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on March 14, 2010
The fourth installment in the poison ivy series, although it has little in common with the previous aside from name.

The main protagonist is Danielle "Daisy" Brooks played by Miriam Mcdonald, better known as Emma Nelson on Degrassi: the Next Generation. While the main antagonist is Azalea Berges best known as Icebook from the movie Little Giants. Yes they've both matured nicely.

There is only two essential male characters, Professor Andrew Graves and his son Blake Graves.

The basis plot is about how simple farm girl Daisy who is a straight A student gets a scholarship to a prodigious academy leaving behind her simple farm life and simple farm boyfriend.

Meanwhile Azela who is a high ranking member of the exclusive Ivys, essentially an all female mafia, is trying to get an internship with the academy. She is willing to do anything to get it even going as far as sleeping with Blake just to find out if there is any competition.

When she finds out Daisy got it she has her initiated into the society in order to take control of her. It's not long before Daisy realizes that she's a pawn in a much bigger game. I don't won't to spoil it, but the ending leaves much to be desired.

The character of Daisy is not well fleshed out. Very little is known about her and the death of her parents. Also at the beginning she has a boyfriend and yet she has no problem sleeping with Blake and on the first date. Even worse she's back with her boyfriend at the end.

Azela character is not well made out either, I mean sleeping with a guy just to get information.

Neither of the main characters plays much of a part, Blake is merely a plot device after his night with Daisy, and the professor plays an even less significant role.

There was also plenty of lose ends, what happened to the society, what about Daisy and Blake, what about Azela and Elizbeth, ordinarily this would mean sequel but most likely if there is another movie it will be with completely different characters and none of this will be acknowledged.

And if you didn't already know the DVD has five minutes of extra, explicit footage. Both Miriam and Shawna go completely topless in this:

The explicit scenes are as follows:


While making out with Blake she has her top removed to reveal her breasts, followed by a scene of having her breasts sucked and dry humping.

In order to seduce her professor Azela shows up in black lingerie before pulling her top down to reveal her breasts, followed by a scene similar to the first.


While making out with a guy she removes her dress and bra to reveal a full frontal shot of her breasts, followed by a few side shots of her breasts.

At the initiation ceremony, she along with two other girls has their robes removed to reveal a brief shot of her breasts, they are all then lie down and given a tattoo, and their breasts can all be seen again when they rise.

In addition she has two lesser explicit scenes, in one she is seen in her underwear and in the other she is seen wearing black lingerie.

Miriam seemed far less enthusiastic about being topless than Shawna. Both times Miriam is topless it is only brief, while Shawna's scenes last for over a minute, Shawna really seemed to be getting into it as well, guarantee this won't be her last time doing nudity

