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on March 3, 2011
This is most likely the most supportive bra I've ever worn. I'm almost 60 so you can bet I've tried just about every size and style out there and always seemed to choose an underwire style. However, having just completed 3 years of cancer treatments/remissions/relapses with illness causing me to lose weight, meds causing me to gain weight, the sedentary life style from being so ill as well as the infamous menopausal 50 lbs along for the ride I was feeling like an unfit, sloppy blob. I had pretty much been wearing cheap sports bras (you know, the 3 pack for about $9 kind) simply for the comfort and ease in dressing/undressing at the hospital and doctors' offices. Finally I got fed up with feeling lousy and looking lazy and sloppy and did some comparative shopping. Ordered several bra styles in several sizes and had myself a 'trying on party' when they all arrived. This bra is my favorite right now. The gel straps are amazingly comfortable and don't dig into my shoulders, pull on my neck or fall down the sides of my arms. My 'girls' look perkier than they have in about 20 years and no longer slouch against my midsection (wow, did I just really admit to that?), and the criss cross elastic straps in the back somehow, without discomfort, make me stand up straight and improve my posture tremendously.

Now all that above is the good stuff. What I'm finding now is that at the bottom of the front closure where the two sides meet, it digs into the area at the base of my sternum and in just a few hours has caused a gouge in my skin: almost looks like a bad heel blister from new shoes. A kind of scratchy, digging, wish-it-would-stop sensation and I find myself picking at the base of the bra closure through my shirt and adjusting it more and more as the day wears on. I'm not sure if it will soften up when laundered but I hope so. Otherwise I'll have to find something like a cotton ball to stick under there if I want to wear this bra for any length of time. I have no idea what would happen if I was more active: perhaps I would have noticed this irritation sooner, but I'm not allowed to leave the house for any reason due to my compromised immune system and flu season, so I'm not doing much other than housework and playing with the dogs. So right now I can say this is a great bra for fit and support but the front closure edges could use a bit more padding.

Edit: May 2012 - meant to write this much sooner but I forgot as I stopped wearing these and put them in the bottom of the drawer. Laundering does not soften up the lower portion of the closure. It remains hard and stiff and irritating to the sternum area. As much as these fit extremely well, the straps were a delight and my posture was vastly improved, I simply could not wear these without tucking a cotton ball or balled up toilet paper into that bottom section of the hook/closure area. They are going into the 'donate' pile today.
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on November 27, 2007
This bra gives great support and is comfortable too. The front opening also makes it easier to put on if you have mobility issues.
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on January 23, 2011
This bra does it's business.

I am 5'6" tall, 215lbs and a 42D cup. I've tried soooo many bras and they never pick me up and put things where they belong. Wasted my money on the Breezies A51770 bra. When I first got it I loved the structure. Soon after the underwire poked into my sides and broke through the fabric. The elastic under the breast rolled up and was very rough. My breasts have never really stopped aiming towards my arms and stood up like they should with any bra that I have ever purchased...UNTIL NOW!

This bra pulls my breasts out of my armpits comfortably, picks them up and aims them forward without creating unnessary cleavage. There is no underwire and none needed. YAY! It actually acts as a minimizer which is great because it adds to the slimmer more youthfull appearance I'm looking for.

The straps are really nice. They are shorter than I usually find and don't provide the option of a sloppy drooping breast.

If I could design a bra myself it would be close to this one. My skin under my breasts is sensitive to the rough elastic that soooo many bra designers insist on using. The elastic under the breast with this bra isn't satin but, it is softer than the Breezies bra.

I found one of these bras at Walmart in the clearance rack for $10.00. It was a 40D , a little small around for me but, was so impressed that I ordered 2 in a 42D from

I say "go for it".
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on August 1, 2007
For a large breasted woman these bras are very comfortable and very supportive. I highly reccommend them.
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on November 1, 2012
My chiropractor suggested that I get a bra with more back support and I saw a lot good reviews for this bra. When I received it and put it on, I definitely felt like I was gettin a lot of back support but the cups were so pointy that I looked like I was wearing cones for a bra! The bottom of the fastening strip kept coming apart and because it's made with a thick and stick material, it was rubbing my skin so hard that it was raw. If it wasn't for the cup issue and my skin being rubbed raw, I would like this bra a lot!
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on June 16, 2012
I had shoulder surgery and was looking for a front fastening bra. This one exceeded my expectations. The straps are wide and gel-padded, and NEVER slip down. It is easy to get on and off if you can't reach around to your back to do up a bra in the normal way. No underwires, so it's really comfortable. Plenty of support for full-figured ladies.
I've found it's also very suitable as a sports bra, due to its exceptional support.
The only downside is that it is visible from the front for lower cut tops (and I'm not talking plunging necklines here, just ordinary tops) as it's a higher cut than I was used to. I think the black looks the best.
Wash before wearing, as I found out it's a bit stiff and chafing at first, but this disappeared after one wash and some fabric softener.

