Customer Reviews: Please Teacher: Hot for Teacher - Volume 1
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4.0 out of 5 stars
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on October 11, 2003
Please Teacher is, without a doubt, one of the best anime series I have ever seen. At first I thought that this was going to be reminiscent of Love Hina or maybe even Tenchi Muyo, but it was not. The anime has its own flavor, a nice set of supporting cast and a good developing story line.
In standard anime theme, a voluptuous twenty-one year old alien falls from the sky and a geeky fifteen year old boy (who was in a coma for three years so he is actually eighteen) sees her. The alien is actually on a mission to spy on the earth and watch the primitive planet develop. Said alien goes to the local school and becomes a teacher. There she finds Kei, the geeky guy, and confronts him to make sure that he won't tell she is an alien. They accidentally get locked in the room together and the principal finds them together. To prevent the alien (Mizuho) from getting fired and starting a scandal, they say that they are married. The series then develops around the two trying to start a relationship at home while keeping everything secret from the class and faculty.
This anime has a more mature theme then other animes. If you are looking for martial arts, alien invasions, and cosmic battles, you'll have to go elsewhere. The artwork and music is excellent. I would highly recommend this anime.
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on July 2, 2003
You'll hear Mizuho Kazami, the main character - the alien teacher, say that a lot. First off, this DVD has nothing but art in it. The lovely backgrounds, the animated characters and everything seems perfect. The characters seem like real people, at least they're not too flat, and the stories are about relationships with a lot of humor and fan service tossed in. The voices were well selected and even the sci-fi elements seem both interesting and cool. Even the trailer and the promo clip which are on the DVD extras, along with a design gallery, are nice.
Well drawn, well written and well done. I plan to get them all!
Oh, no sex. Sorry guys/gals.
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on November 24, 2003
Please Teacher was a series that I'd seen selling at Japanese online stores, like Amazon Japan. Based on it's popularity there, I decided it would be worth the investment ($100 for all four DVDs), and immediately bought the first DVD when it became available. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised. I found the story to be emotionally charged but with enough fun to keep things in control.
Though it can be viewed as a bit predictable and cliche, Please Teacher's story deals with a simple question. Why must there be both happiness and sadness? Kei, the male lead, faces the dilema head on and finds the answer with the help Mizuho, the female lead, and his friends. They learn that life is NOT all laughs; a person must deal with the highs and lows of life. That you can't be happy 100% of the time unless you come to a complete stand still. That you can't force someone else to be happy nor should you sacrifice your happiness in order to create happiness in someone else's life.
This series is not for someone who is looking for a whimsical story, but, if you're an emotional person who empathizes with movie characters, I recommend Please Teacher.
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on May 12, 2003
I can honestly say, being a fan of anime completely different from Please Teacher, that this is a great series. It's a terrific blend of romance and comedy (Sometimes, extremely funny) and enough seriousness to keep things in balance.
A couple things keep it away from 5 stars, however. It is a bit predictable, and some of the main characters are neglected or just plain uninteresting. In the last few episodes, be ready for a complete change in atmosphere, and even though this is done on purpose, it is pretty taxing on the viewer.
Also, the OVA (Which I'm guessing will be released in the future) is downright silly, but essential for fans of Please Teacher.
The content is cleaner than you might expect. There is naturally some talk about sex and risque dialogue, but nothing really beyond that. 13 and up is a good range for viewers.
Check this one out. No matter what type of anime you're in, you may be pleasantly suprised.
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on May 6, 2003
Please Teacher is about a story of a boy who gets "involved" with his teacher and their daily lives together. Of course there are more details in the story but i don't wanna spoil it for you. this anime is kinda reminiscent of Oh my goddess (by the same director), and the animation is one of the best that i've seen in a while. I love this anime because the story is great and there are some warm fuzzy parts that makes you feel good. (yes i admit it).
At first glance this dvd make look like a "booty" anime, like another love hina wanabe. but give it a chance and it may surprise you that the themes to the episodes are more mature and deals with issues about jealousy and the consequences of a teacher student relationship.The story also has a deeper meaning that can only be felt watching the dvd. Don't get me wrong there are funny and perverted parts especially kei's uncle. but overall this is a dvd that definetly should be checked out!
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on July 21, 2005
A boy who looks 15 but really 18 his name is Kei. One night he see's a UFO landed on earth it is disguised as a human it appears to be half human half alien, it is also his new school teacher. The alien was really sent earth to observed it by some Federation. I hated when amazon said, the (the images of a teacher and student romance plays in Japan then U.S.) America lighten up.
