Customer Reviews: Plugable USB 3.0 Dual-Head Graphics and Gigabit Ethernet Adapter (HDMI up to 2560x1440 and DVI / VGA 1920x1200. Supports Windows 10, 8.1, 7, XP)
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on May 4, 2015
I hate to leave the one-star review since I really wanted to like this product. From a functionality standpoint, it was fine. There was a little bit of fooling around to to get the right drivers, but no more than I expected especially since the USB driver was stale for my USB 3.0 port. My issue was that the units were not mechanically sound. Pretty much any movement of the cables would cause the video to disconnect and the computer would go through the whole plug-and-play discovery sequence again. Note that I mentioned "the units". I gave the product a second chance and, in spite of having one in my hands that had a continuity issue, I gave it a second chance. I ended up returning both of them.
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Did you ever need another monitor on your computer? I use three on one of mine for reviewing and research work. It used to be that you had to buy an expensive VGA card and hope that your power supply had enough power to use it properly. If your power supply was too small or had the wrong power wiring for a new GPU then you had to buy and install a new one of those also. Then you had to install drivers, software and configure things like AMD Eyefinity Multi-Display. Now you can plug in an adapter that is powered by the USB port.

I use three monitors every day on my desk for the work that I do on the internet. I have done it so long now that I would feel handicapped without all three of them. It allows me to get work done faster and not be constantly scrolling through pages. I can look at reference material on one screen while I am typing on another or doing video work and see my emails and other data on the third.

On my GPU card on my tower computer I could attach three monitors but one had to connect to a Mini Display Port and it was constantly coming unplugged and going out. I installed the Pluggable USB 3.0 adapter and I now use it for the third monitor and I have not had any problems since. I used a USB 3.0 port for the interface.

While I used mine for a tower computer you can use this device on your laptop to use three monitors counting the monitor on the laptop. Just make sure that you use the latest driver updates and I have always found Pluggable to be helpful in pointing me to the right locations for software, drivers and technical support.

What's in the box?
* The docking station with an 8 inch USB cable on it.
* An instruction manual
* A DVI to VGA adapter
* A software installation and driver disk

On the adapter there is a HDMI port and a DVI port. There is also an Ethernet port rated at 10/100/1,000 Mbps for your use. All of my displays are set to 1920 x 1080 resolution and they are all 23 inch monitors. I am happy with the performance. My only slight complaint is that I wish the unit had a bit of a longer USB cable on it as it has to hang off the back of my tower computer. It would be great for a desktop or a laptop computer as it is now.

You can use a USB 3.0 or a UB 2.0 port for this device but 3.0 is better. I am using a USB3.0 port on my computer and it is running perfectly. The adapter will operate on a USB 2.0 port but with the slower speeds you may have some issues with some applications like high intensity graphics or videos. On USB 3.0 I had no issues at all. This device also works on high resolution screens up to 2560 by 1600 pixels. It is compatible with Windows operating systems at this time. It does not support MAC or Linux Operating Systems. I like this device a lot and I rated it at 5 stars.

I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation and I promised to provide a fair and honest review.
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on September 3, 2014
My first-week experience so far is excellent. I have this plugged-in to a MS Surface Pro 3 docking station running expanded desktop across my tablet monitor and one additional monitor through this device. I am using one of the USB3 ports. My intention is to run two monitors in addition to the Surface 3 display, with extended desktop across all three. The second external monitor will go directly from the docking station's mini-DisplayPort to the monitor's DVI port. I have also tried running two external monitors directly from the Surface 3 without the docking station (one through this device and one from the mini-DisplayPort on the tablet. Works well. I have not yet tried the network port in this configuration.
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on March 31, 2016
Thought I had found USB display nirvana, but alas it was not to be. No issues whatsoever getting the drivers installed and getting it up and running. Everything was fine for a while and then it started doing random black-screening which would come back to life after a few seconds. Thinking it might be related to the fact that the adapter was on a hub, I then stuck it directly in a USB 3.0 port on the side of the laptop. Well, thought I had licked the problem because the black-outs were no longer occurring, but then it start just freezing and disconnecting, leaving the last image stuck on the external monitor, but Windows shows it as disconnected. The USB 3.0 port is actually shutting down, and can only be rectified by a full system reboot. Can't deal with the frequency with which this happens, so I'm returning.

