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on November 10, 2010
Plugable 7-Port High Performance USB HUB:

Packaging: This unit comes in an EASY-TO-OPEN package. It is not one of those clam-shells that require scissors or a knife to open. Goes from the Amazon box to package open and ready to use in less than 30 seconds. This is a bonus in my book because I dislike having to open a clam-shell with a knife or scissors, it is frustrating.

Power Supply and USB cable: The power supply is a HEFTY 3A output. It will power all 7 ports at 428mA each or 6 at 500mA each. (500mA is the max any one USB device may draw.) This is important as I have blown out 5 USB hubs since January due to a lack of power to the hubs. On lesser hubs, if you hook up too many power-hungry devices it will actually destroy the controller inside and that renders the hub useless after that. If you have ever done that, you know how infuriating it can be.

Power cable is 54" long. USB cable included is 38" long and is standard male USB on one end that plugs into your computer and male USB mini on the end the plugs into the HUB. Power adapter block is 3"x 1-5/8" and requires two or three outlets as it sits longways instead of sideways like so many power adapters. Presumably to have that much power output it needs to have the larger adapter. You can get a "Power Strip Liberator" 5 POWER STRIP ADAPTERS LIBERATORS from Amazon to free up the outlets on your power strip.

USB HUB Unit: Unit is HIGH-GLOSS black, quite attractive. It has a clear, sliding cover that hides two USB ports. Under the clear, plastic cover is also a strip of lights. One red LED indicates power is on. Seven (7) blue LED's indicate which ports are in use. The lights are attractive to me, but you could put black tape over them if they bother you at all. There are three USB ports on the left side, as you face the unit, and two on the right side. Also on the right side is the power supply jack and the USB IN from computer jack.

Unit Weighs: 97.4g; Measures: 3" wide by 4.5" tall by 1" thick.

Device has 4 teeny, tiny, rubber feet on the bottom. They don't really do a lot to keep it from sliding around. However, I ALWAYS mount my USB hubs on the side of my desk using Scotch Heavy Duty Clear Mounting Tape. 3M Scotch 4010 Heavy Duty Clear Mounting Tape That takes care of any sliding around or items falling off the desk due to an unrestrained HUB. I highly recommend mounting all equipment, but mounting any USB HUB is a necessity, in my book.

Now for testing the power. I plugged in the following power-hungry devices in an attempt to blow this unit out.
Two (2) 2.5" USB External Hard Disk Drives, which get their power from the hub.
I also attached a Canon CanoScan scanner, which also gets its power from the hub.
In addition, I attached my iPhone charger/data cable and charged my phone.
I charged a portable media player at the same time as transferring data.
As well, I added some low power items to fill up all of the 7 ports.

No problems whatsoever. The same equipment plugged into lesser hubs caused the internal controller to fail and rendered those hubs a tiny brick suitable for throwing against a wall. This Plugable 7 Port High Speed USB 2.0 Hub with 3A Power Adapter handled everything I could throw at it. Everything that caused other hubs to fail was no problem for this Plugable 7-port unit.

This hub has everything it takes to power 7 devices. If you are looking for a HIGH-PERFORMANCE HUB that will power 7 of your power-hungry devices, look no further. If all you are looking for is a dependable hub with which to use a flash drive or two, this HUB will not let you down. If you have ever killed a USB hub before, you know how frustrating it can be. I can say without reservation that this unit will not be killed by too many power-hungry devices. Power-Users will really appreciate the extra power the 3A power adapter brings to this unit. The side ports are well-arranged and the two ports on the front with the sliding cover are a great place to plug in your flash drives while leaving the other 5 ports attached to your equipment.

I would highly recommend this USB HUB to anyone. Power-users will rejoice in the extra power. Average users will enjoy the design, functionality and good looks of this hub. Everyone will enjoy using it. I could not get it to even hiccup with all I plugged into it. I know this unit is more money than CHEAP, USELESS hubs. I know you can get a 7 port hub for $4.99. The old adage, "You get what you pay for." holds true for USB HUBS.

You know it is good when all I can say that is remotely negative is that the rubber feet on the bottom are not substantial. But the way they are placed, you can easily stick silicone feet on it if you are not going to mount it using the double-sticky tape I recommended. You may find rubber, stick-on feet here: 20pc Small Stick-on Clear Silicon Non-Skid Pads Self-Adhesive

If you are on the fence about this one and any other... find out what power capacity the other unit has. I would wager it won't stand up to this piece of equipment in functionality, looks, fit and finish, and power supplied to each port.

This product will be in the stockings of everyone I buy gifts for this year. I'm certain everyone who receives it will find it quite useful. As well, I don't have to worry about them blowing it up the day after Christmas with all those new devices they got as gifts.
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on October 25, 2010
The job of a hub is to connect your devices together transparently. Which leads to only two questions: Does it work, and does it look good on my desk?

As for looks, it's not bad. 5 plugs on the side (2 & 3), and two under the top cover. The middle strip contains LEDs which light up blue for each active port, and one red LED at the top. A "plugs in the back" model might be slightly prettier, but I've got one of those for another machine and they up being very wide. I like the smaller footprint of this one.

