Customer Reviews: Pleasure: The Shadowdwellers
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on September 6, 2009
I loved this book. Being the third in this particular series it brings a possible dramitic close to the story.
The book was written in two parts. The first part was a short story of the priest Sagan and the second being Malaya and Guin's story. Sagan's story is a very good story filled with love at first sight and quiet passion, I wish that there had been a whole book to focus just on him and his love Valera. But since it is not, it is just a precursor to the long awaited story of a Queen and her mate. From the beginning I fell completely in love with the character of Guin. He is strong, arguementative and completely loyal, every girls dream. I found it very refreshing that it was not him that was completely blind to the feeling of love. Instead, it was the stubborn and strong willed heroine who had no idea what she had until it was gone.
The story plays out beautifully and I could not put it down. The only problem I see with this book is that the last few pages seem very rushed and thrown together. I didn't mind it enough to hinder my reading experience but as always with a good book I am hoping that it never ends. I would definately recommend this book and all of Jacquelyn Frank's to any and all who love a good paranormal romance. I can't wait to see what she has in store for us next!
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on October 12, 2009
I was expecting a STORY of a character. Instead we get a glimpse of "what those stories WILL be". As a seriously adoring fan, I was SOOOOO disappointed with this book. It almost felt like marketing material for upcoming editions to the "Dweller" stories.
I wish I had paid more attention. I was so engrossed into Sagans story that when it switched to Malaya I wanted to scream!
Of course I had expected the next story to be either Sagan or even a story of no particular character but maybe a combination of all so far to erase the threat looming over santuary and the royal house. This book is a way of introducing a multitude of spin off books for the rest of the series but it just ticked me off that I felt teased with one story and then the next. No ending to either in reality....(or our book reality)
I was left wanting. I'm sorry Jackquelyn....this was a bust for me.
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VINE VOICEon October 6, 2009
The stories were rushed and underdeveloped. I did not like the two separate stories in one book. I kept waiting for the big tie in or cross-over that never came. Each storyline was cheated. I had been really looking forward to Malaya and Guin's story but I felt cheated. Sagan and Valera's story had great potential but again it was underdeveloped. I'm still a fan of the series and hope she continues but it was lacking. It wasn't just wasn't good.
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on September 16, 2012
After reading RAPTURE, the previous book to this, I was like the tasmanian devil trying to download this quick enough so I could continue reading. RAPTURE might be the best of Frank. I have read much of her Nightwalkers series--jacob, gideon, noah, etc and her 3 worlds series.

The incredible thought that went into RAPTURE was good groundwork for the larger story of Malaya in this book. However, if you were looking with great interest to follow the warrior priest Sagan's story as I was, you will be left early on feeling "rushed" as another reviewer noted. I thought Sagan was to be every bit as lushly layered as Magnus' and Dae's story. As I flipped the electronic pages of the kindle cloud, I couldn't believe the lack of development of both of them and it was with no little disbelief that I kept looking at the last page of Sagan (less than a third of the way in)and the first page of Malaya and wondering what cliff I had fallen off of. Pleasantly, I have to say--Malaya's doesn't disappoint in character development, action, suspense and romance.

Sagan's story came across a very rushed, underdeveloped story that would have fit in one of those Xmas complilations that are so popular now with multiple authors novellas that seems designed to keep a series going when the author is really working on something else. Altho there is a micro-tie in of Sagan's story into Malaya, it seems that both works were a rush job and the author had lost interest in this series. Especially toward the end of Malaya. I got the feeling that Valera, Sagan's love interest was just inserted conveniently on one page in order to make an attempt at linking the two stories. I guessed that maybe the author just couldn't integrate the Sagan storyline into Malaya which I think she could have done but may have been rushed for time.

For you readers thinking about buying this book--do so. Its wonderful anyway. Just read Sagan's story as a kind of warm up band rather than a chapter in the series. Its not connected much at all but it has its perks and is pretty unexpected. You will fall in love with Malaya and Guin even if you haven't read about them in RAPTURE. Frank's command of erotic, passionate but soul-searing intensity is so beautifully written. While she didn't continue so much with the intellectual (and VERY prescient) dialoguing and monologuing of RAPTURE, I still found it very engrossing. When Frank is "on", she is Really ON and can make some very thoughtful observations about sexual relations, relationships, and politics. Yes, politics. She's a keen observer and it makes really good worldbuilding.
Get this book and read RAPTURE--before or after. Especially if you have an interest in the study and psychology of eroticism and its role in a relationship. Malaya's story takes place contemporaneously or just after rapture and has the same slamming intensity in the love scenes as rapture, but less philosophizing and internal dialogue.
Its been three years since she wrote this book, but I see nothing in her production pipeline that suggests she will continue w/ this line having finished the demon storyline and starting a new one. Which is a great pity. There is so much that could be explored among the shadowdwellers(Brenden, Killian, Tristan, Talon etc). She built such an incredible world with plausible technological workarounds.

