system that I have up is The Sony Playstation. During The 5th Generation this might have been someone's 1st console. It has library of games that has something for everyone you might not like RPG's but there's racing games, First Person Shooters & Adventure games. This also knocked Nintendo out of the top spot which they were number 1 in the 80's & 90's. Nintendo made gaming popular again The SNES caught up with The Sega Genesis & won that war. The Playstation went surprised both Nintendo & Sega as fun as The Saturn was as solid as a console as The Nintendo 64 was Sega was non existent in the 5th Generation. Nintndo was number 2 in the 5th generation. So how did we get here in 1988 Ken Kutaragi a Sony Executive didn't like the sound output of The Nintendo Famicom so he got a deal with Nintendo to make the sound chip for The Super Famicom aka The SNES. Then Sony & Nintendo continued this deal by deciding to do a CD add on like what NEC had with The PC Engine-Turbografx 16 & the CD add on that Sega had. Sony was going to get all the royalties off of all The SNES CD & games made for it. Hiroshi Yamauchi The President of got in contact with Nintendo Of America Executive Howard Lincoln to go to Europe & get a better deal which in turn created a bit of mess for Nintendo cause at Consumer Electronics Show Sony unveiled their SNES Cartridge CD combo The Play Statation. Nintendo unveiled that they were working with Sony's rival Phillips. This ended up with Sony making a deal with Sony that could produce SNES hardware & Nintendo would get the profit. Nintendo handled their deal with Phillips by leasing out Mario & Zelda characters. Which bottom line if you want a laugh look at The CDi Mario & Zelda games. In 1993 Sony began work on their own system. Someone claiming to be an employee's Son found a prototype for The Sony Nintendo Play Station. The 1 thing Sony wanted to focus on was 3D polygons as well they added a feature to play music CD's. Focusing on CD technology really helped Sony against Nintendo since The Nintendo 64 used cartridges CD's were cheaper to make. The Playstation however was could be messed around with & someone could pirate games. CD technology attracted a lot of 3rd party developer's to Sony in fact a lot of companies like Capcom & Konami that did business with Sega & Nintendo went to Sega the only Capcom game I know of on The Nintendo 64 was Resident Evil 2 which was cool they ported that game over. I don't know of a lot Konami games on The Nintendo 64. The technical specs on The Playstation were MIPS at R3,0000. 32 Bit RISC CPU with 5KB L1 cache, running at 33. 868 MHz. Operating performance 30 MIPS. BUS bandwith 132 MB's 1 Arithmetic Logic unit ALU 4 KB instruction cache 1 KB non associative SRAM data cache. Geometry Transformation Engine uses it's main CPU processor giving it additional instructions for 3D graphics. The Operating Performance 66 MIPS polygons are rendered in the hardware. The texture mapping at 180,000. Flat shading at 360,000. The Motion Decoder resides in The Main CPU it enables full screen high quality FMV & can decompress images & video into RAM. Operating at the performance of 80 MIPS. Documented devices mode is to read 3 RLE encoded 16x16 macroblocks, running IDCT & assemble a single 16x16 RGB macroblock. Output data is transferred to GPU via The DMA. It's possible to overwrite IDCT matrix. The Control Co Processor has 16 to 32 bit control registers The memory has 2MB of main DRAM. Additional RAM is intergrated with The GPU with 1 MB of frame buffer. Flash RAM & BIOSof 512 KB ROM. The Graphics processing unit of The GPU handles displays of graphics control of framebuffer & drawing of polygons & textures. Handles 2D graphics processing in a similar manner to the 3D RAM. ! MB VRAM later modles contained SGRAM. 2KB texture cache. 64 bytes of FIFO buffer. Adjustable frame buffer. Emulation of simultaneous background paralax scrolling. Flat or Gouraud shading & texture mapping. No line restriction. Colored light sourcing progressive & interlaced resolutions. Maximum color 16,777 & 24 bit true color. 57,344 colors on screen unlimited color tables. Texture mapping has 4 modes mode 4, mode 8, mode 15 & mode 24. The sprite engine 1,024x512 framebuffer, 8x8 & 16x16 sizes & bit map objects. Up to 4,000 sprites on screen scaling & rotation. 1x1 smallest possible sprite size. Special Sprite Effects. The sound has to 24 channels sampling rate of up to 44.1 KHz. 512 KB RAM. PCM audio Source. Digital effects include pitch modulation Digital Reverb. 