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on October 28, 2012
The answer is YES! YES YES YES!

I found Pokemon Black and White to be the first games in the Pokemon series that deeply disappointed me. I found the music to be, for the most part, boring and uninspired. They took away so many things that had come to make playing the Pokemon games so interesting and varied, such as the berry-growing and the Pokemon contests (which were replaced by musicals). And I disliked the direction they took with the story. I would have preferred if they actually just kept it as before, rather than introducing the idea that maybe having Pokemon battle each other wasn't ethical and then completely going with the argument that "It helps Pokemon reach their true potential." As a 20-year old college student, it just seems a bit ridiculous, though I wonder if children blindly accept this explanation. Also, I felt that the games were lacking post-game content that was varied. The Battle Subway is a challenge, but after a while it gets boring as there is not much variety to it.

Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, however, deliver where the first two games did not. First of all, the music in these two games is beautiful. There are many great new themes, especially in the new beginning cities and towns. The theme for Aspertia City (that's right, CITY - it has its own gym and Pokemon Center) is a breath of fresh air, and completely different from all starting themes before it. Quite honestly, it is one of the best in the series.

Story wise, I feel that they toned it down with all of the ethical stuff and turned it more into a traditional hero-versus-Team Rocket story, which Game Freak has always done well.

In terms of post-game content, this game has a lot to offer.

First, there is the Pokemon World Tournament, where you can challenge past Gym Leaders and members of the Elite Four. You can also participate in competitions where you only battle in a certain style, such as double, rotation, and triple battles. I thought this was excellent since these modes are barely used in the storyline.

There is also the White Treehollow and Black Tower, where you have to go to the lowest levels of these locations. The trick is, you don't get to bring items with you and the place is infested with Pokemon trainers with strong Pokemon. I have actually lost various times here. It is challenging, and I like it!

In addition, there is also Join Avenue, a place where you can buy loads of new items, increase your Pokemon's friendliness, and even buy your Pokemon food that can raise their levels and their EV stats, which makes it easier to train Pokemon for competitive play.

Also, there is now a medal system - basically, its a trophy system. It is pretty addictive. The game also gets a challenge mode! If you get the key yourself or have someone give you the challenge mode key, you can increase enemy levels and AI! Which is a big plus for me!

A few other changes that I liked about Pokemon Black 2 and White 2:

+When you run out of repels, a little text box pops up and asks you if you'd like to use another. It is faster than having to open your bag and pick it again.
+You are no longer limited to Unova Region Pokemon.
+It is easier to move Pokemon around in the PC. You can actually now choose whole groups of Pokemon to transfer at once.
+Every gym has its own theme! This is excellent! I hope they keep doing this for all new Pokemon games, because it really helps give each gym its own feel.

There are a ton of kool, new additions to the series this time around. So if you are wondering if you should get the sequels to Black and White, I say do it NOW!
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on October 10, 2012
While HeartGold and SoulSilver will hold a special place in my heart as my favorites, Black 2 (I refer only to Black 2 in this review, though most commentary is transferable to White 2 as well) is a strong entry in the Pokemon series without a doubt,and may objectively be the best so far.

Game Freak made a surprising move in announcing "Black and White 2", as no games had ever had direct sequels before - immediately visiting a new region ought to have killed the game while it was still an idea. It made it through somehow though, and I'm glad it did, because these games are packed so full of new content I have no doubt that I got my money's worth. From the new storyline to new areas to the medal system (a nod to Steam's "Achievements" and the like), there's no doubting that Game Freak took pains to make this a world worth revisiting.

All the old favorites are present (all... what, 649 of them - not all catchable in-game of course) and some Pokemon come in new forms as well. The new starting area is especially appreciated, as starting off exactly the same way B/W did would have started things off on an old, expired note. Also updated is the necessity of HMs - once a painful bane of a gamer's existence, they've been almost entirely eliminated from the main story, instead serving as paths to extra areas. They've really packed in the extras as well, though I'd prefer not to say much about them to keep the review relatively spoiler-free.