EDIT 4/4/2016: I've bumped this review up to a 4-star, on the strength of Plugable's customer support. It's pretty clear that my experience above was down to bad luck and a rare defective unit. Plugable quickly got in touch with me and offered to send a known-good unit to replace the defective one. Being impatient and needing a solution rather urgently I had already gone another route and declined the offer, but the value of having a company which is quick to respond and doesn't quibble when it comes to making things right cannot be overstated.
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on March 17, 2014
This is an updated review, my prior review can be found below for context, or in case anyone is searching around that is encountering this same issue.

First: This product is fantastic and Plugable's support/PR is extremely proactive. I highly respect the company and their attentiveness and my daily work is very much improved by this graphics adapter.

To the issue I encountered, and the solution.

After one full day working with the Plugable display adapter I found that I was being hindered by only having my taskbar available on my primary display. I then began searching for a solution and found that Windows 8 supports taskbars on multiple displays. When I went to enable the option, I found that the option was completely missing from the properties window (as if I only had a single display).

My laptop has an extremely high resolution, nearly 4k (Yoga 2 Pro), which ended up being the source of the problem I encountered. My connected displays are of much lower resolution.

Ultimately the problem was that Windows had scaling enabled to make my small, high resolution display not display text and icons at a very tiny size. This scaling applies to all connected displays, making my second and third monitors act as if they were much lower resolution than they are.

In turn, Windows decided that since they were displaying as if they were lower resolution that they should not have taskbars and hid the option in the taskbar properties. By lowering the scaling factor, logging out, and logging back in the taskbars suddenly appeared and all is well (other than my primary display being absolutely tiny).

-- Below in my prior review which is no longer applicable as I found the issue was with Windows 8 itself and nothing to do with Plugable's product nor the DisplayLink chipset they utilize --

At first this product seemed great. However I realized after the first day of work that it was impractical to only have one taskbar on the primary monitor when each monitor should have its own taskbar.

I then researched and found Windows 8 natively supports this, however the way the DisplayLink chipset functions, it appears that Windows 8 does not identify the attached monitors as being separate monitors for the purpose of multple taskbar support.

After visiting DisplayLink's website I found a tool under the downloads section called "Actual Multiple Monitors" that seems to provide this functionality. I installed the tool and it seemed to do the job, however I quickly found it is a 30-day trial and it must be purchased for $25.

All in all, the device functions, however I am sorely disappointed at the hidden extra cost.

As an additional note, the device does not function as well as connecting a monitor to your computer natively. Rendering times can be slow and jumpy on websites. However I'm willing to overlook this issue and would have rated 5 stars had the multiple taskbars functioned without extra cost.
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on September 22, 2015
Works great, using it for just one extra monitor right now but haven't had any issues so far.

After using this for a few months and trying to switch to a Surface Pro 3... I have found that it runs great with one monitor but continues to drop while running two monitors on my desktop and surface... I had to return to my desktop because it will not support two monitors running from my Surface. Plugged it back into my desktop and had the same issue of it dropping the two monitors... moved one of the monitors back to my desktops video card and now its running one monitor fine (for now)...

Contacted plugable about it not working for dual monitors, they sent me a pre-tested unit, and so far the last couple days I've not had it drop the monitors like it was before! Lets hope it keeps rolling this way!

Had a couple more issues last week with one monitor dropping (after working great for a couple months), contacted customer service again and they already have a new unit in the mail to me... If nothing else this company has great tech support and customer service!
Hopefully this next adapter works!
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on December 15, 2015
It's not perfect but considering the alternatives is a very good product. Great value for it's price. It's plug and play most of the times when you are dealing with USB 3.0 enabled computers. Wouldn't buy if you have an old setup with 2.0 USB ports.