512 k of sampled waveforms. Supports MIDI. CD ROM drive 660 MB maximum storage capacity double speed with a maximum data throughput of 300 KB's. XA mode 2 audio CD play CD DA & 128 KB buffer Back UP Flash RAM support. Video & audio connectivity AV RF & S Video. There were flaws in these systems at least for me cause they aren't the best built & I've went through quite a few Playstations. The Sony Playstation in Japan was released on December 3rd 1994 It competed against The Sega Saturn over there it sold 2 Million in 6 months over there. On September 9th 1995 The Sony Playstation was released in The United States & later that fall in Europe & Oceania. Bill Gates of Microsoft liked The PSX more than The Sega Saturn. Microsoft 6 years later would release their own console. The Playstation had something for everybody it had 7,918 games. The system was number 1 all over the world. Nintendo 64 was in 2nd place in fact it wasn't a big factor in Japan. There were different versions of the original playstation really they weren't big. originally there were red, yellow & white ports on the back as well as an RF & AV port & a type of expansion port that was used for The Gameshark. The next revision had the red, yellow & white ports removed & left the rest the final revision took away the expansion port for The Gameshark. Then there was a model 2 Playstation which was a much smaller version it also had an LCD screen I've got this version of The PSX. The D Pad was basic it had 4 face buttons 4 shoulder buttons & a D Pad. Then there the introduction of The Dualshock controller that added a rumble feature within the controller as well as analog sticks. There was also an arcade stick & I'm sure there was a racing wheel for it too. Games in the era started becoming longer & so they had a Memory Card feature which you could save your games. I miss that feature in games cause today if your console dies you lose all your game saves & you have to start over. Now this isn't as long as my retrospective like with The Sega Genesis & Sega Saturn but now I'll go through my Playstation 1 games.

WWF Warzone an actual good Acclaim Wrestling game.
WWF Attitude another good wrestling game from Acclaim played they s#! t out of it along with Smackdown 2 which I need to get a copy of that again.
Mortal Kombat Trilogy a great fighting game which you had all the fighters from MK 1 to Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 in this game with a lot of the arena's from those games
Mortal Kombat Mythologies Sub Zero an underrated game really good platformer with some so bad they're good FMV scenes.
Gran Turismo 2 this game doesn't hold up for me sorry but I'm not a fan of driving simulators like yeah I enjoyed the game back in the day not so much today.
Test Drive 6 a lot of people hate this game but I enjoy this game it's a fun racing game.
Crow City Of Angels not a great game but I do get a little enjoyment out of it.
Batman Forever fast paced beat em up & it's better than The Batman Forever games on The SNES & Genesis.
Batman & Robin I like this game as much as the movie as there both awful I mean it seems like it could be a good game I've given it a few chances but it's just awful.
Fighting Force a decent 3D beat em up.
Strider 2 great sequel lot of fun very fast paced it can beaten in under an hour. It also came with a copy of Arcade Strider which is also a great game.
Doom & Final Doom the best console ports of these games & since it's going to be October in a few days these 2 games are perfect for this time of year. I will review these games.
Alien Resurrection this game is actually better than the movie. It has the feel of the original movie. I will also review this game.

Not a collection that I am totally proud of but I got Doom, Final Doom & Strider 2. So October will have horror related video reivews so keep a look out for those reviews.
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on December 16, 2008
I bought this item for my niece and she loves it. She used to play the supernintendo and loved it, but I got her this system to help her intergrate into the new gaming styles and this is helping her learn the controles that are on the new systems. ----Great all around--- and pleanty of games to go with it.
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on March 1, 2016
I got my ps1 and omg I'm so happy it came packaged very well and protected . when I opened it I was like a little kid on Christmas its funny cuz I'm 25 lol I used to have one and as a kid it made me happy . I had many memories so much good times with a ps1 even bought TOMBA if u NVR heard of that game buy it u won't regret . anyways ps1 was nice n clean works amazing for $40 u can't beat it came with all cords and a memory card !!!! So I'm one happy customer
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on February 15, 2016
This device came with everything it was supposed to, the console itself was in decent shape the power cord and A/V cables worked nicely. However the controller that came with packets was damaged, that aside a very nice by.
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on July 22, 2015
I had this game system for about 6 year was the best system i've ever had i only had on PlayStation compared to the other ps systems i was watching YouTube and saw all the game i use to play and decided to order a ps1 and a few game to relive my childhood.
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on August 3, 2014
I got this partly out of nostalgia and partly to introduce my kids (ages 8 and 10) to some great video games. This console came exactly as the seller described. Delivery was fast as well. I immediately started playing Return Fire on it which I also got from Amazon a while back. I am very pleased with this seller and the console. If the console only lasts a couple more years I will feel I got my money's worth. Looking at the inside when the cover is open, everything looks clean and in very good condition, so I don't see why it wouldn't last at least that long.
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