The game starts rather slowly as usual, and the graphics have received little update, always a weak point of the series. While Game Freak has recently started stepping into 3D territory, battle sprites and animations are as 2D as ever. Likewise, the plot is thin (though in recent games, has shown some improvement, especially in B/W and here). Those who missed out on the original B/W will not find themselves utterly stranded, as the game does a good job of filling in the gaps, though some of the nuances may be lost on them. However, combat is as finely-tuned as ever, and if you live around many other Pokemon fans, there is no end in the ways to compete. It's always a little harder on those living in Poke-isolation, and while wifi takes some steps to relieve that, the "Pal Pad" is always a burden.
Still, these are minor issues in comparison to the big picture. Pokemon has always been strong, and Black 2 is another, if surprising, improvement to the franchise.

Gotta catch em all!
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on October 7, 2012
This game takes place 2 years after the events of Pokemon Black/White. I've played the Japanese version from the beginning to the end and I absolutely LOVE this game, much more than the prequel (even the games before black and white!). I also love this game enough to buy it again in English, even though I've already beaten it before.

And I'm very fond with the new characters and especially your new rival. He has great character development and feels more like a bro than anything else. I'd write more but that's where GameFAQs comes into place. Buy this game, it's very much worth it.
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on March 16, 2013
Bought for my grandson. He loves it. I feel I bought it at a great price and received it in quality time.
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VINE VOICEon November 4, 2012
I've been playing the Pokemon games since the original Red and Blue back in 1998, and I can say without exaggeration, this current generation (Generation 5), has been the greatest set of Pokemon games since Pokemon Gold and Silver (Gen. 2). I'm not saying Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, and Pearl were bad, it's just that Black and White were a giant leap for the franchise. They fixed a lot of the complaints that had plagued the series, and now they took it even further by releasing a sequel, instead of rehashing the game for a third installment like they did in the previous generations.

If you didn't play the original Black or White, then you're going to be a bit lost about the story, since it makes direct references to what happened in the previous game. If you have, and you have access to two DSs, you can "memory link" your two files together, and the game will make direct references to your previous Trainer Name. I love it. But, story doesn't REALLY matter in a Pokemon game, it's always just icing on the cake. You're here for Pokemon Battles! And they got plenty for you.

They did a lot to improve grinding for EXP in the previous game, such as gaining bonus EXP if your Pokemon are weaker than an opponent's pokemon, and a wild pokemon named Audino, who gives 3 times the EXP for defeating them in battle. For this game, they've added specific trainers, Pokemon Breeders, who will constantly want to battle you. Usually, you face a trainer only once, but the Pokemon Breeders will challenge you to battle every time you cross their path after having left the area. You also get a Lucky Egg, an item that boosts EXP, half way through the game, and you can also encounter "N's Pokemon" in the wild, if you performed the Memory Link, and they'll receive a EXP boost naturally.

Another big improvement is the selection of Pokemon. In the previous game, they chose to only feature the new Pokemon, but in these new games, they've added all sorts of Pokemon from the rest of the franchise. Before reaching the first Gym, you'll be whisked off to Floccesy Ranch where you'll be able to find: Psyduck, Mareep, Azuril, and Riolu. You can also start to trade with the original Pokemon Black or White, right after completing the first Gym. Though, if you want to transfer Pokemon from one of the other DS games, you have to wait until the end of the game, unfortunately.

There is, of course, three new Gym Leaders. A new Pokemon League Champion. And a World Tournament where Gym Leaders from all of the Pokemon games can appear. That covers the core of the game, but there's all sorts of things to discover. There's never been a better time to be playing Pokemon. I give this a 5-out-of-5.
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on June 25, 2014
I never played the 1st version, but White2 is phenomenal. This game does require hard core training to defeat some of the gym leaders. The storyline is alright... I mean it is your basic team rocket vs the hero. There are some double, triple, and rotation battles in this game which adds excitement. Also I really love the fact that they included PokeStar Studios, haha.
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on October 10, 2012
Yes I got both black2 and white2....I'm stupid, Nintendo take all my money but I still love their games.

By the way, my black2 was brought in Japan on the release day.(I'm Chinese and I made my travel plan to Japan base on the pokemon relase day) When I was in a huge line with all Japanese friends holding either a ds/3ds playing pokemon and wait for the new one come out, we start talking about why everyone in the world love pokemon so much.

I believe all pokemon fans have been asked the same question, Some people think the game have poor graphics and "naive" game style. They never truly understand what's fun in this game. Usually, I asked them to take a little bit of time and play the game. most people will understand why in short time.

Pokemon is just fun! For lite gamer, it has all cute pokemon and you feel relationships with them are real. even beat through the story is fun. If you are hard core gamer, no problem, Pokemon have the most creative, most competitive and most interesting battle system, and the battle tactics has always developed. pokemon is for everyone.