I personally believe that the nudity is merely a ruse to sell DVDs, really five minutes of nudity is no reason to buy a DVD. However if you are a fan of Miriam or Shawna or erotic thrillers in general, then you can give it a try.
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on November 20, 2013
As a big fan of Femme Fatale movies, Lifetime movies and murder plot movies (not necessarily in that order :-) ), I actually found this film entertaining. It passed the time nicely. Oh yes, it could've been better. And at times I wasn't sure exactly what is was trying to be. But I enjoyed it. But then again, I have odd tastes in everything, including films...So I can understand how most people would not like this.
The plot of course concerns a young college freshman, Daisy, moving to a (possibly?) East Coast upscale college from a farm in Iowa. She immediately gets noticed by the dean's good-looking son, gets assigned to an attractive professor in class and applies to a prestigious internship. Things are going good. Then we learn that the local campus scheming bad girl, who happens to be the head of a secret sisterhood called the Ivies, also wants that internship and is intimidated by the competition from our squeaky clean Daisy. NOT good. For Daisy, that is.
This whole film has the appearance of a well-budgeted Lifetime flick, so it looks good and appeals to me as a woman. In fact, I think I read somewhere that it was originally intended for Lifetime, and I KNOW that the very first time I heard of this movie was when I caught the tail end of it on Lifetime. I wondered what the rest of the movie was like and that prompted me to find the DVD. However, the extra minutes of "bonus footage" makes me question who exactly they intended to draw in with this DVD. There are 3 moderately explicit sex scenes (not HBO or Showtime level; no one takes their pants off for some reason), one (the first, way too early in the film) that is waaay too drawn out to serve any real purpose other than to titilate. And if this is/was supposed to be geared towards women as a Lifetime movie, who are they trying to to titilate anyway? It certainly isn't women. I found that the length and nudity of the other 2 sex scenes were appropriate...though, HEY, where's OUR treat? We could've been treated to flashes of maleness thrown in there too. ;-)
There was also an initiation scene that was clearly designed for male viewing. The nudity and moaning was completely unneccesary.
The rest of the movie is just don't-ask-too-many-questions fun. I love movies about scheming Femmes Fatales, and I enjoyed this one. It's certainly no "Basic Instinct" or "Hand that Rocked the Cradle" or "Last Seduction" or even "Poison Ivy" (despite its attempt at being so), but I found it fun to watch. :-)
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on April 9, 2009
well, I had originally bought this film because I am a hard core Degrassi fan, and in the show my favorite character would have to be Emma. As you can probably tell the "young woman" who plays Emma in Degrassi plays our lovely protagonist in the new poison ivy movie, Miriam Macdonald. I was not expecting much from her as an actress after seeing her in Sci-Fi channel's original movie "Sea Beast" but she exceeded my expectations in this film. I will warn you now there is a lot of sex in this movie, and there is some unneeded nudity as well when the ivy sorority in inducting new members. I'm not going to get into the plot because the one posted by Amazon was pretty near accurate

WARNING TO PARENTS: this is not the kind of movie you should buy for you daughter just because she likes Degrassi:The Next generation, because there is graphic sex scenes and pretty hard core violence
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on February 22, 2009
I have seen all the other poison ivy films and I have to say this one is my favorite. You're basic storyline is still the same like in all of the poison ivy films. Young naive girl meets up with sexy temptress who seduces her or her boyfriend or her father out of fun or the persuit of power and success. What attracted me to this film was of course, Miriam McDonald best known for playing Emma Nielson-Simpson on Degrassi The Next Generation - Season 6 The character she plays named Daisy reminds me a lot of her Emma character. Naive, sweet, head strong, and goal/school crazy. But unlike Emma Daisy is very easily fooled while Emma isn't going to believe everything she hears. It's hard to identify with her character until you met her rival Azalea who is everything she isn't. Power hungry, uses her body to get what she desires. All for an intership.. Like I said, if you liked the other three films you will like this one. I have to say once again hats off to Miriam McDonald for doing things in scenes you never see on Degrassi.
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on May 25, 2014
this version of poison Ivy , is alot differant from the orginal,
this one is also about a girl from the midwest,
that gets a scalarship to a college,
but little did she know, she was hand picked,
to join the secret society(IVY)
she shows up to her college about 2 weeks late,
she finally gets there when a nice young man that has been watching her since,
she stepped out of her cab, he comes to help her when she drops a old suitcase
they become fast friends and eventually become a one night stand,
there was sex involved, than ne day,
she finds out there one night was taped and now its all over the internet,
one of the girls in her college comes to help console her,
and she goes on to class and later finds out the girl that had consoled her,
well there was a reason for that, she is and IVy,
you really need to see what happens and see how this movie plays out,
it may not play out as you may think,
there is sex involved , but it is part of the movie and its romantic!!
i would reccomend this to anyone that has already watched Poison IVY, and Poison Ivy 2
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on July 1, 2015
Doesn't really fit in with the other three, made for TV movie, still if you have seen the other three and want to see the fourth you know what to expect. No DVD extras, "unrated" doesn't mean anything. Not even a loose connection with the first three movies.
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on July 9, 2012
Emma gets in touch with her sleazy side and joins a Secret Society of girls whose all named after flowers. Led by bad girl Azelia, Emma, I mean Daisy, cheats on her country bumpkin boyfriend, sleeps with the campus lothario, bares her breasts, and even gets involved in a possible murder. Will Daisy prove she's innocent? Will evil Azelia be stopped? Can she resist the peer pressure? Will our two leading ladies hook up at some point during this mess? Find out all on this week's episode of Degrassi: Secret Society.