I'd recommend this to anyone having problems doing up a conventional bra.
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on February 8, 2015
UGGH! Remember the bras from the '50's that were stiff and clunky and made your breasts super pointy? Well, that is THIS bra! As soon as I pulled out out of the bag, I was worried. It was just too "constructed". I thought maybe I was overreacting so I wore it for an hour. That's all I could take! I felt like I was being choked alive around my chest! I could not wait to get this thing off! I wanted to take it out to where the rest of the feminists were burning their bras as a protest!
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on December 27, 2013
I ordered this along with a another front-closure bra. This one fit but the bottom closure constantly rubbed my skin creating a sore spot that was painful for days even though I only work this for one day. The other bra (Just My Size) was about the same price and I am still wearing it and planning to order more!
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on April 20, 2012
Note: some comments, and the three stars, apply only to the 40DD Playtex bra and are for aggravatingly big-busted women like me who are always hunting for a bra that works. It might well deserve 5 stars for fit and comfort on other bosoms, knocked down to four for careless assembly and not enough hooks.

On the good side, this bra has actual receptacles, one for each breast -- unlike most of the current "support" or "no-bounce" bras. And, also unlike the current crop of bras for the busty, this one fits my 39" chest like 40DD bras used to fit -- snug at first, comfortably for a good long time -- if the flimsy strap-joining ring doesn't break.

But honestly! Some bank's website designer must have gotten his hands on the design -- clutter all over the place and various points of disfunction. Why all the lace? It itches, it scratches, it makes tracks on your blouses... (sing along with me...) Why the weird strap design*? Why all the different materials for what seems to be the same function -- mesh breathability and two-way stretch?

*Front straps: the wide crossed back straps or panels are a definite plus, hold the bra in place but with freedom for about anything.

The bra has a line of loopy lace along the front closure -- where they neatly catch the open end of the hook before the metal loop does.

And the lowest hook on the front closing is a good half-inch above the bottom of the band -- so the band rolls up incurably, having no anchor at the bottom. I can sew another hook in, but so could Playtex have.

The straps have scratchy lace along the sides and lines of little tufts under the arms and on the back straps, apparently just put there to be irritating. None of this would be seen inches away.

And the straps. The 6 1/2 inch front strap joins the back elastic strap right on top of my shoulders, with a thin, thin plastic ring that digs right in. (I've imagined many entertaining scenarios involving busty tennis, golf, or pickleball players taking a good swing in this bra -- those little rings are bound to get brittle after a few washings...)

There's 5" of padding on the straps -- but unfortunately 4 1/2 of the 5 inches are over my chest, and I do mean over -- the contents of the cups lift the straps away from the chest so they mostly don't even touch it. Even if my prow (so to speak -- the business end of the breast) were level with my armpits the straps would join with the dig-in ring right on top of my shoulders and the padding nowhere. I measured.

Some of these glitches could be fixed with scissors and thread -- sew in a hook fastening at the lower edge, trim the placket lace, and maybe the itch from the rest would be less if the lace were trimmed, sew a quilted tube over the strap join, but is it worth the time? (Probably, given that the price is half to a quarter of the price of many less functional bras. Not attractive to a person who hates to sew though.)

The assembly (Honduras)seems pretty careless but how much do you want for 16 bucks? I trimmed several dangling threads, one 4 inches long, hanging from the lower edge, and ominously lengthening as if part of a chain stitch, under a gentle pull to get the shears to bite; the notches to match the inside cup seams aren't trimmed (they are right over the tenderest bits and wadded up and made an itch) and don't match all that well either -- one seam is misaligned along its length by a good 3/8", rather a lot in a short seam.

Would I buy this bra again? Maybe, maybe not. But it might be a great choice for a good many people, especially if adding a last hook on the bottom edge would fix the roll-up band problem. You can't beat the price, and the materials (except for the strap ring) look like they'd last at least as long as those in similar Exquisite Form bras -- maybe longer, with those sturdy wide back straps instead of mesh panels.
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on July 4, 2015
I've been wearing this style of bra now for 15 years. You can't beat the value when purchased on sale. Noway the competition stands a chance. For us large endowed woman, you can trust this bra to give you exactly the comfort and support you're looking for.
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