Now Let me talk about Black/white2

it is still gen5 of Pokemon series, if you know what that means...
It means, it is not a NEW Pokemon game. It is like yellow, you playing on basically the SAME map.

but, that story happened two year after black/white, there will be place that you know, but VERY different in details. a lot of ice is going to make secret pass which do not exist in b/w1. And just like it all time: the soundtracks are amazing!

This time when you are playing, you can catch old pokemon in the very beginning (if you remember in b/w1 you can only meet new pokemons before you beat N).

Of course there are new legendary Pokemons. All of them are awesome.

The story, for the reason to not blow the fun, I will not talk about the story. Everyone knows even pokemon game never actually have a big story, the b/w1 still made a lovely story which it much better that the old four generations. characters like N gave me a huge impact... B/W2 have the same stage, so you will enjoy the story just like b/w1. If you are huge pokemon fan and you want to know more pokemon story wise, there is a manga called "Pokemon special" that I huge recommend.

some weakness about b/w2:
1: Nintendo decided to make this game still, on the ds. So the graphic dis not improve. Personally, I'm super excited for a new pokemon game on 3DS. Hopefully release next year 2013.

2: They still didn't bring back the following pokemon like heart gold and soul silver did. I do not understand why.

3: The character we used in b/w 1. Did not have huge impact to the story.

Overall, B/W2 has all I expect to see, 5 star no question.
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on May 19, 2013
Pokemon Black V2: way better than the first one and all the other pokemon games before this one. Only weak part about this is the mission for regigigas or how ever it is spelled but that mission cant be completed with just PB2 because you need white 2 to get the ice key thats needed to capture regice and go on to capture regigigas. Regigigas location isnt hard to get to just need all three guardians in your party for it to react or wake up. Other than that everything is a challenge and better than other Pokemon games that came before it.
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on October 16, 2012
I pre-ordered both Pokemon Black 2, as well as White 2. The story and flow has not been a disappointment in the least. All of what you can expect from the previous games has been tweaked a bit to improve the gameplay. There are a couple of new features and gimmicks, on of them being PokeStar studios which is a bit of a flunk in my opinion (you battle, and then they add a script to your battle to make it a "movie").

I have always been a fan of Pokemon games and so I know what to expect when I am purchasing. For someone completely new to the Pokemon games I would recommend this series first, I have noticed it has a bigger variety of wild pokemon early on to choose from. Pokemon HeartGold, Soulsilver and B/W are good choices as well but this game will definitely give a new player a bigger list of choices on which Pokemon they want to train.

They did not add any new pokemon in this game unique from B/W but they have expanded the Pokemon you can catch in single areas. There is a feature on your Pokedex that gives you a stamp when you have seen all the unique pokemon to an area (which is useful). With the combination of those features it allows for you to fill your pokedex with ease, as well as a quick and easy way to know where to look for a specific pokemon.

In the opposing light, this game is not extremely different from the others. If you have played the other games that have come out recently, this game is probably not going to be much different for you. If you didn't like Black or White you can assume that you will not really enjoy this one. That being said, this game is a continuation of B/W and you can link your games which has been fun. It provides flash backs and little dialogue occasionally about your previous character in B/W. For a list of the different features I would recommend looking into other reviews or using a guidebook. I have kept from them to reduce spoilers.
The story of this game is different, you will meet new characters and revisit others later on in a timeline. This game is great stand alone and I believe it is excellent if combined with your experience with B/W.

I give this game 5 stars because it has kept me thinking, even as an older player I have to have a new strategy for new types. There are some really nice new items that you can attach that will make your Pokemon more competitive. This game can have an increased difficulty which has been fun but you need to train quickly. It helps children and adults to use critical thinking on which Pokemon to use against the opponents Pokemon. I was also surprised to find out they do have some random difficult wild Pokemon that can wipe your team out if you suck... like me. Anyways.. I digress.

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on July 14, 2013
Greetings, as a late purchase after its release, I got my hands on Pokemon Black 2, just a few months before the highly expected new gen X and Y game. It's really nice to see the same environment from Black/White versions, with a few tweaks around. The actions is never missing and it's always enjoying to see the story carrying you on with the characters both from the Black/White versions and new ones as well. If you are a Pokemon franchise fan as I am, you should not miss out the game, even if we are very close to the release of the new gen game.
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