To spare future viewers their time, money, and brain cells, I'll go ahead and answer those questions: Yes Yes Sort of and No. There you have it. This movie, which was originally made for the Lifetime Movie Network of all channels, goes absolutely no where. In fact, it's only relation to the late 90s original loose trilogy is it's title. Bad dialog, abysmal acting on all involved (during her topless scene, Ms. McDonald looks extremely uncomfortable which, in turn, makes me uncomfortable and therefore causes me to tune out of the movie and feel dirty myself), the sex isn't even titillating. In fact, only the tops come off and the pants stay on. Is college sex really just poorly choreographed dry humping these days. What happened to the days of Basic Instinct and Original Sin? If you're going to make a soft core "erotica" movie, eroticize us. Make our temperatures rise and turn our minds on. And kill the crappy pop song playing in the background. Seriously, I'd rather listen to cats yowling in heat over that generic music.

Save your money and go back and watch the original three or, if you want to see erotica done right, pop in an episode of Red Shoe Diaries.
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on January 16, 2012
Does "Poison Ivy 4: The Secret Society" measure up as the latest installment in this fine line of erotic thrillers? Does it have the next Drew Barrymore, or, dare we hope, the next Alyssa Milano? Well, let's start with the essential elements of the genre: "Poison Ivy 4" has about eight naked breasts (some appear to be real), three short sex scenes, a lot of attractive young women (I'm not sure I'd call them "actresses") wearing a lot of tight fitting clothing, a fair amount of cleavage, a fair amount of skin, and some sexy lingerie. The innocent but sexy blond lead, Miriam McDonald, is one of the young women that gets naked and has sex, but we see dark haired Shawna Waldron the most, and she does look very sexy, though she appears to be wearing a pretty wild wig. Unfortunately, for an erotic thriller set at a college with a female secret society, a lot appears to be missing. Where's the girl's locker room shower scene? Where's the ritualistic spanking? Where's the lesbian sex scene? Can a guy at least get a pillow fight? Oh, there is a plot, by the way, but all you need to know is that Miriam McDonald plays an innocent farm girl off to college, and Shawna Waldron plays the dark haired evil leader of the female secret society, and we see each of them having sex, but not with each other. But they do have a cat fight, so not all is lost. This is the sort of movie where you have to keep the fast-forward button handy. The flick just doesn't live up to its potential. For all the pretty faces, hot bodies, and low-cut tops, the sex is not long or hot enough, the dialogue is not silly enough, and the acting is not bad enough. In short, this is no "Showgirls". Reviewed 1/21/2009 after watching on blu-ray.
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on July 26, 2010
Poison Ivy: Secret Society is a good-looking B-movie in every respect: good-looking people, good-looking buildings and good-looking cars. The plot is refreshingly uncomplicated. Beautiful girl arrives at high-end school to find herself embroiled in all kinds of extra-curricular activities of the naughty kind. The poor helpless lamb (blonde, from the country) falls prey to a gaggle of girls (brunettes, urban) collectively known as the Ivies - a secret society made up entirely of good-looking college girls with less-than-honourable intentions. Cue sex scenes involving good-looking teachers with immaculately sculpted facial hair. Throw in partial nudity, a couple of murders and a generous helping of lies, deceit and intrigue. For me, the film is made watchable by Shawna Waldron, who oozes charisma and charm (I look forward to seeing more of her in the future). Next to her, Miriam McDonald's lack of acting ability is thrown into sharp relief. How did she get the part? Is it because she looks vaguely like Ashley Judd?
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on November 9, 2014
i love daisy she is hot and smart whatever but as an ivy she can no way she mean justice no more ivy smart girl daisy that's all Im giving away watch this hot movie you'll love it and daisy to my favorite person in this movie
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