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on April 26, 2015
I paid for the app and everything worked as is was supposed to (for the most part). Now they are watermarking photos and letting you stream 1 minute of video unless you pay another $4.99. What's next? How many times should you have to pay? My paid app is now useless.

5/10/15 Update: Plex no longer asks for an additional $4.99 to stream media. It appears to be working like it used to again.
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on June 25, 2012
Updated (7/3/2014)

First let me say that I've tried numerous apps to stream music and video. There was always an issue that made the apps less than stellar. Plex gives me 99% of what I want!

- Stream movies and videos to iPhone, Android tablets (HP Touchpad running CyanogenMod 9, Kindle Fire HD, HP Slate) and HTC One phone (devices that I have)
- Integrates with iTunes so that my 120GB music database can be played anywhere
(I have moved to Subsonic for music streaming. It does a much better job with music. Perhaps one day Plex will be there as well.)
- iTunes playlists on home PC are seen with Plex client so I can easily stream music while driving (no more Pandora, Spotify, etc.)
(Yeah, still works, but it's not reliable.)
- Plex client login allows you to see all of your libraries automatically, no matter what device you are using
- Plex app for Roku so that I can stream home videos, movies, music to TVs. You can take this little box with you on vacation, hook it to a TV, connect via integrated WiFi and have access to all of your multimedia just as if you were home as well as NetFlix and other apps.
(Just make sure that you are converting your files to something Roku likes. I tried the Amazon Fire TV and the video files that stream flawlessly under Roku were choppy with Amazon Fire TV and Plex.)
- Integrated database populates the metadata for music and movies instantly. No need to use a metadata manager.
- TV Show series look great and contain all of the info about each episode.
- The quality of the videos can be adjusted automatically or manually based on your connection speed so you can stream over 3G or slow WiFi connections.
- DLNA support in latest beta.
(This works but I see it as a last resort when you have a device (TV) that has apps but not Plex.)
- You can share your libraries with other Plex friends.
(I am using this more and more. You can have control over what your friends and kids can view. There is also a Plex Notify app that will send you a text whenever someone starts watching a video.)

- Kindle Fire performance is poor. You can make some changes to the Plex settings to improve quality. I got my son's to work pretty well. Search the Plex forum for "kindle fire" to get info on this.
(This is not an issue anymore, at least on the Fire HD and HDX.)
- No social network integration.
- You really need to be on a 192.168.x.x network for stuff to work correctly. This was an issue for me but I bit the bullet and moved everything over.
(I don't think this is an issue anymore.)
- Unsupported devices (like my HP Touchpad) may sometimes have playback issues but clearing the cache usually gets around it. Hey, it works so I am not really complaining.
- DLNA implementation is just OK. DLNA is a PITA anyway in my opinion.

This is all just off the top of my head. I'm sure most of the 1-star reviews are for the Kindle Fire performance. The Plex Windows Server is free. All you pay for are the client apps. You can have multiple Windows servers (I have 3 serving up different media types). Also, just got back from the Outer Banks in NC. Other than some dropouts along the coast (where cell service is questionable), there were no lost connections as I streamed music via Plex to my iPhone in the van with Bluetooth and that's a 6-hour drive. No more downloading music or managing playlists on multiple devices. Do it once on your PC and it is accessible with every Plex client. Can't beat it.

(I've now used Plex for over 2 years and it is awesome for movies and videos. Just not so much for music. No other app comes close.)

Hope this review helps. :-)
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on October 12, 2014
I absolutely love this app! I've been using a constantly since I got it it works great with chromecast and my phone, Samsung Galaxy s4, and nexus tablet. I also love how easy it is to update content and it has a very beautiful UI.
review image
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on November 3, 2015
Let's say you have a huge BlueRay/DVD connection with all your favorite tv shows and movies. You might cling to it forever, but displaying a wall of media which you have to organize and physically load up each time is getting outdated. Let alone, having to bring them (and a whole entertainment system) with you when you travel is straight-up antiquated now. Plex is the answer.