Dear Reader: Read this book.

Note to Author:
Ms Frank, abandon the new storyline and the 3 worlds. This one was brilliant and you need to atone for dumping Sagan into a 1-dimensional story. THAT has potential. I really want to see how Dae interacts with Brendan after the horror that occurred in rapture. We want a HEA for him in a big way. Maybe Zenia? Just sayin.
That said, I'm back to my salmon like ways and off to read the first one in the series.
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on December 5, 2012
Her Nighwalkers series is her best. This being one of the last ones it is likeable and fun. Her characters are well developed and her Shadow world is being nicely shaped.

It is a shame she has now decided to revive her older work and tag it to the Nightwalkers, i.e., The Gatherers, and not the Body ... don't really belong to the same group, not at all; they are alltogether from another series entirely. It would be saying that everyone who has a night job belong to the same organization, not. The very idea is not even logical. The Shadowdwellers are at least one of the night races who all face some of the same problems, and can be easily grouped as one group.

Nothing wrong in re-publishing unknown work, but it is a marketing scam when tagging it to an already thriving series, i.e. The Nightwalkers.

I love the idea of the Shadowdwellers, and had wished for more, maybe the Tristan story, that would had been good. Magnus.
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on July 21, 2011
Jacquelyn Frank is easily one of my favorite authors of paranormal romance. At this point I've read everything she's had published to date and I've truly enjoyed all of her offerings so far.

For the most part, Pleasure was no exception. Each book in the Shadowdweller series, in addition to being a romance novel in every sense, clued the reader in to a certain aspect of Shadowdweller society; Ecstasy introduced us to their culture and their world, Rapture shared their religion and their spiritual beliefs, and now Pleasure worked to shed some light on the politics that governed this admittedly unstable world. Ms. Frank's writing is lyrical without being boring, poetic without being trite, and I found the conversations between the characters to easily be my favorite part of the whole story.

That doesn't mean that Pleasure is a perfect book, however. In both stories, there's a definite undercurrent of feeling insecure and inferior, of being unworthy, and of ignoring one's accomplishments in the face of imagined character flaws, and that meant that the train to Angstytown left on a fairly regular basis. Ultimately, those elements were used to make important things happen in the story, which is a definite good thing, because personally I can only read so much of that before I start to lose interest.

There also was, and you don't catch me saying this too often, perhaps a little too much bedroom action in this particular book. I don't have qualms about the quantity or frequency of sex scenes in books like some reviewers out there, but in this particular case I felt like sex scenes were what was going on while we were waiting for actual events that were important to the story line to get around to happening. This was more prevalent in Sagan's story than in Guin and Malaya's, but still.

In spite of all that, I read Pleasure in one sitting and wasn't sorry I'd spent the money to buy the book. I'd recommend this series to anyone who was looking to explore paranormal romance but wasn't sure where to start, and also to anyone who enjoys PNR but is kind of tired of the vampire/werewolf experience that's so popular right now.

As a side note, it bears mentioning that although there are two stories in this volume, this isn't a story anthology; rather, Pleasure reads more like a play, with Act I featuring Sagan and Act II featuring Guin and Malaya. The stories happen concurrently, but are not separate from each other.

If you're interested in reading Pleasure, I highly recommend starting with the beginning of the series, which starts in Ecstasy. I really don't think the series will make much sense or be much fun if you start with the third installment. The end of Pleasure made it seem like future installments were a possibility; I'd definitely read them if they did happen.
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on October 9, 2009
I've read all of the Nightwalker series and this book is the one I didn't like. It was too rushed and was underdeveloped. I was hoping to better understand Sagan and the relationship to Guin and Maya but I felt that it wasn't enough. The romance was not believable and there could have been more to the political intrigue.
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on December 4, 2014
This was the story of Malaya and Guin. I loved this series. It was nerve racking until they finally got Arcadian.

Thanks for sharing your talent and giving us an exciting and fun series.

Cookie Oates
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on December 3, 2015
Once again, Jacquelyn Frank has delivered with yet another spellbinding book that is chock-full of detail, suspense, and satisfying love scenes. If you're looking for a great series that will make you re-think everything you thought you knew about the different species of life on planet Earth, then you definitely need to buy the Shadowdweller series!
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on February 6, 2014
I fell in love with the Nightwalker series about 8 years ago and have kept up with every book since then. Jacquelyn Frank knows how to weave a web that has included all the history of each race of Nightwalkers.
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