I plugged in the hub, plugged in the power supply (a more than ample 3A, which is excellent), and connected mouse, keyboard, webcam, phone headset and cable for a USB pedometer. I then promptly forgot about the hub. Soon I realize I was making a telephone call over USB while uploading the weekend's walk data, and everything was humming along nicely. No issues, no driver hassles. Just what I was from a hub. It's there, and besides now having 7 more USB ports, my computer is the same as before. That's what an excellent hub should do
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on June 14, 2011
Who would have thought that the micro usb plug would slightly detach from the hub so easily? It does and created a lot of havoc until I noticed it. Tape it in place or use a drop of hot melt glue. Other than that, it works great!

Update: March 10, 2012
Click on the comments to my review for the thoughts of others.

UPDATE: July 10, 2012
Pluggable listens to its customers. They offered me a new hub with various improvements and I've had it working here for the past 3 weeks. There have been no issues of any kind with it, as the micro usb plug is now firmly attached on the replacement unit - no glue needed!

Pluggable is a company that obviously cares about their products. Kudos to them! You're doing a great job.

UPDATE: June 1, 2014
It has now been almost 3 years with the replacement hub. I have not had one problem with it! It has proven to be a quality product.
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on January 28, 2011
After reading reviews for several different 7-port powered hubs, I purchased this hub and an IOGEAR GUH227 to do my own comparison.

The Hubs are both attached to HP 8440p Elitebook laptops running Windows 7 64-bit operating system. The hubs are connected to the following devices:

- Keyboard
- Mouse
- HP 1022n Laserjet Printer
- Fujitsu Scansnap personal scanner.

Normally I would not have bothered purchasing a powered USB Hub for these devices, however, Fujitsu is so cheap that even though the scanner has it's own power supply, it does not power its own USB connection. When connecting this device to a non-powered hub, it consistently disconnects itself between scans.

Pros for this device:
- All 7 ports are on the same backbone, so it only adds a single USB driver entry to device manager
- Connected devices are reported under the device manager properties for the USB HUB
- Once attached with some double sided tape, it doesn't move around

Cons for this device:
- Under the device manager properties for this device, it should be reporting the amount of electricity (Milliamps) being drawn per device. It does not. A minor issue, but helpful in troubleshooting if a single device is pulling more than 500mA maximum devoted to each port. This won't be an issue with USB 2.0 devices, however, 1.x USB devices did not have the 500mA maximum standard and can thus draw more power potentially overloading a single port on the hub.

The Iogear device does report the mA per device under the device manager properties for the USB hub, however, this device has locked the machine up once since it was put into use. The other downside with the IOgear product is that they split the backbone so in reality you end up with a daisy chained 4 port hub + 3 port hub. (I really don't like the feature, but it doesn't appear to affect performance for the devices it is attached to. I would not recommend connecting USB hard-drives through either hub if possible.

If the device reporting isn't an issue for you, then this is a great HUB. I can't believe that the manufacture would create a nice HUB like this and then screw up the firmware, but it happens.
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on October 16, 2013
I've spent the last week struggling with a really cheap 7 port USB hub that is still sold on Amazon for about $5 (avoid it). I had 2 of those cheap hubs laying around, one had a 1A DC adapter and the other a 500mA DC adapter. Since EACH USB 2.0 port should be able to supply 500mA, those DC adapters weren't just a joke..they are insulting. Whoever designed and produced them though the best way to utilize the limited power was to load the thing with a dozen or so bright flashing LEDs that don't really indicate anything....they just flash all sorts of random colors all the time. If you want a pretty night light and the ability to extend one or two low power devices a few more feet, then those cheap hubs work. Otherwise they're trash.

After some googling, I found several indications that this Pluggable hub is quality enough to use with the Raspberry Pi. Pluggable has shown considerable attention to the needs of it's customers, specifically including the Raspberry community, and offered assurances about the performance of the product that other manufacturers can't and don't make. I just received my Pluggable Hub today and so far I am very impressed. I've populated all the ports with various devices, including the Pi itself for power. I've seen no indication of any devices failing and the Pi hasn't crashed so far. The following is what I have connected and running at the moment. Not all of the devices are under heavy use simultaneously at present, but I've tested each device and it all works.

USB-IN = The Raspberry Pi (to use the hubs ports with the Pi)
Port 1 = The Raspberry Pi (to power the Pi)
Port 2 = Logitech Wireless RF module (for keyboard and mouse)
Port 3 = Realtec Wi-Fi adapter
Port 4 = Simpletech 40GB Hard Drive (powered by USB, not DC adapter)
Port 5 = Logitech Rumblepad 2 (vibration/force feedback enabled and functional)
Port 6 = DVB-T USB HDTV Receiver
Port 7 = WD External 320GB Hard Drive (powered by DC adapter)

Since this is all working, I'm going to eventually try removing the DC adapter from the second hard drive and plug in a second force feedback gamepad just to see if I can manage to crash anything. I'm fairly optimistic even that won't push it too far. I would really need to make sure every device is actively being used at the same time..and all the rumblepads rumbling...maybe I can crash it...maybe...