The first thing you need to do is get all your media digitized and on a giant hard drive (or 4). Then you get Plex installed on your computer (it's a server now). Once Plex finds and organizes all your media, the real fun begins.

Install Plex on you phone, on your Amazon Fire TV, your smart TV, or just get a Chromecast. Now you've got all that media at your beck and call! Start watching something downstairs, then finish it in bed. No need to fumble with a disc and remember where you left off, it will automatically resume where you left off!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. I won't get into all the cool stuff you can do with Plex Pass or channels or automatically backing up all the pictures from your phone, but suffice to say, there's tons of features and more are always being added.
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on February 3, 2015
I bought this app for use with the Amazon Fire TV Stick. The app has potential, but it's just not there. The UI doesn't stretch to fit the screen quite right. It's too big, so portions of the UI along the outer edges (the buttons you use to navigate) are partially cut off at the edge of the screen. Also, this app seems to have a buffering problem with the Fire TV Stick which prevents it from really playing my MKV movies (about 10GB per 90 minutes). Anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes into a movie, buffering starts like crazy, making it impossible to enjoy the show. I've looked and looked for a solution to this, including fiddling with the quality and encoding options in the settings, but in the end, I gave up. Since that's sort of the whole point of PLEX, this app is basically useless to me. :(
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on January 4, 2016
 I use the Plex media server at home regularly. I mainly use it to stream videos stored on my computer to the Roku 2 in my bedroom. I know there are many features I'm not taking advantage of but this is what I needed it to do so this is why I use Plex.

This app is the first time I have tried to use Plex outside of my home.

I looked into getting the Plex Pass but it is expensive. Really, $5 to unlock this app vs. $5 a month for Plex Pass is a no brainer. I definitely found using the web page through Chrome on my Amazon Fire 7" to be laggy (at best!). That just doesn't work. But I have found that with a good internet signal that I don't have much lag (if any) with my Fire tablet using this Plex app. Mind you, I did have my Fire tinkered with which may be why it runs so smoothly.

I like this app but I can't speak to all aspects of its abilities because I do not use all of its features. I have attached a video recording of a show I was watching on my Fire. This video was streamed from my computer at home to my sister's house. We had no trouble streaming that or any other show that day, no freezing, delayed video or audio, or buffering.
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on February 26, 2015
Plex is hands down the best media streamer you can get. Will play everything you throw at it. The interfaces across platforms will probably upset, you especially if you are an Amazon Fire TV owner. The outdated interface compared to the Roku will make you feel sad. I hope they update this soon.
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on November 16, 2015
What can be said that hasn't already been covered? To make it simple, this little program takes all the work out of streaming and organizing media. Just install it on your back-end server, download the app on your devices, or even use a web page to connect. Regardless how you connect, once you get it set up, it just works and works well. I have multiple movies and TV shows in various different formats on my server that I play across many different devices local and away from home. Plex does not care. If my device isn't compatible with the format, Plex just transcodes on the fly and it plays with no issues. It's like having a little tech guy living in my server keeping everything running smoothly. Can't give it a high enough recommendation.
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on May 6, 2014
was going to get this to replace my PlayOn subscription ($20/year or so). They provide essentially the same services, but plex has a better ui on a computer, and will automatically fetch metadata. Unfortunately, the file formats that Plex supports for streaming through dlna are very limited. I use it to stream video to my xbox 360, and half the time it won't recognize the format or codec and won't play (and I'm not about to re-encode my media library). PlayOn will stream everything I've thrown at it to my xbox 360, android phone, whatever - so I'm sticking with that.

Edit - what a difference a year makes. Plex is now a premier product that transcodes pretty much anything. I use it all the time now, especially on android. Changing rating from 3 to 5 stars.
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on December 17, 2015
fantastic app. ditched the cable subscription and now have multi room dvr using roku, chromecast, tablets, xbox, and cell phones. all from the media server on my computer. can evben remote access from phones and tablets.
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