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on May 31, 2004
I gave this movie a 5 because the story was good and it had comedy. This movie is for anime fans but some people that are not anime fans will still like it. The story is about a boy named Kei who has a disease that makes him fall in a near death state whenever he is depressed, he meets an alien named Mizuho an by some circumstances he marries her. I won't spoil the rest.
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on June 20, 2003
I have watched the story 4 times, and I am still moved to laughs and tears... I am an incurable romantic, and this is a MUST if you are one too. Despite I do not own this Box Set yet (But will soon, as soon as all Pioneer DVDs are out) I saw the whole series, and I must say that anyone who really loves a romantic story (comedy and drama) should buy this. Oh, we have comedy as well, but I would classify this as a pure romantic story, with real comedy ensuing only on the 13th episode, wich is commonly known as the OT OVA. I disagree with those reviews classifying the story as unbeliavable or cliche. True romantic comedies are common in Japan, but this one is really full of emotion and it aproaches the relationships among the characters in a way I have not seen yet. We see how a couple relationship can grow, and sometimes be troublefull. we see jealousy playing, we see selfishness masked as unselfishness, and we see how traumatic experiences can shape our lives, and how sometimes we become so afraid of life that we choose to run from it, masking our fears as worries for friends or relatives... Well, I do not wish to spoil things, so really go into the DVDs and check for yourself, I am sure you will at least have a very rewarding experience, for the animation is MAGNIFICENT, and the music is fabulous (I have the DVD Music Collection and now I am cruising for the CDs...and as this Box comes with the OST CD, I am really moved to buy it, for the songs on the Music Collection are awesome, I got struck the first time I run the DVD Mus. Col.),the songs and music blend completely in accordance with the anime mood, in total tandem with the scenes and the story.
And a word for those who critized the 13th episode... I will admit that the final episode (12) had a real beautifull end, but as I finished watching it, I was already starving for more, and then I saw the 13th, and despite it is really different in overall mood from the rest of the series (it is really a comedy show, with lots of gags and SD animation) it is welcome as a lighten up, for I was really moved to tears on the last 4 episodes, and got recovered after watching the 13th... and the "Love Scene" we have there is really beautifull and is a true reward for us who watched the whole series. Sorry but I see nothing wrong there... Is a real beautifull and well done scene, completely in accordance with the series, and should have been inserted on the 12 episode... Those who watched the series know the story enough and well to be aware that there is no real awkward situation here, for the couple do not actually have that much age difference, and they do love each other deeply, and we really dwell on a love story wich has a real touching drama on it, and you will become aware of this by the end of the series... There is much more hentai and ecchi scenes and situations on the Love Hina series, wich is much more comedy than Onegai Teacher (Please Teacher)
The only complain I have is that the series is over after the 13th episode... But I wish they do go forward with a real OVA (not the Onegai Teacher 2 series, for it is not about our characters here, despite it is possible they do appear) and I also think they should have gone deeper with some characters... Specially Morino Ichigo... I liked her a lot...
This told, really if you intend to buy the series, you must be a romantic comedy lover already, so go ahead, for you will be really pleased, and this will surelly become a treasure on your DVD collection, therefore this Special Edition may be the right choice... I know that despite I have all Asian DVDs of the series, I intend to acquire this one, because I know Pioneer quality, and it will be a Treasure Item on my (or anyones's) Anime Collection.
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on April 28, 2014
Unwatchable. Perhaps something was lost in the translation, but it was absolutely meaningless. Yes; I've watched Anime before. Sure; there are sometimes nuances lost to the translation. This movie? The words might have well been selected at random for all the sense they made.

The animation? Crude.
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on June 22, 2003
Please Teacher is a pretty good anime, but it falls short from being anything more. If you're not expecting a masterpiece, it can be quite entertaining really. There's a good amount of humor and some fun characters to follow. The story is rather weak, but it's good enough.
The relationship between Mizuho and Kei just never seems to click. It never seems to stop being awkward, and that's really ashame. I just can't agree with some of the "choices" made in the series, and I know anyone in that position would not choose the path in this series. It feels stretched with no explanation of why. Mizuho makes even less sense in this fashion. I'm being quite vague, but I don't want to spoil things.
Frankly I think they just tried way too hard. Just when you think things might finally get on track, they're jerked back again and without warning, things take a sharp left turn. It barrows far too much from series like Ah! My Goddess and does a rather poor job at it.
This isn't a series I'd recommend, as hard as that is for me to say about any anime. If you've watched all the other recent animes and you need something new, go for it. Otherwise, use caution. It's not horrible, in fact I had a rather good time watching it. But there's just better animes out there to choose from.
- Rirath_com
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