I haven't tested for the "backpower" issue yet, where the Pi receives power in through it's USB ports in addition to it's miniUSB power port. This happened with the cheap hub I used before, and I'm willing to bet it will not be a problem now. Power should not be coming out of the USB-IN on the Hub.

The Raspberry Pi people might like to hear is that using this hub will clean up the background noise in your analog audio entirely. Before adding this hub my audio was full of interesting buzzing, humming, whirring, clicking, etc. I had the Pi connected to a power strip more than once, using a power adapter for the Pi as well as one for the hub, resulting in a ground loop. This acted like an antenna, picking up whatever RF noise the Pi and other devices produced. I could hear the mouse move, the mouse wheel spin, and hear the Pi itself as it used the CPU and SD card..all on top of a steady low humming sound. Now that the Pi is connected with the Pluggable Hub, the audio is crystal clear. When I first put on the headphones to check, I thought my audio had stopped working somehow because I didn't hear any noise at all. I had to play a wav file to make sure the audio was working and turned up. I thought that the HDMI connection would still cause a ground loop via the monitors power cord, but fortunately that doesn't seem to be a problem.

They indicate when the hub has power (red) and which ports are connected to devices (blue). They aren't overly bright and they don't flash. The one user image of this product with the LEDs illuminated might lead you to believe they are overly bright, but they aren't.

You're reading this, so you've probably also read other reviews mentioning a loose USB-IN or DC adapter connection being problematic. This applies to older flawed models, and the problem has been corrected. The power cable fits in flush and tight with the hub, as does the miniUSB-IN. The cables are heavy gauge and of reasonable length.

I wasn't too excited about the physical layout of this hub, I wanted a hub with all the ports facing the same direction so it would take up less desk space and have prettier cable management. That being said, all of the ports on this have ample space between them to fit those oddball bulky USB devices like fatty USB flash drives or big giant WiFi dongles with a ridiculous antenna screwed to it. The fact that ports are on the top, left, and right sides means the hub sits stable and flat on a surface even with heavier devices attached. It would sit really nicely on top of a PC tower and allow wires to hang down the sides.

First thing i did was get fingerprints all over it. I would prefer a matte black non-shiney surface that doesn't require delicate polishing after being handled...but this is just being petty now.
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on March 17, 2013
bought one, loved it. Bought a second one, loved it till it stopped working (6 weeks later). first one bought still kinda works, but no longer will accept power from the ac adapter and is sometimes flaky. For the price, the expectation is that the unit will work reliably for years without problem. Overall, overpriced and a poor value
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on June 13, 2011
It plugs and works. Its power adapter carries a current of 3 Amp which is plenty to support a couple of external hard drives. However, the AC adapter end (the small one) that goes to this device is rather lose and it comes off unplugged occasionally when the device is moved around or the power cord is touched. When that happens my PC will not recognize the hard drive. This is quite disappointing.

Update 6/29/2012
This device has been working just fine for 14 months with occasional failures due to lose mini-USB port/plug and power port/plug. I had to tape both cables to secure them to the hub. Once that was done, no more failures had occurred. The vendor was quite generous and sent me a newer version yesterday at no charge. I tested the new device and verified both power plug/port and mini USB port/plug are tight and secure. The cables are also longer which can further prevent accidental unplug if the hub is moved. This vendor apparently has demonstrated its commitment to customer satisfaction based on its customers feedback.
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on November 19, 2013
I bought this USB hub specifically for use with one of my Raspberry Pi projects. It is recommended on the Raspberry Pi compatibility list and holds true to that compatibility. Because it has 3A total output, you can run many power hungry USB peripherals with no backfeed to the Pi. I also power the Pi itself with this unit. If you need more than six ports to hook up your devices to a Raspberry Pi, this is the unit to get. Its well worth the price. I'm quite happy with this hub and will buy more in the future if I have the need. Mine has been running continuously for months with zero issues.
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on April 20, 2011
I needed this to adapt the USB drive on my CPU to my new Canon MF 4370dn printer. I carefully read all the reviews for all similar products and this one came out consistently with high marks. It doesn't seem to overload easily and you can run items that take up a lot of energy on it all at one time without it burning out. My only complaint is that the connector from the CPU to the Hub does not fit tightly and falls out easily. Consequently if the hub is bumped or moved around all of a sudden you've got all of your devices, i.e., mouse, printer, keyboard, etc., offline. Rather a pain, as you have to check the connector and then make sure everything re-interfaces properly again. Otherwise, I'm very happy with this product.
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on January 9, 2012
This USB 2.0 hub's power adapter does not plug all the way in, making it come out easily and give a junky feeling when I first tried it.

The only reason I gave it such a high rating is that I have used other USB 2.0 hubs, and you would be surprised how hard it is to find one that works reliably.

I have had it hooked up to a mac pro with the full amount of devices and I burn DVDs through an external burner connected through it, while using a mouse hooked up through it to play games, or scanning in a document via a scanner on another port - it all works. Other hubs would freeze, crash, not work, or have poor transfer rates or a host of other issues.

Cheap as this thing is and looks when you get it - it works (just don't move the power cord or it will disconnect - what a way to cheap out on an otherwise very functionally excellent product).
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