Sometimes you may run into a problem even with 3.0 USB ports. I solved that every time updating the usb controller driver. It messes your desktop icons here and there when you connect/disconnect from it every day like me (I use it at the office with my laptop so I connect/disconnect every business day). But if you can stand that it's a lot cheaper than the other alternatives on the market.
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on April 14, 2016
This is a great product and what has made this an EXCEPTIONAL product is the customer service. I had my unit for about a month, was connecting two additional monitors to my laptop, then only one of the two monitors were working, verified the two connected monitors were still in operational order and contacted Plugable customer service. I received two emails from Plugable the same day I contacted them. Then a service tech contacted me, gave his possible solution to the issue and said if this does not work then we will send you a pre-tested unit. I followed his instructions and I am back up and running.
Contacting them was very easy thru Amazon, no need to leave a negative post to get their attention. Definitely recommend this product and mostly the company.
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on March 12, 2014
I bought this to plug in a second screen to my laptop, which only has 1 monitor output. It works, but I have 3 complaints:
1. Ever since I started plugging in this thing using two screens my screen has started flashing unexpectedly, drawing lines etc.
2. When the screen goes to sleep, on wake-up both external monitors go berserk flashing until I unplug the VGA screen.
3. The cursor movements etc in the screen connected via this device are way too choppy. To the extent that it disrupts my work.

Btw screens used: Acer H233H, Dell S2440L screens extended, both set at 1920 X 1080 (recommended) plus (inactive) Dell laptop screen. VGA on the Dell, Plugable vua US to ACER. Running Windows 7.

Customer service has contacted me voluntarily after posting this review to try and fix the issue. Regardless of whether the device works on my configuration or not, that's pretty damn impressive.

I recently got a docking station with a dvi and hdmi port, which I thought I could use instead of this. So I got myself an hdmi cable and plugged one of my screens in directly in the docking station, but I was in for a surprise. The screen was recognized, but would not extend (I want to have the laptop screen to the side, plus the two external monitors, all extended, i.e. 3 screens side by side). I hadn't realized that the only way to support 3 screens on the laptop was through the plugable, which works. It's still choppy though.
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on July 25, 2016
Outstanding adapter for an excellent price! I needed an adapter for my Dell XPS laptop that would allow me to hook two monitors via USB 3.0 and this was one of the few adapters I could find that was both based on the displaylink chipset and was able to support two monitors at 1900 resolution. You have to hook one monitor up via the HDMI port and one via VGA but honestly this doesn't bother me because I have never been able to see a difference between an HDMI and VGA connection. To this day, I have no idea what HDMI is suppose to offer besides higher resolution and audio (which I never use). I personally find that VGA connections give you more color "warmth" anyway - but I digress.

I run Windows 10 and hooked the adapter to my powered USB 3.0 hub and one monitor via HDMI and one via VGA and immediately I was up and running. I didn't have to install any drivers, screw around with anything or jump through any hoops to make it work. The only thing I had to do was go into the display settings and define my main monitor and tell Windows to display a different screen on each monitor instead of mirroring the displays.

The display is crystal clear and I cannot tell I am running an adapter at all! I am running both monitors at 1900 resolution and everything looks great. I did notice that if I only run one monitor I can go up to 3000 res but have no desire to run such a high resolution as the text gets hard to read. I find that 1900 res is perfect for program windows and still allows you to read everything without having to strain your eyes. My XPS can go up to 3500 resultion and I never run it because I can't read the text.

Another bonus was the fact that the adapter has an Ethernet port and I was able to eliminate my dedicated Ethernet adapter thus saving another USB port. Overall this box is awesome and the display is clear and it's very easy to use. I always love displaylink chipsets because you know they will work perfectly and the display is always top quality. I don't have any flickering, loss of quality, or any other issues. I simply cannot tell I am running a video adapter. This is a solid adapter and you cannot go wrong with it!
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